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AAI80.0Abstract Application Interface. (control, library, mit)bash0r
AbortT-monadstf30.0Monads-tf instances for the AbortT monad transformer. (bsd3, control, library)GregoryCrosswhite
AbortT-mtl50.0mtl instances for the AbortT monad transformer (bsd3, control, library)GregoryCrosswhite
AbortT-transformers130.0A monad and monadic transformer providing "abort" functionality (bsd3, control, library)GregoryCrosswhite
Adaptive-Blaisorblade40.0Library for incremental computing. (bsd3, control, library, program)PaoloGiarrusso
CC-delcont100.0Delimited continuations and dynamically scoped variables (control, library)DanDoel
CC-delcont-alt80.0Three new monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control (bsd3, control, library)KidoTakahiro
CC-delcont-cxe90.0A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control (bsd3, control, library)KidoTakahiro
CC-delcont-exc40.0A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control (bsd3, control, library)KidoTakahiro
CC-delcont-ref30.0A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control using refercence cells (bsd3, control, library)KidoTakahiro
CC-delcont-ref-tf70.0A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control using refercence cells (bsd3, control, library)KidoTakahiro
Cascade20.0Playing with reified categorical composition (control, library, public-domain)NoahEasterly
Catana60.0A monad for complex manipulation of a stream. (bsd3, control, library)DustinDeWeese
ChannelT100.0Generalized stream processors (bsd3, control, enumerator, iteratee, library, pipes, proxies)pthariensflame
ClassyPrelude20.0Prelude replacement using classes instead of concrete types where reasonable (bsd3, control, data, library)SveinOveAas
Clean (deprecated in favor of definitive-base)40.0A light, clean and powerful utility library (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)MarcCoiffier
ComonadSheet30.0A library for expressing spreadsheet-like computations as the fixed-points of comonads. (bsd3, control, library)kwf
Compactable (deprecated in favor of compactable)90.0A generalization for containers that can be stripped of Nothing (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)fresheyeball
Concurrential70.0Mix concurrent and sequential computation (bsd3, control, library)alexvieth
Configurable20.0Declare types as Configurable then specialize them all in one place (control, library, mit)JosephAbrahamson
ConstraintKinds120.0Repackages standard type classes with the ConstraintKinds extension (bsd3, control, library)MikeIzbicki
ContArrow100.0Control.Arrow.Transformer.Cont (bsd3, control, library)EvgenyJukov
Control-Engine (deprecated)200.0A parallel producer/consumer engine (thread pool) (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)ThomasDuBuisson
Control-Monad-MultiPass30.0A Library for Writing Multi-Pass Algorithms. (bsd3, control, library)KevinBackhouse
Control-Monad-ST210.0A variation on the ST monad with two type parameters. (bsd3, control, library)KevinBackhouse
Coroutine30.0Type-safe coroutines using lightweight session types. (bsd3, control, library)RyanIngram
DeepArrow160.0Arrows for "deep application" (bsd3, combinators, control, library)ConalElliott
EitherT (deprecated in favor of either)50.0EitherT monad transformer (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)EyalLotem
Empty60.0A type class for empty containers (bsd3, control, library)fresheyeball
Etage280.0A general data-flow framework (ai, control, lgpl, library)MitarMilutinovic
FailureT (deprecated in favor of transformers)20.0Failure Monad Transformer (control, deprecated, failure, library, public-domain)MatthewFarkasDyck
FastPush110.0A monad and monad transformer for pushing things onto a stack very fast. (bsd3, control, library)wyager
ForkableT60.0Forkable monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)AndrasSlemmer
GotoT-transformers30.0A monad and monadic transformer providing "goto" functionality (bsd3, control, library)GregoryCrosswhite
IfElse480.0Anaphoric and miscellaneous useful control-flow (bsd3, control, library)IvanPerez, JeffersonHeard, keera_studios_ci
ImperativeHaskell182.0A library for writing Imperative style haskell. (control, development, embedded, gpl, language, library)MatthewMirman
InfixApplicative70.0liftA2 for infix operators. (bsd3, control, library)ThomasDavie
JuicyPixels-util30.0Convert JuicyPixel images into RGBA format, flip, trim and so on (bsd3, control, library)FumiakiKinoshita
Kleislify50.0Variants of Control.Arrow functions, specialised to kleislis. (bsd3, control, library)DylanJust
Kriens60.0Category for Continuation Passing Style (bsd3, control, library)matteo_provenzano
List1180.0List monad transformer and class (bsd3, control, library)YairChuchem
LogicGrowsOnTrees60.0a parallel implementation of logic programming using distributed tree exploration (benchmark, bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)GregoryCrosswhite
LogicGrowsOnTrees-MPI30.0an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses MPI (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)GregoryCrosswhite
LogicGrowsOnTrees-network60.0an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses multiple processes running in a network (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)GregoryCrosswhite
LogicGrowsOnTrees-processes70.0an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses multiple processes for parallelism (benchmark, bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)GregoryCrosswhite
MHask40.0The category of monads (bsd3, control, library)DanBurton
MaybeT110.0MaybeT monad transformer (bsd3, control, library)CaleGibbard, DonaldStewart, EricKidd
MaybeT-monads-tf (deprecated in favor of monads-tf)80.0MaybeT monad transformer compatible with monads-tf (deprecated) (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)BenMillwood
MaybeT-transformers50.0MaybeT monad transformer using transformers instead of mtl. (bsd3, control, library)ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
Mecha10.0mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)CarterSchonwald
Mechs40.0mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)CarterSchonwald
MissingM30.0findM and other missing 'M's (bsd3, control, library)DylanJust
MonadCatchIO-mtl (deprecated in favor of exceptions)290.0Monad-transformer version of the Control.Exception module (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)DanielGorin
MonadCatchIO-mtl-foreign (deprecated)20.0Polymorphic combinators for working with foreign functions (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)AntoineLatter
MonadCatchIO-transformers (deprecated in favor of exceptions)530.0Monad-transformer compatible version of the Control.Exception module (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)AriePeterson
MonadCatchIO-transformers-foreign (deprecated)20.0Polymorphic combinators for working with foreign functions (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)AntoineLatter
MonadPrompt360.0MonadPrompt, implementation & examples (bsd3, control, library)CaleGibbard, JamesCook, RyanIngram
MonadRandom9920.0Random-number generation monad. (bsd3, control, library)BrentYorgey, CaleGibbard, EricKidd, LukePalmer, PaoloVeronelli, PatrickPalka
MonadRandomLazy50.0Lazy monad for psuedo random-number generation. (bsd3, control, library)NormanRamsey
MonadStack50.0Generalizing lift to monad stacks (bsd2, control, library)bhurt
Monatron70.0Monad transformer library with uniform liftings (bsd3, control, library)TomSchrijvers
Monatron-IO30.0MonadIO instances for the Monatron transformers. (bsd3, control, library)TobiasBrandt
Object20.0Object oriented programming for haskell using multiparameter typeclasses. (apache, control, data, library)yokto
PermuteEffects60.0Permutations of effectful computations (bsd3, control, library)MartijnVanSteenbergen
ProbabilityMonads20.0Probability distribution monads. (bsd3, control, library)EricKidd
ReplicateEffects50.0Composable replication schemes of applicative functors (bsd3, control, library)MartijnVanSteenbergen
RichConditional10.0Tiny library to replace classic if/else (control, library, mit)alexvieth
RoyalMonad60.0All hail the Royal Monad! (bsd3, control, library)AtzeVanDerPloeg
SciFlow150.0Scientific workflow management system (control, library, mit)kaizhang
THEff80.0TH implementation of effects. (bsd3, control, effect, library, th)kolodeznydiver
Tainted60.0Tainted type, and associated operations (bsd3, control, data, library, monads, trans)RossMeikleham
TreeT30.0Transformer for Data.Tree (control, library, monads, public-domain)RahulGopinath
TypeCompose760.0Type composition classes & instances (bsd3, composition, control, library)ConalElliott
Workflow410.0Workflow patterns over a monad for thread state logging & recovery (bsd3, control, library, workflow)AlbertoCorona
abstract-par6290.0Type classes generalizing the functionality of the 'monad-par' library. (bsd3, control, library, monads, parallelism)RyanNewton
