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AppleScript170.0Call AppleScript from Haskell, and then call back into Haskell. (bsd3, foreign)ReinerPope, WouterSwierstra
HPlot60.0A minimal monadic PLplot interface for Haskell (bsd3, foreign, graphics, library, program)YakovZaytsev
HaPy40.0Haskell bindings for Python (foreign, library, mit)DavidFisher
LibZip230.0Bindings to libzip, a library for manipulating zip archives. (bsd3, codec, foreign, library)SergeyAstanin
Salsa60.0A .NET Bridge for Haskell (.net, bsd3, foreign, library)AndrewAppleyard, TimMatthews
Thrift250.0Haskell bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system (foreign, library)DonaldStewart, KirkPeterson, OzgunAtaman
aligned-foreignptr40.0An aligned ForeignPtr type (foreign, library, public-domain, system)BalazsKomuves
arbb-vm100.0FFI binding to the Intel Array Building Blocks (ArBB) virtual machine. (bsd3, foreign, library)JoelSvensson
bindings-libzip180.0Low level bindings to libzip. (bsd3, ffi, foreign, library)SergeyAstanin
bindings-yices80.0Bindings to the Yices theorem prover (ffi, foreign, library, public-domain, theorem-provers)PepeIborra
bits-atomic220.0Atomic bit operations on memory locations for low-level synchronization (bsd3, concurrency, data, foreign, library)GabrielWicke
c-storable-deriving220.0Generate C-like storable instances from datatypes (bsd3, foreign, library)MatthewMaurer
c2hs-extra40.0Convenient marshallers for complicate C types. (development, foreign, library, mit)sighingnow
cinvoke30.0A binding to cinvoke. (bsd3, foreign, library)RemiTurk
cloudi200.0Haskell CloudI API (foreign, library, mit)okeuday
cplusplus-th12.0C++ Foreign Import Generation (bsd3, foreign, library)MaxwellSwadling
cpython180.0Bindings for libpython (foreign, gpl, library)JohnMillikin
cublas120.0FFI bindings to the CUDA BLAS library (bsd3, foreign, library)TrevorMcDonell, bmsherman
cuda590.0FFI binding to the CUDA interface for programming NVIDIA GPUs (bsd3, foreign, library, program)TrevorMcDonell
cufft160.0Haskell bindings for the CUFFT library (bsd3, foreign, library)RobEverest, TrevorMcDonell
cusolver60.0FFI bindings to CUDA Solver, a LAPACK-like library (bsd3, foreign, library)TrevorMcDonell
cusparse70.0FFI bindings to the CUDA Sparse BLAS library (bsd3, foreign, library)TrevorMcDonell
derive-storable140.0Derive Storable instances with GHC.Generics. (foreign, library, mit)mkloczko
derive-storable-plugin30.0GHC core plugin supporting the derive-storable package. (foreign, library, mit)mkloczko
enumset110.0Sets of enumeration values represented by machine words (bsd3, data, foreign, library)HenningThielemann
erlang80.0FFI interface to Erlang. (foreign, gpl, library)EricSessoms, gombocarti
errno30.0a FFI utility (bsd3, foreign, library)CreightonHogg
foreign-storable-asymmetric20.0Types and instances for implementing a Storable with different peek and poke (bsd3, foreign, library)AndrewMiller
greencard160.0GreenCard, a foreign function pre-processor for Haskell. (bsd3, foreign, library, program)GwernBranwen, SigbjornFinne
hR40.0R bindings and interface (bsd3, foreign, library, math)DylanSimon
hdis8650.0Interface to the udis86 disassembler for x86 and x86-64 / AMD64 (bsd3, disassembler, foreign, language, library, reverse-engineering)KeeganMcAllister
hlibev340.0FFI interface to libev (bsd3, foreign, library)AycanIrican
hlibfam50.0FFI interface to libFAM (bsd3, foreign, library)AycanIrican
hlibsass270.0Low-level bindings to Libsass (foreign, library, mit)jakubfijalkowski
hopencl40.0Haskell bindings for OpenCL (bsd3, foreign, library)MartinDybdal, MerijnVerstraaten
hopenssl340.0FFI Bindings to OpenSSL's EVP Digest Interface (bsd3, cryptography, foreign, library)GwernBranwen, PeterSimons
hoppy-docs120.0C++ FFI generator - Documentation (agpl, foreign, library)khumba
