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Rev Deps
Last U/L
Last Version
2captcha (deprecated in favor of captcha-2captcha)41.50Haskell package for easy integration with the 2captcha API. (deprecated, library, mit, network)2021-09-
AAI10.00Abstract Application Interface. (control, library, mit)2015-08-
AFSM02.01Arrowized functional state machines (frp, library, mit)2016-04-
BCMtools20.00Big Contact Map Tools (bioinformatics, library, mit, program)2015-05-050.1.1kaizhang
Bang20.01A Drum Machine DSL for Haskell (library, mit, sound)2015-10-
Blammo150.03Batteries-included Structured Logging library (library, mit, utils)2023-06-301.1.2.1PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
BufferedSocket10.01A socker wrapper that makes the IO of sockets much cleaner (library, mit, network)2015-08-
Buster20.01Hits a set of urls periodically to bust caches (mit, program, web)2013-05-220.1.1MichaelXavier
C-structs22.00C-Structs implementation for Haskell (c, data, foreign, library, mit, structures)2022-09-300.2.0.3SimonPlakolb
Cartesian10.01Coordinate systems (library, math, mit)2016-10-
ChasingBottoms860.02For testing partial and infinite values. (library, mit, testing)2022-08-, NilsAndersDanielsson
CirruParser (deprecated in favor of cirru-parser)10.01Cirru Parser in Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, text)2015-05-100.0.1jiyinyiyong
Commando20.01Watch some files; Rerun a command (development, library, mit, program)2014-03-
Configger10.01Parse config files (configuration, library, mit)2011-12-260.1NateSoares
Configurable20.01Declare types as Configurable then specialize them all in one place (control, library, mit)2012-10-
Conscript20.01Restart a command on STDIN activity (mit, program, system)2013-07-
Craft3e200.01Code for Haskell: the Craft of Functional Programming, 3rd ed. (education, library, mit, program)2019-01-
DCFL10.01Communication Free Learning-based constraint solver (data-, library, mit)2015-07-
DOH02.01Complete API bindings for DigitalOcean API V2 (library, mit, network)2018-06-
Dangerous50.02Monads for operations that can exit early and produce warnings (error-handling, library, mit)2012-01-300.3.2NateSoares
DataIndex40.00A package for adding index column to data files (data, library, mit, program)2016-10-090.1.1steven_yhw
DataVersion80.00Type safe data migrations (data, library, mit)2022-11-300.1.0.1agentultra
Deadpan-DDP20.01Write clients for Meteor's DDP Protocol (library, mit, program, unclassified)2015-10-
Delta-Lambda20.01A demonstration interpreter for type system delta-lambda (of N.G. De-bruijn) (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2017-05-
DifferentialEvolution20.01Global optimization using Differential Evolution (algorithms-, library, mit, numerical, optimization)2011-03-110.0.2VilleTirronen
Dist10.01A Haskell library for probability distributions (library, math, mit)2019-06-160.5.0wyager
DocTest (deprecated in favor of doctest)110.01Test interactive Haskell examples (deprecated, mit, program, testing)2015-04-
EdisonAPI280.05A library of efficient, purely-functional data structures (API) (data-structures, library, mit)2022-09-111.3.3RobertDockins, lyxia
EdisonCore242.254A library of efficient, purely-functional data structures (Core Implementations) (data-structures, library, mit)2022-09-111.3.3RobertDockins, lyxia
Feval12.01Evaluation using F-Algebras (language, mit, program)2015-09-
Files10.00File content extraction/rearrangement (io, library, mit, program)2016-10-
Focus10.01Tools for focusing in on locations within numbers (data, library, mit)2011-12-240.1.2NateSoares
Foster30.01Utilities to generate and solve puzzles (data, mit, program)2015-01-191.1.2Jefffrey
FractalArt32.01Generates colorful wallpapers (graphics, mit, program)2016-05-
Fractaler10.01 (graphics, mit, program)2015-10-113serprex
GGg10.01GGg cipher (mit, program, text)2015-02-
GLM10.00Simple Gridlab-D GLM parser and utilities. (language, library, mit, program)2015-10-
GPipe262.04Typesafe functional GPU graphics programming (graphics, library, mit)2020-04-102.2.5TobiasBexelius
GPipe-Core20.01Typesafe functional GPU graphics programming (graphics, library, mit)2021-04-, pippijn
GPipe-GLFW70.01GLFW OpenGL context creation for GPipe (graphics, library, mit)2020-11-
GPipe-GLFW420.00GLFW OpenGL context creation for GPipe (graphics, library, mit, program)2021-04-112.0.0srk, pippijn
GeneralTicTacToe12.01A general TicTacToe game implementation. (game, mit, program)2015-08-
GiveYouAHead00.00to auto-do somethings (giveyouahead, library, mit)2015-06-
GoogleCodeJam30.01A monad for flexible parsing of Google Code Jam input files with automatic parallelization. (library, mit, text)2017-01-220.0.3johannesgerer
HDBC-postgresql-hstore (deprecated in favor of postgresql-simple)20.01Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns. (database, deprecated, library, mit)2012-07-
HGE2D00.002D game engine written in Haskell (game, library, mit, program)2016-07-300.1.9.2I3ck
HList202.025Heterogeneous lists (data, library, mit)2022-02-, GwernBranwen
HQu22.00quantitative finance library (finance, library, math, mit)2021-07-
HTicTacToe30.01An SDL tic-tac-toe game. (game, graphics, mit, program)2010-05-010.2KorcanHussein
HaGL50.00Haskell-embedded OpenGL (graphics, library, mit)2023-06-
HaPy10.01Haskell bindings for Python (foreign, library, mit)2015-05-
Hach10.01Simple chat (library, mit, network, program)2013-11-170.1.2DmitryMalikov
HaskellTutorials00.01Haskell Tutorials by Evgeny Ukhanov (mit, program, tutorials)2014-10-
Hastodon192.01mastodon client module for Haskell (library, mit, web)2018-05-280.6.0syucream
Hate12.00A small 2D game framework. (graphics, library, mit, program)2015-12-
Hayoo22.01The Hayoo! search engine for Haskell API search on hackage (data, mit, program, text)2012-03-011.2.3UweSchmidt
Holumbus-Searchengine20.01A search and indexing engine. (data, library, mit, text)2012-03-011.2.3UweSchmidt
HostAndPort10.02Parser for host and port pairs like localhost:22 (library, mit, network)2015-08-010.2.0slava
HsHTSLib40.01Bindings to htslib. (bio, library, mit)2021-09-301.9.2.2kaizhang
HsSyck140.07Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper (library, mit, pugs, text)2015-02-270.53AudreyTang, GwernBranwen, OliverCharles
HsWebots20.00Webots bindings for Haskell (library, mit, robotics)2020-03-
JYU-Utils10.02Some utility functions for JYU projects (library, mit, utility)2011-09-
Jdh30.01A Json implementation for Haskell, with JavaScript Values and Encoding/Decoding (data, library, mit)2017-02-
Ketchup00.01A super small web framework for those who don't like big and fancy codebases (ketchup, library, mit, web)2015-02-240.4.3Hamcha
LParse00.01A continuation-based parser library (library, mit, parsing)2019-07-
LTS10.00LTS: Labelled Transition System (library, mit, program, state-machines)2020-04-
LambdaNet12.01A configurable and extensible neural network library (library, machine-learning, mit)2015-01-
Lambdajudge12.01A library to easily host Haskell based programming competitions (development, library, mit)2015-11-
Lazy-Pbkdf210.01Lazy PBKDF2 generator. (cryptography, library, mit)2017-11-143.1.1Ofenhed
LetsBeRational90.00European option implied vol calculation (finance, library, math, mit, numeric, quant)2021-12-
Limit20.01Wrapper for data that can be unbounded (data, library, mit)2011-12-241.0NateSoares
LiterateMarkdown20.00Converter to convert from .lhs to .md and vice versa. (library, mit, productivity, program)2020-08-
Logic10.01Logic (library, math, mit)2014-12-
Lykah10.01A static website and blog generator (library, mit, program, web)2017-01-260.0.2johannesgerer
MTGBuilder10.01Builds decks out of a meta (mit, program, unclassified)2015-09-
Michelangelo50.01OpenGL for dummies (graphics, library, mit)2016-01-
MiniAgda82.01A toy dependently typed programming language with type-based termination. (dependent-types, mit, program)2022-03-110.2022.3.11AndreasAbel
MissingPy10.01Haskell interface to Python (library, mit, unclassified)2012-08-240.10.6JohnGoerzen, MattBrown
Monadoro42.00A minimalistic CLI Pomodoro timer. (library, mit, program, tools)2023-04-
MyPrimes10.00Generate all primes (data, library, mit, program)2015-08-
NGLess120.00NGLess implements ngless, a DSL for processing sequencing data (domain-specific-language, library, mit, program)2022-09-141.5.0luispedro
Neks10.01Simple networked key/value store (database, library, mit, program)2015-07-310.5.0.0wyager
NoTrace62.05Remove all the functions come from Debug.Trace after debugging (development, library, mit)2019-05-
OTP30.01HMAC-Based and Time-Based One-Time Passwords (HOTP & TOTP) (cryptography, library, mit)2018-07-, HerbertValerioRiedel
Parallel-Arrows-BaseSpec30.01BaseSpecs used for @Parallel-Arrows-Definition@ and Co. (arrows, library, mit, parallelism)2018-01-
Parallel-Arrows-Definition20.04Multithreaded evaluation using Arrows. (arrows, library, mit, parallelism)2018-01-
Parallel-Arrows-Eden00.01Eden based backend for @Parallel-Arrows-Definition@. (arrows, library, mit, parallelism)2018-01-
Parallel-Arrows-Multicore20.01GpH based backend for @Parallel-Arrows-Definition@ in a multicore variant. (arrows, library, mit, parallelism)2018-01-
Parallel-Arrows-ParMonad10.01Par Monad (@monad-par@) based backend for @Parallel-Arrows-Definition@. (arrows, library, mit, parallelism)2018-01-
PasswordGenerator20.01Simple library for generating passwords (cryptography, library, mit)2014-02-
Probnet32.250Geometric Extrapolation of Integer Sequences with error prediction (ai, forecasting, library, math, mit, sequences)2021-06-
QLearn22.01A library for fast, easy-to-use Q-learning. (data, library, mit)2016-05-
QuickCheck-GenT260.01A GenT monad transformer for QuickCheck library. (library, mit, testing)2019-11-020.2.2NikitaVolkov
QuickCheck-safe120.01Safe reimplementation of QuickCheck's core (library, mit, testing)2019-04-
RSolve02.00 (library, logic, mit, program, unification)2019-08-
Random12360.01Haskell port of Random123 library (library, mit, random)2015-03-200.2.0BogdanOpanchuk
Randometer30.01Randomness intuition trainer (mit, personalgrowth, program)2014-10-
Redmine30.01Library to access Redmine's REST services (library, mit, network, web)2017-01-220.0.8cstpierre
RichConditional20.01Tiny library to replace classic if/else (control, library, mit)2015-02-
RtMidi91.51Haskell wrapper for RtMidi, the lightweight, cross-platform MIDI I/O library. (library, mit, program, sound)2023-08-, kohlrabi
RxHaskell00.01Reactive Extensions for Haskell (frp, library, mit)2013-04-150.2JustinSpahrSummers
SCalendar (deprecated in favor of scalendar)71.251This is a library for handling calendars and resource availability based on the "top-nodes algorithm" and set operations. (deprecated, library, mit, time)2017-09-111.1.0sebasHack
SConfig (deprecated)32.01A simple config library (configuration, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-
SDL2-ttf (deprecated in favor of sdl2-ttf)20.01Binding to libSDL-ttf (deprecated, foreign-binding, library, mit)2013-12-220.1.0OmerAgacan
SFML50.02SFML bindings (game, library, mit)2016-10-, sulami, ppelleti
SFML-control10.01Higher level library on top of SFML (graphics, library, mit)2013-12-
SciFlow90.02Scientific workflow management system (control, library, mit)2019-05-260.7.0kaizhang
SciFlow-drmaa10.00Scientific workflow management system (control, library, mit)2019-05-260.1.0kaizhang
SimpleServer20.01A simple static file server, for when apache is overkill (library, mit, program, web)2017-06-
Slides20.01Generate slides from Haskell code (graphics, library, mit)2018-10-
SmithNormalForm10.00A lightweight Haskell implementation of Smith normal form over the integers. (library, linearalgebra, math, mit)2021-12-310.1.0.0BrianHwang
SmtLib00.01Library for parsing SMTLIB2 (formal-methods, library, mit)2015-02-
Southpaw20.01Assorted utility modules (library, mit, utilities)2015-07-
Spock-digestive30.02Digestive functors support for Spock (library, mit, web)2016-08-
Spock-worker50.01Background workers for Spock (library, mit, web)2016-08-
StrictCheck42.01StrictCheck: Keep Your Laziness In Check (library, mit, testing)2019-11-010.3.0kwf
TotalMap32.01A total map datatype (control, library, mit)2019-09-
Tournament10.01Tournament related algorithms (game, library, mit)2012-05-260.0.1EirikAlbrigtsen
TypeNat10.02Some Nat-indexed types for GHC (data, library, mit)2022-05-
UTFTConverter20.00Processing popular picture formats into .c or .raw format in RGB565 (graphics, library, mit, program, text)2016-05-
VRML10.00VRML parser and generator for Haskell (graphics, library, mit, program)2020-02-
ValveValueKeyvalue61.50A Valve Value-keyvalue parser for Haskell made with Parsec. (keyvalue, library, mit, parsing, source, valve)2021-10-
Verba10.01A solver for the WordBrain game (game, mit, program)2016-01-
WMSigner10.01WebMoney authentication module (cryptography, data, library, mit)2014-11-
WaveFront50.01Parsers and utilities for the OBJ WaveFront 3D model format (graphics, library, mit)2016-10-
WebBits-multiplate00.01A Multiplate instance for JavaScript. (language, library, mit)2011-03-
Win32-security10.01Haskell bindings to a security-related functions of the Windows API (library, mit, system)2015-04-060.1.1anton_dessiatov
X11-xfixes00.01A binding to the Xfixes X11 extension library (graphics, library, mit)2011-05-260.1.1reacocard
YACPong00.01Yet Another Pong Clone using SDL. (game, mit, program)2010-05-300.1KorcanHussein
