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AlanDeniseEricLauren40.0Find the minimal subset/submap satisfying some property. (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, library)EchoNolan
BiobaseInfernal540.0Infernal data structures and tools (benchmark, bioinformatics, gpl, library, program)ChristianHoener
Blogdown120.0A markdown-like markup language designed for blog posts (agpl, benchmark, library, program, web)alexbecker
CurryDB70.0CurryDB: In-memory Key/Value Database (benchmark, bsd3, database, library, program)HideyukiTanaka
DPutils440.0utilities for DP (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)ChristianHoener
DataIndex110.0A package for adding index column to data files (benchmark, data, library, mit, program)steven_yhw
Earley840.0Parsing all context-free grammars using Earley's algorithm. (benchmark, bsd3, library, parsing)OlleFredriksson, phadej
ForestStructures130.0Tree- and forest structures (benchmark, bioinformatics, bsd3, formal-languages, library)ChristianHoener
Foster50.0Utilities to generate and solve puzzles (benchmark, data, mit, program)Jefffrey
HGraphStorage90.0Graph database stored on disk (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)JeanPhilippeMoresmau
HostAndPort80.0Parser for host and port pairs like localhost:22 (benchmark, library, mit, network)slava
Hungarian-Munkres180.0A Linear Sum Assignment Problem (LSAP) solver (algorithms, benchmark, gpl, library)kaizhang
IntervalMap380.0Containers for intervals, with efficient search. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)ChristophBreitkopf
JuicyPixels-extra180.0Efficiently scale, crop, flip images with JuicyPixels (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, image, library)mrkkrp
Lazy-Pbkdf2210.0Lazy PBKDF2 generator. (benchmark, cryptography, library, mit)Ofenhed
LinguisticsTypes160.0Collection of types for natural language (benchmark, bsd3, library, natural-language-processing)ChristianHoener
LogicGrowsOnTrees70.0a parallel implementation of logic programming using distributed tree exploration (benchmark, bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)GregoryCrosswhite
LogicGrowsOnTrees-processes80.0an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses multiple processes for parallelism (benchmark, bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)GregoryCrosswhite
MyPrimes30.0Generate all primes (benchmark, data, library, mit, program)afonsomatos
NaturalLanguageAlphabets160.0Simple scoring schemes for word alignments (benchmark, bsd3, library, natural-language-processing)ChristianHoener
OrderedBits490.0Efficient ordered (by popcount) enumeration of bits (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)ChristianHoener
Random12390.0Haskell port of Random123 library (benchmark, library, mit, random)BogdanOpanchuk
SuffixStructures10.0Suffix array construction (benchmark, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program)ChristianHoener
accelerate-bignum120.0Fixed-length large integer arithmetic for Accelerate (benchmark, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, parallelism)TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-cublas50.0Basic Linear Algebra using native CUBLAS library (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, program)HenningThielemann
accelerate-fourier70.0Fast Fourier transform and convolution using the Accelerate framework (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
acid-state10872.5Add ACID guarantees to any serializable Haskell data structure. (benchmark, database, library, public-domain)DavidHimmelstrup, DavidJohnson, JeremyShaw
acid-state-dist20.0A replication backend for acid-state (benchmark, database, library, mit)maxvoit
acme-year130.0Get the current year (acme, benchmark, library, public-domain)JoeyAdams
ad1742.5Automatic Differentiation (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
aeson-quick60.0Quick JSON extractions with Aeson (benchmark, bsd3, json, library, text, web)ssadler
algebraic-graphs282.5A library for algebraic graph construction and transformation (algebra, algorithms, benchmark, data-structures, graphs, library, mit)snowleopard
algo-s40.0An implementation of Knuth's algorithm S. (apache, benchmark, data, library, program)EricRochester
amby80.0Statistical data visualization (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, library)jsermeno
angle20.0A small, general-purpose programming language. (benchmark, compilers-interpreters, gpl, library, program)GuiltyDolphin
apache-md5132.0Apache specific MD5 digest algorighm. (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, data, library)PeterTrsko
app-lens40.0applicative (functional) bidirectional programming beyond composition chains (benchmark, bsd3, data, lenses, library)kztk
arena100.0A journaled data store (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)AlecHeller, davean
array-primops140.0Extra foreign primops for primitive arrays (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)AndrasKovacs
attoparsec132352.5Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text (benchmark, bsd3, library, parsing, text)BasVanDijk, BenGamari, BryanOSullivan
avers332.0Server-side implementation of the Avers storage model (avers, benchmark, gpl, library)wereHamster
b-tree120.0Immutable disk-based B* trees (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)BenGamari
backprop150.0Heterogeneous, type-safe automatic backpropagation in Haskell (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)jle
base32-bytestring110.0Fast base32 and base32hex codec for ByteStrings (benchmark, bsd3, codec, data, library)SamTruzjan
base58-bytestring10090.0Implementation of BASE58 transcoding for ByteStrings (benchmark, bytestrings, data, library, public-domain)AlekseyUymanov
beamable60.0Generic serializer/deserializer with compact representation (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, serialization)JohnLato, MichaelBaikov
bencoding140.0A library for encoding and decoding of BEncode data. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)SamTruzjan
bimaps470.0bijections with multiple implementations. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)ChristianHoener
binary35590.0Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, parsing)DonaldStewart, IanLynagh, LennartKolmodin
binary-list420.0Lists of length a power of two. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)DanielDiaz
binary-parsers540.0Extends binary with parsec/attoparsec style parsing combinators. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)winterland
binary-tagged1350.0Tagged binary serialisation. (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)phadej
