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diagrams742.75Embedded domain-specific language for declarative vector graphics (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-10-27AdamVogt, BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-svg1282.0SVG backend for diagrams drawing EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-10BrentYorgey, DeepakJois, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-haddock50.0Preprocessor for embedding diagrams in Haddock documentation (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2019-02-10BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-core1652.25Core libraries for diagrams EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-10-20BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-postscript580.0Postscript backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-13BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-cairo440.0Cairo backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-01-11BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-contrib460.0Collection of user contributions to diagrams EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-11-12BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-builder100.0hint-based build service for the diagrams graphics EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-01-22BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
Chart-diagrams620.0Diagrams backend for Charts. (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-01-19TimDocker, bravit
diagrams-rasterific202.0Rasterific backend for diagrams. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-09BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-canvas50.0HTML5 canvas backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-05-09BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
BlogLiterately-diagrams10.0Include images in blog posts with inline diagrams code (bsd3, library, program, web)2019-03-05BrentYorgey
diagrams-pgf92.0PGF backend for diagrams drawing EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-12-06BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-html560.0HTML5 canvas backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-05-30BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-gtk50.0Backend for rendering diagrams directly to GTK windows (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-10-27BrentYorgey, JohnLato, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-graphviz42.0Graph layout and drawing with GraphViz and diagrams (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-02-18BrentYorgey
diagrams-solve1880.0Pure Haskell solver routines used by diagrams (bsd3, library, math)2020-05-05BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-lib2932.5Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-11-07BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
diagrams-pdf30.0PDF backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2013-08-31alpheccar
ihaskell-diagrams30.0IHaskell display instances for diagram types (development, library, mit)2018-03-17gibiansky, VaibhavSagar
hierarchical-clustering-diagrams40.0Draw diagrams of dendrograms made by hierarchical-clustering. (bsd3, clustering, graphics, library)2019-10-07FelipeLessa
diagrams-hsqml30.0HsQML (Qt5) backend for Diagrams (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-08-08mjmrotek
diagrams-tikz40.0TikZ backend for diagrams drawing EDSL (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-12-14AriePeterson
motor-diagrams40.0Generate state diagrams from Motor FSM typeclasses (control, library, mpl)2019-06-28owickstrom
diagrams-braille30.0Braille diagrams with plain text (bsd3, graphics, library, program)2018-08-24mlang
potrace-diagrams20.0Potrace bindings for the diagrams library (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-10cchalmers
aivika-experiment-diagrams40.0Diagrams-based charting backend for the Aivika simulation library (bsd3, library, simulation)2017-09-30DavidSorokin
ghci-diagrams (deprecated in favor of activehs)40.0Display simple diagrams from ghci (bsd3, deprecated, graphics, library)2011-03-01PeterDivianszky
diagrams-reflex20.0reflex backend for diagrams drawing EDSL. (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-02-19bergey
diagrams-wx40.0Backend for rendering diagrams in wxWidgets (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-04-07MichaelSmith
hmt-diagrams (deprecated)10.0Haskell Music Theory Diagrams (deprecated, library, music)2014-10-16RohanDrape
diagrams-boolean30.0deprecated, part of diagrams-contrib since 1.4 (bsd3, graphics, library)2016-07-24KristofBastiaensen
diagrams-pandoc60.0A Pandoc filter to express diagrams inline using the Haskell EDSL _Diagrams_ (bsd3, library, program, text)2020-06-13BrentYorgey, bergey
lp-diagrams-svg20.0SVG Backend for lp-diagrams (graphics, library)2016-03-12JeanPhilippeBernardy
pandoc-plantuml-diagrams20.0Render and insert PlantUML diagrams with Pandoc (library, mit, program, text)2020-01-23thriqon
iterm-show-diagrams20.0Orphan Show instances for diagrams package that render inline in some terminals (bsd3, graphics, library)2018-10-10lukec
lp-diagrams1210.0An EDSL for diagrams based based on linear constraints (agpl, graphics, library)2020-10-20JeanPhilippeBernardy
diagrams-qrcode30.0Draw QR codes to SVG, PNG, PDF or PS files. (bsd3, graphics, library)2015-10-02FelipeLessa
aviation-cessna172-diagrams30.0Diagrams for the Cessna 172 aircraft in aviation. (aviation, library)2017-01-27TonyMorris
diagrams-rubiks-cube30.0Library for drawing the Rubik's Cube. (graphics, library, mit)2017-12-09TimBaumann
combinat-diagrams20.0Graphical representations for various combinatorial objects (bsd3, library, math)2015-10-30BalazsKomuves
uuagc-diagrams30.0Utility for drawing attribute grammar pictures with the diagrams package (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-09-15JeroenBransen
dynamic-plot90.0Interactive diagram windows (gpl, graphics, library)2019-10-15leftaroundabout
asciidiagram92.0Pretty rendering of Ascii diagram into svg or png. (bsd3, diagram, library, program, text)2019-06-19VincentBerthoux