Yocto (deprecated in favor of yocto)20.01A Minimal JSON Parser & Printer for Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, text)2014-01-270.1.0ajg
abeson20.01interconversion between aeson and bson. (data, library, mit)2014-09-
abt11.251Abstract binding trees for Haskell (language, library, mit)2015-01-
acc102.03Sequence optimized for monoidal construction and folding (library, mit, unclassified)2023-03-
achille10.00A library for building static site generators (library, mit, web)2020-09-270.0.0flupe
acid-state-dist20.01A replication backend for acid-state (database, library, mit)2015-08-
acme-iot00.01IO monad transformer (control, library, mit)2016-08-
acme-memorandom20.01Memoized random number generation (acme, library, mit)2015-05-150.0.3ion
acme-mutable-package (deprecated)32.51A mutable package. (acme, deprecated, library, mit)2018-01-010fozworth, Hackage
acme-zalgo12.251A somewhat flexible Zalgo̐ te̳͜x̥̖̉̓͞t̍̌̔ ̀̃t̴̢̞̜͓̝r̶̬̆̂̒͟á̧̡͎͔̯̰̕n̹̾̓ͬͦ̍͘ṡ̢͓͉ͮ͆l̠̖̹̗̳̖̽̌ͤ͞a͚̭͙̹̲ͭͩt͈͐o̢̭͇͍̟͐ͬ̾ͪ͜r͇.̸̅ͭ̐̀̊ͨ͛ (acme, library, mit)2018-02-
acquire30.05Abstraction over management of resources (library, mit, resources)2023-07-, effectfully, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu
aeson-applicative20.01make To/From JSOn instances from an applicative description (data, library, mit)2015-06-
aeson-better-errors540.012Better error messages when decoding JSON values. (json, library, mit, text, web)2022-03-
aeson-casing600.039Tools to change the formatting of field names in Aeson instances. (data, library, mit)2019-03-
aeson-deriving10.00data types for compositional, type-directed serialization (library, mit, serialization)2020-10-
aeson-injector82.07Injecting fields into aeson values (data, json, library, mit, web)2022-03-
aeson-json-ast40.01Integration layer for "json-ast" and "aeson" (library, mit, unclassified)2016-11-160.1.1NikitaVolkov
aeson-optics390.04Law-abiding optics for aeson (data, json, library, mit, optics)2023-06-271.2.1phadej
aeson-options (deprecated)20.03Options to derive FromJSON/ToJSON instances (data, deprecated, json, library, mit)2018-10-010.1.0serokell
aeson-qq722.012JSON quasiquoter for Haskell (json, library, mit)2021-10-110.8.4OscarFinnsson, SimonHengel
aeson-schema60.01Haskell JSON schema validator and parser generator (data, library, mit)2020-04-, TimBaumann, ChristianMarie, ocramz
aeson-single-field12.00Conveniently wrap a single value in a record when encoding to and from JSON (json, library, mit, text, web)2022-06-
aeson-smart22.01Smart derivation of Aeson instances (library, mit, web)2012-08-
aeson-t20.01Transform JSON (data, library, mit)2015-04-280.0.5begriffs
aeson-toolkit00.01A generalization of Aeson over Failure (json, library, mit, text, web)2013-12-070.0.1SimonHengel
aeson-value-parser210.02API for parsing "aeson" JSON tree into Haskell types (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2023-04-
aeson-with40.01withXField combinators for aeson (aeson, data, library, mit)2020-08-
aeson-yak130.01Handle JSON that may or may not be a list, or exist (data, library, mit)2017-12-
affinely-extended10.01 (data, library, mit)2017-04-
agda-language-server70.00An implementation of language server protocal (LSP) for Agda 2. (development, library, mit, program)2021-10-250.2.1banacorn
agda-unused20.00Check for unused code in an Agda project. (dependent-types, library, mit, program)2022-11-260.3.0msuperdock
airship160.01A Webmachine-inspired HTTP library (library, mit, web)2022-04-110.9.5lambda_foo, reiddraper, patrick_thomson
alea200.01a diceware passphrase generator (mit, program, utility)2017-08-
algebraic-graphs3272.7520A library for algebraic graph construction and transformation (algebra, algorithms, data-structures, graphs, library, mit)2022-06-200.7snowleopard
algorithmic-composition-additional20.00Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, program, sound, sox)2022-08-
algorithmic-composition-basic30.04Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, sound, sox)2022-08-
algorithmic-composition-complex20.00Helps to create more complex experimental music from a file (especially timbre). (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, library, mit, music, sound, sox)2022-08-
algorithmic-composition-frequency-shift00.00Helps to create experimental music. Uses SoX inside. (algorithmic-composition, library, mit, music, sound, sox)2021-02-
algorithmic-composition-overtones30.00Some variants of the overtones functions to generate a timbre. (algorithmic-composition, audio, library, mit, sound, sox, timbre)2022-02-
align-text30.01A simple unix filter to align text on specified substrings (mit, program, text)2015-01-
amazon-products20.01Connector for Amazon Products API (library, mit, program, web)2014-07-
amazonka-mtl120.00MTL-style type-class and deriving-via newtypes for Amazonka (library, mit, utils)2023-09-
amqp-conduit30.01Conduit bindings for AMQP (see amqp package) (library, mit, network)2017-07-
animalcase10.02Convert camelCase to snake_case and vice versa (library, mit, text)2014-11-
animate-frames00.00Convert sprite frames to animate files (game, library, mit, program)2018-05-300.0.1jxv
ansi-escape-codes10.01Haskell package to generate ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminal. (library, mit, unclassified)2017-12-
ansigraph30.02Terminal-based graphing via ANSI and Unicode (graphics, library, mit)2017-12-
antigate150.01Interface for captcha recognition API (captcha, library, mit, network-apis, text-recognition)2017-06-122.0.2MikhailKuddah
antiope-athena60.01Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-contract60.01Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-core120.06Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-dynamodb140.01Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-es20.00Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3arbornetworks
antiope-messages110.03Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-optparse-applicative30.01Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3arbornetworks
antiope-s3130.07Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-shell40.00Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3arbornetworks
antiope-sns120.01Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-sqs150.01Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2020-10-227.5.3newhoggy, alexeyraga, arbornetworks, dsturnbull
antiope-swf10.00Please see the README on Github at <> (library, mit, services)2019-10-087.4.4arbornetworks
ap-normalize1280.02Self-normalizing applicative expressions (control, library, mit)2021-05-
api-monobank22.00 (library, mit, program, web)2019-07-
api-opentheory-unicode40.01OpenTheory unicode character API (library, mit, text)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
api-rpc-accumulate10.00JSON-RPC API client for Accumulate blockchain (library, mit, program, web)2022-02-
api-rpc-factom10.00RPC API client for Factom (library, mit, program, web)2019-10-
api-rpc-pegnet20.00simple json-rpc client for PegNet (library, mit, web)2020-01-
api-yoti10.00Api bindings for Yoti services (library, mit, web)2019-07-300.1.0.0sigrlami
apiary112.515Simple and type safe web framework that generate web API documentation. (library, mit, web)2017-10-272.1.2HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-authenticate60.01authenticate support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-271.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-clientsession60.02clientsession support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-271.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-cookie30.02Cookie support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-261.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-eventsource50.01eventsource support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-271.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-helics20.01helics support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2015-03-041.4.0HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-http-client50.01A http client for Apiary. (library, mit, web)2017-11-
apiary-logger280.02fast-logger support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-271.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-memcached20.01memcached client for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2015-03-041.4.0HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-mongoDB30.01mongoDB support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-271.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-persistent42.01persistent support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-251.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-purescript40.01purescript compiler for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2015-03-041.4.0HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-redis10.01redis support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-11-111.5.1winterland
apiary-session20.03session support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-241.5.0HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apiary-websockets90.01websockets support for apiary web framework. (library, mit, web)2017-10-241.5.0HirotomoMoriwaki, winterland
apotiki40.01a faster debian repository (library, mit, program, system)2014-01-240.5.2pyr
appc30.01app container types and tools (data, library, mit, program)2015-04-100.0.6wereHamster
appendful100.02 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-06-
appendful-persistent50.00 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-11-
applicable30.00A class for things that can be applied (data, library, mit)2022-07-
approveapi30.00ApproveAPI Haskell Client (api, client, library, mit)2019-04-
approx12.00Easy-to-use emulation of approximate, ranges and tolerances in Haskell (library, mit, numeric, program)2021-02-
ar-timestamp-wiper10.01Wipes time stamps from .a files (like ar -D) (application, library, mit, program)2013-08-070.1.0NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
arbor-datadog60.03Datadog client for Haskell. (library, mit, network)2019-10-, haskellworks, arbornetworks
arbor-lru-cache91.251LRU cache based on STM (concurrency, data, library, mit)2019-10-, arbornetworks
arbor-monad-counter10.01Counter library for submitting metrics to a backend such as datadog (library, mit, services)2019-10-172.0.2newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
arbor-monad-logger70.00Simple logging library (library, logging, mit, program)2019-10-
arbor-monad-metric40.01Core metric library for publishing metrics. (library, metrics, mit)2019-10-171.2.1newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
arbor-monad-metric-datadog50.00Metric library backend for datadog. (library, metrics, mit)2019-11-181.1.2newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
arbor-postgres20.01Convenience types and functions for postgresql-simple. (library, mit, services)2019-10-170.0.5newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
arch-hs120.00Distribute hackage packages to archlinux (distribution, library, mit, program)2023-05-300.11.1.0felixonmars, berberman
arch-web160.01Arch Linux official and AUR web interface binding (library, mit, web)2023-05-300.2felixonmars, berberman
argo40.00Parse and render JSON. (json, library, mit, program)2022-08-280.2022.8.28fozworth
ariadne80.01Go-to-definition for Haskell (language, mit, program)2014-11-, manzyuk
arion12.01Watcher and runner for Hspec (mit, program, testing)2015-04-
arithmetic40.01Natural number arithmetic (library, mit, number-theory, program)2020-03-111.6JoeHurd
arithmetic-circuits10.00Arithmetic circuits for zkSNARKs (cryptography, library, mit)2020-01-150.2.0sdiehl
arithmoi1172.022Efficient basic number-theoretic functions. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2023-07-, DanielFischer, HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim
arity-generic-liftA20.00Provides an arity-generic version of the liftA2, liftA3... liftAn functions. (control, library, mit)2018-12-310.1.0.0oisdk
array-list22.00IsList instances of Array for OverloadedLists extension (array, data, library, list, mit)2020-06-
arrow-improve20.01Improved arrows. (control, library, mit)2014-02-
asana50.00Asana API Client (library, mit, utils)2023-04-
ascetic20.03Generic markup builder. (library, mit, text)2014-07-
ascii-flatten10.00Flattens European non-ASCII characaters into ASCII (library, mit, program, text)2016-05-
ascii-progress400.05A simple progress bar for the console. (library, mit, system)2016-04-
ascii-string30.02Compact representation of ASCII strings (library, mit, unclassified)2019-06-
asciichart30.01Line charts in terminal (library, mit, text)2020-09-291.0.2madnight
asif82.00Library for creating and querying segmented feeds (library, mit, program, services)2020-01-176.0.4newhoggy, haskellworks, arbornetworks
assert4hs (deprecated in favor of assert4hs-core)22.01A set of assertion for writing more readable tests cases (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2021-03-
assert4hs-core30.02A set of assertion for writing more readable tests cases (library, mit, testing)2021-04-080.1.0paweln1986
assert4hs-hspec30.00integration point of assert4hs and hspec (library, mit, testing)2021-04-080.1.0paweln1986
assert4hs-tasty50.00Provider for tasty runner to run assert4hs tests (library, mit, web)2021-04-080.1.0paweln1986