binary-typed280.0Type-safe binary serialization (benchmark, bsd2, data, library, serialization)quchen
bioinformatics-toolkit200.0A collection of bioinformatics tools (benchmark, bio, library, mit)kaizhang
bit-stream200.0Lazy, infinite, compact stream of Bool with O(1) indexing. (benchmark, bsd3, library, unclassified)Bodigrim
bitcoin-payment-channel282.0Instant, two-party Bitcoin payments (benchmark, bitcoin, finance, library, network)runeks
bits-bytestring100.0Bits instance for bytestrings. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)oldmanmike
bits-bytestring-lazy120.0Bits instance for lazy bytestrings. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)semaj
bits-conduit30.0Bitstream support for Conduit (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library)HideyukiTanaka
bitset190.0A space-efficient set data structure. (benchmark, data-structures, library, mit)DenisBueno, FedorGogolev, SergeiLebedev
bitwise1200.0fast multi-dimensional unboxed bit packed Bool arrays (benchmark, bit-vectors, bsd3, data, data-structures, library)ClaudeHeilandAllen
blacktip60.0Decentralized, k-ordered unique ID generator. (apache, benchmark, database, library)bitemyapp
blake2142.0A library providing BLAKE2 (benchmark, cryptography, library, public-domain)jgalt
bloomfilter-redis42.0Distributed bloom filters on Redis (using the Hedis client). (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)hesiod
bond-haskell110.0Runtime support for BOND serialization (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, parsing)blaze
bookkeeper170.0Anonymous records and overloaded labels (benchmark, bsd3, data-structures, library, program, records)jkarni, aminb
brainheck150.0Brainh*ck interpreter in haskell (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, web)vmchale
bspack120.0A simple and fast bytestring packer (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)nicolasdp
btree60.0B-Tree on the compact heap (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)andrewthad
buffer-builder300.0Library for efficiently building up buffers, one piece at a time (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)chadaustin, afriesen
buffer-builder-aeson120.0Serialize Aeson values with Data.BufferBuilder (benchmark, data, library, mit)chadaustin, afriesen
burst-detection20.0Burst detection algorithms (benchmark, gpl, library, math)AlexanderVershilov
bytestring-arbitrary332.0Arbitrary instances for ByteStrings (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)tsuraan
bytestring-conversion790.0Type-classes to convert values to and from ByteString. (benchmark, data, library, mpl)ToralfWittner
bytestring-read60.0fast ByteString to number converting library (benchmark, data, library, mit)HirotomoMoriwaki
bytestring-strict-builder2130.0An efficient strict bytestring builder (benchmark, builders, bytestring, library, mit, serialization, text)NikitaVolkov
bytestring-tree-builder1620.0A very efficient ByteString builder implementation based on the binary tree (benchmark, bytestring, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
bytestring-typenats40.0Bytestrings with typenat lengths (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)tsuraan
bzlib-conduit210.0Streaming compression/decompression via conduits. (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library)HideyukiTanaka, MichaelSnoyman
cacophony262.0A library implementing the Noise protocol. (benchmark, cryptography, library, public-domain)jgalt
carray410.0A C-compatible array library. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)HenningThielemann, JedBrown
case-insensitive78140.0Case insensitive string comparison (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, text)BasVanDijk
case-insensitive-match90.0A simplified, faster way to do case-insensitive matching. (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, text)mikehat
cases190.0A converter for spinal, snake and camel cases (benchmark, library, mit, text)NikitaVolkov
cassava-conduit300.0Conduit interface for cassava package (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)domdere
cereal-io-streams30.0io-streams support for the cereal binary serialization library (benchmark, bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)MichaelXavier
cereal-streams (deprecated in favor of wire-streams)110.0Use cereal to encode/decode io-streams. (benchmark, bsd3, data, deprecated, io-streams, library, parsing)winterland
cipher-aes (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)5460.0Fast AES cipher implementation with advanced mode of operations (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)VincentHanquez
cipher-aes128990.0AES and common modes using AES-NI when available. (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, library)ThomasDuBuisson
cipher-blowfish (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)430.0Blowfish cipher (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)VincentHanquez
cipher-camellia420.0Camellia block cipher primitives (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, library)VincentHanquez
cipher-des860.0DES and 3DES primitives (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, library)VincentHanquez
cipher-rc4 (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)1220.0Fast RC4 cipher implementation (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)VincentHanquez
clif40.0A Clifford algebra number type for Haskell (algebra, benchmark, library, math, mit)maaleske
clifford150.0A Clifford algebra library (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, numerical, program)spacekitteh
clustering132.0High performance clustering algorithms (benchmark, library, math, mit)kaizhang
cmark15092.0Fast, accurate CommonMark (Markdown) parser and renderer (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)JohnMacFarlane
cmark-gfm1490.0Fast, accurate GitHub Flavored Markdown parser and renderer (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)kivikakk
compdata410.0Compositional Data Types (benchmark, bsd3, generics, library)PatrickBahr
compdata-automata80.0Tree automata on Compositional Data Types (benchmark, bsd3, generics, library)PatrickBahr
computational-algebra362.0Well-kinded computational algebra library, currently supporting Groebner basis. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)HiromiIshii
concurrent-machines280.0Concurrent networked stream transducers (benchmark, bsd3, concurrency, control, library)AnthonyCowley
conduit-iconv190.0Conduit for character encoding conversion. (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, library, text)slomo
