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Package yi-mode-haskell-0.13
Install DependencyFailed yi-core-0.13.3
Docs NotTried
Tests NotTried
Time submitted 2016-11-19 11:50:55.325215 UTC
Compiler ghc-
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies array-, base-, binary-, data-default-, microlens-platform-, text-, yi-core-0.13.3, yi-language-0.13.3, yi-rope-0.8
Flags none

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Resolving dependencies...
Configuring data-default-class-
Configuring charsetdetect-ae-
Building data-default-class-
Building charsetdetect-ae-
Configuring dlist-
Installed data-default-class-
Building dlist-
Configuring fingertree-
Installed dlist-
Building fingertree-
Configuring fmlist-0.9...
Installed charsetdetect-ae-
Building fmlist-0.9...
Configuring executable-path-0.0.3...
Installed fmlist-0.9
Configuring ghc-paths-
Installed fingertree-
Building executable-path-0.0.3...
Configuring io-storage-0.3...
Installed executable-path-0.0.3
Building io-storage-0.3...
Configuring generic-deriving-1.11.1...
Installed io-storage-0.3
Building ghc-paths-
Building generic-deriving-1.11.1...
Configuring microlens-
Installed ghc-paths-
Building microlens-
Configuring old-locale-
Installed microlens-
Building old-locale-
Configuring oo-prototypes-
Installed old-locale-
Building oo-prototypes-
Configuring pointedlist-0.6.1...
Installed oo-prototypes-
Building pointedlist-0.6.1...
Configuring mtl-2.2.1...
Installed pointedlist-0.6.1
Building mtl-2.2.1...
Configuring semigroups-0.18.2...
Installed mtl-2.2.1
Building semigroups-0.18.2...
Configuring primitive-
Installed semigroups-0.18.2
Building primitive-
Configuring safe-0.3.10...
Installed generic-deriving-1.11.1
Building safe-0.3.10...
Configuring split-
Installed safe-0.3.10
Building split-
Configuring strict-0.3.2...
Installed primitive-
Building strict-0.3.2...
Configuring stm-
Installed split-
Building stm-
Configuring transformers-compat-
Installed strict-0.3.2
Building transformers-compat-
Configuring text-
Installed stm-
Configuring unix-compat-
Installed transformers-compat-
Building text-
Building unix-compat-
Configuring word-trie-0.3.0...
Installed unix-compat-
Building word-trie-0.3.0...
Configuring xdg-basedir-0.2.2...
Installed word-trie-0.3.0
Building xdg-basedir-0.2.2...
Configuring utf8-string-
Installed xdg-basedir-0.2.2
Building utf8-string-
Installed utf8-string-
Configuring data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1...
Building data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1...
Configuring microlens-ghc-
Installed data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1
Building microlens-ghc-
Configuring microlens-th-
Installed text-
Configuring data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1...
Installed microlens-ghc-
Building microlens-th-
Building data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1...
Configuring data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1...
Installed data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1
Building data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1...
Configuring regex-base-0.93.2...
