The CC-delcont-ref package

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This library implements the superset of the interface described in * A Monadic Framework for Delimited Continuations, R. Kent Dybvig, Simon Peyton Jones, and Amr Sabry JFP, v17, N6, pp. 687--730, 2007.

This library is closest to the interface of Dybvig, Peyton Jones and Sabry. Control.Monad.CC.CCRef is derived from the definitional interpreter using the implementation techniques described and justified in the FLOPS 2010 paper. The monad transformer CC implemented by Control.Monad.CC.CCRef requires the base monad to support reference cells. In other words, the base monad must be a member of the type class Mutable: that is, must be IO, ST, STM or their transformer. Control.Monad.CC.CCRef adds to the original interface the frequently used function abortP as a primitive.

See the original article at for more information.

This package split multi-prompt delimited control from for usability.


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