constrained-monads140.0Typeclasses and instances for monads with constraints. (benchmark, control, library, mit)oisdk
containers22722.75Assorted concrete container types (benchmark, bsd3, data-structures, library)EdwardKmett, JohanTibell, MilanStraka, WrenThornton, dfeuer, WrenRomano
cprng-aes (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)4650.0Crypto Pseudo Random Number Generator using AES in counter mode. (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)VincentHanquez
crc80.0Implements various Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) (benchmark, library, mit, web)MichaelXavier
critbit170.0Crit-bit maps and sets (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)BryanOSullivan
cron360.0Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (benchmark, library, mit, parsing, system, text)MichaelXavier
crypto-numbers1610.0Cryptographic numbers: functions and algorithms (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, library)VincentHanquez
crypto-pubkey (deprecated in favor of cryptonite)1580.0Public Key cryptography (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, deprecated, library)VincentHanquez
cryptohash15972.0collection of crypto hashes, fast, pure and practical (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, data, library)VincentHanquez
cryptohash-md519560.0Fast, pure and practical MD5 implementation (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, data, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
cryptohash-sha120120.0Fast, pure and practical SHA-1 implementation (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, data, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
cryptohash-sha25623760.0Fast, pure and practical SHA-256 implementation (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, data, library)AustinSeipp, HerbertValerioRiedel
cryptohash-sha512110.0Fast, pure and practical SHA-512 implementation (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, data, library)HerbertValerioRiedel
cryptonite78372.25Cryptography Primitives sink (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, library)LukeTaylor, VincentHanquez
curryrs90.0Easy to use FFI Bridge for using Rust in Haskell (benchmark, ffi, library)mgattozzi
darkplaces-demo20.0Utility and parser for DarkPlaces demo files (benchmark, game, gpl, library, program)slava
data-has200.0Simple extensible product (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)winterland
data-msgpack262.0A Haskell implementation of MessagePack (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, program)iphydf
data-store60.0Type safe, in-memory dictionary with multidimensional keys. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)PetrPilar
dbus1730.0A client library for the D-Bus IPC system. (benchmark, desktop, gpl, library, network)JohnMillikin, blaze
dclabel (deprecated in favor of lio)110.0This packge is deprecated. See the the "LIO.DCLabel" in the "lio" package. (benchmark, bsd3, deprecated, library, security)DeianStefan
diagrams-lib12252.5Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, library)BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
dimensional622.5Statically checked physical dimensions, using Type Families and Data Kinds. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, physics)BjornBuckwalter, dmcclean
distributed-process1252.5Cloud Haskell: Erlang-style concurrency in Haskell (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)AlexanderVershilov, EdskoDeVries, FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug, TimWatson
dlist-nonempty180.0Non-empty difference lists (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)phadej
do-list180.0Do notation for free (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, list, syntax)TarasSerduke
ed2551934220.0Ed25519 cryptographic signatures (benchmark, cryptography, mit)AustinSeipp
edit-distance32160.0Levenshtein and restricted Damerau-Levenshtein edit distances (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, library)MaxBolingbroke, phadej
effect-handlers210.0A library for writing extensible algebraic effects and handlers. Similar to extensible-effects but with deep handlers. (benchmark, control, library, mit)edofic, blambda
egison1980.0Programming language with non-linear pattern-matching against non-free data (benchmark, compilers-interpreters, library, mit, program)SatoshiEgi
enumerate-function60.0simple package for inverting functions and testing totality, via brute enumeration of the domain (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, todo)sboo
enummapmap90.0Map of maps using Enum types as keys (benchmark, bsd3, data, data-structures, library)MatthewWest
ether10232.0Monad transformers and classes (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)int_index
euler180.0Mathematics utilities for Haskell (benchmark, library, math, mit)decomputed
euphoria80.0Dynamic network FRP with events and continuous values (benchmark, frp, library, public-domain)AkioTakano, LiyangHu, MitsutoshiAoe, asayers
exact-real252.0Exact real arithmetic (benchmark, library, math, mit)jophish
farmhash150.0Fast hash functions. (benchmark, bsd3, library, system)abhinav
fast-builder120.0Fast ByteString Builder (benchmark, data, library, public-domain)AkioTakano
fast-digits110.0The fast library for integer-to-digits conversion. (benchmark, data, gpl, library)Bodigrim
fastpbkdf2130.0Haskell bindings to the fastpbkdf2 C library (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, library)AlfredoDiNapoli
fclabels10532.25First class accessor labels implemented as lenses. (benchmark, bsd3, data, lenses, library)AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink, SebastiaanVisser
feldspar-compiler150.0Compiler for the Feldspar language (benchmark, bsd3, compiler, library)AndersPersson, EmilAxelsson
fitspec230.0refining property sets for testing Haskell programs (benchmark, bsd3, library, testing)rudymatela
floating-bits80.0Conversions between floating and integral values. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)JonasScholl
fluent-logger110.0A structured logger for Fluentd (Haskell) (apache, benchmark, library, network)NoriyukiOhkawa
foldl-incremental92.0incremental folds (benchmark, control, library, mit, statistics)tonyday
foldl-statistics202.0Statistical functions from the statistics package implemented as Folds. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, statistics)AlexMason
foldl-transduce432.0Transducers for foldl folds. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)DanielDiazCarrete
freer152.25Implementation of the Freer Monad (benchmark, bsd3, control, library, program)alleledev
