hdf-0.14: Haskell data flow library for audio processing

Safe HaskellNone




Untyped DF.



data R_Id Source

Recursion identifier.


R_Id Id 


data UDF Source

Un-typed data-flow node.




udf_k :: K


udf_a :: Vec Float
UDF_R R_Id (Either K (UDF, UDF)) 
UDF_P String TypeRep [UDF] 


udf_concise :: UDF -> StringSource

Concise pretty printer for UDF.

udf_k' :: UDF -> Maybe KSource

Maybe variant of udf_k.

udf_elem :: UDF -> [UDF]Source

List elements in left biased order.

udf_typeOf :: UDF -> TypeRepSource

Output type of UDF.

udf_traverse :: (st -> UDF -> (st, UDF)) -> st -> UDF -> (st, UDF)Source

Traversal with state, signature as mapAccumL.


type Port_Index = IntSource

Index for input port.

type Node = (Id, UDF)Source

A node is a UDF with associated Id.

data Edge_Ty Source

Enumeration of Edge types.


Rec_Wr_Edge Id

Edge to recWr node

Rec_Rd_Edge Id

Edge from recRd node

Implicit_Edge Int

Edge to recRd node (from recWr)


edge_ty_concise :: Edge_Ty -> StringSource

Pretty printer for Edge_Ty, and Show instance.

type Edge = (Id, Id, (Port_Index, Edge_Ty))Source

Edge from left hand side node to right hand side port.

type Graph = ([Node], [Edge])Source

A graph is a list of Nodes and Edges.

type Analysis = [(Node, [Edge])]Source

A variant graph form associating the list of in edges with each Node.

label :: [Node] -> UDF -> IdSource

Read label of node.

source :: [Node] -> UDF -> IdSource

Transform node to source, see through UDF_R (rec) and UDF_M (mrg).

udf_edge_ty :: UDF -> Edge_TySource

Type of out edge of UDF.

edges :: [Node] -> UDF -> [Edge]Source

List incoming node edges.

match_rec :: R_Id -> Node -> BoolSource

True if Node is Right form of UDF_R with indicated R_Id.

implicit_edge :: [Node] -> Node -> Maybe EdgeSource

Implicit edge from wR to rW.

is_orphan_edge :: [Node] -> Edge -> BoolSource

An Edge is orphaned if it refers to a Node that is not in the node list.

vgraph_impl :: Graph -> GraphSource

Transform the actual graph into a viewing graph by adding implicit edges from recWr to recRd nodes.

find_in_edge_m :: [Edge] -> (Id, Port_Index) -> Maybe EdgeSource

Find edge with indicated right hand side port.

find_in_edge :: [Edge] -> (Id, Port_Index) -> EdgeSource

Variant of find_in_edge_m that errors.

solve_rec_edge :: Int -> [Edge] -> (Id, Port_Index) -> (Int, Id)Source

Trace in edges until arrival at a Rec_Wr_Edge that is not proceeded by an Implicit_Edge. This traces the depth of the chain, however that is not currently drawn.

vgraph_direct :: Graph -> GraphSource

Transform the actual graph into a viewing graph by deleting recWr and recRd nodes and drawing a direct backward edge.

analyse :: [UDF] -> AnalysisSource

Label nodes and list incoming edges. Multiple-root nodes are erased.

 analyse (udf_elem c)

graph :: UDF -> GraphSource

Generate graph (node list and edge list).

 import Sound.DF.Uniform.GADT
 import qualified Sound.DF.Uniform.UDF as U
 let g = iir1 (0.0::Float) (+) 1
 let c = df_erase g
 map U.udf_concise (U.udf_elem c)
 > [recWr,df_add:Float,1.0,recRd:0.0,df_add:Float,1.0,recRd:0.0]
 U.vgraph_direct (U.graph c)
 > ([(1,wR_1),(2,df_add:Float),(3,1.0),(4,rR_1:0.0)]
 > ,[(2,1,0),(3,2,0),(4,2,1)])
 U.draw c

FGL Graph

type Gr = Gr UDF (Port_Index, Edge_Ty)Source

FGL graph with UDF label.

type Gr' = Gr String (Port_Index, Edge_Ty)Source

FGL graph with pretty-printed UDF label.

udf_gr :: Graph -> GrSource

Generate Gr.

udf_gr' :: Graph -> Gr'Source

Generate Gr'.

tsort :: UDF -> [UDF]Source

Topological sort of nodes (via udf_gr).

Code Gen

node_vars :: Node -> [Var]Source

List of required variable declarations.

node_c_call :: (Node, [Edge]) -> Maybe C_CallSource

Possible c-call code statement.

k_nodes :: [Node] -> [(Id, K)]Source

Constant nodes.

Graph Drawing

dot_ar :: [UDF] -> [Either Int K]Source

Make dot_rec arguments input.

dot_node :: Node -> StringSource

Dot notation of Node.

edge_ty_colour :: Edge_Ty -> StringSource

Edges are coloured according to their type.

dot_edge :: Edge -> StringSource

Dot notation of Edge.

dot_graph :: Graph -> [String]Source

Dot notation of Graph.

dot_draw :: String -> IO ()Source

View dot graph.

draw :: UDF -> IO ()Source

Draw graph, transformed by vgraph_direct.

draw' :: UDF -> IO ()Source

Draw graph, transformed by vgraph_impl.

Gr Drawing

gr_dot :: UDF -> StringSource

Make dot rendering of graph at Node, via vgraph_direct.

gr_dot' :: UDF -> StringSource

Make dot rendering of graph at Node, via vgraph_impl.

gr_draw :: UDF -> IO ()Source

Draw graph, via gr_dot.

gr_draw' :: UDF -> IO ()Source

Draw graph, via gr_dot'.


audition :: [Message] -> UDF -> IO ()Source

Audition graph after sending initialisation messages.

audition_sc3 :: [Message] -> UDF -> IO ()Source

Audition graph after sending initialisation messages.

audition_text :: Int -> UDF -> IO ()Source

Audition at text-dl.