cartel- Specify your Cabal files in Haskell

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Default values for the data types in Cartel.Ast. These defaults are genrally filled in with blank values. Use these default values where you can; by doing so you help future-proof your code. Use the empty value as a starting point and fill in the components of the record that you need.


class Empty a whereSource


empty :: aSource


Empty Cabal

A default Cabal. empty is used for cProperties, and cLibrary is Nothing; all other lists are empty.

Empty Flag

A default Flag. flName and flDescription are empty; flDefault is True, and flManual is False.

Empty Repository

A default Repository. The VCS type is Git and the repository kind is Head. All other values are the empty string.

Empty Properties

A default Properties. prCabalVersion is (1, 14) to specify Cabal version 1.14; prBuildType is Simple, and prLicense is BSD3. All other items are either the empty String or the empty list, including the prVersion, which is left empty.