assertions30.01A simple testing framework. (library, mit, testing)2014-06-
assoc-list42.01Association lists (lists of tuples) (data, library, mit)2021-08-, Monoid_Mary
assoc-listlike10.01Association lists (list-like collections of tuples) (data, library, mit)2021-08-, Monoid_Mary
async-ajax10.01Crossbrowser async AJAX Bindings for GHCJS (library, mit, web)2016-07-
async-extra110.01Useful concurrent combinators (library, mit, web)2017-05-
async-pool430.04A modified version of async that supports worker groups and many-to-many task dependencies (library, mit, system)2023-07-030.9.2JohnWiegley
asynchronous-exceptions (deprecated)20.01Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous exceptions (control, deprecated, library, mit)2014-02-
atom-msp43010.01Convenience functions for using Atom with the MSP430 microcontroller family. (embedded, library, mit)2014-01-060.5.3DanielBuckmaster
atomic-write812.06Atomically write to a file (library, mit, system)2019-11-, stackbuilders, sestrella, wild_willy, amejia
atrans00.01A small collection of monad (transformer) instances. (library, mit, monads)2016-01-
atrophy10.00Faster integer division and modulus operations (library, math, mit)2022-08-
attoparsec-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-extra)250.034Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit, parsing)2014-04-021.1.0MichaelSnoyman
attoparsec-data120.06Parsers for the standard Haskell data types (library, mit, parsing)2022-11-
attoparsec-enumerator (deprecated)260.023Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)2015-05-160.3.4JohnMillikin
attoparsec-parsec00.01An Attoparsec compatibility layer for Parsec (library, mit, parsing)2014-03-210.1.3SimonHengel
attoparsec-text-enumerator40.02(deprecated) (enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)2012-01-300.2.0.1FelipeLessa
attoparsec-time140.04Attoparsec parsers of time (attoparsec, library, mit, parsers, time)2021-12-131.0.3NikitaVolkov
attoparsec-trans30.02Interleaved effects for attoparsec parsers (control, library, mit)2015-06-
authenticate520.013Authentication methods for Haskell web applications. (library, mit, web)2023-09-, MichaelSnoyman
authinfo-hs10.01Password querying for .authinfo (library, mit, system)2014-10-
auto72.251Denotative, locally stateful programming DSL & platform (control, library, mit)2017-01-
auto-update2250.028Efficiently run periodic, on-demand actions (control, library, mit)2019-07-090.1.6KazuYamamoto, MichaelSnoyman
autodocodec600.017Self-documenting encoder and decoder (library, mit, unclassified)2023-07-310.2.0.4Norfair
autodocodec-openapi3310.00Autodocodec interpreters for openapi3 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-07-
autodocodec-schema250.01Autodocodec interpreters for JSON Schema (library, mit, unclassified)2023-01-
autodocodec-servant-multipart10.00Autodocodec interpreters for Servant Multipart (library, mit, unclassified)2022-10-
autodocodec-swagger250.00Autodocodec interpreters for swagger2 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-07-
autodocodec-yaml210.04Autodocodec interpreters for yaml (library, mit, unclassified)2023-01-
autoexporter332.04Automatically re-export modules. (library, mit, program, utility)2023-03-
avers-api70.02Types describing the core and extended Avers APIs (avers, library, mit)2017-09-170.1.0wereHamster
avers-api-docs40.01Swagger documentation for the Avers API (avers, library, mit)2017-02-
avers-server50.01Server implementation of the Avers API (avers, library, mit)2018-10-
avwx30.00Parse aviation weather reports (aviation, library, mit, program)2020-08-
aws-cloudfront-signed-cookies122.00Generate signed cookies for AWS CloudFront (aws, cloud, library, mit, network, program)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
aws-dynamodb-conduit60.01Conduit-based interface for AWS DynamoDB (aws, library, mit)2015-06-
aws-easy20.00Helper function and types for working with amazonka (library, mit, network, program)2021-11-
aws-general20.07Bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) General Reference (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, web)2015-03-300.2.2larsk
aws-larpi12.00Package Haskell functions for easy use on AWS Lambda. (aws, library, mit)2021-01-
aws-performance-tests30.01Performance Tests for the Haskell bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, program, web)2014-09-020.1.1larsk
aws-secrets30.00Fetch data from AWS Secrets Manager (aws, library, mit, password)2023-06-
aws-simple00.01Dead simple bindings to commonly used AWS Services (library, mit, web)2017-03-
aws-sns20.01Bindings for AWS SNS Version 2013-03-31 (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, web)2014-08-050.1larsk
aws-sns-verify160.00Parse and verify AWS SNS messages (amazon, aws, cloud, cryptography, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, web)2023-07-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
aws-xray-client140.02A client for AWS X-Ray. (library, mit, tracing)2022-04-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
aws-xray-client-persistent80.01A client for AWS X-Ray integration with Persistent. (library, mit, unclassified)2022-04-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
aws-xray-client-wai100.01A client for AWS X-Ray integration with WAI. (library, mit, unclassified)2022-04-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
axiom40.01Web EDSL for running in browsers and server nodes using transient (library, mit, web)2018-05-290.4.7AlbertoCorona
axiomatic-classes20.01Specify axioms for type classes and quickCheck all available instances (library, mit, testing)2016-10-, bandali
azure-functions-worker30.00Azure Functions Worker (azure, cloud, library, mit, serverless)2020-07-
b9212.01A tool and library for building virtual machine images. (development, library, mit, program)2022-03-283.2.3SvenHeyll
bag (deprecated in favor of dlist)50.01A simple stable bag. (data-structures, deprecated, library, mit)2011-07-220.1DanielWaterworth
bank-holiday-usa20.01US bank holidays (library, mit, time)2021-11-110.2.0tippenein
banwords (deprecated)10.01Generalized word blacklister (deprecated, heuristics, library, mit)2015-07-
barcodes-code12820.01Generate Code 128 barcodes as PDFs (graphics, library, mit)2014-10-310.1.0dchristiansen style badge generator (graphics, library, mit)2016-12-120.1.1HirotomoMoriwaki
base-compat6922.0161A compatibility layer for base (compatibility, library, mit)2023-07-120.12.3SimonHengel, ryanglscott
base-compat-batteries6030.024base-compat with extra batteries (compatibility, library, mit)2023-07-120.12.3ryanglscott
base-generics00.01This library provides some instances for extra GHC.Generic typeclass such as Int8, Word16 and some unboxed types as well. (generic, library, mit)2015-06-
base-orphans5802.057Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base (compatibility, library, mit)2023-03-050.9.0EdwardKmett, HerbertValerioRiedel, SimonHengel, ryanglscott
base-prelude532.2594Featureful preludes formed solely from the "base" package (library, mit, prelude)2022-03-181.6.1NikitaVolkov
base32string140.01Fast and safe representation of a Base-32 string (data, library, mit)2015-05-270.9.1solatis
base58string90.04Fast and safe representation of a Base-58 string (data, library, mit)2015-05-100.10.0solatis
base9120.00A Generic Base91 Encoder & Decoder (codec, library, mit, program)2015-07-112.1.0ajg
based10.00alternative prelude (library, mit, prelude)2022-06-200.1chessai
basex-client10.01A BaseX client for Haskell (database, library, mit)2015-12-
basic-prelude672.2534An enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes. (control, library, mit, prelude)2017-12-050.7.0DanBurton, MichaelSnoyman
battlenet40.02API client for Battle.Net (library, mit, network)2015-02-
battlenet-yesod20.01Yesod integration for the battlenet package (library, mit, network)2015-02-
battleplace50.01Core definitions for service (game, library, mit)2020-08-
battleplace-api00.01Public API definitions of service (game, library, mit)2018-07-
bcp47130.01Language tags as specified by BCP 47 (data, data-structures, library, mit)2022-03-300.2.0.6PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
bcp47-orphans120.00BCP47 orphan instances (library, mit, orphan-instances)2023-05-300.1.0.6PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
bdd10.01Behavior-Driven Development DSL (library, mit, testing)2014-12-
bdelta (deprecated in favor of bytestring-delta)30.01Simple, fast binary diff/patch (data, deprecated, library, mit)2012-02-
beam (deprecated in favor of beam-core)32.51A type-safe SQL mapper for Haskell that doesn't use Template Haskell (database, deprecated, library, mit)2016-01-
beam-core1172.511Type-safe, feature-complete SQL query and manipulation interface for Haskell (database, library, mit)2023-06-, 3noch, kmicklas
beam-migrate1060.04SQL DDL support and migrations support library for Beam (database, library, mit)2023-06-, 3noch, kmicklas
beam-mysql30.00Connection layer between beam and MySQL/MariaDB (database, library, mit)2019-03-, kmicklas
beam-newtype-field (deprecated)20.00A newtype for wrapping newtypes into beam schemas (database, deprecated, library, mit)2018-12-
beam-postgres742.05Connection layer between beam and postgres (database, library, mit)2023-06-, 3noch, kmicklas
beam-sqlite830.01Beam driver for SQLite (database, library, mit)2023-06-, 3noch, kmicklas
bed-and-breakfast90.02Efficient Matrix and Vector operations in 100% Haskell. (library, linear-algebra, math, mit, numeric)2018-10-220.5JulianFleischer
belka20.01HTTP client DSL (library, mit, unclassified)2018-01-220.8NikitaVolkov
bento (deprecated)32.01🍱 Manage stateful components. (deprecated, library, mit, utility)2016-04-160.1.0fozworth
bet20.01Betfair API bindings. Bet on sports on betting exchanges. (library, mit, network)2015-07-
bglib00.00Implementation of the BGAPI serial protocol (library, mit, program)2020-12-
bibdb10.01A database based bibliography manager for BibTeX (mit, program, text)2016-11-180.5.3cacay
bidirectional-instances00.00Make instance constraints bidirectional (language, library, mit)2022-09-
binary-conduit370.017data serialization/deserialization conduit library (conduit, library, mit)2018-10-131.3.1AlexanderVershilov, MathieuBoespflug, ocramz
binary-parser1110.06An efficient but limited parser API specialised to bytestrings (binary, library, mit, parser)2023-01-
binary-tree20.01 (library, mit, unclassified)2018-02-
bindings-libstemmer20.01Binding for libstemmer with low level binding. (ffi, library, mit)2014-11-
binrep160.01Encode precise binary representations directly in types (data, library, mit, serialization)2023-08-170.5.0raehik
bioinformatics-toolkit60.01A collection of bioinformatics tools (bio, library, mit)2021-11-220.10.0kaizhang
bisect-binary10.01Determine relevant parts of binary data (development, mit, program)2017-12-
bit-array10.01A bit array (aka bitset, bitmap, bit vector) API for numeric types (bit-vectors, data-structures, library, mit, pretty-printer)2016-10-010.1.2NikitaVolkov
bitcoin-api12.02Provides access to the RPC API of Bitcoin Core (finance, library, mit, network)2015-06-090.12.1solatis
bitcoin-api-extra10.01Higher level constructs on top of the bitcoin-api package (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-140.9.1solatis
bitcoin-block10.02Utility functions for manipulating bitcoin blocks (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-110.13.1solatis
bitcoin-script10.05Compilation, manipulation and decompilation of Bitcoin scripts (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-110.11.1solatis
bitcoin-tx20.04Utility functions for manipulating bitcoin transactions (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-110.13.1solatis
bitcoin-types70.03Provides consistent low-level types used commonly among Bitcoin implementations (finance, library, mit, network)2015-05-100.9.2solatis
bitfield40.00Generic and easy to use haskell bitfields (bit, data, library, mit)2023-01-
bitset320.08A space-efficient set data structure. (data-structures, library, mit)2014-03-101.4.8DenisBueno, FedorGogolev, SergeiLebedev
bitset-word8120.02Space efficient set of Word8 and some pre-canned sets useful for parsing HTTP (concurrency, library, mit)2020-07-
blas-hs60.03Low-level Haskell bindings to Blas. (library, math, mit)2014-12-
blatex42.01Blog in LaTeX (mit, program, web)2016-05-
blaze-bootstrap90.02Blaze helper functions for bootstrap pages (library, mit, web)2015-08-
blaze-json10.01tiny library for encoding json (json, library, mit, text)2015-04-030.2.1HirotomoMoriwaki
blazeMarker00.01... (library, mit, unclassified)2014-12-
blazeT140.01A true monad (transformer) version of the blaze-markup and blaze-html libraries (data, library, mit, text, web)2023-09-110.0.6alaminium, johannesgerer
blizzard-html170.00An HTML generator for Haskell (library, mit, text)2023-09-
blunt (deprecated)51.51Convert between pointfree and pointful expressions. (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-04-141.0.2fozworth
bm150.00open bookmarks and queries from the command line (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
bmp1242.011Read and write uncompressed BMP image files. (codec, library, mit)2016-08-
bno055-haskell30.01Library for communication with the Bosch BNO055 orientation sensor (library, mit, system)2017-07-080.1.0eamsden
boardgame10.00Modeling boardgames (game, library, mit, model, program)2021-04-
