synthesizer-llvm-0.8.2: Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation

Safe HaskellNone



This module contains some instruments with Causal arrow interface. The interface is a bit low-level since you have to write the transformations of the Haskell-side separately from the computations on the LLVM side. A nicer integration is used in Synthesizer.LLVM.Server.CausalPacked.InstrumentPlug. However, we preserve this module in order to show how things work internally.



ping :: IO (Instrument Real Chunk)Source

pingRelease :: IO (Real -> Real -> Instrument Real Chunk)Source

softStringShapeFM :: IO StringInstrumentSource

cosineStringStereoFM :: IO StringInstrumentSource

arcSawStringStereoFM :: IO StringInstrumentSource

arcSineStringStereoFM :: IO StringInstrumentSource

arcSquareStringStereoFM :: IO StringInstrumentSource

sampledSoundMono :: IO (T -> SampleRate Real -> Real -> Real -> T (T GateChunk BendModControl) Chunk)Source

mainly for testing purposes

type WithEnvelopeControl remainder = T GateChunk (T (T (Control Time) (Control Time)) remainder)Source

pingControlledEnvelope :: Maybe Real -> IO (SampleRate Real -> Real -> T EnvelopeControl Chunk)Source

stringControlledEnvelope :: IO (SampleRate Real -> Real -> T EnvelopeControl Chunk)Source

reorderEnvelopeControl :: (Arrow arrow, Read remainder) => arrow (WithEnvelopeControl remainder) (T EnvelopeControl remainder)Source

zipEnvelope :: (Arrow arrow, Transform a, Transform b) => arrow EnvelopeControl a -> arrow (WithEnvelopeControl b) (T a b)Source