acme-iot60.0IO monad transformer (control, library, mit)mniip
action-permutations120.0Execute a set of actions (e.g. parsers) in each possible order (bsd3, control, library)RossPaterson
allocated-processor60.0Functional combinators for monadic actions that require allocation and de-allocation (bsd3, control, library)NoamLewis
alternative-extra40.0Extra utilities for alternatives (bsd3, control, library)marcosdumay
alternators50.0Handy functions when using transformers (bsd3, control, library)louispan
annihilator (deprecated in favor of boolean-like)60.0Semigroups with annihilators and utility functions (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)Shou
apecs840.0A fast ECS for game engine programming (bsd3, control, data, game, library)
applicative-extras210.0Instances for Applicative (bsd3, control, library)ChrisEidhof
applicative-fail70.0Applicative functor and monad which collects all your fails (bsd3, control, library)AlekseyUymanov
applicative-splice20.0Write applicative programs in direct style (generalizes idiom brackets). (control, library, public-domain)AkioTakano
arrow-extras70.0Extra functions for Control.Arrow (bsd3, control, library)louispan
arrow-improve10.0Improved arrows. (control, library, mit)alynn
arrow-list120.0List arrows for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library)AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
arrowapply-utils40.0Utilities for working with ArrowApply instances more naturally (bsd3, control, library)AndrewMiller
arrows530.0Arrow classes and transformers (bsd3, control, library)RossPaterson
artery40.0A simple, arrow-based reactive programming (bsd3, control, frp, library)FumiakiKinoshita
assert60.0Helpers for Control.Exception.assert (bsd3, control, library)LiyangHu
assert-failure582.0Syntactic sugar improving 'assert' and 'error' (bsd3, contract, control, library)MikolajKonarski
async-refresh90.0Package implementing core logic for refreshing of expiring data. (bsd3, control, library)mtesseract
async-refresh-tokens110.0Package implementing core logic for refreshing of expiring access tokens (bsd3, control, library)mtesseract
asynchronous-exceptions (deprecated)30.0Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous exceptions (control, deprecated, library, mit)RomanCheplyaka
atl140.0Arrow Transformer Library (bsd3, control, library)MatthewFarkasDyck
attoparsec-trans50.0Interleaved effects for attoparsec parsers (control, library, mit)srijs
auto192.0Denotative, locally stateful programming DSL & platform (control, library, mit)jle
auto-update7370.0Efficiently run periodic, on-demand actions (control, library, mit)KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
backtracking-exceptions10.0A monad transformer for backtracking exceptions (bsd3, control, library)tapuu
backward-state40.0A state monad that runs the state in reverse through the computation (bsd3, control, library, monads)LukePalmer
barrier-monad20.0Implementation of barrier monad, can use custom front/back type (control, library, public-domain)AaronBlack
basic-prelude592.0An enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes. (control, library, mit, prelude)DanBurton, MichaelSnoyman
billeksah-main10.0Leksah plugin base (control, lgpl, program)JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-main-static10.0Leksah plugin base (control, lgpl, program)JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-services10.0Leksah library (control, lgpl, library)JuergenNicklischFranken
boolean-like50.0Logical combinatory operations dealing with datatypes representing booleans by their constructors. (bsd3, control, library)Shou
break70.0Break from a loop (bsd3, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
bytestring-progress120.0A library for tracking the consumption of a lazy ByteString (bsd3, control, library)AdamWick
bytestring-rematch10.0Rematch support for ByteString (control, library, mit)TomCrayford
catch-fd70.0MonadThrow and MonadCatch, using functional dependencies (bsd3, control, library)AndySonnenburg
categories540.0Categories (bsd3, control, library)EdwardKmett
category-extras480.0A meta-package documenting various packages inspired by category theory (bsd3, comonads, control, library, monads)DanDoel, DanielWagner, EdwardKmett, RussellOConnor
cflp460.0Constraint Functional-Logic Programming in Haskell (bsd3, control, library)SebastianFischer
classy-parallel10.0Fork of the monad-parallel package using monad-control (control, gpl, library)SamAnklesaria
classy-prelude1030.0A typeclass-based Prelude. (control, library, mit, prelude)GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
classy-prelude-conduit750.0classy-prelude together with conduit functions (control, library, mit, prelude)GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
classy-prelude-yesod590.0Provide a classy prelude including common Yesod functionality. (control, library, mit)GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
cloud-haskell70.0The Cloud Haskell Application Platform (bsd3, control, library)FacundoDominguez, TimWatson support for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library, program)killy971
comonad17442.5Comonads (bsd3, comonads, control, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
comonad-extras440.0Exotic comonad transformers (bsd3, comonads, control, library)EdwardKmett
comonad-random (deprecated)60.0Comonadic interface for random values (control, deprecated, library)JakeMcArthur
comonad-transformers (deprecated in favor of comonad)1130.0This package has been merged into comonad 4.0 (bsd3, comonads, control, deprecated, library)EdwardKmett
comonads-fd (deprecated in favor of comonad)650.0This package has been merged into comonad 4.0 (bsd3, comonads, control, deprecated, library)EdwardKmett
compactable92.0A generalization for containers that can be stripped of Nothings. (bsd3, control, library)fresheyeball
composition-prelude210.0Higher-order function combinators (bsd3, control, data, library)vmchale
computations20.0Advanced notions of computation (bsd3, control, library)WolfgangJeltsch
concatenative360.0A library for postfix control flow. (bsd3, control, library)SamAnklesaria
concurrent-machines220.0Concurrent networked stream transducers (benchmark, bsd3, concurrency, control, library)AnthonyCowley
concurrent-state220.0MTL-like library using TVars (control, library, mit)JoelTaylor
cond380.0Basic conditional and boolean operators with monadic variants. (bsd3, control, library, logic, monad)AdamCurtis
constrained-categories90.0Constrained clones of the category-theory type classes, using ConstraintKinds. (control, gpl, library)leftaroundabout
constrained-monads130.0Typeclasses and instances for monads with constraints. (benchmark, control, library, mit)oisdk
constrained-normal60.0Normalised Deep Embeddings for Constrained Type-Class Instances (bsd3, control, library)NeilSculthorpe
constraint-manip40.0Some conviencience type functions for manipulating constraints. (control, library, mit)clinton
continue30.0Monads with suspension and arbitrary-spot reentry (bsd3, control, library)ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
contravariant16980.0Contravariant functors (bsd3, control, data, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens
contravariant-extras480.0Extras for the "contravariant" package (control, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
control-bool90.0Useful combinators for boolean expressions (bsd3, control, library)FumiakiKinoshita
control-dotdotdot80.0Haskell operator `g ... f = \x1 .. xn -> g (f x1 .. xn)`. (bsd3, control, library)erisco
control-event300.0Event scheduling system. (bsd3, control, library)ThomasDuBuisson
control-invariants10.0Invariants and contract monitoring (control, library, mit)aminb, SimonHudon
control-monad-exception620.0Explicitly typed, checked exceptions with stack traces (control, failure, library, mit, monads)PepeIborra
control-monad-exception-monadsfd110.0Monads-fd instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer (control, failure, library, monads, public-domain)PepeIborra
control-monad-exception-monadstf140.0Monads-tf instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer (control, failure, library, monads, public-domain)PepeIborra
control-monad-exception-mtl140.0MTL instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer (control, failure, library, monads, public-domain)PepeIborra
control-monad-failure (deprecated)240.0A class for monads which can fail with an error. (deprecated) (control, deprecated, failure, library, monads, public-domain)MichaelSnoyman, PepeIborra
control-monad-failure-mtl (deprecated)100.0A class for monads which can fail with an error for mtl 1 (deprecated) (control, deprecated, failure, library, monads, public-domain)MichaelSnoyman, PepeIborra
control-monad-free290.0Free monads and monad transformers (control, library, monads, public-domain)LukePalmer, PepeIborra