bodhi80.00Fedora Bodhi REST client library (library, mit, network)2021-12-270.1.0JensPetersen
boltzmann-samplers110.03Uniform random generators (data, generic, library, mit, random)2018-04-
bond150.01Bond schema compiler and code generator (code-generation, compiler, language, library, mit, program)2020-05-, chwarr, eduardo
bookkeeping140.02A module for bookkeeping by double entry. (business, library, mit)2018-03-
bookkeeping-jp20.01Helper functions for Japanese bookkeeping. (business, library, mit)2020-01-
boolean-normal-forms70.01Boolean normal form: NNF, DNF & CNF (data, library, mit)2019-12-
boolector20.01Haskell bindings for the Boolector SMT solver (bit-vectors, formal-methods, library, math, mit, smt, theorem-provers)2020-08-
boopadoop10.00Mathematically sound sound synthesis (library, mit, music, program)2020-01-
boots170.03IoC Monad in Haskell (application, factory, ioc, library, mit, monad)2019-09-
boots-app10.02Factory for quickly building an application (application, configuration, health, library, logger, mit, program, random)2019-09-
boots-cloud (deprecated)40.00Factory for quickly building a microservice (application, consul, deprecated, library, microservice, mit, servant, swagger, web)2019-08-280.2leptonyu
boots-web (deprecated)20.01Factory for quickly building a web application (application, deprecated, library, mit, servant, swagger, web)2019-09-
bootstrap-types10.01Bootstrap CSS Framework type-safe interface (library, mit, web)2017-01-310.3andrewthad
both80.01Like Maybe, but with a different Monoid instance. (data, library, mit)2021-08-
bound-gen20.01Unwrap Scope's with globally fresh values (compilers-interpreters, library, mit)2015-03-
bounded-qsem120.00Bounded quantity semaphores. (concurrency, library, mit)2023-09-
bower-json442.02Read bower.json from Haskell (library, mit, web)2022-05-
box-tuples160.01A hack to use GHC.Prim primitives in GHCi (debug, ghc, library, mit)2021-02-
breakpoint450.03Set breakpoints using a GHC plugin (development, library, mit)2023-09-
bson-lens90.01BSON lenses (development, library, mit)2015-09-120.1.1WilliamCasarin
buchhaltung30.01Automates most of your plain text accounting data entry in ledger format. (finance, library, mit, program)2018-02-040.0.7johannesgerer
buffer30.02Simple mutable low-level buffer for IO (data, library, mit)2017-11-010.5.3NikitaVolkov
buffer-builder-aeson40.01Serialize Aeson values with Data.BufferBuilder (data, library, mit)2022-05-, afriesen
buffet10.00Assembles many Dockerfiles in one. (development, library, mit, program)2020-11-081.0.1evolutics
bug80.08Better alternatives to the "error" function (development, error-handling, library, mit)2017-04-081.0.1HerbertValerioRiedel, NikitaVolkov
bugsnag130.03Bugsnag error reporter for Haskell (library, mit, web)2022-03-311.0.0.1PatrickBrisbin
bugsnag-haskell (deprecated in favor of bugsnag, bugsnag-wai, bugsnag-yesod)140.01Bugsnag error reporter for Haskell (deprecated, library, mit, web)2022-02-
bugsnag-wai80.01WAI integration for Bugsnag error reporting for Haskell (library, mit, web)2022-03-311.0.0.1PatrickBrisbin
bugsnag-yesod90.00Yesod integration for Bugsnag error reporting for Haskell (library, mit, web)2022-03-311.0.0.1PatrickBrisbin
build112.01Build systems a la carte (algorithms, data-structures, library, mit)2018-07-061.0snowleopard
buildable30.01Typeclass for builders of linear data structures (data, library, mit)2015-03-
bulmex (deprecated)50.00Reflex infused with bulma (css) (deprecated, library, mit, web)2019-11-244.0.0
bunz30.00CLI tool to beautify JSON string. (cli, json, library, mit, program)2019-02-270.0.9sendyhalim
burrito250.01Parse and render URI templates. (library, mit, network)2023-04-
bytearray-parsing20.01Parsing of bytearray-based data (library, mit, parsing)2017-11-060.1NikitaVolkov
bytepatch30.00Patch byte-representable data in a bytestream (cli, library, mit, program)2023-02-150.4.1raehik
bytestring-delta30.01Simple, fast binary diff/patch (data, library, mit)2012-02-
bytestring-encodings40.01checks to see if a given bytestring adheres to a certain encoding (data-, library, mit)2018-08-310.2.0.2chessai
bytestring-read20.02fast ByteString to number converting library (data, library, mit)2015-06-150.3.1HirotomoMoriwaki
bytestring-rematch40.01Rematch support for ByteString (control, library, mit)2013-05-
bytestring-strict-builder750.05An efficient strict bytestring builder (builders, bytestring, library, mit, serialization, text)2022-06-
bytestring-tree-builder590.09A very efficient ByteString builder implementation based on the binary tree (bytestring, library, mit)2022-08-
c-dsl10.02A higher level DSL on top of language-c (language, library, mit)2014-05-070.3.1jozefg
c14n140.01Bindings to the c14n implementation in libxml. (library, mit, xml)2023-07-
c2hs-extra30.03Convenient marshallers for complicate C types. (development, foreign, library, mit)2017-10-
ca-patterns10.00Manipulate patterns in cellular automata, create and parse RLE files (data, library, mit, parsing, text)2022-04-
cabal-audit10.01Check how up-to-date your .cabal dependencies are. (distribution, mit, program)2013-09-
cabal-auto-expose20.00Build time library that autodetects exposed modules (bundle, distribution, library, mit, modules)2020-09-
cabal-constraints10.01Repeatable builds for cabalized Haskell projects. (development, distribution, mit, program)2013-12-
cabal-detailed-quickcheck20.00QuickCheck for Cabal tests (library, mit, testing)2022-10-
cabal-edit40.00Cabal utility (development, mit, program)2020-07-
cabal-graphdeps10.01Generate graphs of install-time Cabal dependencies (development, mit, program)2015-10-120.1.3JohnMillikin
cabal-info10.00Read information from cabal files (development, library, mit, program)2017-05-140.2.1barrucadu
cabal-mon20.01A monitor for cabal builds (development, mit, program)2016-08-121.0.2IavorDiatchki
cabal-test-quickcheck30.01QuickCheck for Cabal (library, mit, testing)2018-10-
cabal2json00.00Turn a .cabal file into a .json file (library, mit, program, unclassified)2022-05-300.0.0.0Norfair
cabalg40.01alias for cabal install from given git repo (library, mit, program, unclassified)2014-09-190.2.9DmitryMalikov
cafeteria-prelude00.01Prelude subsets—take only what you want! (library, mit, prelude)2015-02-, scottfleischman
cairo-canvas10.01Simpler drawing API for Cairo. (graphics, library, mit)2017-08-
calamity730.02A library for writing discord bots in haskell (library, mit, network, web)2023-07-
calamity-commands100.02A library for declaring, parsing, and invoking text-input based commands (library, mit, utils)2022-05-300.4.0.0nitros12
call-alloy170.00A simple library to call Alloy given a specification (language, library, mit)2023-03-
call-haskell-from-anything00.00Call Haskell functions from other languages via serialization and dynamic libraries (library, mit, network, program)2017-08-
call-plantuml180.00A simple library to call PlantUML given a diagram specification (graphics, language, library, mit)2023-05-
call-stack2520.028Use GHC call-stacks in a backward compatible way (data, library, mit)2021-05-150.4.0SimonHengel
canon80.01Arithmetic for Psychedelically Large Numbers (library, math, mit)2019-09-
canteven-http20.02Utilities for HTTP programming. (library, mit, unclassified)2017-09-, glasserc
cantor-pairing20.00Convert data to and from a natural number representation (data, library, mit)2022-05-
capataz90.01OTP-like supervision trees in Haskell (concurrency, control, library, mit)2019-05-
capnp110.00Cap'n Proto for Haskell (capnproto, data, library, mit, network, program, rpc, serialization)2023-06-
captcha-2captcha30.00A package for integrating a variety of captcha solving services. (library, mit, network)2022-01-
captcha-capmonster10.00A package for integrating a variety of captcha solving services. (library, mit, network)2022-01-
captcha-core20.02A package for integrating a variety of captcha solving services. (library, mit, network)2022-01-
caramia40.01High-level OpenGL bindings (graphics, library, mit)2015-05-
cas-hashable12.03A hashing class for content-addressed storage (control, library, mit)2020-03-091.0.1YvesPares
cas-hashable-s330.00ContentHashable instances for S3 objects (control, library, mit)2020-03-091.0.0YvesPares
cas-store32.01A content-addressed storage (control, library, mit)2020-06-011.1.0YvesPares
cased90.01Track string casing in its type (library, mit, text)2015-06-
cases220.04A converter for spinal, snake and camel cases (library, mit, text)2022-11-
casing880.025Convert between various source code casing conventions (library, mit, text)2019-09-
cassava-megaparsec470.02Megaparsec parser of CSV files that plays nicely with Cassava (csv, library, mit, parsing, text, web)2021-10-212.0.4jsl, stackbuilders, sestrella, wild_willy
casui10.01Equation Manipulator (math, mit, program)2011-06-040.3EtienneLaurin
catnplus20.01Simple tool to display text files with line numbers and paging (command-line-tool, mit, program)2017-03-
cayley-dickson10.01Complex numbers, quaternions, octonions, sedenions, etc. (algebra, library, math, mit)2015-11-300.3.1.0lmj
celtchar (deprecated)80.00A tool to build a novel (deprecated, library, mit, program, text)2018-03-
cereal-data-dword20.01Integration of "cereal" and "data-dword" (library, mit, unclassified)2018-08-110.1.1NikitaVolkov
cereal-plus (deprecated)70.02An extended serialization library on top of "cereal" (deprecated, library, mit, serialization)2016-09-030.4.2NikitaVolkov
cereal-unordered-containers70.01Integration of "cereal" and "unordered-containers" (library, mit, unclassified)2018-08-020.1NikitaVolkov
cereal-uuid20.01Integration of "cereal" and "uuid" (library, mit, unclassified)2018-08-
cf22.251Exact real arithmetic using continued fractions (library, math, mit)2015-09-030.4.2mvr
cfg92.00Type directed application configuration parsing and accessors (configuration, library, mit)2023-08-
cfn-flip30.01Haskell implementation of aws/cfn-flip (library, mit, tools)2022-11-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
chakra40.00A REST Web Api server template for building (micro)services. (library, mit, program, web)2021-11-070.1.2cackharot
chalk20.01Terminal string styling. (library, mit, system)2016-09-
chapelure40.00A diagnostics library for Haskell (library, mit, pretty-printer)2022-03-310.0.1.0hecate
char-qq10.00Quasiquoters for characters and codepoints (library, mit, quasiquotes)2019-02-
character-cases90.00Exposes subspecies types of Char. And naming cases. (library, mit, simple)2020-06-
chassis20.01Polykinded Prelude Kernel. (library, mit, prelude)2021-08-
chatwork20.00The ChatWork API in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-08-
chell260.03A simple and intuitive library for automated testing. (library, mit, testing)2023-07-, Monoid_Mary
chell-hunit30.01HUnit support for Chell (library, mit, testing)2023-07-
chell-quickcheck250.01QuickCheck support for Chell (library, mit, testing)2023-07-
chez-grater10.00Parse and scrape recipe blogs (library, mit, program, web)2022-11-290.1.2dfithian
chorale112.251A module containing basic functions that the prelude does not offer (library, mit, prelude)2017-07-080.1.8FranzBenjaminMocnik
chorale-geo02.01A module containing basic geo functions (library, mit, prelude)2016-06-050.1.2FranzBenjaminMocnik
chromatin40.00neovim package manager (library, mit, neovim, program)2018-12-300.1.1.0tek
chronologique (deprecated in favor of core-data)102.04Time to manipulate time (deprecated, library, mit, text)2020-07-
chunked-data660.012Typeclasses for dealing with various chunked data representations (data, library, mit)2018-01-150.3.1MichaelSnoyman
church10.00Automatically convert Generic instances to and from church representations (generics, library, mit)2018-11-
church-list (deprecated)20.01Removed; please see fmlist. (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-05-030.0.2JohnWiegley
churros20.00Channel/Arrow based streaming computation library. (control, data, library, mit)2022-10-
cio (deprecated)30.02A monad for concurrent IO on a thread pool (concurrency, deprecated, library, mit)2014-02-070.1.0NikitaVolkov
ciphersaber260.01Implementation of CipherSaber2 RC4 cryptography. (data, library, mit, program)2015-12-
circle20.00Circle API client for Haskell (library, mit, web)2022-11-
circlehs12.01The CircleCI REST API for Haskell (api, library, mit, web)2016-04-280.0.3dshevchenko
circular-enum32.00Make bounded enum types circular (data, library, mit)2023-05-310.1.0.0memowe
cirru-parser20.01Cirru Parser in Haskell (library, mit, text)2015-05-100.0.2jiyinyiyong
cisco-spark-api60.00DEPRECATED in favor of webex-teams-api (library, mit, program, web)2018-12-
cityhash30.02Bindings to CityHash (codec, library, mit)2012-02-
clafer120.03Compiles Clafer models to other formats: Alloy, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, Dot. (library, mit, model, program)2017-03-130.4.5mantkiew
claferIG320.01claferIG is an interactive tool that generates instances of Clafer models. (library, mit, model, program)2017-03-130.4.5mantkiew
claferwiki20.01A wiki-based IDE for literate modeling with Clafer (library, mit, wiki)2017-03-130.4.5mantkiew
clang-compilation-database30.01JSON Compilation Database Format encoding and decoding (language, library, mit)2018-03-
clanki30.01Command-line spaced-repetition software (education, mit, program)2016-10-051.2.7marcusbuffett