freer-effects142.0Implementation of effect system for Haskell. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library, program)MatejKollar, PeterTrsko, TomasJanousek
funnyprint120.0funnyPrint function to colorize GHCi output. (benchmark, library, mit, text)netsu
generic-maybe130.0A generic version of Data.Maybe (benchmark, bsd3, generics, library)JonathanFischoff
ghc-mod9382.5Happy Haskell Hacking (agpl, benchmark, development, ghc, library, program)KazuYamamoto, DanielG
gitson110.0A document store library for Git + JSON. (benchmark, database, git, json, library, public-domain)myfreeweb
glob-posix50.0Haskell bindings for POSIX glob library. (apache, benchmark, library, system)rdnetto
graphviz13192.25Bindings to Graphviz for graph visualisation. (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, graphs, library)IvanMiljenovic, MatthewSackman
grenade100.0Practical Deep Learning in Haskell (ai, benchmark, bsd2, library, machine-learning)huw
grouped-list290.0Grouped lists. Equal consecutive elements are grouped. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)DanielDiaz
hOpenPGP1290.0native Haskell implementation of OpenPGP (RFC4880) (benchmark, codec, data, library, mit)ClintAdams
hairy (deprecated)40.0A JSON REST API (benchmark, deprecated, library, mit, program, web)taylorfausak, fozworth
hashable180122.0A class for types that can be converted to a hash value (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)BryanOSullivan, JohanTibell, MilanStraka
hashable-generics170.0Automatically generates Hashable instances with GHC.Generics. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)ClarkGaebel
hashtables-plus (deprecated)50.0Extensions for a "hashtables" library (benchmark, data, data-structures, deprecated, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
haskell-tools-cli270.0Command-line frontend for Haskell-tools Refact (benchmark, bsd3, language, library, program)lazac
haskus-binary130.0Haskus binary format manipulation (benchmark, bsd3, library, system)SylvainHenry
hasql-postgres (deprecated in favor of hasql)370.0A "PostgreSQL" backend for the "hasql" library (benchmark, database, deprecated, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
hats70.0Haskell client for the NATS messaging system (benchmark, library, mit, network, program)PatrikSandahl
hdr-histogram20.0Haskell implementation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histograms (benchmark, gpl, library, math, statistics)joshbohde
hedis2022.25Client library for the Redis datastore: supports full command set, pipelining. (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)FalkoPeters, k_bx
heist3122.0An Haskell template system supporting both HTML5 and XML. (benchmark, bsd3, library, snap, web)DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins
hemokit180.0Haskell port of the Emokit EEG project (benchmark, bioinformatics, library, mit, program)NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
hgeometry170.0Geometric Algorithms, Data structures, and Data types. (benchmark, bsd3, geometry, library)FrankStaals
highjson190.0Spec based JSON parsing/serialisation (benchmark, json, library, mit, text, web)AlexanderThiemann
highlight150.0Command line tool for highlighting parts of files matching a regex. (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, text)cdepillabout
hip312.25Haskell Image Processing (HIP) Library. (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, image-processing, library)lehins
histogram-fill410.0Library for histograms creation. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)AlexeyKhudyakov
hmatrix-morpheus292.0Low-level machine learning auxiliary functions. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)aignatyev17
hmatrix-svdlibc180.0SVDLIBC bindings for HMatrix (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)BenGamari
hmatrix-tests170.0Tests for hmatrix (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)AlbertoRuiz
hosc3460.0Haskell Open Sound Control (benchmark, gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann, PaoloVeronelli, RohanDrape
hourglass56650.0simple performant time related library (benchmark, bsd3, library, time)VincentHanquez
hs-blake220.0A cryptohash-inspired library for blake2 (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)tsuraan
hs204850.0A 2048 clone in Haskell. (benchmark, game, library, mit, program)taylorfausak, fozworth
html-email-validate60.0Validating an email address against HTML standard (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)zudov
html-parse170.0A high-performance HTML tokenizer (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)BenGamari
html5-entity160.0A library for looking up and validating HTML5 entities. (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)zudov
htoml1480.0Parser for TOML files (benchmark, bsd3, configuration, data, json, language, library, parser, text)cies
http-client-tls58020.0http-client backend using the connection package and tls library (benchmark, library, mit, network)MichaelSnoyman
http-link-header470.0A parser and writer for the HTTP Link header as specified in RFC 5988 "Web Linking". (benchmark, library, public-domain, web)myfreeweb
http222920.0HTTP/2 library including frames, priority queues and HPACK (benchmark, bsd3, library, network)KazuYamamoto
human-readable-duration150.0Provide duration helper (benchmark, bsd3, library, time)yogsototh
hw-balancedparens260.0Balanced parentheses (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)haskellworks
hw-conduit270.0Conduits for tokenizing streams. (benchmark, conduit, data, library, mit)haskellworks
hw-json332.0Memory efficient JSON parser (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library, program)haskellworks
hw-json-lens90.0Lens for hw-json (benchmark, data, library, mit)haskellworks
hw-rankselect572.0Rank-select (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library, program)haskellworks
hw-rankselect-base210.0Rank-select base (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)haskellworks
hweblib130.0Haskell Web Library (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)AycanIrican
hwsl2120.0Hashing with SL2 (benchmark, data, library, mit)srijs
hxt-regex-xmlschema18480.0A regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions (benchmark, library, mit, text)UweSchmidt
identicon150.0Flexible generation of identicons (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, image, library)mrkkrp
identifiers230.0Numeric identifiers for values. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)awagner83
ilist200.0Optimised list functions for doing index-related things (benchmark, bsd3, library, list)Artyom