control-monad-loop40.0Simple monad transformer for imperative-style loops (bsd3, control, library)JoeyAdams
control-monad-omega180.0A breadth-first list monad. (control, library, public-domain)LukePalmer
control-monad-queue140.0Reusable corecursive queues, via continuations. (bsd3, control, library)LeonSmith
control-timeout (deprecated)80.0Timeout handling (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)AdamLangley
contstuff (deprecated)460.0Fast, easy to use CPS-based monad transformers (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
contstuff-monads-tf (deprecated)80.0ContStuff instances for monads-tf transformers (deprecated) (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
contstuff-transformers (deprecated)50.0Deprecated interface between contstuff 0.7.0 and the transformers package (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
conversion90.0Universal converter between values of different types (control, conversion, data, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
conversion-bytestring70.0"Conversion" instances for the "bytestring" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
conversion-case-insensitive30.0"Conversion" instances for the "case-insensitive" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
conversion-text80.0"Conversion" instances for the "text" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
coroutine-object140.0Object-oriented programming realization using coroutine (bsd3, control, library)IanWooKim
coverage70.0Exhaustivity Checking Library (control, library, mit)NicolasDelPiano
cr30.0Code review tool (control, gpl, network, program, system)AlexandruScvortov
csp72.0Discrete constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver. (ai, constraints, control, failure, lgpl, library, monads)AndreiBarbu
custom-prelude20.0An enhanced prelude, serving as a foundation for my projects (control, gpl, library)AnupamJain
daemons110.0Daemons in Haskell made fun and easy (control, gpl, library, network, program, system)AlexandruScvortov
data-fresh40.0Interface and functor transformers for fresh values (bsd3, control, library)StijnVanDrongelen
data-lens480.0Used to be Haskell 98 Lenses (bsd3, comonads, control, library)EdwardKmett, RussellOConnor
data-lens-fd200.0Lenses (bsd3, comonads, control, library)EdwardKmett, RussellOConnor
data-lens-ixset (deprecated in favor of data-store, tables, lens)50.0A Lens for IxSet (bsd3, comonads, control, data-structures, deprecated, library)DagOdenhall
decepticons10.0The categorical dual of transformers. (bsd3, control, library)JoeQuinn
deepcontrol210.0A library that provides deep-level programming style and(or) notation on Applicative and Monad (bsd3, control, library)KONISHI_Yohsuke
deepseq6072.0Deep evaluation of data structures (bsd3, control, library)AustinSeipp, DonaldStewart, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, SimonMarlow
deepseq-bounded180.0Bounded deepseq, including support for generic deriving (bsd3, control, library)AndrewSeniuk
deepseq-generics1180.0GHC.Generics-based Control.DeepSeq.rnf implementation (bsd3, control, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
deepseq-magic50.0Deep evaluation of data structures without NFData (control, library, public-domain)EdwardYang
deepseq-th (deprecated in favor of deepseq-generics)110.0Template Haskell based deriver for optimised NFData instances (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
demarcate (deprecated in favor of free)30.0Demarcating transformed monad. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)NickolayKudasov
despair60.0Despair (bsd3, control, library)Heather
disposable190.0Allows storing different resource-releasing actions together. (bsd3, control, library)louispan
distributed-closure122.0Serializable closures for distributed programming. (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, AlpMestanogullari, MathieuBoespflug
distributed-process922.5Cloud Haskell: Erlang-style concurrency in Haskell (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, EdskoDeVries, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-async100.0Cloud Haskell Async API (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-azure20.0Microsoft Azure backend for Cloud Haskell (bsd3, control, library)EdskoDeVries, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-client-server150.0The Cloud Haskell Application Platform (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-execution50.0Execution Framework for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-extras140.0Cloud Haskell Extras (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-fsm20.0The Cloud Haskell implementation of Erlang/OTP gen_statem (bsd3, control, library)TimWatson
distributed-process-lifted180.0monad-control style typeclass and transformer instances for Process monad. (bsd3, cloud-haskell, control, library)jeremyjh
distributed-process-monad-control170.0Orphan instances for MonadBase and MonadBaseControl. (bsd3, control, library)jeremyjh
distributed-process-platform (deprecated in favor of distributed-process-extras, distributed-process-async, distributed-process-client-server, distributed-process-registry, distributed-process-supervisor, distributed-process-task, distributed-process-execution)30.0The Cloud Haskell Application Platform (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-registry30.0Cloud Haskell Extended Process Registry (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-simplelocalnet380.0Simple zero-configuration backend for Cloud Haskell (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, EdskoDeVries, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-supervisor60.0Supervisors for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform (bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-systest50.0Cloud Haskell Test Support (bsd3, cloud-haskell, control, library)TimWatson
distributed-process-task50.0Task Framework for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform (bsd3, cloud-haskell, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-tests320.0Tests and test support tools for distributed-process. (bsd3, cloud-haskell, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
distributed-process-zookeeper180.0A Zookeeper back-end for Cloud Haskell. (bsd3, cloud-haskell, control, library)jeremyjh
distributed-static580.0Compositional, type-safe, polymorphic static values and closures (bsd3, control, library)EdskoDeVries, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
edenmodules30.0Semi-explicit parallel programming library (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, eden, library, parallelism)MischaDieterle, JostBerthold, horstmeyer
effect-handlers150.0A library for writing extensible algebraic effects and handlers. Similar to extensible-effects but with deep handlers. (benchmark, control, library, mit)edofic, blambda
effect-monad70.0Embeds effect systems into Haskell using graded monads (bsd3, control, library, monads)DominicOrchard
effects100.0Computational Effects (bsd3, control, library, monads)SjoerdVisscher
effects-parser20.0Parser Effect for the Control.Effects Library (bsd3, control, library, monads)JesseMcDonald
effin210.0A Typeable-free implementation of extensible effects (bsd3, control, effect, library)AnthonyVandikas
either8970.0An either monad transformer (bsd3, control, library, monads)EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
elevator110.0Immediately lifts to a desired level (bsd3, control, library)FumiakiKinoshita
elision90.0Arrows with holes. (bsd2, control, library, program)jacrough
enclosed-exceptions1022.0Catching all exceptions from within an enclosed computation (control, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman, jcristovao
error-continuations20.0Error Continuations (control, library, public-domain)echatav
error-list60.0A useful type for collecting error messages. (control, library, mit)thinkpad20
errorcall-eq-instance (deprecated in favor of base-orphans)100.0An orphan Eq instance for ErrorCall (control, deprecated, library, mit)SimonHengel
errors6332.25Simplified error-handling (bsd3, control, error-handling, library)GabrielGonzalez
eternal160.0everything breaking the Fairbairn threshold (bsd3, control, library)Heather
ether4822.0Monad transformers and classes (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)int_index
event-driven30.0library for event driven programming (bsd3, control, library)YoshikuniJujo
event-handlers30.0Event handlers (control, data, library, public-domain)JamesCook
event-monad90.0Event-graph simulation monad transformer (control, library, public-domain)JamesCook
event-transformer (deprecated)40.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, program)SchellScivally
exception-monads-fd (deprecated in favor of exception-mtl)50.0Exception monad transformer instances for monads-fd classes. (bsd3, control, deprecated, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
