The generic-deepseq package

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This package provides a deepseq function analogous to seq, except that it traverses the entire data structure, evaluating it fully, and not just up to head normal form.

Using lists as an example:

 > [1,2,undefined] `seq` 3

Whereas with deepseq:

 > [1,2,undefined] `deepseq` 3
 *** Exception: Prelude.undefined

Unlike the deepseq package, this implementation is based on the GHC.Generics framework as found in GHC >= 7.2, so that it can generate instances automatically for any datatype that has a Generic instance, without further code.

 data MyType = MyType String Int (Maybe Double)
   deriving Generic
 instance DeepSeq MyType

Changes in version

Changes in version

Changes in version


Dependenciesbase (>=3 && <5), ghc-prim (>=0.2)
Copyright2012, Maxime Henrion
AuthorMaxime Henrion
MaintainerMaxime Henrion <>
CategoryControl, Generics
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Upload dateTue Feb 28 20:53:40 UTC 2012
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