b9-0.5.65: A tool and library for building virtual machine images.

Safe HaskellNone



Provide information about the current build.

This module provides build meta information like build directory, build-id and build-time.

Since: 0.5.65



withBuildInfo :: (Lifted IO e, MonadBaseControl IO (Eff e), Member B9ConfigReader e, Member ExcB9 e, Member EnvironmentReader e, Member LoggerReader e) => Eff (BuildInfoReader ': e) a -> Eff e a Source #

Create the build directories, generate (hash) the build-id and execute the given action.

Export the projectRoot Environment variable.

Unless _keepTempDirs is True clean up the build directories after the actions returns - even if the action throws a runtime exception.

Since: 0.5.65

type BuildInfoReader = Reader BuildInfo Source #

Type alias for a BuildInfo Reader

Since: 0.5.65