exception-monads-tf140.0Exception monad transformer instances for monads-tf classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
exception-mtl190.0Exception monad transformer instances for mtl classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
exception-transformers210.0Type classes and monads for unchecked extensible exceptions. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
exceptional180.0Essentially the Maybe type with error messages. (bsd2, control, library)pharpend
exceptions27492.0Extensible optionally-pure exceptions (bsd3, control, exceptions, library, monad)EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
exhaustive130.0Compile time checks that a computation considers producing data through all possible constructors (bsd3, control, library)OliverCharles
exitcode60.0Monad transformer for exit codes (bsd3, control, library)qfpl
explicit-exception470.0Exceptions which are explicit in the type signature. (bsd3, control, library)HenningThielemann
explicit-sharing350.0Explicit Sharing of Monadic Effects (control, library, monads, public-domain)SebastianFischer
extensible-effects472.25An Alternative to Monad Transformers (control, effect, library, mit)BenFoppa, RomanCheplyaka, shergill
extensible-exceptions10850.0Extensible exceptions (bsd3, control, library)IanLynagh
failure (deprecated in favor of exceptions)320.0A simple type class for success/failure computations. (deprecated) (bsd3, control, deprecated, failure, library, monads)MichaelSnoyman, Michael_Smith
feature-flags80.0A simple library for dynamically enabling and disabling functionality. (control, library, mit)IanDuncan
fold-debounce130.0Fold multiple events that happen in a given period of time. (bsd3, control, library)debugito
foldl5482.25Composable, streaming, and efficient left folds (bsd3, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
foldl-incremental72.0incremental folds (benchmark, control, library, mit, statistics)tonyday
foldl-transduce272.0Transducers for foldl folds. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)DanielDiazCarrete
foldl-transduce-attoparsec50.0Attoparsec and foldl-transduce integration. (bsd3, control, library)DanielDiazCarrete
for-free20.0Functor, Monad, MonadPlus, etc for free (control, library, public-domain)AaronBlack
forbidden-fruit20.0A library accelerates imperative style programming. (bsd3, control, library)minpou
forest200.0Tree and Forest types (control, library, mpl)ShaneOBrien
free13782.5Monads for free (bsd3, control, library, monads)EdwardKmett, EricMertens
free-operational70.0Operational Applicative, Alternative, Monad and MonadPlus from free types. (bsd3, control, library)LuisCasillas
free-vl80.0van Laarhoven encoded Free Monad with Extensible Effects (bsd3, control, library, monads, program)aaronlevin
freer182.25Implementation of the Freer Monad (benchmark, bsd3, control, library, program)alleledev
freer-effects82.0Implementation of effect system for Haskell. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library, program)MatejKollar, PeterTrsko, TomasJanousek
from-sum80.0Canonical fromMaybeM and fromEitherM functions. (bsd3, control, library)cdepillabout
frpnow132.5Principled practical FRP (bsd3, control, library)AtzeVanDerPloeg
frpnow-gloss40.0Program awesome stuff with Gloss and frpnow! (bsd3, control, library)AtzeVanDerPloeg
frpnow-gtk40.0Program GUIs with GTK and frpnow! (bsd3, control, library)AtzeVanDerPloeg
fsharp (deprecated)60.0some F# operators, high priority pipes (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)Heather
full-sessions170.0a monad for protocol-typed network programming (bsd3, control, library, network)KeigoImai
function-combine40.0Combining functions (bsd3, control, library)IainAlexander
functor-apply (deprecated in favor of semigroupoids)450.0This package has been subsumed by semigroupoids (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)EdwardKmett
functors40.0(.:) and friends, syntax for Functor and Applicative. (bsd3, control, library)AristidBreitkreuz
future-resource30.0realtime resource handling with manual concurrency (control, lgpl, library)capsjac
gang-of-threads80.0Non-deterministic parallelism with bags (bsd3, control, library, parallelism)bholst
general-prelude (deprecated)40.0Prelude replacement using generalized type classes where possible (bsd3, control, data, deprecated, library)JohnWiegley
generator130.0Python-generators notation for creation of monadic lists (bsd3, control, library)YairChuchem
generators (deprecated)80.0Actually useful monadic random value generators. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)LiamOConnorDavis
generic-deepseq50.0Generic deep evaluation of data structures (bsd3, control, generics, library)MaximeHenrion
gooey30.0Graphical user interfaces that are renderable, change over time and eventually produce a value. (control, library, mit)SchellScivally
graphted170.0Graph indexed monads. (bsd3, comonads, control, library, monads)AaronFriel
groupoids (deprecated in favor of semigroupoids)252.0This package has been absorbed into semigroupoids 4.0 (bsd3, categories, control, deprecated, library)EdwardKmett
hasim100.0Process-Based Discrete Event Simulation library (bsd3, control, library)JochemBerndsen
hask20.0Categories (bsd3, control, library)EdwardKmett
haskell-cnc140.0Library for parallel programming in the Intel Concurrent Collections paradigm. (bsd3, control, library, parallelism, program)RyanNewton
hcron40.0A simple job scheduler, which just runs some IO action at a given time. (bsd3, control, library, scheduling)TimoHuebel
hdph20.0Haskell distributed parallel Haskell (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, monads, parallelism, program)PatrickMaier
hdph-closure10.0Explicit closures in Haskell distributed parallel Haskell (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library)PatrickMaier
hmk240.0A make alternative based on Plan9's mk. (control, development, distribution, gpl, library, program)MathieuBoespflug
hoist-error50.0Some convenience facilities for hoisting errors into a monad (control, library, mit)JonSterling
hpc520.0Code Coverage Library for Haskell (bsd3, control, library)AustinSeipp, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh support for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library, program)killy971
hreader450.0Generalization of MonadReader and ReaderT using hset (bsd3, control, library)AlekseyUymanov
hs-di60.0Dependency Injection library for Haskell (bsd3, control, dependency-injection, development, library, program, template-haskell, testing)Wizek
hspec-monad-control10.0Orphan instances of MonadBase and MonadBaseControl for SpecM (bsd3, control, library)bmjames
hyperfunctions30.0Hyperfunctions (bsd3, categories, control, library)EdwardKmett
if40.0(?) and (?>) conditional operator (bsd3, control, library)winterland
ifcxt42.0put if statements within type constraints (bsd3, control, library)MikeIzbicki
implicit-logging30.0A logging framework built around implicit parameters. (control, lgpl, library)rev_null
index-core90.0Indexed Types (bsd3, control, indexed, library)GabrielGonzalez
indexed100.0Haskell98 indexed functors, monads, comonads (bsd3, control, library)ReinerPope
indexed-extras40.0Indexed functors, monads and comonads that require extensions to Haskell98 (bsd3, control, library)ReinerPope
indexed-free60.0indexed monads for free (bsd3, control, library, monad)FumiakiKinoshita
indextype70.0A series of type families and constraints for "indexable" types. (control, library, mit)clinton
inject-function60.0Monadic functions with injected parameters. (control, gpl, library)DimitriSabadie
instance-control80.0Controls how the compiler searches for instances using type families. (bsd3, control, library)lazac
interchangeable (deprecated)50.0A type class for interchangeable data. (control, deprecated, library, mit)arowM
interleave40.0Combinators for supporting interleaving of different behaviours (bsd3, control, library)NeilBrown
interruptible40.0Monad transformers that can be run and resumed later, conserving their context. (bsd3, control, library)marcosdumay
interspersed80.0An abstraction over interspersing monadic actions (control, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
invariant290.0Haskell98 invariant functors (bsd2, control, data, library)NicolasFrisby, ryanglscott
invertible140.0bidirectional arrows, bijective functions, and invariant functors (bsd3, composition, control, data, library)DylanSimon
invertible-hlist20.0invertible functions and instances for HList (bsd3, composition, control, data, library)DylanSimon
io-choice120.0Choice for IO and lifted IO (bsd3, control, library)KazuYamamoto
io-reactive30.0An API for generating TIMBER style reactive objects. (bsd3, control, library, program, reactivity)AndyGill
io-region50.0Exception safe resource management with dynamic regions (bsd3, control, library)YurasShumovich
iotransaction20.0Supports the automatic undoing of IO operations when an exception is thrown. (control, library, mit)DylanShearer
