yesod-job-queue- Background jobs library for Yesod.

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Background jobs library for Yesod. Use example is in



class (Yesod master, Read (JobType master), Show (JobType master), Enum (JobType master), Bounded (JobType master), JobInfo (JobType master)) => YesodJobQueue master where Source

Backend jobs for Yesod

Minimal complete definition

runJob, runDBJob, getJobState

Associated Types

type JobType master Source

Custom Job Type


runJob :: (MonadBaseControl IO m, MonadIO m) => master -> JobType master -> ReaderT master m () Source

Job Handler

queueConnectInfo :: master -> ConnectInfo Source

connection info for redis

queueKey :: master -> ByteString Source

queue key name for redis

threadNumber :: master -> Int Source

The number of threads to run the job

runDBJob :: (MonadBaseControl IO m, MonadIO m) => ReaderT (YesodPersistBackend master) (ReaderT master m) a -> ReaderT master m a Source

runDB for job

getJobState :: master -> JobState Source

get job state

jobAPIBaseUrl :: master -> String Source

get API and Manager base url

jobManagerJSUrl :: master -> String Source

get manager application javascript url (change only development)

getClassInformation :: master -> [JobQueueClassInfo] Source

get information of all type classes related job-queue

class JobInfo j where Source

description for JobType

Minimal complete definition



describe :: j -> String Source

startDequeue :: (YesodJobQueue master, MonadBaseControl IO m, MonadIO m) => master -> m () Source

enqueue :: YesodJobQueue master => master -> JobType master -> IO () Source

Add job to end of the queue

type JobState = TVar [RunningJob] Source

Manage the running jobs

newJobState :: IO (TVar [RunningJob]) Source

create new JobState