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ekg4212.5Remote monitoring of processes (bsd3, library, network, system)2018-03-20JohanTibell, MikhailGlushenkov
glue-ekg2250.0Make better services and clients. (bsd3, library, network)2019-01-20seanparsons
ekg-core3120.0Tracking of system metrics (bsd3, library, system)2018-11-19JohanTibell, MikhailGlushenkov
ekg-json1650.0JSON encoding of ekg metrics (bsd3, distribution, library)2017-07-31JohanTibell, MikhailGlushenkov
composite-ekg1900.0EKG Metrics for Vinyl/Frames records (bsd3, library, records)2018-11-10dridus, asariley
ekg-carbon730.0An EKG backend to send statistics to Carbon (part of Graphite monitoring tools) (bsd3, library, unclassified)2018-12-28OliverCharles
ekg-wai840.0Remote monitoring of processes (bsd3, library, network, system)2018-04-10TvH
ekg-bosun1960.0Send ekg metrics to a Bosun instance (bsd3, library, system)2018-06-11OliverCharles
ekg-statsd1540.0Push metrics to statsd (bsd3, library, system)2018-08-01JohanTibell, MikhailGlushenkov
ekg-cloudwatch602.0An ekg backend for Amazon Cloudwatch (bsd3, library, web)2017-10-19parsonsmatt
ekg-prometheus-adapter330.0Easily expose your EKG metrics to Prometheus (library, mit, web)2018-11-29AlfredoDiNapoli
ekg-elasticsearch600.0Push metrics to elasticsearch (bsd3, library, system)2017-12-20boothead
ekg-rrd190.0Passes ekg statistics to rrdtool (bsd3, library, system)2015-01-09dcturner
ekg-log190.0Push metrics to a log file. (bsd3, library, system)2015-10-10ParnellSpringmeyer
ekg-elastic (deprecated in favor of ekg-elasticsearch)170.0Push metrics to elastic (bsd3, deprecated, library, system)2017-04-10boothead
servant-ekg100.0Helpers for using ekg with servant (bsd3, library, program, system)2017-01-30jkarni
ekg-push140.0Small framework to push metric deltas to a broadcast channel using the ekg-core library. (bsd3, library, system)2015-06-06adarqui
distributed-process-ekg330.0Collect node stats for EKG (bsd3, library, network, system)2016-03-10AlexanderBondarenko
nagios-plugin-ekg150.0Monitor ekg metrics via Nagios (library, mit, program, system)2015-06-26fractalcat
ekg-influxdb200.0An EKG backend to send statistics to influxdb (bsd3, library, unclassified)2016-11-17angerman
wai-middleware-metrics390.0A WAI middleware to collect EKG request metrics (bsd3, library, web)2017-03-30Helkafen
monad-metrics1010.0A convenient wrapper around EKG metrics (library, mit, web)2018-07-02parsonsmatt
magicbane410.0A web framework that integrates Servant, RIO, EKG, fast-logger, wai-cli… (library, public-domain, web)2018-09-19myfreeweb

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