clarifai70.01API Client for the Clarifai API. (library, mit, network)2015-12-310.2.0.0jcanero
clash-shake200.00Shake rules for building Clash programs (hardware, library, mit, shake)2022-11-250.3.2GergoErdi
clashilator30.00Automated Clash to Verilator bridge (development, hardware, library, mit, program)2022-09-
classy-prelude970.057A typeclass-based Prelude. (control, library, mit, prelude)2023-08-, MichaelSnoyman
classy-prelude-conduit350.010classy-prelude together with conduit functions (control, library, mit, prelude)2018-10-081.5.0GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
classy-prelude-yesod420.08Provide a classy prelude including common Yesod functionality. (control, library, mit, yesod)2018-10-081.5.0GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
cless10.01Colorized LESS (mit, program, text)2015-03-
cleveland90.01Testing framework for Morley. (blockchain, library, mit)2023-07-310.4.0pasqu4le, serokell
cli-arguments20.06A library to process command line arguments in some more convenient way. (cli, library, mit)2023-01-300.7.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
cli-arguments-strict20.00A library to process command line arguments in some more convenient way. (cli, library, mit, strict)2022-01-
cli-builder00.01Simple project template from stack (library, mit, tool)2016-11-090.1.0mizunashi_mana
clickhouse-haskell22.00A Haskell library as database client for Clickhouse (database, library, mit)2021-02-
clientsession1320.031Securely store session data in a client-side cookie. (library, mit, program, web)2023-07-, MichaelSnoyman
clif30.01A Clifford algebra number type for Haskell (algebra, library, math, mit)2018-04-
clingo30.01Haskell bindings to the Clingo ASP solver (asp, ffi, library, logic-programming, mit, symbolic-computation)2017-08-
clippard20.01A simple Haskell library for copying text to the clipboard in a cross-platform way. (library, mit, system)2012-11-150.1.1AnthonyGrimes
clippings10.01A parser/generator for Kindle-format clipping files (`My Clippings.txt`), (library, mit, program, text)2015-08-270.2.0vi
clisparkline00.00Tiny library to pretty print sparklines onto the CLI (graphics, library, mit)2019-05-
clone-all10.01Clone all github repositories from a given user (development, mit, program)2014-06-
closed92.01Integers bounded by a closed interval (data, library, mit)2022-03-310.2.0.2PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
closure20.01Depth- and breadth-first set closures (library, math, mit)2013-10-
cloudi50.01Haskell CloudI API (foreign, library, mit)2023-06-212.0.6okeuday
clustering52.04High performance clustering algorithms (library, math, mit)2019-01-080.4.1kaizhang
cmd-item00.01Library to compose and reuse command line fragments (library, mit, system)2015-04-300.0.1.0geraud
cmdtheline40.07Declarative command-line option parsing and documentation library. (console, library, mit)2013-04-290.2.3EliFrey
cmf30.00(C)oncurrent (M)onoidal (F)olds (data, library, mit)2019-11-230.1chessai
codeforces-cli42.00Command line interface to interact with Codeforces. (cli, library, mit, program)2021-06-170.1.0farbodsz
coerce-util (deprecated in favor of coercible-utils)20.02utils for Data.Coerce (data, deprecated, library, mit)2018-04-
coinbase-exchange10.00Connector library for the coinbase exchange. (library, mit, program, web)2017-09-
coinbase-pro122.00Client for Coinbase Pro (finance, library, mit, program, web)2022-12-
collection-json20.01Collection+JSON—Hypermedia Type Tools (data, library, mit)2019-02-
color-counter10.01Count colors in images (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-04-
colorful-monoids100.02Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences. (library, mit, monad, text, user-interfaces)2020-06-
colour2982.0124A model for human colour/color perception (data, graphics, library, mit)2021-06-242.3.6RussellOConnor
commander-cli52.00A command line argument/option parser library (cli, library, mit, options, parsing, program, system)2023-01-
commandert20.01A monad for commanders (control, library, mit)2022-01-
commonmark-simple10.01Simple interface to commonmark-hs (library, mit, text)2022-02-
commonmark-wikilink50.01Obsidian-friendly commonmark wikilink parser (library, mit, web)2022-11-
compaREST10.00Compatibility checker for OpenAPI (library, mit, program, web)2022-03-, typeable, iko
compdoc30.02Parse a Pandoc to a composite value. (composite, library, mit, pandoc, text)2021-07-
competition10.01Helpers and runners for code competitions (code-competitions, library, mit)2014-04-
componentm100.01Monad for allocation and cleanup of application resources (library, mit, system)2018-05-
componentm-devel90.01Easy REPL driven development using ComponentM (library, mit, system)2018-05-
compose-ltr52.01More intuitive, left-to-right function composition. (data, library, mit)2017-11-210.2.4Wizek
composite-aeson-cofree-list10.01Print a Cofree [] as a JSON value. (library, mit, text)2020-09-
composite-aeson-throw10.02MonadThrow behaviour for composite-aeson. (library, mit, text)2020-09-
composite-aeson-writeonly10.02WriteOnly indicators for composite-aeson. (library, mit, text)2020-09-
composite-cassava40.01Csv parsing functionality for composite. (composite, csv, library, mit)2021-09-
composite-dhall00.00Dhall instances for composite records. (composite, data, dhall, library, mit)2022-09-
composite-lens-extra10.00Extra lens functions for composite. (composite, data, lens, library, mit)2022-09-
composite-tuple60.01Tuple functions for composite records. (composite, data-structures, library, mit)2020-09-
composite-xml20.00RecXML Type (composite, data, library, mit, xml)2022-07-
composite-xstep50.01ReaderT transformer pattern for higher kinded composite data. (data-structures, library, mit)2020-09-
compound-types42.01Sum and Product types and such (data, library, mit, type-system, types)2020-04-
concurrency520.012Typeclasses, functions, and data types for concurrency and STM. (concurrency, library, mit)2023-06-
concurrency-benchmarks10.01Benchmarks to compare concurrency APIs (benchmark, mit, program)2018-09-120.1.1harendra
concurrent-buffer20.01Concurrent expanding buffer (data, library, mit)2017-10-260.1NikitaVolkov
concurrent-rpc20.01An abstraction for inter-thread RPC based on MVars (concurrency, library, mit)2016-03-
concurrent-state30.01MTL-like library using TVars (control, library, mit)2014-01-
conduit6462.25578Streaming data processing library. (conduit, data, library, mit)2023-05-221.3.5MichaelSnoyman
conduit-algorithms132.02Conduit-based algorithms (conduit, library, mit)2022-08-
conduit-combinators730.061DEPRECATED Functionality merged into the conduit package itself (conduit, data, library, mit)2018-02-011.3.0MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
conduit-concurrent-map212.04Concurrent, order-preserving mapping Conduit (conduit, data, library, mit)2022-05-270.1.3NiklasHambuechen
conduit-extra2890.0209Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries. (conduit, data, library, mit)2022-05-101.3.6MichaelSnoyman
conduit-find20.00A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals. (library, mit, program, system)2016-07-
conduit-zstd430.04Conduit-based ZStd Compression (conduit, library, mit)2020-05-
confcrypt10.00 (library, mit, program, unclassified)2019-05-
confetti50.00A simple config file swapping tool (command-line-tools, library, mit, program)2018-12-121.0.0aviaviavi
conffmt10.01A .conf file formatter (data, mit, program)2016-08-310.2.3.0yamadapc
config-parser20.01Parse config files using parsec and generate parse errors on unhandled keys (library, mit, text)2018-01-
config-value542.55Simple, layout-based value language similar to YAML or JSON (language, library, mit)2022-08-100.8.3EricMertens
config-value-getopt30.01Interface between config-value and System.GetOpt (configuration, library, mit)2019-10-, galoisinc
configuration-tools352.05Tools for specifying and parsing configurations (configuration, console, library, mit, program)2023-06-230.7.0larsk, fosskers
congruence-relation40.01Decidable congruence relations for Haskell: up to you whether this is a joke (data, library, mit)2014-12-
conlogger30.01A logger for a concurrent program. (concurrency, library, mit, program)2015-01-
consistent50.01Eventually consistent STM transactions. (library, mit, system)2017-01-230.1.0JohnWiegley
console-style (deprecated in favor of colorful-monoids)40.02Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences. (deprecated, library, mit, monad, text, user-interfaces)2016-12-
constrained-dynamic290.01Dynamic typing with retained constraints (data, library, mit)2016-08-
constrained-monads50.01Typeclasses and instances for monads with constraints. (control, library, mit)2017-03-310.5.0.0oisdk
constraint-manip10.02Some conviencience type functions for manipulating constraints. (control, library, mit)2017-10-
constraints-emerge20.01Defer instance lookups until runtime (constraints, library, mit)2018-04-190.1.2isovector
constrictor60.02strict versions of many things in base (control, library, mit)2018-05-310.1.2.0chessai
containers-verified20.01Formally verified drop-in replacement of containers (data, library, mit)2018-06-
context270.04Thread-indexed, nested contexts (data, library, mit)2023-09-
context-http-client210.00Modify HTTP requests/responses using context (library, mit, web)2023-09-
context-resource150.00Thread-safe, pool-compatible resource provider (data, library, mit)2023-09-
context-stack20.01An abstraction of a stack and stack-based monadic context. (data, library, mit)2014-08-
context-wai-middleware90.00Add request-specific (or not!) context to your WAI applications (library, mit, web)2023-09-
continuum30.01 (library, mit, unclassified)2014-11-
continuum-client10.01 (library, mit, unclassified)2014-11-
contravariant-extras480.08Extras for the "contravariant" package (control, library, mit)2021-11-
control-invariants10.02Invariants and contract monitoring (control, library, mit)2016-10-, bandali
conversion150.09Universal converter between values of different types (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2016-04-121.2.1NikitaVolkov
conversion-bytestring100.01"Conversion" instances for the "bytestring" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2022-05-
conversion-case-insensitive30.02"Conversion" instances for the "case-insensitive" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2015-04-
conversion-text100.04"Conversion" instances for the "text" library (control, conversion, data, library, mit)2022-05-
conversions20.00Injective explicit total and partial conversions (library, mit, unclassified)2020-11-200.0.4mbj
cookie3332.067HTTP cookie parsing and rendering (library, mit, web, yesod)2023-01-040.4.6MichaelSnoyman
core-compiler20.00compile your own mini functional language with Core (compiler, language, library, mit, program)2017-08-
core-data220.05Convenience wrappers around common data structures and encodings (library, mit, system)2023-04-
core-effect-effectful30.00Interoperability with the effectful effects system (library, mit, system)2023-02-
core-program340.05Opinionated Haskell Interoperability (library, mit, system)2023-06-
core-telemetry190.02Advanced telemetry (library, mit, system)2023-06-
core-text172.06A rope type based on a finger tree over UTF-8 fragments (library, mit, system)2023-02-
core-webserver-servant110.00Interoperability with Servant (library, mit, system)2022-10-
core-webserver-warp130.01Interoperability with Wai/Warp (library, mit, system)2023-05-
couch-simple20.01A modern, lightweight, complete client for CouchDB (database, library, mit)2015-09-
countable-inflections10.01Countable Text Inflections (library, mit, text)2020-12-220.3.0tippenein
counter22.01An object frequency counter. (data, library, mit)2017-09-
courier152.02A message-passing library for simplifying network applications (distributed-computing, library, message-oriented, mit, network, program)2017-05-
coverage40.01Exhaustivity Checking Library (control, library, mit)2016-02-
cprng-aes-effect20.01Run random effect using cprng-aes, a crypto pseudo number generator. (crypto, effect, library, mit)2014-06-
cpuinfo132.02Haskell Library for Checking CPU Information (library, mit, system)2021-03-
cqrs20.02Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (data, library, mit)2015-09-170.9.1BardurArantsson
cqrs-core10.03Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-example10.01Example for cqrs package (mit, program, web)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-memory20.00Memory backend for the cqrs package. (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-postgresql00.01PostgreSQL backend for the cqrs package. (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-sqlite320.01SQLite3 backend for the cqrs package. (data, library, mit)2013-03-100.9.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-test20.01Command-Query Responsibility Segregation Test Support (data, library, mit)2013-03-100.9.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-testkit00.01Command-Query Responsibility Segregation Test Support (data, library, mit)2015-09-160.10.0BardurArantsson
cqrs-types10.05Command-Query Responsibility Segregation. Modules for the basic types. (data, library, mit)2015-09-170.9.1BardurArantsson
craftwerk00.042D graphics library with integrated TikZ output. (graphics, library, mit)2011-03-140.1MalteHarder
