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Data type and basic accessors
Sequence positions of alignments
Parsing Bowtie output
Other utilities

This module provides a data type to represent an alignment produced by the Bowtie short-read alignment tool (see

The simple accessors recapitulate the details of the Bowtie alignment output. The position of the alignment is given by the "0-based offset into the reference sequence where leftmost character of the alignment occurs". Thus, for forward-strand alignments this is the 5' end of the query sequence while for reverse-complement alignments this is the 3' end of the query sequence. Similarly, the query sequence and query quality are shown in reference forward strand orientation, and thus may be reverse complemented.

data Align = Align {
name :: !SeqName
strand :: !Strand
refname :: !SeqName
leftoffset :: !Offset
sequ :: !SeqData
qual :: !QualData
mismatches :: ![Mismatch]
data Mismatch = Mismatch {
mmoffset :: !Offset
refbase :: !Char
readbase :: !Char
length :: Align -> Offset
nmismatch :: Align -> Int
querySequ :: Align -> SeqData
queryQual :: Align -> QualData
refCLoc :: Align -> ContigLoc
refCSeqLoc :: Align -> ContigSeqLoc
refSeqLoc :: Align -> SeqLoc
refSeqPos :: Align -> SeqPos
mismatchSeqPos :: Align -> Mismatch -> SeqPos
parse :: ByteString -> Either String Align
sameRead :: Align -> Align -> Bool
Data type and basic accessors
data Align Source
name :: !SeqNameName of the query sequence
strand :: !StrandStrand of the alignment on the reference sequence
refname :: !SeqNameName of the reference sequence
leftoffset :: !OffsetZero-based offset of the left-most aligned position in the reference
sequ :: !SeqDataQuery sequence, in the reference forward strand orientation
qual :: !QualDataQuery quality, in the reference forward strand orientation
mismatches :: ![Mismatch]Mismatches
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data Mismatch Source
Representation of a single mismatch in a bowtie alignment
mmoffset :: !OffsetOffset of the mismatch site from the 5' end of the query
refbase :: !CharReference nucleotide
readbase :: !CharQuery nucleotide
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length :: Align -> OffsetSource
Returns the length of the query sequence
nmismatch :: Align -> IntSource
Returns the number of mismatches in the alignment
querySequ :: Align -> SeqDataSource
Query sequence as given in the query file
queryQual :: Align -> QualDataSource
Query quality as given in the query file
Sequence positions of alignments
refCLoc :: Align -> ContigLocSource
As refCSeqLoc but without the reference sequence name.
refCSeqLoc :: Align -> ContigSeqLocSource
Returns the sequence location covered by the query in the alignment. This will be a sequence location on the reference sequence and may run on the forward or the reverse complement strand.
refSeqLoc :: Align -> SeqLocSource
Returns the sequence location covered by the query, as refCSeqLoc, as a SeqLoc location.
refSeqPos :: Align -> SeqPosSource
Returns the sequence position of the start of the query sequence alignment. This will include the strand of the alignment and will not be the same as the position computed from leftoffset when the alignment is on the reverse complement strand.
mismatchSeqPos :: Align -> Mismatch -> SeqPosSource
Sequence position of a mismatch on the reference sequence.
Parsing Bowtie output
parse :: ByteString -> Either String AlignSource
Parses a line of Bowtie output to produce a Align
Other utilities
sameRead :: Align -> Align -> BoolSource

Returns true when two alignments were derived from the same sequencing read. As Bowtie writes alignments of query sequences in their order in the query file, all alignments of a given read are grouped together and the lists of all alignments for each read can be gathered with

 groupBy sameRead
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