synthesizer-llvm-0.8.2: Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation

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phonemeMask :: IO (Map Pitch (PhonemeType, Vector Real) -> VowelSynthEnv)Source

Like vowelMask, but it does not simply open and close the gate abruptly. Instead we use an envelope for fading the filtered sound in and out.

vowelMask :: IO (Map Pitch (Vector Real) -> VowelSynth)Source

Synthesize vowels using sampled impulse responses.

vowelBand :: IO VowelSynthSource

Synthesize vowels using bandpass filters.

filterFormants :: IO (SampleRate Real -> T (T (T FormantControl (T FormantControl (T FormantControl (T FormantControl FormantControl)))) StereoChunk) StereoChunk)Source