craftwerk-cairo00.02Cairo backend for Craftwerk. (graphics, library, mit)2011-03-140.1MalteHarder
craftwerk-gtk10.02Gtk UI for Craftwerk. (graphics, library, mit)2011-03-140.1MalteHarder
craze10.00HTTP Racing Library (library, mit, program, web)2016-08-
crc50.03Implements various Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC) (library, mit, web)2020-10-
crdt-event-fold22.01Garbage collected event folding CRDT. (crdt, library, mit)2022-10-
crem22.00Compositional representable executable machines (control, library, machines, mit, program, state-machines)2023-03-
criterion-plus10.01Enhancement of the "criterion" benchmarking library (benchmarking, library, mit)2014-12-260.1.3NikitaVolkov
criu-rpc40.01CRIU RPC client. (criu, library, mit)2017-02-070.0.2wayofthepie
criu-rpc-types20.01Criu RPC protocol buffer types. (criu, library, mit)2017-01-
cron460.06Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (library, mit, parsing, system, text)2020-03-240.7.0MichaelXavier
cron-compat (deprecated in favor of cron)30.01Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser (deprecated, library, mit, parsing, system, text)2015-06-090.2.6andrewthad
cronus (deprecated)20.00Another bloated standard library (deprecated, library, mit, prelude)2020-07-
cropty32.01Encryption and decryption (crypto, cryptography, library, mit)2021-09-
crypto-keys-ssh30.00Like crypto-pubkey-openssh but not dependent on any specific crypto library (cryptography, library, mit)2019-12-
crypto-pubkey-openssh80.03OpenSSH keys decoder/encoder (cryptography, library, mit, parsing)2015-01-210.2.7FedorGogolev
crypto-random-effect10.02A random effect using crypto-random (crypto, effect, library, mit)2014-09-
crypto-rng-effectful30.00Adaptation of the crypto-rng library for the effectful ecosystem. (crypto, library, mit)2022-07-
crypto-simple80.02A simple high level encryption interface based on cryptonite (cryptography, library, mit)2016-09-
cryptocompare100.01Haskell wrapper for the cryptocompare API (library, mit, web)2020-09-250.1.2aviaviavi
css-syntax120.07High-performance CSS tokenizer and serializer. (data, library, mit)2023-03-, alcinnz
css-text800.09CSS parser and renderer. (library, mit, web, yesod)2018-02-, MichaelSnoyman
csv602.019CSV loader and dumper (library, mit, text)2010-11-080.1.2JaapWeel
csv-table50.01Scripts for manipulating tables stored as CSV files (data, library, mit)2016-04-
ctrie130.03Non-blocking concurrent map (concurrency, data-structures, library, mit)2017-09-290.2MichaelSchroeder
cubical40.01Implementation of Univalence in Cubical Sets (dependent-types, mit, program)2014-04-270.2.0AndersMortberg
cuboid20.013D Yampa/GLUT Puzzle Game (game, mit, program)2015-05-220.14.2PedroMartins
cuckoo-filter30.00Pure and impure Cuckoo Filter (data, library, mit, program)2018-12-
curl-cookiejar20.00Parsing and pretty-printing of cURL/wget cookie jars (library, mit, web)2019-03-
curl-runnings60.00A framework for declaratively writing curl based API tests (library, mit, program, testing)2022-03-070.17.0aviaviavi
currency-codes60.03ISO-4217 Currency Codes (data, library, mit)2018-03-
current-locale00.01Get the current system locale in System.Locale format (library, mit, system)2015-03-
currycarbon160.00A package for simple, fast radiocarbon calibration (archaeoinformatics, library, mit, program)2023-09-
cursor200.03Purely Functional Cursors (editor, library, mit)2021-12-
cursor-brick130.00 (library, mit, unclassified)2021-11-
cursor-fuzzy-time90.01 (library, mit, time)2020-02-
cursor-fuzzy-time-gen20.00 (library, mit, time)2021-11-
cursor-gen90.02Generators for Purely Functional Cursors (cursor, library, mit)2021-11-
curves20.01Library for drawing curve based images. (graphics, library, mit)2015-09-
cut-the-crap60.00Cuts out uninteresting parts of videos by detecting silences. (library, mit, program, video)2020-11-052.3.1Jappie
d10442.02Digits 0-9 (data, library, mit)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
d3d11binding12.00A raw binding for the directX 11 (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-05-
damnpacket30.01Parsing dAmn messages (library, mit, network)2018-07-041.3.1JudeTaylor
danibot00.00Basic Slack bot framework. (library, mit, network, program)2016-03-
data-as00.00Simple extensible sum (data, library, mit)2020-11-
data-basic12.01A database library with a focus on ease of use, type safety and useful error messages (database, library, mit)2018-03-
data-binary-ieee754 (deprecated in favor of binary, cereal)1190.065Parser/Serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values (data, deprecated, library, mit)2013-07-070.4.4JohnMillikin
data-carousel10.02A rotating sequence data structure (data, library, mit)2014-11-
data-combinator-gen60.00Generate a special combinator from any data type. (data, library, mit)2019-05-
data-compat90.00Define Backwards Compatibility Schemes for Arbitrary Data (data, library, mit)2022-09-
data-concurrent-queue30.01A Library for directional queues (concurrency, library, mit)2014-05-300.3.0.0georgerogers42
data-elevator30.01Coerce between unlifted boxed and lifted types. (data, library, mit)2022-11-
data-embed30.01Embed files and other binary blobs inside executables without Template Haskell. (data, library, mit, program)2016-01-
data-flagset10.01An efficient data type for sets of flags (data, library, mit)2015-07-
data-forced20.00Specify that lifted values were forced to WHNF or NF. (data, library, mit)2023-04-
data-lens-light470.010Simple lenses, minimum dependencies (data, lenses, library, mit)2023-08-, srk
data-map-multikey40.01Data.Map with multiple, unique keys (data, library, mit)2015-05-
data-pdf-fieldreader30.00Read PDF form fields (data, library, mit, program)2021-08-
data-r-tree190.02R-Tree is a spatial data structure similar to Quadtrees or B-Trees. (data-structures, library, mit)2020-01-220.6.0SebastianPhilipp
data-size20.02Profiling of data structures (library, mit, testing)2014-01-
data-stringmap10.04An efficient implementation of maps from strings to arbitrary values (data-structures, library, mit)2014-02-, SebastianPhilipp
data-structure-inferrer10.01Program that infers the fastest data structure available for your program (development, mit, program)2011-12-271.0AleksanderBalicki
data-tensor10.01Tensor and Group typeclasses (data, library, mit)2015-06-
datadog221.252Datadog client for Haskell. Supports both the HTTP API and StatsD. (library, mit, network)2022-03-300.3.0.0IanDuncan, dfithian
datasets282.01Classical data sets for statistics and machine learning (data, data-mining, library, machine-learning, mit, statistics)2019-02-120.4.0glutamate, ocramz, stites
dataurl90.01Handle data-urls (library, mit, web)2015-11-
date-conversions20.01Date conversions (data, date, library, mit)2018-02-
dawdle10.00Generates DDL suggestions based on a CSV file (database, library, mit, program)2015-12-
dbcleaner90.01Clean database tables automatically around hspec tests (database, library, mit)2017-08-020.1.3jsl, sestrella, goetzc
ddc-base (deprecated in favor of ddc-core)40.014Disciplined Disciple Compiler common utilities. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-04-300.4.2.1BenLippmeier
ddc-build (deprecated)20.02Disciplined Disciple Compiler build framework. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-, amosrobinson
ddc-code (deprecated)30.01Disciplined Disciple Compiler base libraries. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-core (deprecated)50.012Disciplined Disciple Compiler core language and type checker. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-core-babel (deprecated)30.01Disciplined Disciple Compiler PHP code generator. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-core-eval (deprecated)20.03Disciplined Disciple Compiler semantic evaluator for the core language. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-310.4.1.3BenLippmeier
ddc-core-flow (deprecated)20.04Disciplined Disciple Compiler data flow compiler. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-core-llvm (deprecated)20.03Disciplined Disciple Compiler LLVM code generator. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-core-salt (deprecated)20.07Disciplined Disciple Compiler C code generator. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-core-simpl (deprecated)30.07Disciplined Disciple Compiler code transformations. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-core-tetra (deprecated)70.06Disciplined Disciple Compiler intermediate language. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-driver (deprecated)20.01Disciplined Disciple Compiler top-level driver. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-interface (deprecated)10.02Disciplined Disciple Compiler user interface support. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-310.4.1.3BenLippmeier
ddc-source-tetra (deprecated)40.03Disciplined Disciple Compiler source language. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, library, mit)2016-09-
ddc-tools (deprecated)10.01Disciplined Disciple Compiler command line tools. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2016-09-
ddc-war (deprecated)20.01Disciplined Disciple Compiler test driver and buildbot. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2014-10-310.4.1.3BenLippmeier
ddci-core (deprecated)10.01Disciple Core language interactive interpreter. (compilers-interpreters, deprecated, mit, program)2012-10-
dead-simple-json00.01Dead simple JSON parser, with some Template Haskell sugar. (json, library, mit)2013-03-260.1.2JulianFleischer
debug-time20.01Debug.Trace equivalent for timing computations (debug, library, mit)2016-01-
debug-trace-file40.00Like Debug.Trace but writing to files. (debug, library, mit)2023-06-301.0.0.1ak3n
debug-trace-var110.01You do not have to write variable names twice in Debug.Trace (debug, library, mit)2018-06-090.2.0ncaq
deburr42.01Convert Unicode characters with burrs to their ASCII counterparts. (library, mit, text)2017-08-
declarative120.01DIY Markov Chains. (library, math, mit)2021-02-230.5.4JaredTobin
decode-utf810.01Decode a UTF-8 byte stream on standard input (mit, program, text)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
deeplearning-hs10.01Deep Learning in Haskell (library, math, mit, program)2014-05-
deepseq-instances60.00Candidate NFData Instances for Types in base (control, library, mit)2020-05-
deferred-folds2260.014Abstractions over deferred folds (fold, folding, library, mit)2023-02-
dejafu632.07A library for unit-testing concurrent programs. (concurrency, library, mit)2023-06-
delude (deprecated)50.01Generalized the Prelude more functionally. (deprecated, distribution, library, mit)2016-06-
dense-int-set10.01Dense int-set (data, library, mit)2018-10-080.3NikitaVolkov
depends (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)40.01A simple configuration management tool for Haskell (deprecated, distribution, mit, program)2013-09-280.0.1SimonHengel
deque1252.08Double-ended queues (library, mit, unclassified)2021-09-070.4.4NikitaVolkov
derive-monoid00.01derive Semigroup/Monoid/IsList (derive-monoid, derive-monoid-, library, mit, program)2017-05-010.0.1sboo
derive-storable222.08Derive Storable instances with GHC.Generics. (foreign, library, mit)2022-04-
derive-storable-plugin180.06GHC core plugin supporting the derive-storable package. (foreign, library, mit)2023-05-
deriving-openapi350.00DerivingVia for OpenAPI 3 (generics, json, library, mit, openapi)2022-12-
derulo70.00Parse and render JSON simply. (json, library, mit, program)2022-08-
desktop-portal560.00Desktop Portal. (desktop, flatpak, gui, library, mit, portal, xdg)2023-09-
deterministic-game-engine62.01Simple deterministic game engine (game-engine, library, mit)2015-08-020.4.0tgolson
deunicode20.01Get rid of unicode (utf-8) symbols in Haskell sources (codec, mit, program)2010-10-150.1BenFranksen
devil20.01A small tool to make it easier to update program managed by Angel. (mit, program, system)2014-06-
dfrac10.01A package for precise decimal arithmatic using rationals. (library, math, mit)2014-08-
dgim30.01Implementation of DGIM algorithm (algorithms, data, library, mit)2015-04-040.0.3musically_ut
dhall-lsp-server330.00Language Server Protocol (LSP) server for Dhall (library, mit, program, unclassified)2023-04-191.1.3GabrielGonzalez, sjakobi
dhall-text-shell10.00Render dhall text with shell commands as function arguments (compiler, library, mit, program)2022-05-
dhall-to-cabal10.00Compile Dhall expressions to Cabal files (distribution, library, mit, program)2019-07-
dhrun10.00Dhall/YAML configurable concurrent integration test executor. (library, mit, program, tools)2019-07-251.0.1fre
di-polysemy80.04DI logger wrapped for Polysemy (library, logging, mit)2020-09-
diagrams-rubiks-cube40.01Library for drawing the Rubik's Cube. (graphics, library, mit)2017-12-
dib20.01A simple, forward build system. (development, library, mit, program)2018-01-100.7.2blajzer
diff-loc70.00Map file locations across diffs (data, library, mit)2022-12-
difference-monoid10.01 (library, mit, unclassified)2018-05-
digestive-bootstrap50.01Speed up form designing using digestive functors and bootstrap (library, mit, web)2016-11-300.3.0.0AlexanderThiemann
digestive-foundation-lucid20.01Speed up form designing using digestive functors and foundation (library, mit, web)2015-02-
digitalocean-kzs10.01digitalocean api for haskell (library, mit, web)2015-06-