implicit310.0Math-inspired programmatic 2&3D CAD: CSG, bevels, and shells; gcode export.. (agpl, benchmark, graphics, library, program)ChristopherOlah, mmachenry, Juri_
include-file110.0Inclusion of files in executables at compile-time. (benchmark, bsd3, development, library)DanielDiaz
incremental-computing70.0Incremental computing (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)WolfgangJeltsch
incremental-maps20.0Package for doing incremental computations on maps (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)jelken
incremental-parser770.0Generic parser library capable of providing partial results from partial input. (benchmark, gpl, library, parsing)MarioBlazevic
indices100.0Multi-dimensional statically bounded indices. (benchmark, data, library, mit)MikeLedger
inline-r252.25Seamlessly call R from Haskell and vice versa. No FFI required. (benchmark, bsd3, ffi, library)MathieuBoespflug
isobmff-builder231.5A (bytestring-) builder for the ISO-14496-12 base media file format (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library)SvenHeyll
iteratee880.0Iteratee-based I/O (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, system)JohnLato
jalaali30.0Convert Jalaali and Gregorian calendar systems to each other (benchmark, library, math, mit)behrang
jose-jwt550.0JSON Object Signing and Encryption Library (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, json, library)LukeTaylor
json-bytes-builder160.0Direct-to-bytes JSON Builder (benchmark, codecs, json, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
jvm210.0Call JVM methods from Haskell. (benchmark, bsd3, ffi, java, jvm, library)FacundoDominguez, MathieuBoespflug
kazura-queue90.0Fast concurrent queues much inspired by unagi-chan (benchmark, bsd3, concurrency, library)asakamirai
kdt160.0Fast and flexible k-d trees for various types of point queries. (benchmark, data, library, mit)giogadi
kmeans-par160.0Sequential and parallel implementations of Lloyd's algorithm. (algorithm, benchmark, library, mit)vi
kmeans-vector120.0An implementation of the kmeans clustering algorithm based on the vector package (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, program)AlpMestanogullari
krpc110.0KRPC protocol implementation (benchmark, bsd3, library, network)SamTruzjan
language-hcl100.0HCL parsers and pretty-printers for the Haskell programming language. (benchmark, data, library, mit)yamadapc
language-lua570.0Lua parser and pretty-printer (benchmark, bsd3, language, library)EricMertens, OmerAgacan
large-hashable172.0Efficiently hash (large) Haskell values (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)AlexanderThiemann, DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
lazyset30.0Set and Map from lazy/infinite lists. (benchmark, data, library, mit)carlos_freund
lens60473.0Lenses, Folds and Traversals (benchmark, bsd2, data, generics, lenses, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, JohnWiegley, ryanglscott
lifted-async5242.0Run lifted IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results (benchmark, bsd3, concurrency, library)MitsutoshiAoe
lifted-base95580.0lifted IO operations from the base library (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)BasVanDijk
linkedhashmap100.0Persistent LinkedHashMap data structure (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)abasko
liquid60.0Liquid template language library (benchmark, bsd3, library, template)james_rth
lmdb-simple160.0Simple API for LMDB (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)RobLeslie
log (deprecated in favor of log-base, log-postgres, log-elasticsearch)362.0Structured logging solution with multiple backends (benchmark, bsd3, deprecated, library, system)GracjanPolak, MikhailGlushenkov, phadej, arybczak, jonathanjouty_scrive
lol-apps100.0Lattice-based cryptographic applications using < lol>. (benchmark, crypto, gpl, library, program)crockeea
lol-cpp80.0A fast C++ backend for < lol>. (benchmark, crypto, gpl, library)crockeea
lol-repa60.0A repa backend for < lol>. (benchmark, crypto, gpl, library)crockeea
loop1760.0Fast loops (for when GHC can't optimize forM_) (benchmark, control, library, mit)NiklasHambuechen
loops100.0Fast imperative-style loops (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)ThomasTuegel
lz4290.0LZ4 compression for ByteStrings (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library)MarkWotton
machines1782.5Networked stream transducers (benchmark, bsd3, control, enumerator, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
matrices910.0native matrix based on vector (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)kaizhang
matrix1880.0A native implementation of matrix operations. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)DanielDiaz
mcl80.0Bindings to mcl, a generic and fast pairing-based cryptography library (benchmark, bsd3, crypto, library, math)arybczak
mediabus-fdk-aac50.0Mediabus plugin for the Frauenhofer ISO-14496-3 AAC FDK (benchmark, bsd3, library, sound)SvenHeyll
memcache150.0A memcached client library. (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)DavidTerei
memorable-bits120.0Generate human memorable strings from binary data. (benchmark, bsd2, data, library)lukec
midi-simple110.0A simple and fast library for working with MIDI messages (benchmark, lgpl, library, sound)tsahyt
minisat-solver90.0High-level Haskell bindings for the MiniSat SAT solver. (benchmark, library, logic, mit)PeterSelinger
monad-logger-prefix170.0Add prefixes to your monad-logger output (apache, benchmark, library, system)parsonsmatt
monad-memo370.0Memoization monad transformer (benchmark, bsd3, control, library, monad)EduardSergeev
mongoDB1840.0Driver (client) for MongoDB, a free, scalable, fast, document DBMS (apache, benchmark, database, library)FedorGogolev, GregWeber, ScottParish, TonyHannan, VictorDenisov
mono-traversable15700.0Type classes for mapping, folding, and traversing monomorphic containers (benchmark, data, library, mit)GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
monoid-extras11840.0Various extra monoid-related definitions and utilities (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
morte492.25A bare-bones calculus of constructions (benchmark, bsd3, compiler, library, program)GabrielGonzalez
mqtt130.0An MQTT protocol implementation. (benchmark, iot, library, mit, network)LarsPetersen
mutable-containers930.0Abstactions and concrete implementations of mutable containers (benchmark, data, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
nanomsg-haskell150.0Bindings to the nanomsg library (benchmark, library, mit, network)inymoen, IvarNymoen
netcore20.0The NetCore compiler and runtime system for OpenFlow networks. (benchmark, bsd3, library, network)ArjunGuha
