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AppleScript480.0Call AppleScript from Haskell, and then call back into Haskell. (bsd3, foreign)2012-02-15ReinerPope, WouterSwierstra
HPlot230.0A minimal monadic PLplot interface for Haskell (bsd3, foreign, graphics, library, program)2009-08-04YakovZaytsev
HaPy240.0Haskell bindings for Python (foreign, library, mit)2015-05-29DavidFisher
LibZip900.0Bindings to libzip, a library for manipulating zip archives. (bsd3, codec, foreign, library)2016-08-29SergeyAstanin
Salsa270.0A .NET Bridge for Haskell (.net, bsd3, foreign, library)2014-09-06AndrewAppleyard, TimMatthews
Thrift660.0Haskell bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system (foreign, library)2013-04-12DonaldStewart, KirkPeterson, OzgunAtaman
aligned-foreignptr380.0An aligned ForeignPtr type (foreign, library, public-domain, system)2010-08-01BalazsKomuves
arbb-vm260.0FFI binding to the Intel Array Building Blocks (ArBB) virtual machine. (bsd3, foreign, library)2012-10-14JoelSvensson
bindings-libzip480.0Low level bindings to libzip. (bsd3, ffi, foreign, library)2016-08-29SergeyAstanin
bindings-yices200.0Bindings to the Yices theorem prover (ffi, foreign, library, public-domain, theorem-provers)2015-08-22PepeIborra
bits-atomic310.0Atomic bit operations on memory locations for low-level synchronization (bsd3, concurrency, data, foreign, library)2010-09-05GabrielWicke
bool8360.0Alternative Bool type stored as byte (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-10-17HenningThielemann
c-storable-deriving2330.0Generate C-like storable instances from datatypes (bsd3, foreign, library)2015-12-29MatthewMaurer
c2hs-extra550.0Convenient marshallers for complicate C types. (development, foreign, library, mit)2017-10-22sighingnow
cinvoke70.0A binding to cinvoke. (bsd3, foreign, library)2011-03-05RemiTurk
cloudi190.0Haskell CloudI API (foreign, library, mit)2017-09-13okeuday
cplusplus-th122.0C++ Foreign Import Generation (bsd3, foreign, library)2014-10-15MaxwellSwadling
cpython440.0Bindings for libpython (foreign, gpl, library)2015-10-12JohnMillikin
cublas630.0FFI bindings to the CUDA BLAS library (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-11-15TrevorMcDonell, bmsherman
cuda2580.0FFI binding to the CUDA interface for programming NVIDIA GPUs (bsd3, foreign, library, program)2017-11-15TrevorMcDonell
cufft510.0Haskell bindings for the CUFFT library (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-08-24RobEverest, TrevorMcDonell
cusolver90.0FFI bindings to CUDA Solver, a LAPACK-like library (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-08-24TrevorMcDonell
cusparse100.0FFI bindings to the CUDA Sparse BLAS library (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-08-24TrevorMcDonell
derive-storable590.0Derive Storable instances with GHC.Generics. (foreign, library, mit)2017-10-05mkloczko
derive-storable-plugin740.0GHC core plugin supporting the derive-storable package. (foreign, library, mit)2017-11-05mkloczko
enumset270.0Sets of enumeration values represented by machine words (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2012-05-11HenningThielemann
erlang220.0FFI interface to Erlang. (foreign, gpl, library)2016-02-28EricSessoms, gombocarti
errno60.0a FFI utility (bsd3, foreign, library)2009-01-02CreightonHogg
foreign-storable-asymmetric60.0Types and instances for implementing a Storable with different peek and poke (bsd3, foreign, library)2012-04-28AndrewMiller
greencard300.0GreenCard, a foreign function pre-processor for Haskell. (bsd3, foreign, library, program)2014-05-03GwernBranwen, SigbjornFinne
hR120.0R bindings and interface (bsd3, foreign, library, math)2012-03-05DylanSimon
hdis8670.0Interface to the udis86 disassembler for x86 and x86-64 / AMD64 (bsd3, disassembler, foreign, language, library, reverse-engineering)2011-08-28KeeganMcAllister
hlibev140.0FFI interface to libev (bsd3, foreign, library)2011-08-01AycanIrican
hlibfam40.0FFI interface to libFAM (bsd3, foreign, library)2010-06-12AycanIrican
hlibsass180.0Low-level bindings to Libsass (foreign, library, mit)2017-08-06jakubfijalkowski
hopencl30.0Haskell bindings for OpenCL (bsd3, foreign, library)2014-03-19MartinDybdal, MerijnVerstraaten
hopenssl660.0FFI Bindings to OpenSSL's EVP Digest Interface (bsd3, cryptography, foreign, library)2017-07-07GwernBranwen, PeterSimons