ixmonad (deprecated in favor of effect-monad, type-level-sets)80.0Embeds effect systems into Haskell using parameteric effect monads (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monads)DominicOrchard
json-tracer110.0A polymorphic, type-safe, json-structured tracing library (bsd3, control, library)autotaker
lambda-devs40.0a Paralell-DEVS implementaion based on distributed-process (bsd3, control, library, program, simulation)alios
lax120.0Lax arrows (bsd3, control, library)WolfgangJeltsch
layers40.0Modular type class machinery for monad transformer stacks. (bsd3, control, library)ShaneOBrien
lazyio160.0Run IO actions lazily while respecting their order (bsd3, control, library, monads)HenningThielemann
lens-tutorial72.5Tutorial for the lens library (bsd3, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
lensref70.0References which can be joined and on which lenses can be applied (bsd3, control, data, library)PeterDivianszky
level-monad250.0Non-Determinism Monad for Level-Wise Search (control, library, monads, public-domain)SebastianFischer
lifted-base20070.0lifted IO operations from the base library (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)BasVanDijk
list-t5102.0ListT done right (control, data-structures, library, mit, streaming)NikitaVolkov
list-transformer140.0List monad transformer (bsd3, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
local-search90.0Generalised local search within Haskell, for applications in combinatorial optimisation. (control, gpl, library, local-search, optimisation)RichardSenington
log-effect80.0An extensible log effect using extensible-effects (control, effect, library, logging, mit)ibotty
logicst20.0Backtracking mutable references in the ST and IO monads (bsd3, control, library)AndySonnenburg
logict1780.0A backtracking logic-programming monad. (bsd3, control, library)DanDoel
loop450.0Fast loops (for when GHC can't optimize forM_) (benchmark, control, library, mit)NiklasHambuechen
loop-effin30.0control-monad-loop port for effin (bsd3, control, library)HiromiIshii
loop-while30.0A monad transformer supporting various styles of while loop (bsd3, control, library)NeilBrown
loops80.0Fast imperative-style loops (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)ThomasTuegel
machinecell250.0Arrow based stream transducers (bsd3, control, frp, library, reactivity)HidenoriAzuma
machines762.5Networked stream transducers (benchmark, bsd3, control, enumerator, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
machines-bytestring40.0ByteString support for machines (bsd3, control, library, machines)zclod
managed350.0A monad for managed values (bsd3, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
mealstrom22.0Manipulate FSMs and store them in PostgreSQL. (control, database, library, mit)amx
mech20.0mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)CarterSchonwald
mechs10.0mecha are the most complex composite machines known to humanity, lets build them well! (bsd2, concurrency, control, data, library, network, system)CarterSchonwald
memo-ptr20.0Pointer equality memoization (control, library, mit)edofic
memoization-utils30.0Utilities for memoizing functions (control, library, mit)yamadapc
meta-par30.0Provides the monad-par interface, but based on modular scheduler "mix-ins". (bsd3, control, library, monads, parallelism)RyanNewton
midair70.0Hot-swappable FRP (concurrency, control, frp, gpl, interaction, library, music, reactive, reactivity, user-interfaces)TomMurphy
minioperational (deprecated in favor of monad-skeleton)270.0fast and simple operational monad (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)FumiakiKinoshita
mix-arrows70.0Mixing effects of one arrow into another one (bsd3, control, library)MiguelMitrofanov
mmorph20192.5Monad morphisms (bsd3, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
mmtl30.0Modular Monad transformer library (bsd3, control, library)MauroJaskelioff
mmtl-base10.0MonadBase type-class for mmtl (bsd3, control, library)MatthewFarkasDyck
modular-prelude (deprecated)30.0A new Prelude featuring first class modules (control, deprecated, library, mit)DanBurton
modular-prelude-classy (deprecated)30.0Reifying ClassyPrelude a la ModularPrelude (control, deprecated, library, mit)DanBurton
monad-abort-fd100.0A better error monad transformer (bsd3, control, library)MikhailVorozhtsov
monad-atom70.0Monadically convert object to unique integers and back. (bsd3, control, library)GrzegorzChrupala
monad-atom-simple30.0Monadically map objects to unique ints. (bsd3, control, library)GrzegorzChrupala
monad-batcher50.0An applicative monad that batches commands for later more efficient execution (bsd3, control, library)BasVanDijk
monad-bool (deprecated)40.0This package has been removed. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)JohnWiegley
monad-classes82.0more flexible mtl (control, library, mit)MatthewFarkasDyck
monad-codec100.0Monadic conversion between complex data structures and unique integers (bsd3, control, library)JakubWaszczuk
monad-connect30.0Transformer for TCP connection with TLS and SOCKS support (control, library, monad, network, public-domain)akrasner
monad-control22680.0Lift control operations, like exception catching, through monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)BasVanDijk
monad-control-aligned60.0Just like monad-control, except less efficient, and the monadic state terms are all * -> * (bsd3, control, library)athanclark
monad-coroutine240.0Coroutine monad transformer for suspending and resuming monadic computations (concurrency, control, gpl, library, monads)MarioBlazevic
monad-dijkstra120.0Monad transformer for weighted graph searches using Dijkstra's or A* algorithm (bsd3, control, library, monads)ecramer
monad-exception (deprecated in favor of layers)20.0Exstensible monadic exceptions (control, deprecated, library, public-domain)ShaneOBrien
monad-extras340.0Extra utility functions for working with monads (bsd3, control, library)JohnWiegley
monad-fork (deprecated in favor of layers)20.0Type class for monads which support a fork operation. (control, deprecated, library, public-domain)ShaneOBrien
monad-hash60.0Monad transformer for incremental hashing (control, cryptography, hash, library, monad, public-domain)akrasner
monad-journal2680.0Pure logger typeclass and monad transformer (bsd3, control, library)DimitriSabadie
monad-levels40.0Specific levels of monad transformers (control, library, mit)IvanMiljenovic
monad-lgbt30.0Monad transformers for combining local and global state. (bsd2, control, library)MichalGajda
monad-loops7472.25Monadic loops (control, library, public-domain)JamesCook
monad-loops-stm50.0Monadic loops for STM (control, library, public-domain)JamesCook
monad-memo180.0Memoization monad transformer (benchmark, bsd3, control, library, monad)EduardSergeev
monad-mersenne-random42.25An efficient random generator monad, based on the Mersenne Twister (bsd3, control, library)DonaldStewart
monad-open20.0Open recursion for when you need it (control, library, mit)JonSterling
monad-ox90.0Monad for observation extraction (bsd3, control, library, natural-language-processing)JakubWaszczuk
monad-par6532.0A library for parallel programming based on a monad (bsd3, control, library, monads, parallelism)RyanNewton, SimonMarlow
monad-par-extras6250.0Combinators and extra features for Par monads (bsd3, control, library, monads, parallelism)RyanNewton
monad-parallel350.0Parallel execution of monadic computations (bsd3, control, library, monads)MarioBlazevic
monad-parallel-progressbar40.0Parallel execution of monadic computations with a progress bar (control, library, mit, monads, system, user-interfaces)mnacamura
monad-param (deprecated in favor of indexed)150.0Parameterized monads (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)DominiqueDevriese, EdwardKmett
monad-peel110.0Lift control operations like exception catching through monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)AndersKaseorg, SergeyAlirzaev
monad-products182.0Monad products (bsd3, control, library, monads)EdwardKmett
monad-ran50.0Fast monads and monad transformers (bsd3, control, library, monads)EdwardKmett
monad-resumption90.0Resumption and reactive resumption monads for Haskell. (bsd3, control, library)AdamProcter, IanGraves
monad-skeleton300.0Monads of program skeleta (bsd3, control, library, monads)FumiakiKinoshita
monad-st190.0Provides a MonadST class (bsd3, control, library, monads)EdwardKmett
monad-state50.0Utility library for monads, particularly those involving state. (bsd3, control, data, library, monads)ByronJohnson
monad-ste30.0ST monad with efficient explicit errors (bsd2, control, library)CarterSchonwald
monad-stm60.0MonadSTM class analogous to MonadIO (bsd3, control, library)MiguelMitrofanov
monad-supply110.0Stateful supply monad. (control, data, library, monads)GeoffHulette
monad-task20.0A monad transformer that turns event processing into co-routine programming. (bsd3, control, library)PaulLiu