netpbm230.0Loading PBM, PGM, PPM image files (benchmark, codec, graphics, library, mit)NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
network-transport-zeromq100.0ZeroMQ backend for network-transport (benchmark, bsd3, library, network)AlexanderVershilov
neural172.0Neural Networks in native Haskell (benchmark, library, machine-learning, mit, program)lbrunjes
nice-html150.0A fast and nice HTML templating library with distinct compilation/rendering phases. (benchmark, library, mit, web)MikeLedger
nix-derivation350.0Parse and render *.drv files (benchmark, bsd3, library, system)GabrielGonzalez
noether90.0Math in Haskell. (benchmark, library, math, mit, program)mrkgnao
normalization-insensitive170.0Normalization insensitive string comparison (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, text, unicode)harendra, ppelleti
number-length60.0Number of digits in a number in decimal and hexadecimal representation. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)PeterTrsko
numerals220.0Convert numbers to number words (benchmark, bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, numerical, text)RoelVanDijk
open-typerep110.0Open type representations and dynamic types (benchmark, bsd3, dependent-types, library)EmilAxelsson
opencv120.0Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x (ai, benchmark, bsd3, graphics, library)BasVanDijk, OliverCharles, RoelVanDijk
optimal-blocks30.0Optimal Block boundary determination for rsync-like behaviours (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, program)tsuraan
order-statistic-tree50.0Order statistic trees based on weight-balanced trees (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)MZiatdinov
overture (deprecated in favor of flow)90.0An alternative to some of the Prelude. (benchmark, deprecated, library, mit, prelude)fozworth
packed-dawg120.0Generation and traversal of highly compressed directed acyclic word graphs. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)AndrasKovacs
pcgen140.0A fast, pseudorandom number generator. (apache, benchmark, library, random)Lokathor
perfecthash40.0A perfect hashing library for mapping bytestrings to values. (benchmark, bsd3, data, data-structures, library)MarkWotton
persistent-vector292.0A persistent sequence based on array mapped tries (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)TristanRavitch
phantom-state190.0Phantom State Transformer. Like State Monad, but without values. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)DanielDiaz
picoparsec102.0Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text (benchmark, bsd3, library, parsing, text)MarioBlazevic
pipes-bzip140.0Streaming compression/decompression via pipes. (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library)chemist
pipes-extra30.0Various basic utilities for Pipes. (benchmark, bsd3, control, enumerator, library)PaoloCapriotti
pontarius-xmpp452.0An XMPP client library (benchmark, bsd3, library, network)JonKristensen, PhilippBalzarek
posix-paths290.0POSIX filepath/directory functionality (benchmark, bsd3, library, system)JohnLato, NiklasHambuechen
postgresql-binary2450.0Encoders and decoders for the PostgreSQL's binary format (benchmark, codecs, database, library, mit, parsing, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
powerqueue-levelmem130.0A high performance in memory and LevelDB backend for powerqueue (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)AlexanderThiemann
pred-trie370.0Predicative tries (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)athanclark
pretty-compact250.0Pretty-printing library (benchmark, gpl, library, text)JeanPhilippeBernardy
prettyprinter1662.25A modern, easy to use, well-documented, extensible prettyprinter. (benchmark, bsd2, library, text, user-interfaces)quchen
prim-spoon70.0Catch errors thrown from pure computations using primops. (benchmark, bsd3, error-handling, library)lambdamichael
primitive-simd60.0SIMD data types and functions (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)JonasScholl
prometheus-client180.0Haskell client library for (apache, benchmark, library, network)fimad
publicsuffix530.0The publicsuffix list exposed as proper Haskell types (benchmark, data, library, mit)wereHamster
pure-zlib640.0A Haskell-only implementation of zlib / DEFLATE (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library, program)AdamWick
raaz242.0The raaz cryptographic library. (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library, program, raaz)PiyushKurur
rados-haskell142.0librados haskell bindings (benchmark, bsd3, library, system)ChristianMarie
ralist110.0Random access list with a list compatible interface. (benchmark, bsd3, data-structures, library)CarterSchonwald, LennartAugustsson
ramus150.0Elm signal system for Haskell (benchmark, library, mit, other)NickSeagull
rawr60.0Anonymous extensible records (benchmark, bsd3, library, records)pkmx
raz60.0Random Access Zippers (algorithms, benchmark, library, mit)lyxia
rcu170.0Read-Copy-Update for Haskell (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, program)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
rdf200.0Representation and Incremental Processing of RDF Data (benchmark, data, library, mit)TravisWhitaker
rdf4h272.5A library for RDF processing in Haskell (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, rdf)RobStewart
record-preprocessor80.0Compiler preprocessor introducing a syntactic extension for anonymous records (benchmark, compiler, library, mit, preprocessor, program, records)NikitaVolkov
record-syntax40.0A library for parsing and processing the Haskell syntax sprinkled with anonymous records (benchmark, library, mit, parser, preprocessor, records, syntax)NikitaVolkov
redis-io190.0Yet another redis client. (benchmark, database, library, mpl)ToralfWittner
reedsolomon120.0Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Haskell (benchmark, data, library, mit)NicolasTrangez
reflex162.75Higher-order Functional Reactive Programming (benchmark, bsd3, frp, library)RyanTrinkle, abrar, sidraval
reinterpret-cast440.0Memory reinterpretation casts for Float/Double and Word32/Word64 (benchmark, data, library, mit)NiklasHambuechen
repa-fftw50.0Perform fft with repa via FFTW (benchmark, bsd3, data-structures, library)AtsuroHoshino
req-conduit140.0Conduit helpers for the req HTTP client library (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, library, network, web)mrkkrp
reroute520.0abstract implementation of typed and untyped web routing (benchmark, library, mit, web)AlexanderThiemann
rethinkdb490.0A driver for RethinkDB 2.2 (apache, benchmark, database, library)EtienneLaurin, codedmart