Installed data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1
Building regex-base-0.93.2...
Configuring Hclip-
Installed regex-base-0.93.2
Building Hclip-
Configuring microlens-mtl-
Installed microlens-th-
Building microlens-mtl-
Configuring transformers-base-0.4.4...
Installed Hclip-
Building transformers-base-0.4.4...
Configuring vector-
Installed microlens-mtl-
Building vector-
Configuring exceptions-0.8.3...
Installed transformers-base-0.4.4
Building exceptions-0.8.3...
Configuring dyre-0.8.12...
Installed exceptions-0.8.3
Building dyre-0.8.12...
Installed dyre-0.8.12
Configuring hashable-
Building hashable-
Configuring parsec-3.1.11...
Installed hashable-
Building parsec-3.1.11...
Configuring data-default-
Installed parsec-3.1.11
Building data-default-
Configuring text-icu-
Installed data-default-
Building text-icu-
Installed vector-
Configuring unordered-containers-
Building unordered-containers-
Installed text-icu-
Configuring regex-tdfa-1.2.2...
Building regex-tdfa-1.2.2...
Installed unordered-containers-
Configuring ListLike-4.5...
Building ListLike-4.5...
Configuring scientific-
Installed ListLike-4.5
Building scientific-
Configuring yi-rope-0.8...
Installed regex-tdfa-1.2.2
Building yi-rope-0.8...
Installed yi-rope-0.8
Configuring dynamic-state-
Building dynamic-state-
Configuring process-extras-
Installed scientific-
Building process-extras-
Configuring microlens-platform-
Installed dynamic-state-
Building microlens-platform-
Installed process-extras-
Configuring attoparsec-
Building attoparsec-
Installed microlens-platform-
Configuring yi-language-0.13.3...
Building yi-language-0.13.3...
Installed attoparsec-
Installed yi-language-0.13.3
Configuring yi-core-0.13.3...
Building yi-core-0.13.3...
Failed to install yi-core-0.13.3
Build log ( /home/builder/.cabal/logs/yi-core-0.13.3.log ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-2505/yi-core-0.13.3'
Configuring yi-core-0.13.3...
Building yi-core-0.13.3...
Preprocessing library yi-core-0.13.3...
[ 1 of 74] Compiling Yi.UI.Common     ( src/Yi/UI/Common.hs, dist/build/Yi/UI/Common.o )
[ 2 of 74] Compiling Yi.Syntax.Layout ( src/Yi/Syntax/Layout.hs, dist/build/Yi/Syntax/Layout.o )
[ 3 of 74] Compiling Yi.String        ( src/Yi/String.hs, dist/build/Yi/String.o )
[ 4 of 74] Compiling Yi.Paths         ( src/Yi/Paths.hs, dist/build/Yi/Paths.o )
[ 5 of 74] Compiling Yi.Monad         ( src/Yi/Monad.hs, dist/build/Yi/Monad.o )
[ 6 of 74] Compiling Yi.Layout        ( src/Yi/Layout.hs, dist/build/Yi/Layout.o )
[ 7 of 74] Compiling Yi.KillRing      ( src/Yi/KillRing.hs, dist/build/Yi/KillRing.o )
[ 8 of 74] Compiling Yi.JumpList      ( src/Yi/JumpList.hs, dist/build/Yi/JumpList.o )
[ 9 of 74] Compiling Yi.Window        ( src/Yi/Window.hs, dist/build/Yi/Window.o )
[10 of 74] Compiling Yi.Tab           ( src/Yi/Tab.hs, dist/build/Yi/Tab.o )
[11 of 74] Compiling Yi.Interact      ( src/Yi/Interact.hs, dist/build/Yi/Interact.o )
[12 of 74] Compiling Yi.Event         ( src/Yi/Event.hs, dist/build/Yi/Event.o )
[13 of 74] Compiling Yi.Debug         ( src/Yi/Debug.hs, dist/build/Yi/Debug.o )
[14 of 74] Compiling Yi.Syntax.Tree   ( src/Yi/Syntax/Tree.hs, dist/build/Yi/Syntax/Tree.o )

