uni-htk- Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs



HTk's oval canvas item. An oval object on a canvas widget.



data Oval Source

The Oval datatype.


Eq Oval 
Destroyable Oval

An oval item can be destroyed.

Synchronized Oval

You can synchronize on an oval item.

GUIObject Oval


HasGeometry Oval

An alternative way to specify an oval's coords.

HasPosition Oval

You can specify the (upper left) position of an oval.

HasSize Oval

You can specify the size of an oval item.

FilledCanvasItem Oval

An oval item is a filled canvas item (it has filling, outline, outline width, and stipple configurations).

CanvasItem Oval

An oval item is a canvas item (any canvas item is an instance of the abstract class CanvasItem).

TaggedCanvasItem Oval

An oval item can have several tags (handlers for a set of canvas items).



:: Canvas

the parent canvas.

-> [Config Oval]

the list of configuration options for this oval item.

-> IO Oval

An oval item.

Constructs a new oval item.