riak430.0A Haskell client for the Riak decentralized data store (benchmark, library, network)BryanOSullivan, MarkHibberd, lambda_foo
rncryptor90.0Haskell implementation of the RNCryptor file format (benchmark, library, mit, network, program)AlfredoDiNapoli
rose-trees160.0A collection of rose tree structures. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, tree)athanclark
sampling160.0Sample values from collections. (benchmark, library, math, mit)JaredTobin
sandi4780.0Data encoding library (benchmark, bsd3, codec, conduit, library)MagnusTherning
say1010.0Initial project template from stack (benchmark, library, mit, text)MichaelSnoyman
scalpel-core240.0A high level web scraping library for Haskell. (apache, benchmark, library, web)fimad
scanner1000.0Fast non-backtracking incremental combinator parsing for bytestrings (benchmark, bsd3, library, parsing)YurasShumovich
scholdoc90.0Converts ScholarlyMarkdown documents to HTML5/LaTeX/Docx format (benchmark, gpl, library, program, text)timtylin
scientific138881.75Numbers represented using scientific notation (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)BasVanDijk, BryanOSullivan
sdr100.0A software defined radio library (benchmark, bsd3, software-defined-radio)adamwalker
semver10112.0Representation, manipulation, and de/serialisation of Semantic Versions. (benchmark, data, library)BrendanHay
serialise382.0A binary serialisation library for Haskell values. (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library)BenGamari
servant-auth-cookie652.0Authentication via encrypted cookies (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)zohl
sets190.0Ducktyped set interface for Haskell containers. (benchmark, data, library, math, mit)athanclark
sexp-grammar200.0Invertible parsers for S-expressions (benchmark, bsd3, language, library)EugeneSmolanka, SergeyVinokurov
simple-conduit190.0A simple streaming I/O library based on monadic folds (benchmark, bsd3, conduit, data, library)JohnWiegley
simple-effects402.0A simple effect system that integrates with MTL (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)darwin226
simple-vec3110.0Three-dimensional vectors of doubles with basic operations (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, numerical)DmitryDzhus
skip-list150.0An implementation of pure skip lists (benchmark, data, library, mit)gmalecha
snowball200.0Bindings to the Snowball library. (benchmark, bsd3, library, natural-language-processing, text)DagOdenhall
sophia80.0Bindings to Sophia library (benchmark, bsd3, database, library)EyalLotem
sorted-list220.0Type-enforced sorted lists and related functions. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)DanielDiaz
sourcemap1260.0Implementation of source maps as proposed by Google and Mozilla. (benchmark, bsd3, development, library)ChrisDone
spaceprobe100.0Optimization over arbitrary search spaces (benchmark, bsd3, library, optimization)SeanBurton
sparse80.0A playground of sparse linear algebra primitives using Morton ordering (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, vector)EdwardKmett, HansHoglund
speculate370.0discovery of properties about Haskell functions (benchmark, bsd3, library, testing)rudymatela
splines70.0B-Splines, other splines, and NURBS. (benchmark, graphics, library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
splitmix120.0Fast Splittable PRNG (benchmark, bsd3, library, system)phadej
spsa100.0Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation Optimization Algorithm (benchmark, library, math, mit, optimization)yanatan16
stable-heap20.0Purely functional stable heaps (fair priority queues) (benchmark, data-structures, library, mit)JakeMcArthur
stateWriter350.0A faster variant of the RWS monad transformers. (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)SimonMarechal
stitch160.0lightweight CSS DSL (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)Intolerable
stm-containers10950.0Containers for STM (benchmark, concurrency, data-structures, library, mit, stm)NikitaVolkov
storablevector1190.0Fast, packed, strict storable arrays with a list interface like ByteString (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)HenningThielemann
store2650.0Fast binary serialization (benchmark, data, library, mit, serialization)MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman, borsboom, fpcomplete, philipp
stream70.0Initial project template from stack (benchmark, data, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
streaming-commons81642.0Common lower-level functions needed by various streaming data libraries (benchmark, data, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
streaming-histogram90.0 (apache, benchmark, library, unclassified)teh
streaming-osm140.0A hand-written streaming byte parser for OpenStreetMap Protobuf data. (benchmark, bsd3, library, streaming)fosskers
string-similarity60.0longest common substring (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)MarkWotton
structures32.0"Advanced" Data Structures (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, structures)EdwardKmett
subhask32.0Type safe interface for programming in subcategories of Hask (algebra, benchmark, bsd3, categories, control, library)MikeIzbicki
suffix-array140.0Simple and moderately efficient suffix array implementation (benchmark, bsd3, data-structures, library, program)kadoban
superbuffer520.0Efficiently build a bytestring from smaller chunks (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)AlexanderThiemann
superrecord160.0Supercharged anonymous records (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)AlexanderThiemann
sync-mht210.0Fast incremental file transfer using Merkle-Hash-Trees (benchmark, library, mit, program, utility)emink
synthesizer-core390.0Audio signal processing coded in Haskell: Low level part (benchmark, gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
system-random-effect150.0Random number generation for extensible effects. (benchmark, bsd3, effect, library, system)ClarkGaebel
tagchup200.0alternative package for processing of tag soups (benchmark, gpl, library, xml)HenningThielemann
taggy140.0Efficient and simple HTML/XML parsing library (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, text, web)AlpMestanogullari, vi
tar46020.0Reading, writing and manipulating ".tar" archive files. (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library)BjornBringert, DuncanCoutts, HerbertValerioRiedel
target60.0Generate test-suites from refinement types. (benchmark, library, mit, program, testing)EricSeidel
tensorflow-ops50.0Friendly layer around TensorFlow bindings. (apache, benchmark, library, machine-learning)JudahJacobson