hoppy-generator160.0C++ FFI generator - Code generator (agpl, foreign, library)khumba
hoppy-runtime100.0C++ FFI generator - Runtime support (apache, foreign, library)khumba
hoppy-std80.0C++ FFI generator - Standard library bindings (apache, foreign, library)khumba
hsdns260.0Asynchronous DNS Resolver (foreign, lgpl, library, network)GwernBranwen, PeterSimons
hslua3932.0A Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell (foreign, library, mit)GracjanPolak, OmerAgacan, tarleb
hslua-aeson180.0Allow aeson data types to be used with lua. (foreign, library, mit)tarleb
hswip20.0embedding prolog in haskell (foreign, gpl, language, library)EvgenyTarasov
hsyscall100.0FFI to syscalls (bsd3, foreign, library)AycanIrican
hsyslog500.0FFI interface to syslog(3) from POSIX.1-2001 (bsd3, foreign, library)PeterSimons
htaglib162.0Bindings to TagLib, audio meta-data library (bsd3, foreign, library, sound)mrkkrp
j2hs50.0j2hs (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit, program)JulianFleischer
java-bridge80.0Bindings to the JNI and a high level interface generator. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit)JulianFleischer
java-bridge-extras20.0Utilities for working with the java-bridge package. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)JulianFleischer
java-reflect50.0Tools for reflecting on Java classes. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)JulianFleischer
lambda-bridge30.0A bridge from Haskell (on a CPU) to VHDL on a FPGA. (bsd3, foreign, hardware, library, middleware, network, program)AndyGill
language-c-inline200.0Inline C & Objective-C code in Haskell for language interoperability (bsd3, foreign, language, library)ManuelChakravarty
libffi252.0A binding to libffi (bsd3, foreign, library)RemiTurk
libltdl110.0FFI interface to libltdl (bsd3, foreign, library)GeoffreyMainland
libnvvm10.0FFI binding to libNVVM, a compiler SDK component from NVIDIA (foreign, library, mit)seanprime7
libxml-sax590.0Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface (foreign, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)JohnMillikin
mathlink270.0Write Mathematica packages in Haskell (bsd3, foreign, library)TracyWadleigh, jfennick
matlab30.0Matlab bindings and interface (bsd3, foreign, library, math)DylanSimon, bmsherman
minimung40.0Shows how to run grabber on Mac OS X (bsd3, foreign, graphics, program)YakovZaytsev
missing-py230.0Haskell interface to Python (foreign, gpl, library)domdere
ncurses490.0Modernised bindings to GNU ncurses (foreign, gpl, library, user-interfaces)JohnMillikin
notmuch-haskell40.0Binding for notmuch MUA library (email, foreign, lgpl, library, program)BartonMassey
nvvm120.0FFI bindings to NVVM (bsd3, foreign, library)TrevorMcDonell
primesieve290.0FFI bindings for the primesieve library. (algorithms, foreign, library, math, mit, number-theory, program)
sdl2-gfx40.0Bindings to SDL2_gfx. (foreign, graphics, library, mit)SinisaBidin
sdl2-image110.0Bindings to SDL2_image. (foreign, graphics, image, library, mit)SinisaBidin, cailei, ccll
sdl2-mixer50.0Bindings to SDL2_mixer. (bsd3, foreign, library, sound)SinisaBidin
storable40.0Storable type class for variable-sized data (bsd3, data, foreign, library)TomasJanousek
storable-record280.0Elegant definition of Storable instances for records (bsd3, data, foreign, library)HenningThielemann
storable-tuple160.0Storable instance for pairs and triples (bsd3, data, foreign, library)HenningThielemann
thrift70.0Haskell bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system (foreign, library)ChristianLavoie, jfarrell
winerror70.0Error handling for foreign calls to the Windows API. (bsd3, foreign)FelixMartini
yajl210.0Bindings for YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (codec, foreign, gpl, library)JohnMillikin