yesod-core-1.4.3: Creation of type-safe, RESTful web applications.

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data Content Source


ContentBuilder !Builder !(Maybe Int)

The content and optional content length.

ContentSource !(Source (ResourceT IO) (Flush Builder)) 
ContentFile !FilePath !(Maybe FilePart) 
ContentDontEvaluate !Content 

emptyContent :: ContentSource

Zero-length enumerator.

class ToContent a whereSource

Anything which can be converted into Content. Most of the time, you will want to use the ContentBuilder constructor. An easier approach will be to use a pre-defined toContent function, such as converting your data into a lazy bytestring and then calling toContent on that.

Please note that the built-in instances for lazy data structures (String, lazy ByteString, lazy Text and Html) will not automatically include the content length for the ContentBuilder constructor.


toContent :: a -> ContentSource

class ToFlushBuilder a whereSource

A class for all data which can be sent in a streaming response. Note that for textual data, instances must use UTF-8 encoding.

Since 1.2.0

Mime types

Data type

type ContentType = ByteStringSource


simpleContentType :: ContentType -> ContentTypeSource

Removes "extra" information at the end of a content type string. In particular, removes everything after the semicolon, if present.

For example, "text/html; charset=utf-8" is commonly used to specify the character encoding for HTML data. This function would return "text/html".

contentTypeTypes :: ContentType -> (ByteString, ByteString)Source

Evaluation strategy

newtype DontFullyEvaluate a Source

Prevents a response body from being fully evaluated before sending the request.

Since 1.1.0




unDontFullyEvaluate :: a


Specific content types

type RepHtml = HtmlSource

Deprecated: Please use Html instead

Smart constructors