test-invariant170.0Provide common invariants to be checked with QuickCheck (benchmark, bsd3, library, testing)knupfer
text-builder140.0An efficient strict text builder (benchmark, library, mit, text)NikitaVolkov
text-manipulate170.0Case conversion, word boundary manipulation, and textual subjugation. (benchmark, data, library, text)BrendanHay
text-metrics1580.0Calculate various string metrics efficiently (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, library, text)mrkkrp
text-stream-decode (deprecated in favor of streaming-commons)130.0Streaming decoding functions for UTF encodings. (deprecated) (benchmark, data, deprecated, library, mit, text)MichaelSnoyman
thread-local-storage230.0Several options for thread-local-storage (TLS) in Haskell. (benchmark, bsd3, library, system)RyanNewton, ryanglscott
thyme2080.0A faster time library (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, system)LiyangHu
timemap140.0A mutable hashmap, implicitly indexed by UTCTime. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, time)athanclark
tinylog460.0Simplistic logging using fast-logger. (benchmark, library, mpl, system)ToralfWittner
tls67750.0TLS/SSL protocol native implementation (Server and Client) (benchmark, bsd3, library, network)VincentHanquez
tokenize280.0Simple tokenizer for English text. (benchmark, bsd3, library, natural-language-processing)GrzegorzChrupala
tpar20.0simple, parallel job scheduling (benchmark, bsd3, program, system)BenGamari
traildb190.0TrailDB bindings for Haskell (benchmark, database, library, mit)Adeon
transformers-eff100.0An approach to managing composable effects, ala mtl/transformers/extensible-effects/Eff (benchmark, bsd3, control, library)OliverCharles
tries130.0Various trie implementations in Haskell (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, tree)athanclark
ttrie120.0Contention-free STM hash map (benchmark, concurrency, library, mit)MichaelSchroeder
type-indexed-queues140.0Queues with verified and unverified versions. (benchmark, data-structures, library, mit)oisdk
tz1332.0Efficient time zone handling (apache, benchmark, data, library)GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
ua-parser230.0A library for parsing User-Agent strings, official Haskell port of ua-parser (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
ulid130.0Implementation of ULID, lexicographically sortable unique identifiers (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, program)steven777400
unagi-chan292.25Fast concurrent queues with a Chan-like API, and more (benchmark, bsd3, concurrency, library)BrandonSimmons
unbound-generics702.0Support for programming with names and binders using GHC Generics (benchmark, bsd3, language, library)AlekseyKliger
unicode-transforms1770.0Unicode normalization (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, text, unicode)harendra
union212.0Extensible type-safe unions (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)int_index
unordered-containers152772.5Efficient hashing-based container types (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)JohanTibell
url-decoders80.0Decoders for URL-encoding (aka Percent-encoding) (benchmark, codecs, library, mit, web)NikitaVolkov
uuid23840.0For creating, comparing, parsing and printing Universally Unique Identifiers (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)AntoineLatter, HerbertValerioRiedel
uuid-types102720.0Type definitions for Universally Unique Identifiers (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)AntoineLatter, HerbertValerioRiedel
var70.0Mutable variables and tuples (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)AndySonnenburg
varying392.0FRP through value streams and monadic splines. (benchmark, control, frp, library, mit, program)SchellScivally
vector-binary-instances28810.0Instances of Data.Binary and Data.Serialize for vector (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)BenGamari, BryanOSullivan, DonaldStewart
vectortiles180.0GIS Vector Tiles, as defined by Mapbox. (apache, benchmark, geography, library)fosskers
vinyl722.0Extensible Records (benchmark, library, mit, records)AnthonyCowley, JonSterling
wai-middleware-metrics1950.0A WAI middleware to collect EKG request metrics (benchmark, bsd3, library, web)Helkafen
wai-request-spec270.0Declarative request parsing (benchmark, bsd3, library, network, wai)alleledev
wai-routing430.0Declarative routing for WAI. (benchmark, library, mpl, web)ToralfWittner
warp32102.5A fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications. (benchmark, library, mit, web, yesod)KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
web-routing160.0simple routing library (benchmark, library, mit, web)HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
websockets22090.0A sensible and clean way to write WebSocket-capable servers in Haskell. (benchmark, bsd3, library, network)JasperVanDerJeugt, SinisaBidin
wigner-symbols90.0CG coefficients and Wigner symbols. (benchmark, library, math, mit)Rufflewind
wire-streams520.0Fast binary io-streams adapter. (benchmark, bsd3, data, io-streams, library, parsing)winterland
word-wrap3250.0A library for word-wrapping (benchmark, bsd3, library, text)JonathanDaugherty
word24702.024-bit word and int types for GHC (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)JohnLato, winterland
word829820.0Word8 library (benchmark, bsd3, data, library)KazuYamamoto
workflow-extra90.0Utilities (e.g. Googling the clipboard contents) for the `workflow` pacakge (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, todo)sboo
workflow-pure80.0manipulate `workflow-types:Workflow`'s (benchmark, bsd3, library, program, todo)sboo
xeno140.0A fast event-based XML parser in pure Haskell (benchmark, bsd3, library, parser, xml)ChrisDone, ocramz
xkbcommon120.0Haskell bindings for libxkbcommon (benchmark, library, mit, text)AukeBooij
xmlgen1510.0Fast XML generation library (benchmark, bsd3, library, text, xml)StefanWehr
xxhash160.0A Haskell implementation of the xxHash algorithm (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, data, library)christianmarie, ChristianMarie
xxhash-ffi270.0Bindings to the C implementation the xxHash algorithm (benchmark, bsd3, cryptography, library)hverr
yeller100.0A Yeller Client For Haskell (benchmark, library, mit, network)TomCrayford
zip-conduit80.0Working with zip archives via conduits. (benchmark, bsd3, codec, conduit, library)TimCherganov
zippers232.0Traversal based zippers (benchmark, bsd3, library, zippers)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
zstd100.0Haskell bindings to the Zstandard compression algorithm (benchmark, bsd3, codec, library)BryanOSullivan