The control-monad-exception-mtl package

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This package provides explicitly typed, checked exceptions as a library.

Computations throwing different types of exception can be combined seamlessly.


 data Expr = Add Expr Expr | Div Expr Expr | Val Double
 eval (Val x)     = return x
 eval (Add a1 a2) = do
    v1 <- eval a1
    v2 <- eval a2
    let sum = v1 + v2
    if sum < v1 || sum < v2 then throw SumOverflow else return sum
 eval (Div a1 a2) = do
    v1 <- eval a1
    v2 <- eval a2
    if v2 == 0 then throw DivideByZero else return (v1 / v2)
 data DivideByZero = DivideByZero deriving (Show, Typeable)
 data SumOverflow  = SumOverflow  deriving (Show, Typeable)
 instance Exception DivideByZero
 instance Exception SumOverflow

GHCi infers the following types

 eval :: (Throws DivideByZero l, Throws SumOverflow l) => Expr -> EM l Double
 eval `catch` \ (e::DivideByZero) -> return (-1)  :: Throws SumOverflow l => Expr -> EM l Double
 runEM(eval `catch` \ (e::SomeException) -> return (-1))  :: Expr -> Double

In addition to explicitly typed exceptions his package provides:

 f () = do throw MyException
 g a  = do f a

 main = runEMT $ do g () `catchWithSrcLoc`
                        \loc (e::MyException) -> lift(putStrLn$ showExceptionWithTrace loc e)

 -- Running main produces the output:

 *Main> main
    in f, Main(example.hs): (1,6)
       g, Main(example.hs): (2,6)
       main, Main(example.hs): (5,9)
       main, Main(example.hs): (4,16)


Versions 0.8.0,,,,, 0.10.3
Dependencies base (>4 && <5), control-monad-exception (==0.8.0), mtl [details]
License PublicDomain
Author Pepe Iborra
Category Control, Monads, Failure
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Uploaded Sun Dec 6 23:23:48 UTC 2009 by PepeIborra
Distributions NixOS:0.10.3
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