dingo-core30.02Dingo is a Rich Internet Application platform based on the Warp web server. (library, mit, web)2012-02-060.2.0BardurArantsson
dingo-example10.01Dingo Example (mit, program, web)2012-02-060.2.0BardurArantsson
dingo-widgets10.01Dingo Widgets (library, mit, web)2012-02-060.2.0BardurArantsson
dirforest00.01Typed directory forest (library, mit, unclassified)2023-02-
dirtree100.00A small library for working with directories. (library, mit, system)2020-04-280.1.3kalhauge
discogs-haskell30.01Client for Discogs REST API (library, mit, web)2016-04-
discord-gateway10.01An API wrapper for Discord in Haskell (library, mit, network)2017-06-170.2.2jkoike
discord-haskell1002.52Write bots for Discord in Haskell (library, mit, network, program)2023-09-131.16.0Aquarial, yutotakano, annwan, BenjaminMcRae
discord-haskell-voice32.00Voice support for discord-haskell. (discord, library, mit, network, program, udp)2022-07-032.3.1yutotakano
discord-hs21.51An API wrapper for Discord in Haskell (library, mit, network)2017-06-170.4.2jkoike
discord-rest20.01An API wrapper for Discord in Haskell (library, mit, network)2017-06-170.2.2jkoike
discord-types20.03Type information for discord-hs (library, mit, network)2017-06-170.2.2jkoike
discount80.01Haskell bindings to the discount Markdown library. (library, mit, text)2012-10-120.1.1PatrickHurst
disjoint-set-stateful10.01Monadic disjoint set (data, library, mit)2017-04-
diskhash22.01Disk-based hash table (data, library, mit)2019-11-
distance20.01Useful distance datatype and functions (library, mit, web)2017-01-
distance-of-time30.01Generate readable distances between times. (library, mit, time)2017-02-
djembe10.01Hit drums with haskell (library, mit, sound)2016-01-
dobutok (deprecated in favor of dobutokO)20.00Creates the time intervals for CLI changing messages on the screen. (cli, deprecated, library, mit)2020-02-
dobutokO20.00The library is intended to print updated messages on the terminal screen. (cli, library, mit)2020-05-
dobutokO-effects40.00A library to deal with SoX effects and possibilities (library, mit, music, sound, sox)2022-08-
dobutokO-frequency20.01Helps to create experimental music. Working with frequencies and types. (library, mit, sound, sox)2022-08-
dobutokO-poetry10.00Helps to order the 7 or less Ukrainian words to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (Ukrainian, game, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages, poetry, program, uniqueness)2020-09-
dobutokO-poetry-general20.02Helps to order the 7 or less words (first of all the Ukrainian ones) to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (game, language, library, mit)2020-08-
dobutokO-poetry-general-languages00.00Helps to order the 7 or less words to obtain somewhat suitable for poetry or music text (game, language, library, mit, uniqueness, uniquenessPeriods)2020-08-
dobutokO260.02Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, program, rhythm, sound, sox, timbre, tonality)2020-08-
dobutokO300.00Helps to create more complex experimental music from a file (especially timbre). (library, mit, music, rhythm, sound, sox, timbre)2020-08-
dobutokO420.00Helps to create experimental music. Uses SoX inside. (algorithmic-composition, library, mit, sound, sox)2020-08-
dockercook20.01A build tool for multiple docker image layers (development, library, mit, program)2016-09-
dockerfile140.01A Haskell DSL for generating Dockerfiles (data, library, mit)2018-09-140.2.0ChristopherReichert
docopt412.256A command-line interface parser that will make you smile (console, library, mit)2021-09-, fullstackgjj
docrecords10.01Vinyl-based records with hierarchical field names, default values and documentation (cli, data, json, library, mit, options, parsing, records)2019-10-
docstrings10.01Docstrings for documentation in the repl (documentation, library, mit)2017-11-
doctest4382.7514Test interactive Haskell examples (library, mit, program, testing)2023-09-050.22.1AndreasAbel, KazuYamamoto, SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, jkarni, ryanglscott, quasicomputational
doctest-lib240.01Parts of doctest exposed as library (library, mit, testing)2020-09-220.1HenningThielemann
doctest-parallel820.00Test interactive Haskell examples (library, mit, testing)2023-03-, martijnbastiaan
doctest-prop (deprecated in favor of doctest)31.751Allow QuickCheck-style property testing within doctest. (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2015-05-
docvim70.00Documentation generator for Vim plug-ins (development, library, mit, program)2016-06-
doi20.01Automatic Bibtex and fulltext of scientific articles (database, library, mit, program)2017-01-220.0.2johannesgerer
dom-parser40.01Simple monadic DOM parser (library, mit, xml)2018-03-203.1.0AlekseyUymanov, mniip, typeable
domain110.01Codegen helping you define domain models (library, mit, unclassified)2022-11-
domain-aeson100.00Integration of domain with aeson (library, mit, unclassified)2023-04-
domain-cereal80.00Integration of domain with cereal (library, mit, unclassified)2022-02-160.1NikitaVolkov
domain-core100.04Low-level API of "domain" (library, mit, unclassified)2022-11-
domain-optics110.01Integration of domain with optics (library, mit, unclassified)2022-03-
dotenv740.05Loads environment variables from dotenv files (configuration, library, mit, program)2023-07-, jpvillaisaza, stackbuilders, sestrella, camm, dbalseiro
doublezip10.01Some special functions to work with lists (with zip). (data, library, mit)2021-02-
doublify-toolkit10.01Doublify API toolkit for Haskell (api, library, mit)2017-04-030.0.1fdhadzh
downhill22.00Reverse mode automatic differentiation (library, math, mit)2023-03-
dozens20.01dozens api library (library, mit, web)2015-06-120.1.1HirotomoMoriwaki
dpor (deprecated in favor of dejafu)50.02A generic implementation of dynamic partial-order reduction (DPOR) for testing arbitrary models of concurrency. (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2016-06-
dresdner-verkehrsbetriebe00.01Library and program for querying DVB (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG) (library, mit, network, program)2016-11-301.0.0meoblast001
drifter170.03Simple schema management for arbitrary databases. (database, library, mit)2021-01-260.3.0MichaelXavier, andrewrademacher
drifter-postgresql120.01PostgreSQL support for the drifter schema migration tool (database, library, mit)2017-12-250.2.1MichaelXavier
driving-classes-plugin50.00Deriving without spelling out "deriving" (development, library, mit)2022-09-
drone00.00 (library, mit, unclassified)2020-03-281.1.0matsubara0507
dropbox (deprecated)100.00Dropbox API client (api, deprecated, library, mit, program)2020-10-230.0.4
dropbox-sdk30.01A library to access the Dropbox HTTP API. (library, mit, network-apis)2012-07-300.3.1KannanGoundan
ds-kanren00.01A subset of the miniKanren language (language, library, mit)2014-10-
dsc30.01Helper functions for setting up Double Submit Cookie defense for forms (library, mit, web)2017-03-210.2.0qoelet
dson-parsec10.01DSON parser. (data, library, mit)2014-06-
dsv10.00DSV (delimiter-separated values) (csv, library, mit, pipes, text)2022-03-, Monoid_Mary
dtw50.01(Fast) Dynamic Time Warping (algorithms, data-mining, library, machine-learning, mit)2016-07-
dual-game02.01Network multiplayer 2D shooting game (game, mit, program)2018-03-300.1.0.1fgaz
dump42.01Dumps the names and values of expressions to ease debugging. (development, library, mit, quasiquotes)2015-07-240.2.8Wizek
duplo (deprecated)90.01Frontend development build tool (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-02-241.8.1kenhkan
dvault00.00Dead simple password manager (mit, program, unclassified)2019-05-
dywapitchtrack10.01Bindings to the dywapitchtrack pitch tracking library (library, mit, sound)2015-10-
earclipper02.01Ear Clipping Triangulation (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-02-
easy-api60.01Utility code for building HTTP API bindings more quickly. (library, mit, web)2013-11-
easyjson10.01Haskell JSON library with an emphasis on simplicity, minimal dependencies, and ease of use. (library, mit, text)2014-08-
easyplot80.02A tiny plotting library, utilizes gnuplot for plotting. (graphics, library, math, mit, plotting)2013-03-261.0JulianFleischer
easytest30.02Simple, expressive testing library (library, mit, testing)2019-03-060.3joelb
ebird-api42.00A Haskell description of the eBird API (library, mit, web)2023-07-310.1.0.0FinleyMcIlwaine
ebird-cli32.00A command-line utility for interacting with the eBird API. (library, mit, program, web)2023-07-310.1.0.0FinleyMcIlwaine
ebird-client52.00Client functions for querying the eBird API. (library, mit, web)2023-07-310.1.0.0FinleyMcIlwaine
ebnf-bff10.00Parser combinators & EBNF, BFFs! (ebnf, library, metalanguage, mit, parsing, program, text)2015-09-
ecta-plugin22.00Hole-Fit Synthesis using ECTAs (compiler-plugin, library, mit)2022-09-
ed255191560.04Ed25519 cryptographic signatures (cryptography, mit)2015-10-, HerbertValerioRiedel
edges00.01Tools for efficient immutable graphs (graphs, library, mit)2018-08-310.11.0.3NikitaVolkov
edis10.01Statically typechecked client for Redis (database, library, mit)2015-12-
edits10.00show the differences between 2 pieces of Text using the Levenshtein distance (data, library, mit)2022-09-
effect-handlers50.01A library for writing extensible algebraic effects and handlers. Similar to extensible-effects but with deep handlers. (control, library, mit)2016-04-, blambda
egison792.02Programming language with non-linear pattern-matching against non-free data (compilers-interpreters, library, mit, program)2021-12-184.1.3SatoshiEgi, momohatt
egison-quote00.01A quasi quotes for using Egison expression in Haskell code (language, library, mit)2012-09-070.2TakuyaKuwahara
egison-tutorial30.01A tutorial program for the Egison programming language (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2021-12-184.1.3SatoshiEgi, momohatt
ehlo10.00Minimalistic SMTP client for Haskell (library, mit, network)2022-07-
ehs10.01Embedded haskell template using quasiquotes. (language, library, mit, template, text)2015-03-150.7.0minpou
ejdb2-binding10.00Binding to EJDB2 C library, an embedded JSON noSQL database (database, library, mit)2021-04-
ekg-prometheus-adapter20.02Easily expose your EKG metrics to Prometheus (library, mit, web)2018-11-, MikolajKonarski
elliptic-curve50.05Elliptic curve library (cryptography, library, mit)2019-09-270.3.0sdiehl
elm-export-persistent50.01elm-export persistent entities (data, database, library, mit, web)2021-01-091.0.0WilliamCasarin
elm-init62.01Set up basic structure for an elm project (development, mit, program)2016-09-101.0.5justus
elsa40.00A tiny language for understanding the lambda-calculus (language, library, mit, program)2022-09-
enclosed-exceptions942.023Catching all exceptions from within an enclosed computation (control, library, mit)2018-07-111.0.3MichaelSnoyman, jcristovao
encode-string20.01Safe string conversion and encoding (data, library, mit, string, text)2017-03-
engine-io-growler30.01 (library, mit, web)2015-04-
entangle10.00An application (and library) to convert quipper circuits into Qpmc models. (library, mit, program, unclassified)2017-01-060.1.1miniBill
enumerate10.01enumerate all the values in a finite type (automatically) (data, library, mit, program)2017-05-020.2.2sboo
enumerator (deprecated)80.098Reliable, high-performance processing with left-fold enumerators (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)2013-10-130.4.20JohnMillikin
enumerator-fd00.01Enumerator instances for monads-fd classes (enumerator, library, mit)2011-11-
enumerator-tf10.01Enumerator instances for monads-tf classes (enumerator, library, mit)2011-12-300.1.1JohnMillikin
env-extra12.00Safe helpers for accessing and modifying environment variables (library, mit, system)2020-01-
env-guard260.00Conditionally running IO actions based on environment variables. (environment, library, mit, system)2022-07-010.2tbidne
env-parser10.01Pull configuration information from the ENV (library, mit, system)2014-01-
envstatus50.00Display efficiently the state of the local environment (development, library, mit, program)2018-10-281.0.2gbataille
epi-sim30.00A library for simulating epidemics as birth-death processes. (library, mit, simulation)2021-07-190.7.0AlexanderZarebski
errata110.02Source code error pretty printing (library, mit, pretty-printer, program)2023-07-
error132.01The canonical error type (data, error-handling, library, mit)2022-10-
error-list00.02A useful type for collecting error messages. (control, library, mit)2015-06-
error-loc00.01An error replacement with call-site metadata. (library, mit, utils)2013-10-
error-util30.02Set of utils and operators for error handling (error-handling, library, mit)2017-08-, PiotrMlodawski, iamrecursion
errorcall-eq-instance (deprecated in favor of base-orphans)170.02An orphan Eq instance for ErrorCall (control, deprecated, library, mit)2015-04-220.3.0SimonHengel
escaped30.00Produce Text with terminal escape sequences (library, mit, program, text)2018-11-
escoger10.00Terminal fuzzy selector (library, mit, program, tools)2018-03-
esqueleto-textsearch30.00PostgreSQL full text search for Esqueleto (database, library, mit)2023-08-, jgt
ess20.01The type-level S combinator in Haskell. (data, library, mit)2015-04-
etc110.02Declarative configuration spec for Haskell projects (configuration, library, mit, system)2018-08-
