wumpus-basic-0.24.0: Basic objects and system code built on Wumpus-Core.

Stabilityhighly unstable
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Common types and operations.



data Image u a Source


Decorate Image 
UConvert Image 
Monad (Image u) 
Functor (Image u) 
Applicative (Image u) 
DrawingCtxM (Image u) 
Monoid a => Monoid (Image u a) 
Rotate a => Rotate (Image u a) 
(RotateAbout a, InterpretUnit u, ~ * u (DUnit a)) => RotateAbout (Image u a) 
Scale a => Scale (Image u a) 
(Translate a, InterpretUnit u, ~ * u (DUnit a)) => Translate (Image u a) 

type Graphic u = Image u (UNil u)Source

data Query u a Source


type DImage a = Image Double aSource

Type specialized version of Image.

type DGraphic = Graphic DoubleSource

Type specialized version of Graphic.

stripImage :: Image u a -> Query u aSource

Strip the graphic content from an Image making a Query.

liftQuery :: Query u a -> Image u aSource

Turn a Query into an Image without graphic content.

emptyImage :: Monoid a => Image u aSource

Having empty at the specific Image type is useful.

primGraphic :: CatPrim -> Graphic uSource

Constructor for Primtive graphics.

clipImage :: PrimPath -> Image u a -> Image u aSource

Clip an Image.