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Chart8092.25A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-03-28TimDocker, bravit
Chart-gtk4380.0Utility functions for using the chart library with GTK (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-03-28TimDocker, bravit
Chart-diagrams4700.0Diagrams backend for Charts. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-04-03TimDocker, bravit
Chart-cairo4520.0Cairo backend for Charts. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-03-28TimDocker, bravit
chart-unit3320.0Native haskell charts. (bsd3, charts, library)2018-06-07tonyday567
aivika-experiment-chart6140.0Simulation experiments with charting for the Aivika library (bsd3, library, simulation)2017-11-25DavidSorokin
chart-histogram (deprecated in favor of Chart)1280.0Easily render histograms with Chart (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2016-04-13BenGamari
Chart-simple (deprecated)1520.0A wrapper for the chart library to assist with basic plots (Deprecated - use the Easy module instead) (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2015-01-17TimDocker
hledger-chart (deprecated in favor of hledger-web)1100.0A pie chart image generator for the hledger accounting tool. (deprecated, finance, program)2011-10-05SimonMichael
aivika-experiment-cairo1630.0Cairo-based charting backend for the Aivika simulation library (bsd3, library, simulation)2017-09-30DavidSorokin
aivika-experiment-diagrams1520.0Diagrams-based charting backend for the Aivika simulation library (bsd3, library, simulation)2017-09-30DavidSorokin
GoogleChart480.0Generate web-based charts using the Google Chart API (bsd3, graphics, library)2008-02-09EvanMartin
tdigest-Chart350.0Chart generation from tdigest (bsd3, graphics, library, numeric)2018-04-13phadej
levmar-chart310.0Plots the results of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm in a chart (bsd3, library, numerical)2009-09-16RoelVanDijk
hs-gchart810.0Haskell wrapper for the Google Chart API (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-01-23DeepakJois
barchart560.0Creating Bar Charts in Haskell (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2011-05-06SebastianFischer
asciichart470.0Line charts in terminal (library, mit, text)2018-07-29madnight
ihaskell-charts810.0IHaskell display instances for charts types (development, library, mit)2017-12-24gibiansky, VaibhavSagar
flo440.0Generate flow charts from your code base. (bsd3, development, library, program)2015-09-14ChrisDone
eventlog2html1970.0Visualise an eventlog (bsd3, development, library, program)2019-10-11mpickering
amby770.0Statistical data visualization (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-11-26jsermeno
chart-cli300.0Command-line utility to draw charts from input data easily (bsd3, graphics, program)2019-08-25IlyaPortnov
concurrency-benchmarks420.0Benchmarks to compare concurrency APIs (benchmark, mit, program)2018-09-12harendra
aivika-experiment5910.0Simulation experiments for the Aivika library (bsd3, library, simulation)2017-11-25DavidSorokin
aivika8112.0A multi-method simulation library (bsd3, library, simulation)2018-12-21DavidSorokin
haskell-plot280.0A library for generating 2D plots painlessly. (graphics, library)2014-04-04kaizhang
streaming-benchmarks370.0Benchmarks to compare streaming packages (benchmark, mit, program)2018-07-17harendra
aivika-transformers4090.0Transformers for the Aivika simulation library (bsd3, library, simulation)2018-12-21DavidSorokin
gnuplot8072.02D and 3D plots using gnuplot (bsd3, graphics, library, math)2019-02-13HenningThielemann
d3js290.0Declarative visualization on a web browser with DSL approach. (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-09-22nebuta
aivika-branches1090.0Nested discrete event simulation module for the Aivika library (bsd3, library, simulation)2017-07-09DavidSorokin
aivika-distributed6140.0Parallel distributed discrete event simulation module for the Aivika library (bsd3, library, simulation)2018-05-06DavidSorokin
billboard-parser480.0A parser for the Billboard chord dataset (lgpl, library, music, program)2013-01-17BasDeHaas
bench-show1310.0Show, plot and compare benchmark results (benchmarking, bsd3, library, performance, program)2019-07-25harendra
game-probability480.0Simple probability library for dice rolls, card games and similar (bsd3, library, math)2010-09-08NeilBrown
perdure840.0Robust persistence for acyclic immutable data (database, library, program)2012-09-26PatrickPremont

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