src/Yi/Syntax/Tree.hs:(44,1)-(45,75): warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘Posn, Tok’ from module ‘Yi.Lexer.Alex’ is redundant

src/Yi/Syntax/Tree.hs:(46,1)-(47,63): warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘includedRegion’ from module ‘Yi.Region’ is redundant
[15 of 74] Compiling Yi.Syntax.Driver ( src/Yi/Syntax/Driver.hs, dist/build/Yi/Syntax/Driver.o )
[16 of 74] Compiling Yi.Config.Misc   ( src/Yi/Config/Misc.hs, dist/build/Yi/Config/Misc.o )
[17 of 74] Compiling Yi.CompletionTree ( src/Yi/CompletionTree.hs, dist/build/Yi/CompletionTree.o )

src/Yi/CompletionTree.hs:180:29-30: warning: [-Wname-shadowing]
    This binding for ‘ct’ shadows the existing binding
      bound at src/Yi/CompletionTree.hs:176:8
[18 of 74] Compiling Yi.Buffer.Implementation ( src/Yi/Buffer/Implementation.hs, dist/build/Yi/Buffer/Implementation.o )
[19 of 74] Compiling Yi.Buffer.Undo   ( src/Yi/Buffer/Undo.hs, dist/build/Yi/Buffer/Undo.o )
[20 of 74] Compiling Paths_yi_core    ( dist/build/autogen/Paths_yi_core.hs, dist/build/Paths_yi_core.o )
[21 of 74] Compiling Parser.Incremental ( src/Parser/Incremental.hs, dist/build/Parser/Incremental.o )
[22 of 74] Compiling Yi.IncrementalParse ( src/Yi/IncrementalParse.hs, dist/build/Yi/IncrementalParse.o )
[23 of 74] Compiling Yi.Syntax.OnlineTree ( src/Yi/Syntax/OnlineTree.hs, dist/build/Yi/Syntax/OnlineTree.o )
[24 of 74] Compiling Data.DelayList   ( src/Data/DelayList.hs, dist/build/Data/DelayList.o )
[25 of 74] Compiling Control.Exc      ( src/Control/Exc.hs, dist/build/Control/Exc.o )
[26 of 74] Compiling System.CanonicalizePath ( src/System/CanonicalizePath.hs, dist/build/System/CanonicalizePath.o )
[27 of 74] Compiling System.FriendlyPath ( src/System/FriendlyPath.hs, dist/build/System/FriendlyPath.o )
[28 of 74] Compiling Yi.Process       ( src/Yi/Process.hs, dist/build/Yi/Process.o )
[29 of 74] Compiling Yi.Types         ( src/Yi/Types.hs, dist/build/Yi/Types.o )
[30 of 74] Compiling Yi.Buffer.Misc   ( src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs, dist/build/Yi/Buffer/Misc.o )

src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:392:15-32: error:
    • Couldn't match expected type ‘forall syntax.
                                    BufferImpl syntax -> x’
                  with actual type ‘BufferImpl syntax3 -> x’
    • In the expression: gets . queryRawbuf
      In an equation for ‘queryBuffer’: queryBuffer = gets . queryRawbuf
    • Relevant bindings include
        queryBuffer :: (forall syntax. BufferImpl syntax -> x) -> BufferM x
          (bound at src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:392:1)

src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:395:16-36: error:
    • Couldn't match expected type ‘forall syntax.
                                    BufferImpl syntax -> BufferImpl syntax’
                  with actual type ‘BufferImpl syntax4 -> BufferImpl syntax4’
    • In the expression: modify . modifyRawbuf
      In an equation for ‘modifyBuffer’:
          modifyBuffer = modify . modifyRawbuf

src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:398:18-53: error:
    • Couldn't match expected type ‘forall syntax.
                                    BufferImpl syntax -> (BufferImpl syntax, x)’
                  with actual type ‘BufferImpl syntax2 -> (BufferImpl syntax2, x)’
    • In the expression: getsAndModify . queryAndModifyRawbuf
      In an equation for ‘queryAndModify’:
          queryAndModify = getsAndModify . queryAndModifyRawbuf
    • Relevant bindings include
        queryAndModify :: (forall syntax.
                           BufferImpl syntax -> (BufferImpl syntax, x))
                          -> BufferM x
          (bound at src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:398:1)

src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:815:13-35: error:
    • Couldn't match expected type ‘forall syntax.
                                    Mode syntax -> BufferM a’
                  with actual type ‘Mode syntax1 -> BufferM a’
    • In the expression: join . gets . withMode0
      In an equation for ‘withModeB’: withModeB = join . gets . withMode0
    • Relevant bindings include
        withModeB :: (forall syntax. Mode syntax -> BufferM a) -> BufferM a
          (bound at src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:815:1)

src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:829:16-33: error:
    • Couldn't match expected type ‘forall syntax.
                                    Mode syntax -> syntax -> BufferM a’
                  with actual type ‘Mode syntax0 -> syntax0 -> BufferM a’
    • In the expression: join . withSyntaxB
      In an equation for ‘withSyntaxB'’:
          withSyntaxB' = join . withSyntaxB
    • Relevant bindings include
        withSyntaxB' :: (forall syntax. Mode syntax -> syntax -> BufferM a)
                        -> BufferM a
          (bound at src/Yi/Buffer/Misc.hs:829:1)
cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-2505/yi-core-0.13.3'
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
yi-core-0.13.3 failed during the building phase. The exception was:
ExitFailure 1
yi-mode-haskell-0.13 depends on yi-core-0.13.3 which failed to install.