obdd1330.0Ordered Reduced Binary Decision Diagrams (library, logic)2018-05-20JohannesWaldmann
Ebnf2ps90.0Peter's Syntax Diagram Drawing Tool (bsd3, language, program)2015-08-26PeterThiemann, FranklinChen
dia-functions20.0An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - functions (bsd3, education, graphics, library)2016-05-24PeterDivianszky, lspitzner, GaborPali
plots1340.0Diagrams based plotting library. (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-06-03cchalmers
Blobs30.0Diagram editor (graphics, library, program)2012-06-19AlanZimmerman
dia-base20.0An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - data types (bsd3, education, graphics, library)2016-05-24PeterDivianszky, lspitzner, GaborPali
music-graphics10.0Diagrams-based visualization of musical data structures. (bsd3, library, music)2014-12-15HansHoglund
cudd90.0Bindings to the CUDD binary decision diagrams library (bsd3, data, library)2017-01-09adamwalker
timeplot110.0A tool for visualizing time series from log files. (bsd3, graphics, program)2020-05-17EugeneKirpichov
erd410.0An entity-relationship diagram generator from a plain text description. (database, development, program, public-domain)2020-02-02burntsushi, mmzx
dihaa60.0ASCII based Diagram drawing in Haskell (Idea based on ditaa) (gpl, graphics, program)2017-05-06wilde
bustle360.0Draw sequence diagrams of D-Bus traffic (desktop, lgpl, network, program)2020-07-31WillThompson, pwithnall
mathblog10.0A program for creating and managing a static weblog with LaTeX math and diagrams (bsd3, program, web)2015-10-03JonathanDaugherty
Chart1102.25A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-01-19TimDocker, bravit
zsdd370.0Zero-Suppressed and Reduced Decision Diagrams (bsd3, data, library)2020-05-07eddiejones
sifflet30.0Simple, visual, functional language for learning about recursion. (bsd3, language, library, program, visual-programming)2016-05-18GregoryWeber
Slides40.0Generate slides from Haskell code (graphics, library, mit)2018-10-09darwin226
penrose10.0Create beautiful diagrams just by typing mathematical notation in plain text. (library, mit, program, unclassified)2019-07-02wodeni
SVGFonts870.0Fonts from the SVG-Font format (bsd3, graphics, library)2019-01-29BrentYorgey, JanBracker, RyanYates, TillmannVogt, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
hyper-extra50.0Display instances for the HyperHaskell graphical Haskell interpreter (bsd3, graphics, library, pretty-printer)2018-08-05HeinrichApfelmus
reanimate13672.25Animation library based on SVGs. (graphics, library)2020-10-27DavidHimmelstrup
puzzle-draw40.0Creating graphics for pencil puzzles. (graphics, library, mit, program)2018-07-18vollmert
dataflow60.0Generate Graphviz documents from a Haskell representation. (bsd3, code-generation, compiler, graphs, library, program)2015-08-26owickstrom
flow2dot40.0Library and binary to generate sequence/flow diagrams from plain text source (bsd3, console, library, program, tool)2020-06-16DmitryAstapov
halma50.0Library implementing Halma rules (game, library, mit)2019-01-03TimBaumann
wedged50.0Wedged postcard generator. (demo, program)2018-12-07ClaudeHeilandAllen
shakebook80.0Shake-based technical documentation generator; HTML & PDF (library, mit, program, web)2020-08-02locallycompact
dual-tree1400.0Rose trees with cached and accumulating monoidal annotations (bsd3, data, library)2019-10-20BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
graphtype60.0A simple tool to illustrate dependencies between Haskell types (bsd3, program, text)2010-09-13DmitryAstapov, MaxDesyatov
sym-plot10.0Plot permutations; an addition to the sym package (bsd3, library, math)2017-06-10AndersClaesson
hBDD20.0An abstraction layer for BDD libraries (data, library)2015-05-24PeterGammie
hBDD-CUDD20.0An FFI binding to the CUDD library (data, library)2015-05-24PeterGammie
Monocle00.0Symbolic computations in strict monoidal categories with LaTeX output. (bsd3, library, math)2009-12-17OsmanBineev
persist2er20.0Transforms persist's quasi-quoted syntax into ER format (database, gpl, program)2015-07-18fgaray
SBench30.0A benchmark suite for runtime and heap measurements over a series of inputs. (bsd3, library, testing)2013-03-05DanielSeidel
potrace30.0Trace bitmap images to paths using potrace (gpl, graphics, library)2015-06-10cchalmers
knit-haskell20.0a minimal Rmarkdown sort-of-thing for haskell, by way of Pandoc (bsd3, library, text)2020-07-02adamCS
HasCacBDD30.0Haskell bindings for CacBDD (data, gpl, library)2020-06-30m4lvin
hBDD-CMUBDD20.0An FFI binding to CMU/Long's BDD library (data, library)2015-05-24PeterGammie
transf110.0Text transformer and interpreter. (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, library, program, text)2014-08-19HansHoglund
wumpus-core10.0Pure Haskell PostScript and SVG generation. (bsd3, graphics, library)2012-05-01StephenTetley
numbered-semigroups100.0A sequence of semigroups, for composing stuff in multiple spatial directions. (data, lgpl, library)2017-10-27leftaroundabout
plot420.0A plotting library, exportable as eps/pdf/svg/png or renderable with gtk (bsd3, graphics, library)2020-08-31VivianMcPhail
ige31.25An keyboard-driven interactive graph editor (editing, gpl, program)2017-09-11olynch
midi-music-box150.0Convert MIDI file to music box punch tape (bsd3, music, program, sound)2019-07-06HenningThielemann
gruff30.0fractal explorer GUI using the ruff library (gpl, graphics, library, program)2016-11-07ClaudeHeilandAllen
GeomPredicates-SSE20.0Geometric predicates (Intel SSE) (bsd3, library, math)2010-06-27NealAlexander
data-kiln30.0Sculpt mutable recursive data with reference equality; bake it using a data kiln into an immutable lazy structure (bsd3, data, library)2014-12-17kwf
braid10.0Types and functions to work with braids and Khovanov homology. (bsd3, library, math, program)2016-01-18saltza
metamorphic20.0metamorphisms: ana . cata or understanding folds and unfolds (algebra, graphs, library, recursion)2012-07-10DrewDay
PCLT-DB (deprecated)20.0An addon to PCLT package: enchance PCLT catalog with PostgreSQL powers. (database, deprecated, library)2009-12-12AndreySisoyev

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