monad-time60.0Type class for monads which carry the notion of the current time. (bsd3, control, library)GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive
monad-timing40.0Monad transformer for recording timing events (control, library, mit)pikajude
monad-tx40.0A transactional state monad. (bsd3, control, library, monads)MattMorrow
monad-unlift520.0Typeclasses for representing monad transformer unlifting (control, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
monad-unlift-ref62.0Typeclasses for representing monad transformer unlifting (control, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
monad-wrap50.0Wrap functions such as catch around different monads (bsd3, control, library)DavidMazieres
monadLib-compose60.0Arrow-like monad composition for monadLib. (bsd3, control, library, monads)AristidBreitkreuz
monadbi (deprecated)30.0Extract underlying monads from monad transformers (control, deprecated, gpl, library)AnupamJain
monadcryptorandom380.0A monad for using CryptoRandomGen (bsd3, control, cryptography, library)ThomasDuBuisson
monadfibre (deprecated)60.0Monadic functions which provide Choice and Parallelism. (control, deprecated, gpl, library)AnupamJain
monadiccp340.0Constraint Programming (bsd3, control, library)MaikRiechert, PieterWuille, TomSchrijvers
monadiccp-gecode30.0Constraint Programming (bsd3, control, library)JanTikovsky
monadio-unwrappable40.0Reversibly allow monad transformer stacks to run in IO (bsd3, control, library)AndrewMiller
monadlist50.0Monadic versions of list functions (bsd3, control, library)ThomasEding
monadloc210.0A class for monads which can keep a monadic call trace (control, library, monads, public-domain)PepeIborra
monadloc-pp70.0A preprocessor for generating monadic call traces (control, monads, program, public-domain)PepeIborra
monadplus1950.0Haskell98 partial maps and filters over MonadPlus. (bsd3, control, library)HansHoglund
monads-fd (deprecated in favor of mtl)200.0Monad classes, using functional dependencies (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)RossPaterson
monads-tf850.0Monad classes, using type families (bsd3, control, library)RossPaterson
more-extensible-effects132.0Initial project template from stack (bsd3, control, library)qzchenwl
mtl38032.5Monad classes, using functional dependencies (bsd3, control, library)DonaldStewart, EdwardKmett, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, RossPaterson
mtl-evil-instances (deprecated in favor of layers)10.0Instances for the mtl classes for all monad transformers. (control, deprecated, library, public-domain)ShaneOBrien
mtl-extras (deprecated in favor of transformers-lift)30.0Higher order versions of MTL classes (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)int_index
mtl-tf (deprecated)30.0Monad transformer library using type families (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)TrevorElliott
mtl-unleashed140.0MTL classes without the functional dependency (bsd3, control, library)DavidFox
mtlx160.0Monad transformer library with type indexes, providing 'free' copies. (bsd3, control, library)MarkSnyder
multipass50.0Folding data with multiple named passes (bsd3, control, library)EdwardKmett
multistate290.0like mtl's ReaderT / WriterT / StateT, but more than one contained value/type. (bsd3, control, library)lspitzner
mvc220.0Model-view-controller (bsd3, concurrency, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
mvc-updates70.0Concurrent and combinable updates (bsd3, concurrency, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
mzv40.0Implementation of the "Monads, Zippers and Views" (Schrijvers and Oliveira, ICFP'11) (bsd3, control, library)IsmaelFigueroa
natural-transformation4822.0A natural transformation package. (bsd3, control, library)AndrewFarmer, AndyGill, NeilSculthorpe, ryanglscott
needle30.0ASCII-fied arrow notation (control, library, mit)ScrambledEggs
newtype2560.0A typeclass and set of functions for working with newtypes. (bsd3, control, library)DariusJahandarie, jcristovao
newtype-deriving50.0Instance derivers for newtype wrappers (control, library, mit, template-haskell)NikitaVolkov
newtype-generics3752.0A typeclass and set of functions for working with newtypes, with generics support. (bsd3, control, library)jcristovao, sjakobi
newtype-th100.0A template haskell deriver to create Control.Newtype instances. (bsd3, control, library, template-haskell)MichaelSloan
newtyper20.0Extra functions for the Control.Newtype typeclass (bsd3, control, library)DylanJust
nondeterminism82.0A monad and monad transformer for nondeterministic computations. (ai, constraints, control, failure, lgpl, library, monads)AndreiBarbu
objective480.0Composable objects (bsd3, control, library)FumiakiKinoshita
open-signals70.0A mechanism similar to checked exceptions that integrates with MTL and transformer stacks (control, library, mit)darwin226
operational4752.0Implementation of difficult monads made easy with operational semantics. (bsd3, control, library, monads)HeinrichApfelmus
operational-class80.0MonadProgram typeclass for the operational package (control, library, mit)srijs
overload140.0Finite overloading (control, library, mit)darwin226
parallel13470.0Parallel programming library (bsd3, control, library, parallelism)AustinSeipp, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh, SimonMarlow
parallel-tree-search150.0Parallel Tree Search (concurrency, control, library, public-domain)SebastianFischer
partial30.0A nullary type class for partial functions (control, library, mit)PhilFreeman
partial-isomorphisms120.0Partial isomorphisms. (bsd3, control, library)TillmannRendel, schernichkin
partial-lens (deprecated in favor of data-lens)20.0Haskell 98 Partial Lenses (comonads, control, deprecated, library, mit)RussellOConnor
perm70.0permutation Applicative and Monad with many mtl instances (bsd3, control, library)AndySonnenburg
phantom-state110.0Phantom State Transformer. Like State Monad, but without values. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)DanielDiaz
pipe-enumerator90.0A bidirectional bridge between pipes and iteratees (bsd3, control, library, pipes)patrykz
pipes8892.75Compositional pipelines (bsd3, control, library, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
pipes-async50.0A higher-level interface to using concurrency with pipes (bsd3, control, library)JohnWiegley
pipes-attoparsec-streaming (deprecated)30.0Streaming parsing in the pipes-core framework with Attoparsec. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, program)MartinGrabmueller
pipes-break122.0Pipes to group by any delimiter (such as lines with carriage returns) (bsd3, control, library, pipes)mindreader
pipes-bytestring4590.0ByteString support for pipes (bsd3, control, library, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
pipes-category90.0Allows instances for Category, Arrow and ArrowChoice for Pipes. (bsd3, control, library, pipes)louispan
pipes-cellular20.0Pipes-based combinators for cellular data processing (bsd3, control, library, pipes)patrykz
pipes-cellular-csv20.0Efficient pipes-based cellular CSV codec (bsd3, control, library, pipes)patrykz
pipes-concurrency322.0Concurrency for the pipes ecosystem (bsd3, concurrency, control, library, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
pipes-conduit20.0Conduit adapters (bsd3, control, enumerator, library)PaoloCapriotti
pipes-core (deprecated in favor of pipes)50.0Compositional pipelines (bsd3, control, deprecated, enumerator, library)PaoloCapriotti
pipes-errors70.0Integration between pipes and errors (bsd3, control, error-handling, library, monad, pipes)jdnavarro
pipes-extra40.0Various basic utilities for Pipes. (benchmark, bsd3, control, enumerator, library)PaoloCapriotti
pipes-extras160.0Extra utilities for pipes (bsd3, control, library, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
pipes-fluid150.0Reactively combines Producers so that a value is yielded as soon as possible. (bsd3, control, frp, library, pipes)louispan
pipes-group4710.0Group streams into substreams (bsd3, control, library, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
pipes-io30.0Stateful IO streams based on pipes (apache, control, library, pipes)yinguanhao
pipes-lines (deprecated in favor of pipes-break)180.0Pipes for grouping by lines with carriage returns. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, pipes)mindreader
pipes-misc200.0Miscellaneous utilities for pipes, required by glazier-tutorial (bsd3, control, library, pipes)louispan
pipes-parse4582.0Parsing infrastructure for the pipes ecosystem (bsd3, control, library, parsing, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
pipes-random90.0Producers for handling randomness. (bsd3, control, library)fosskers
pipes-rt50.0A few pipes to control the timing of yields (bsd3, control, library, pipes, program)imalsogreg
pipes-safe4520.0Safety for the pipes ecosystem (bsd3, control, error-handling, library, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
