antiquoter- Combinator library for quasi- and anti-quoting.

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Exp and Pat are for most part used in simmilar fashion. Most AntiQuoter(Pass)es have to be written for both datatypes and their implementation is more or less identical in structure. To reduce copy-and-paste programming it would be best if it would only need one AntiQuoter(Pass) that works on both Exp and Pat.

This module defines the EP typeclass expressing the similarity between Exp and Pat and some basic functions to use them with AntiQuoterPasses. The Language.Haskell.AntiQuoter.Combinators defines the combinator functions on top of these functions, which are probably more suitable for users.

As an example of the problem take the antiquoters in Language.Haskell.AntiQuoter.Base where there are two AntiQuoterPasses for each source type, for Var they are

antiVarE :: AntiQuoterPass Var Exp
antiVarE (AV v ) = Just $ varE $ mkName v
antiVarE _ = Nothing
antiVarP :: AntiQuoterPass Var Pat
antiVarP (AV v ) = Just $ varP $ mkName v
antiVarP _ = Nothing

The problem is that the definition for the pattern antiquoter is almost a duplicate of the one for expressions. This similarity between antiquoting expressions and patterns is captured in the EP class which can be used to write antiquoters which an yield both expressions and patterns. Using the combinators defined on top of this class (see Language.Haskell.AntiQuoter.Combinators) the example can be rewritten as

antiVar :: EP q => AntiQuoterPass Var q -- equivalent to antiVar :: EPAntiQuoterPass Var
antiVar (AV v) = Just $ varQ $ mkName v
antiVar _      = Nothing


Template syntax class

class EP q whereSource

Typeclass with the common constructors of Exp and Pat, useful for building EPAntiQuoters.


var :: Name -> qSource


con :: Name -> [q] -> qSource

Constructor with arguments

lit :: Lit -> qSource

Literal value

tup :: [q] -> qSource


list :: [q] -> qSource


fromEPV :: EPV f -> f qSource

Internal unwrapper when the implementation for Exp and Pat should differ.


type EPAntiQuoter = forall q. EP q => AntiQuoter qSource

An AntiQuoter that works for Exp and Pat results.

type EPAntiQuoterPass e = forall q. EP q => AntiQuoterPass e qSource

An AntiQuoterPass that works for Exp and Pat results.

mkEPQuasiQuoter :: Data a => (String -> Q a) -> EPAntiQuoter -> QuasiQuoterSource

As mkQuasiQuoter but uses an generalized AntiQuoter.

Low level functions used when the result for Exp and Pat differs.

epPass :: Typeable e => AntiQuoterPass e Exp -> AntiQuoterPass e Pat -> EPAntiQuoterPass eSource

Combine two AntiQuoterPasses, one for expression context and another for pattern context, into a single pass which can be used in both contexts.

epResult :: EP q => AQResult Exp -> AQResult Pat -> AQResult qSource

Make a context dependent result for expression and pattern contexts.

epValue :: EP q => Q Exp -> Q Pat -> Q qSource

Make an context dependent value for expression and pattern contexts.

epPure :: EP q => Exp -> Pat -> qSource

Constructs an EP value by choosing from an Exp of Pat as appropriate in the context.


data EPV f Source

Container for a f of both an Exp and a Pat. Used internally when the result for Exp and Pat differ.




eep :: f Exp
pep :: f Pat