llvm-analysis-0.3.0: A Haskell library for analyzing LLVM bitcode

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Tools to compute dominance information for functions. Includes postdominators.

A node m postdominates a node n iff every path from n to exit passes through m.

This implementation is based on the dominator implementation in fgl, which is based on the algorithm from Cooper, Harvey, and Kennedy:




data PostdominatorTree Source


HasFunction PostdominatorTree 
ToGraphviz PostdominatorTree 
HasCFG PostdominatorTree 
HasPostdomTree PostdominatorTree 
HasCDG PostdominatorTree

Warning, this is an expensive instance to invoke as it constructs the CDG.

class HasDomTree a whereSource


HasDomTree CFG

Note, this instance constructs the dominator tree and could be expensive

HasDomTree DominatorTree 

class HasPostdomTree a whereSource


HasPostdomTree CFG

Note that this instance constructs the postdominator tree from scratch.

HasPostdomTree PostdominatorTree 
HasPostdomTree CDG 


dominatorTree :: HasCFG cfg => cfg -> DominatorTreeSource

Construct a DominatorTree from something that behaves like a control flow graph.

postdominatorTree :: HasCFG f => f -> PostdominatorTreeSource

Construct a PostdominatorTree from something that behaves like a control flow graph.


dominates :: HasDomTree t => t -> Instruction -> Instruction -> BoolSource

Check whether n dominates m

dominators :: HasDomTree t => t -> [(Instruction, [Instruction])]Source

dominatorsFor :: HasDomTree t => t -> Instruction -> [Instruction]Source

immediateDominatorFor :: HasDomTree t => t -> Instruction -> Maybe InstructionSource

immediateDominators :: HasDomTree t => t -> [(Instruction, Instruction)]Source

postdominates :: HasPostdomTree t => t -> Instruction -> Instruction -> BoolSource

Tests whether or not an Instruction n postdominates Instruction m

postdominators :: HasPostdomTree t => t -> [(Instruction, [Instruction])]Source

postdominatorsFor :: HasPostdomTree t => t -> Instruction -> [Instruction]Source

immediatePostdominatorFor :: HasPostdomTree t => t -> Instruction -> Maybe InstructionSource

immediatePostdominators :: HasPostdomTree t => t -> [(Instruction, Instruction)]Source