pipes-transduce130.0Interfacing pipes with foldl folds. (bsd3, control, library)DanielDiazCarrete
pipes-vector110.0Various proxies for streaming data into vectors (bsd3, control, library)BenGamari
pipes-zeromq440.0Pipes integration for ZeroMQ messaging (bsd3, control, library, network, pipes)peddie
plan-applicative80.0Applicative/Arrow for resource estimation and progress tracking. (bsd3, control, library)DanielDiazCarrete
ports40.0The Haskell Ports Library (control, lgpl, library)DonaldStewart
prelude-plus130.0Prelude for rest of us (bsd3, control, data, system)YusakuHashimoto
product-profunctors800.0product-profunctors (bsd3, category, control, library)tomjaguarpaw
profunctor-extras440.0This package has been absorbed into profunctors 4.0 (bsd3, categories, control, library)EdwardKmett
profunctors15432.5Profunctors (bsd3, categories, control, library)EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
progress-reporting30.0Functionality for reporting function progress. (control, lgpl, library)JeroenBransen
prologue60.0Better, more general Prelude exporting common utilities. (apache, control, library)danilo2
prompt60.0Monad (and transformer) for deferred-effect pure prompt-response queries (control, library, mit)jle
quantum-arrow120.0An embedding of quantum computation as a Haskell arrow (control, lgpl, library)LukePalmer
quiver212.0Quiver finite stream processing library (bsd3, control, library)patrykz
quiver-binary40.0Binary serialisation support for Quivers (control, library, mit)IvanMiljenovic
quiver-bytestring40.0Quiver combinators for bytestring streaming (bsd3, control, library)patrykz
quiver-cell40.0Quiver combinators for cellular data processing (bsd3, control, library)patrykz
quiver-csv40.0Quiver combinators for cellular CSV data processing (bsd3, control, library)patrykz
quiver-enumerator30.0Bridge between Quiver and Iteratee paradigms (bsd3, control, library)patrykz
quiver-groups30.0Group and chunk values within a Quiver (control, library, mit)IvanMiljenovic
quiver-http30.0Adapter to stream over HTTP(s) with quiver (bsd3, control, http, library)ChristianMarie
quiver-instances70.0Extra instances for Quiver (control, library, mit)IvanMiljenovic
quiver-interleave70.0Interleave values from multiple Quivers (control, library, mit)IvanMiljenovic
quiver-sort30.0Sort the values in a quiver (control, library, mit)IvanMiljenovic
random-eff20.0A simple random generator library for extensible-effects (bsd3, control, effect, library)HiromiIshii
random-effin20.0A simple random generator library for effin (bsd3, control, effect, library)HiromiIshii
rank2classes80.0a mirror image of some standard type classes, with methods of rank 2 types (bsd3, control, data, generics, library)MarioBlazevic
rate-limit70.0A basic library for rate-limiting IO actions. (bsd3, control, library)AdamWick
reactive-haskell (deprecated)20.0minimal fork of io-reactive (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, reactivity)Heather
reactive-io (deprecated)30.0IO-oriented FRP library (control, deprecated, library, mit)RomanCheplyaka
reasonable-lens40.0Lens implementation. It is more small but adequately. (control, library, mit)outoftune
reasonable-operational50.0Just size Operational Monad implementation. (control, library, mit)outoftune
record250.0Anonymous records (control, data-structures, library, mit, records)NikitaVolkov
recursion-schemes942.25Generalized bananas, lenses and barbed wire (bsd3, control, library, recursion)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
recursion-schemes-ext780.0Amateur addenda to recursion-schemes (bsd3, control, library)vmchale
ref-fd152.0A type class for monads with references using functional dependencies. (bsd3, control, library)GeoffreyMainland
ref-mtl60.0A type class for monads with references compatible with the mtl2 library. (bsd3, control, library)GeoffreyMainland
ref-tf270.0A type class for monads with references using type families. (bsd3, control, library)GeoffreyMainland
reference30.0A class for references in Haskell (control, data, library, mit)MaciejPiechotka
references220.0Selectors for reading and updating data. (bsd3, control, library)lazac
regions300.0Provides the region monad for safely opening and working with scarce resources. (bsd3, control, library, monadic-regions)BasVanDijk
regions-monadsfd (deprecated in favor of regions-mtl)210.0Monads-fd instances for the RegionT monad transformer (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monadic-regions)BasVanDijk
regions-monadstf270.0Monads-tf instances for the RegionT monad transformer (bsd3, control, library, monadic-regions)BasVanDijk
regions-mtl70.0mtl instances for the RegionT monad transformer (bsd3, control, library, monadic-regions)BasVanDijk
rematch90.0A simple api for matchers (control, library, mit)TomCrayford
rematch-text40.0`rematch` matchers for Data.Text (control, library, mit)TomCrayford
remote-monad50.0An parametrizable Remote Monad, and parametrizable Applicative Functor (bsd3, control, library)AndyGill
representable-profunctors (deprecated in favor of profunctors)310.0This package has been absorbed into profunctor-extras. (bsd3, categories, control, deprecated, library)EdwardKmett
request-monad40.0A transformer for generic requests (control, library, mit)nahiluhmot
resource-effect20.0A port of the package 'resourcet' for extensible effects. (bsd3, control, effect, library)ClarkGaebel
resource-pool-monad20.0A monadic interface for resource-pool (control, library, mit)srijs
resource-simple20.0Allocate resources which are guaranteed to be released. (bsd3, control, library)ShaneOBrien
resumable-exceptions60.0A monad transformer for resumable exceptions (control, error-handling, failure, library, monads, reactivity)NicolasFrisby
retry1672.5Retry combinators for monadic actions that may fail (bsd3, control, library)MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
rev-state70.0Reverse State monad transformer (bsd3, control, library)DanBurton
rex170.0A quasi-quoter for typeful results of regex captures. (bsd3, control, library)MichaelSloan
rmonad220.0Restricted monad library (bsd3, control, library)GaneshSittampalam
safe-exceptions2442.0Safe, consistent, and easy exception handling (control, library, mit)FrancescoMazzoli, MichaelSnoyman
safe-exceptions-checked32.0Safe, checked exceptions (bsd3, control, library)mitchellwrosen
scc280.0Streaming component combinators (combinators, concurrency, control, gpl, library, program)MarioBlazevic
schonfinkeling20.0Transformation of n-ary functions to unary functions (bsd3, control, library)DenisDefreyne
semi-iso90.0Weakened partial isomorphisms, reversible computations. (control, data, library, mit)pawel834
semigroupoid-extras350.0Semigroupoids that depend on PolyKinds (bsd3, control, library)EdwardKmett
semigroupoids15212.5Semigroupoids: Category sans id (bsd3, comonads, control, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
sessions470.0Session Types for Haskell (control, gpl, library)MatthewSackman
shade180.0A control structure used to combine heterogenous types with delayed effects. (bsd3, control, library)fredefox
shared-fields40.0a tiny library for using shared lens fields (bsd3, control, library)Intolerable
shortcircuit40.0Short-circuit values and expressions. (bsd3, control, data, library)AristidBreitkreuz
simple-effects332.0A simple effect system that integrates with MTL (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)darwin226
simple-observer40.0The Observer pattern (bsd3, control, library)AndyGimblett
simple-sessions120.0A simple implementation of session types (bsd3, control, library)JesseTov
sink (deprecated)60.0An alternative to lazy I/O that doesn't conflate execution with evaluation (control, data, deprecated, library, mit, system)JakeMcArthur
skulk60.0Eclectic collection of utility functions (control, library, mit)geekyfox
sousit30.0Source/Sink/Transform: An alternative to lazy IO and iteratees. (bsd3, control, library)MarioSiegenthaler
spawn80.0Tiny library for concurrent computations (bsd3, concurrency, concurrent, control, library)KeeganMcAllister
speculation-transformers60.0Merged into 'speculation'. Use that instead. (bsd3, control, library)EdwardKmett
stack-hpc-coveralls90.0Initial project template from stack (control, library, program)rubik
state-bag10.0Monad transformers for holding bags of state. (bsd3, control, library)RobinKay
state-plus80.0MonadPlus for StateT (bsd3, control, library)BorisSukholitko
stateWriter430.0A faster variant of the RWS monad transformers. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)SimonMarechal
statestack4390.0Simple State-like monad transformer with saveable and restorable state (bsd3, control, library)BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
stm-supply40.0STM wrapper around Control.Concurrent.Supply. (bsd3, control, library)jmc41493
stopwatch120.0A simple stopwatch utility (bsd3, control, library)debugito