hoppy-docs80.0C++ FFI generator - Documentation (agpl, foreign, library)2017-06-09khumba
hoppy-generator140.0C++ FFI generator - Code generator (agpl, foreign, library)2017-06-09khumba
hoppy-runtime120.0C++ FFI generator - Runtime support (apache, foreign, library)2017-06-09khumba
hoppy-std120.0C++ FFI generator - Standard library bindings (apache, foreign, library)2016-12-17khumba
hsdns150.0Asynchronous DNS Resolver (foreign, lgpl, library, network)2017-01-18GwernBranwen, PeterSimons
hslua25812.0A Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell (foreign, library, mit)2017-10-22GracjanPolak, OmerAgacan, tarleb
hslua-aeson160.0Allow aeson data types to be used with lua. (foreign, library, mit)2017-10-05tarleb
hslua-module-text1180.0Lua module for text (foreign, library, mit)2017-11-16tarleb
hswip70.0embedding prolog in haskell (foreign, gpl, language, library)2010-08-13EvgenyTarasov
hsyscall50.0FFI to syscalls (bsd3, foreign, library)2010-06-01AycanIrican
hsyslog1920.0FFI interface to syslog(3) from POSIX.1-2001 (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-07-07PeterSimons
htaglib132.0Bindings to TagLib, audio meta-data library (bsd3, foreign, library, sound)2017-05-22mrkkrp
j2hs30.0j2hs (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit, program)2013-06-24JulianFleischer
java-bridge60.0Bindings to the JNI and a high level interface generator. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit)2013-06-08JulianFleischer
java-bridge-extras40.0Utilities for working with the java-bridge package. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)2013-06-24JulianFleischer
java-reflect40.0Tools for reflecting on Java classes. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)2013-06-24JulianFleischer
lambda-bridge50.0A bridge from Haskell (on a CPU) to VHDL on a FPGA. (bsd3, foreign, hardware, library, middleware, network, program)2010-11-16AndyGill
language-c-inline110.0Inline C & Objective-C code in Haskell for language interoperability (bsd3, foreign, language, library)2017-07-30ManuelChakravarty
libffi2082.0A binding to libffi (bsd3, foreign, library)2009-03-17RemiTurk
libltdl40.0FFI interface to libltdl (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-05-03GeoffreyMainland
libnvvm40.0FFI binding to libNVVM, a compiler SDK component from NVIDIA (foreign, library, mit)2014-04-03seanprime7
libxml-sax1290.0Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface (foreign, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2014-02-15JohnMillikin
mathlink60.0Write Mathematica packages in Haskell (bsd3, foreign, library)2009-11-11TracyWadleigh, jfennick
matlab110.0Matlab bindings and interface (bsd3, foreign, library, math)2015-01-22DylanSimon, bmsherman
minimung50.0Shows how to run grabber on Mac OS X (bsd3, foreign, graphics, program)2010-02-20YakovZaytsev
missing-py250.0Haskell interface to Python (foreign, gpl, library)2013-11-12domdere
ncurses550.0Modernised bindings to GNU ncurses (foreign, gpl, library, user-interfaces)2016-08-29JohnMillikin
notmuch-haskell40.0Binding for notmuch MUA library (email, foreign, lgpl, library, program)2015-04-21BartonMassey
nvvm430.0FFI bindings to NVVM (bsd3, foreign, library)2017-11-15TrevorMcDonell
primesieve90.0FFI bindings for the primesieve library. (algorithms, foreign, library, math, mit, number-theory, program)2017-09-08sighingnow
sdl2-gfx100.0Bindings to SDL2_gfx. (foreign, graphics, library, mit)2016-10-21SinisaBidin
sdl2-image120.0Bindings to SDL2_image. (foreign, graphics, image, library, mit)2017-01-16SinisaBidin, cailei, ccll
sdl2-mixer100.0Bindings to SDL2_mixer. (bsd3, foreign, library, sound)2016-10-21SinisaBidin
storable60.0Storable type class for variable-sized data (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2009-03-05TomasJanousek
storable-record390.0Elegant definition of Storable instances for records (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2016-01-10HenningThielemann
storable-tuple260.0Storable instance for pairs and triples (bsd3, data, foreign, library)2017-10-03HenningThielemann
thrift110.0Haskell bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system (foreign, library)2017-02-01ChristianLavoie, jfarrell
winerror40.0Error handling for foreign calls to the Windows API. (bsd3, foreign)2008-11-14FelixMartini
yajl70.0Bindings for YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (codec, foreign, gpl, library)2014-02-15JohnMillikin