The acme-everything package


Install everything.

Don't be fooled by the small dependency footprint: the entirety of Hackage needs to be installed for this, and most of it is done via transitive dependencies.


Versions2015.4.15, 2015.4.15.1, 2015.5.4, 2015.5.4, 2015.5.4.1
Dependenciesacme-safe, acme-timemachine, agentx, ApproxFun-hs, base (>=1 && <=127), bgzf, bindings-fluidsynth, bitcoin-api, BufferedSocket, cabocha, cmd-item, computations, crypto-classical, dbcleaner, diagrams-html5, diagrams-pgf, dicom, Dist, dove, Earley, ed25519-donna, engine-io-growler, ess, FastxPipe, flamingra, flowlocks-framework, geniplate-mirror, ghc-prof-flamegraph, gll, hashabler, hipbot, hmm-hmatrix, hpack, hsreadability, hutton, hvect, hXmixer, ide-backend-server, json-stream, libconfig, list-t-attoparsec, list-t-html-parser, list-t-http-client, list-t-libcurl, list-t-text, mfsolve, microlens-each, microlens-mtl, microlens-th, mockery, moonshine, mosaico-lib, mtl-c, network-transport-amqp, nf, one-time-password, pell, pgp-wordlist, random-derive, record-aeson, refined, rspp, SciFlow, sdr, sendgrid-haskell, SeqAlign, Shrub, singleton-nats, smallcheck-series, sorting, spline3, step-function, test-invariant, text-position, th-context, th-inline-io-action, timezone-olson-th, twentefp-eventloop-trees, wai-request-spec, yesod-gitrev, yesod-transloadit [details]
AuthorDavid Luposchainsky <dluposchainsky(λ)>
MaintainerDavid Luposchainsky <dluposchainsky(λ)>
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