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data Tab Source

A tab, containing a collection of windows.


Eq Tab

Equality on tab identity (the tkey)

Show Tab 
Typeable Tab 
Binary Tab 

tabWindowsA :: Accessor Tab (PointedList Window)Source

Accessor for the windows. If the windows (but not the focus) have changed when setting, then a relayout will be triggered to preserve the internal invariant.

tabLayoutManagerA :: Accessor Tab AnyLayoutManagerSource

Accessor for the layout manager. When setting, will trigger a relayout if the layout manager has changed.

tabDividerPositionA :: DividerRef -> Accessor Tab DividerPositionSource

Gets / sets the position of the divider with the given reference. The caller must ensure that the DividerRef is valid, otherwise an error will (might!) occur.

tkey :: Tab -> TabRefSource

For UI sync; fixes #304

tabMiniWindows :: Tab -> [Window]Source

Returns a list of all mini windows associated with the given tab

forceTab :: Tab -> TabSource

Forces all windows in the tab

mapWindows :: (Window -> Window) -> Tab -> TabSource

A specialised version of fmap.

tabLayout :: Tab -> Layout WindowRefSource

Current layout. Invariant: must be the layout generated by tabLayoutManager, up to changing the divPoss.

tabFoldl :: (a -> Window -> a) -> a -> Tab -> aSource

Folds over the windows in the tab

makeTab :: TabRef -> PointedList Window -> TabSource

Make a tab from multiple windows

makeTab1 :: TabRef -> Window -> TabSource

Make a tab from one window