stream-monad210.0Simple, Fair and Terminating Backtracking Monad (bsd3, control, library, monads)SebastianFischer
streaming-eversion100.0Translate pull-based stream folds into push-based iteratees. (bsd3, control, library)DanielDiazCarrete
streamproc180.0Stream Processer Arrow (bsd3, control, library)PeterSimons
streams642.0Various Haskell 2010 stream comonads (bsd3, comonads, control, library)EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
strict-concurrency720.0Strict concurrency abstractions (bsd3, control, library)DonaldStewart, YitzGale
strict-identity20.0Strict Identity Monad, handy for writing fast code! (bsd3, control, library)CarterSchonwald
strict-writer (deprecated in favor of writer-cps-mtl)150.0A stricter writer, which uses StateT in order to avoid space leaks. (control, deprecated, library, mit)oisdk
strictly10.0Combinators for strictifying functions (bsd3, control, library)DanBurton
stt60.0A monad transformer version of the ST monad (control, library, mit)mckeankylej
sub-state30.0Get the total, put a single element (bsd3, control, library)athanclark
subhask52.0Type safe interface for programming in subcategories of Hask (algebra, benchmark, bsd3, categories, control, library)MikeIzbicki
successors50.0An applicative functor to manage successors (control, library, mit)JoachimBreitner
supervisor50.0Control an internal monad execution for trace generation, backtrakcking, testing and other purposes (bsd3, control, library)AlbertoCorona
synchronous-channels82.0Synchronous communication channels (bsd3, concurrency, control, library)JesseTov
tagged-exception-core80.0Reflect exceptions using phantom types. (bsd3, control, error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, monad, monads, phantom-types)PeterTrsko
tagged-identity70.0Trivial monad transformer that allows identical monad stacks have different types (bsd3, control, library)mrkkrp
tagshare280.0TagShare - explicit sharing with tags (bsd3, control, library)JonasDuregard
takahashi80.0create slide for presentation. (control, library, mit)outoftune
tardis90.0Bidirectional state monad transformer (bsd3, control, library)DanBurton
these472.0An either-or-both data type & a generalized 'zip with padding' typeclass (bsd3, control, data, library)JohnWiegley, phadej, cmccann
threads-pool40.0A library to operate with pool of haskell's IO threads (bsd3, control, library)IlyaPortnov
time-out40.0Timers, timeouts, alarms, monadic wrappers (control, library, monad, public-domain, time, timeout)akrasner
time-warp112.0Distributed systems execution emulation (control, library, mit, network)jagajaga, gromak, volhovm
timeout60.0Generalized sleep and timeout functions (concurrency, control, library, mit)FedorGogolev
timeout-control40.0Updatable timeouts as a Monad transformer (bsd3, concurrency, control, library)NathanHowell
total100.0Exhaustive pattern matching using lenses, traversals, and prisms (bsd3, control, library)GabrielGonzalez
trace90.0A monad transformer for tracing provenience of errors (control, library, mit)JonSterling
transactional-events50.0Transactional events, based on Concurrent ML semantics (bsd3, control, library)RyanIngram
transformers16272.5Concrete functor and monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)RossPaterson
transformers-abort170.0Error and short-circuit monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)MikhailVorozhtsov
transformers-base20660.0Lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack (bsd3, control, library)MikhailVorozhtsov
transformers-bifunctors30.0Bifunctors over monad transformers. (bsd3, control, functors, library)JacobStanley
transformers-compose40.0Arrow-like / category-like composition for transformers. (bsd3, control, library, monads)AristidBreitkreuz
transformers-continue52.0Control flow data type and monad transformer. (bsd3, control, library)nhibberd
transformers-convert20.0Sensible conversions between some of the monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)jcristovao
transformers-eff60.0An approach to managing composable effects, ala mtl/transformers/extensible-effects/Eff (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)OliverCharles
transformers-free (deprecated in favor of free)110.0Free monad transformers (bsd3, control, deprecated, library)GabrielGonzalez
transformers-lift4362.0Ad-hoc type classes for lifting (bsd3, control, library)int_index
transformers-runnable10.0A unified interface for the run operation of monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)JanBessai
transient642.25composing programs with multithreading, events and distributed computing (concurrency, control, library, mit)AlbertoCorona, geraldus
transient-universe390.0Remote execution and map-reduce: distributed computing for Transient (control, library, mit, program)AlbertoCorona, geraldus
tree-monad130.0Non-Determinism Monad for Tree Search (bsd3, control, library, monads)SebastianFischer
trivia40.0The trivial monad and comonad (bsd3, control, library)FumiakiKinoshita
tubes180.0Write stream processing computations with side effects in a series of tubes. (control, gpl, library, streaming)gatlin
tuple-lenses30.0Stock FieldN combos and generators (bsd3, control, library)JonathanFischoff
tweak20.0A library for incremental computing (bsd3, control, library)JonathanFischoff
type-operators4310.0Various type-level operators (bsd3, control, library)Shou
uberlast20.0Generate overloaded lenses from plain data declaration (bsd3, control, library)FumiakiKinoshita
unexceptionalio5530.0IO without any non-error, synchronous exceptions (control, library)StephenWeber
unliftio190.0The MonadUnliftIO typeclass for unlifting monads to IO (batteries included) (control, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
unliftio-core190.0The MonadUnliftIO typeclass for unlifting monads to IO (control, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
unordered-containers-rematch10.0Rematch support for unordered containers (control, library, mit)TomCrayford
unpack-funcs120.0Monad transformers that mirror worker-wrapper transformations. (bsd3, control, library)LouisWasserman
unsafe170.0Unified interface to unsafe functions (bsd3, control, library)HenningThielemann
unsequential70.0An extension removing the sequentiality from monads (control, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
uu-interleaved90.0Providing an interleaving combinator for use with applicative/alternative style implementations. (applicative, control, library, mit, parsing, text)DoaitseSwierstra
validationt92.0Straightforward validation monad. Convenient solution for validating web forms and APIs. (bsd3, control, library)typeable
var-monad520.0The VarMonad typeclass, generalizing types of references. (apache, control, library)chris_martin
variables20.0Monads with variables, without deep magic (control, library, mit)alynn
varying342.0FRP through value streams and monadic splines. (benchmark, control, frp, library, mit, program)SchellScivally
vector-strategies90.0A parallel evaluation strategy for boxed vectors (bsd3, control, library)ThomasDuBuisson
views (deprecated in favor of definitive-base)10.0Views allow you to run a State monad on part of a state. (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, monad)MarcCoiffier
vinyl-utils120.0Utilities for vinyl (bsd3, control, library)mjmrotek
watchdog100.0Simple control structure to re-try an action with exponential backoff (bsd3, control, library)JanVornberger
weighted60.0Writer monad which uses semiring constraint (control, library, mit)oisdk
weighted-search50.0A weighted nondeterministic search monad (bsd3, control, library)LukePalmer
wires30.0Functional reactive programming library (bsd3, control, frp, library)esz
withdependencies150.0Run computations that depend on one or more elements in a stream. (control, gpl, library)SimonMarechal
wl-pprint-extras510.0A free monad based on the Wadler/Leijen pretty printer (bsd3, control, library, monads, text)EdwardKmett, NathanielFilardo
wl-pprint-terminfo710.0A color pretty printer with terminfo support (bsd3, control, library, monads, text)EdwardKmett, NathanielFilardo
writer-cps-full50.0WriteT and RWST monad transformers (Reexport with all dependencies) (bsd3, control, library)minad, louispan
writer-cps-lens50.0Lens instances for the stricter CPS WriterT and RWST (bsd3, control, library)minad, louispan
writer-cps-monads-tf70.0MonadWriter orphan instances for writer-cps-transformers (bsd3, control, library)minad
writer-cps-morph80.0MFunctor instance for CPS style WriterT and RWST (bsd3, control, library)minad, louispan
writer-cps-mtl4380.0MonadWriter orphan instances for writer-cps-transformers (bsd3, control, library)minad
writer-cps-transformers4360.0WriteT and RWST monad transformers (bsd3, control, library)minad
xml-html-conduit-lens140.0Optics for xml-conduit and html-conduit (bsd3, control, library)MatveyAksenov
zoom-refs40.0Zoom (~ Functor) and pairing (~ Applicative) for mutable references. (bsd3, control, library)mjmrotek