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Salsa160.01A .NET Bridge for Haskell (.net, bsd3, foreign, library)2014-09-, TimMatthews
clr-bindings70.01Glue between clr-host and clr-typed (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-08-050.2.0PepeIborra, TimMatthews
clr-host180.03Hosting the Common Language Runtime (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2018-10-, TimMatthews, moodmosaic
clr-inline120.01Quasiquoters for inline C# and F# (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-10-, TimMatthews, moodmosaic
clr-marshal140.04Marshaling for the clr (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-08-, TimMatthews, moodmosaic
clr-typed110.01A strongly typed Haskell interface to the CLR type system (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, library)2017-08-050.2.0PepeIborra, TimMatthews
clr-win-linker100.01A GHC linker wrapper tool to workaround a GHC >8.2 bug (.net, bsd3, clr, ffi, language, program)2017-04-, TimMatthews
hs-dotnet102.01Pragmatic .NET interop for Haskell (.net, bsd3, library)2009-04-180.4.0SigbjornFinne
language-cil190.01Manipulating Common Intermediate Language AST (.net, bsd3, language, library)2016-09-190.4.0TomLokhorst