ad-3.1.1: Automatic Differentiation

PortabilityGHC only
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Reverse-Mode Automatic Differentiation using a single tape.

This version uses Data.Reflection to update a single tape.

This is asymptotically faster than using Reverse, which is forced to reify and topologically sort the graph, but it is less friendly to the use of sparks.



class Primal v => Var v whereSource

Used to mark variables for inspection during the reverse pass


var :: a -> Int -> v aSource

varId :: v a -> IntSource


Var Variable 
Var Reverse 
Var f => Var (AD f) 
Var (Chain s) 

bind :: (Traversable f, Var v) => f a -> (f (v a), (Int, Int))Source

unbind :: (Functor f, Var v) => f (v a) -> Array Int a -> f aSource

unbindMap :: (Functor f, Var v, Num a) => f (v a) -> IntMap a -> f aSource

unbindWith :: (Functor f, Var v, Num a) => (a -> b -> c) -> f (v a) -> Array Int b -> f cSource

unbindMapWithDefault :: (Functor f, Var v, Num a) => b -> (a -> b -> c) -> f (v a) -> IntMap b -> f cSource

data Variable a Source


Variable a !Int 

vary :: Var f => Variable a -> f aSource