eternity20.01Native event-sourcing database (database, eventsourcing, library, mit, streaming)2018-08-200.1.3NikitaVolkov, effectfully, vlastachu, OShev
eternity-timestamped190.01Automatic timestamping for Eternity (database, eternity, event-sourcing, library, mit, streaming)2018-08-200.4.1NikitaVolkov, effectfully, vlastachu, OShev
eths-rlp10.01Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding (contracts, data, ethereum, finance, library, mit, network)2016-12-
euler10.01Mathematics utilities for Haskell (library, math, mit)2020-05-250.10.1decomputed, luisonthekeyboard
eveff10.00Efficient effect handlers based on evidence translation. (control, effect, library, mit)2021-07-
eventful-core52.06Core module for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)2017-07-310.2.0jdreaver
eventful-dynamodb30.01Library for eventful DynamoDB event stores (aws, database, eventsourcing, library, mit)2017-07-310.2.0jdreaver
eventful-memory62.01In-memory implementations for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)2017-07-310.2.0jdreaver
eventful-postgresql42.01Postgres implementations for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit, postgresql)2017-07-310.2.0jdreaver
eventful-sql-common82.02Common library for SQL event stores (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)2017-07-310.2.0jdreaver
eventful-sqlite30.01SQLite implementations for eventful (database, eventsourcing, library, mit, sqlite)2017-07-310.2.0jdreaver
eventful-test-helpers40.01Common module used for eventful tests (database, eventsourcing, library, mit)2017-07-310.2.0jdreaver
eventsourced10.00Server-Sent Events the UNIX way (library, mit, network, program)2016-05-
evm-opcodes72.00Opcode types for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) (ethereum, finance, library, mit, network)2022-09-130.1.2sshine
evoke20.00A GHC plugin to derive instances. (library, mit, plugin)2023-01-260.2023.1.26fozworth
exact-pi650.04Exact rational multiples of pi (and integer powers of pi) (data, library, mit)2022-04-, Bodigrim
exact-real82.252Exact real arithmetic (library, math, mit)2021-12-, expipiplus1
execs00.00Tool to run stack exec prj-exe more easy (library, mit, program, utils)2016-08-
executable-hash90.01Provides the SHA1 hash of the program executable (library, mit, program, system)2017-01-, MichaelSnoyman
executor70.01Shell helpers (distribution, library, mit)2017-08-270.0.4gianlucaguarini
exiftool20.00Haskell bindings to ExifTool (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-
existential30.01Existential types with lens-like accessors. (data, library, mit)2016-10-, bandali
exotic-list-monads140.00Non-standard monads on lists and non-empty lists (library, list, mit, monads)2023-08-301.1.0maciejpirog
exp-cache00.00 (library, mit, program, unclassified)2018-10-
expat-enumerator (deprecated)50.01Enumerator-based API for Expat (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2010-12-
expiring-containers180.01Expiring containers (containers, library, mit, time)2018-11-, effectfully, vlastachu, OShev
explain10.01Show how expressions are parsed (language, mit, program)2014-01-
extensible-effects222.2512An Alternative to Monad Transformers (control, effect, library, mit)2019-01-, SvenHeyll, shergill, sickmind
extensible-sp22.01light-weight, extensible sums and products over types and kinds (data, library, mit)2017-04-
extensioneer50.00Inspect extensions in cabal and hpack files (cli, mit, program)2022-04-
extract-dependencies30.01Given a hackage package outputs the list of its dependencies. (development, library, mit, program)2016-05-310.2.0.1yamadapc
ez-couch (deprecated)20.01A high level static library for working with CouchDB (couchdb, database, deprecated, library, mit)2014-04-170.7.0NikitaVolkov
f-algebra-gen10.00Generate a special f-algebra combinator from any data type. (data, library, mit)2019-07-
factor40.00Factoring integers and polynomials (library, mit, number-theory, program)2022-06-151.6JoeHurd
fakedata-quickcheck110.00Fake a -> Gen a (fake, fakedata, library, mit, random)2021-06-220.2.0psibi, Jappie
faker50.01Pure Haskell library for generating fake data (library, mit, testing)2015-01-
faktory230.00Faktory Worker for Haskell (library, mit, network, program)2023-07-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
fast-myers-diff50.00A fast implementation of the Myers diff algorithm. (library, mit, testing)2023-08-120.0.0Norfair
fast-nats10.01Natural Numbers with no overhead (data, library, mit)2016-12-
fastbayes00.01Bayesian modeling algorithms accelerated for particular model structures (library, mit, statistics)2014-08-
fastedit10.01find nearest neighbours by edit-distance (library, mit, text)2015-02-
fay-text40.06Fay Text type represented as JavaScript strings (data, fay, library, mit, text)2015-02-
fcd10.01A faster way to navigate directories using the command line. (library, mit, program, utility)2014-10-
fcf-base00.00Family-of-families instances for base (library, mit, other)2023-01-
fcf-composite50.00Type-level computation for composite using first-class-families. (composite, library, mit, types)2021-08-
fcf-family90.02Family of families: featherweight defunctionalization (library, mit, other)2023-01-
fcf-graphs10.01Type-level version of algebraic-graphs. (algebra, graphs, library, mit, types)2021-09-
feature-flags90.01A simple library for dynamically enabling and disabling functionality. (control, library, mit)2015-04-
feature-flipper00.01A minimally obtrusive feature flag library (library, mit, web)2017-08-
feature-flipper-postgres10.01A minimally obtrusive feature flag library (library, mit, web)2017-08-
feed-crawl10.01Utility for fetching feeds with redirect info and HTML link detection (library, mit, text)2015-03-
fen2s10.01Converting a chess position from FEN notation to text (game, library, mit, program)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
festung20.00Remote multi-db SQLCipher server (concurrency, library, mit, program)2018-06-
ficketed10.01update statically hosted file in a push stule through socketed (mit, program, web)2017-04-
file-command-qq20.01Quasiquoter for system commands involving filepaths (library, mit, system)2015-02-
file-modules110.01Takes a Haskell source-code file and outputs its modules. (development, library, mit, program)2016-08-
file-path-th100.00Template Haskell utilities for filepaths. (library, mit, system)2020-04-
filesystem-conduit (deprecated in favor of conduit-combinators)40.04Use system-filepath data types with conduits. (deprecated) (conduit, data, deprecated, library, mit)2014-03-
filesystem-enumerator (deprecated)40.01Enumerator-based API for manipulating the filesystem. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, system)2012-04-090.1.1JohnMillikin
filter-logger90.00Filterable request logging wai middleware. Change how data is logged and when. (library, mit, program, web)2017-07-
filters-basic10.01Allows to change the structure of the function output. (RealFrac, data, filters, library, mit)2023-01-310.2.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
final-pretty-printer10.01Extensible pretty printing with semantic annotations and proportional fonts (library, mit, text)2017-05-, dchristiansen
find-conduit (deprecated in favor of pipes-files, conduit-find)20.01A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals. (deprecated, library, mit, program, system)2015-07-110.4.4JohnWiegley
find-source-files10.01Initial project template from stack (library, mit, test)2016-12-
finite30.00Finite ranges via types (library, mit, types)2021-01-
first-class-families680.025First-class type families (library, mit, other)2021-03-
fix-whitespace360.00Fixes whitespace issues. (library, mit, program, text)2023-08-070.1AndreasAbel, AndresSicardRamirez, NilsAndersDanielsson, UlfNorell, LTChen
fixed-point (deprecated)20.03Binary fixed-point arithmetic (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-point-vector (deprecated)20.01Unbox instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-point-vector-space (deprecated)30.01vector-space instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)2011-08-
fixed-timestep10.00Pure Haskell library to repeat an action at a specific frequency. (library, mit, time)2019-03-
fixedwidth-hs20.01Quick parsing of fixed-width data formats. (library, mit, program, text)2015-05-
flag40.01A simple flag type. (data, library, mit)2023-04-
flag-dhall-instance40.00FromDhall and ToDhall instances for flag. (data, dhall, library, mit)2023-04-
flamethrower100.01A template engine for HTML (html, library, mit, text, web)2014-12-
flashblast00.00Generate language learning flashcards from video. (library, mit, program, unclassified)2020-11-
flat-mcmc70.01Painless general-purpose sampling. (library, math, mit)2020-10-111.5.2JaredTobin
flatparse830.06High-performance parsing from strict bytestrings (library, mit, parsing)2023-07-
flexible-numeric-parsers20.00Flexible numeric parsers for real-world programming languages. (library, mit, parsing)2021-08-
flexible-time10.01simple extension of Data.UnixTime. (data, library, mit)2015-02-
flip-cmd10.01e.g. `flip systemctl foo.service start` does `systemctl start foo.service` (mit, program, simple)2018-02-
flow542.510Write more understandable Haskell. (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2023-03-
flow-er20.01More directional operators (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2016-06-131.0.3expede
flowdock40.01Flowdock client library for Haskell (library, mit, web)2015-06-
flowdock-api00.01API integration with Flowdock. (library, mit, network, program)2013-11-
flp20.00A layout spec language for memory managers implemented in Rust. (compiler, library, mit, program)2020-01-
fltkhs82.03FLTK bindings (graphics, gui, library, mit, program, ui, user-interfaces)2020-02-
fltkhs-demos (deprecated)10.01FLTKHS demos. Please scroll to the bottom for more information. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-
fltkhs-fluid-demos (deprecated)10.01Fltkhs Fluid Demos (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-02-
fltkhs-fluid-examples (deprecated in favor of fltkhs-fluid-demos)20.01Fltkhs Fluid Examples (deprecated, graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-
fltkhs-hello-world10.01Fltkhs template project (graphics, mit, program, ui)2016-01-
fluidsynth10.01Haskell bindings to FluidSynth (library, mit, sound)2013-01-
focus2182.017A general abstraction for manipulating elements of container data structures (containers, data, library, mit)2023-03-
foldable-ix20.07Functions to find out the indices of the elements in the Foldable structures (data, library, mit)2023-01-
foldl-exceptions12.00Exception handling with FoldM (control, library, mit)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
foldl-incremental22.01incremental folds (control, library, mit, statistics)2015-02-
folds-common10.01A playground of common folds for folds (data, library, mit)2014-12-300.2.0.0jozefg
foma20.01Simple Haskell bindings for Foma. (language, library, mit)2021-01-
fontconfig-pure40.01Pure-functional language bindings to FontConfig (library, mit, program, text)2023-03-
formal20.01A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)2012-11-120.1.0AndrewStein
format10.01Rendering from and scanning to format strings (library, mit, text)2012-05-
format-numbers190.02Various number formatting functions (library, mit, web)2020-02-
format-status00.01A utility for writing the date to dzen2. (mit, program, unclassified)2014-06-
forml30.01A statically typed, functional programming language (compiler, mit, program)2013-01-140.2AndrewStein
formura00.00Formura is a simple language to describe stencil computation. (language, library, mit, program)2015-12-041.0TakayukiMuranushi
fortytwo220.01Interactive terminal prompt (library, mit, prompt)2023-08-262.0.0gianlucaguarini
fpe60.00Format-preserving encryption. (cryptography, library, mit)2023-07-240.1.2galen
fractionizer110.00Allows to approximate the fractional numbers in the range [0.005, 1] with sum of 2 or 3 unit fractions of special types. (language, library, math, mit, music, sound)2023-05-
freckle-app320.00Haskell application toolkit used at Freckle (library, mit, utils)2023-09-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
freddy00.01RabbitMQ Messaging API supporting request-response (library, mit, network)2016-10-
free-concurrent10.01Free monads suitable for concurrent computation (concurrency, library, mit)2015-11-
free-http20.01An HTTP Client based on Free Monads. (library, mit, network)2015-12-300.2.0aaronlevin
freer-simple-catching10.01Checked runtime exceptions with freer-simple (control, library, mit)2018-11-
freer-simple-http10.01Make HTTP requests with freer-simple! (control, http, library, mit, web)2018-11-
freer-simple-profiling20.01Automatic profling of freer-simple programs (benchmarking, control, library, mit, profiling)2018-11-
freer-simple-random10.01Random number generators using freer-simple (control, library, mit, random)2018-11-
freer-simple-time10.01freer-simple interface to IO based time functions (control, library, mit, time)2018-11-
fregel20.00A functional DSL for vertex-centric large-scale graph processing (language, mit, program)2023-07-201.2.0KentoEmoto
freq50.00Are you ready to get freaky? (data, library, mit, text)2019-04-290.1.1chessai
fresh20.01Introduce fresh variables into Haskell source code (language, library, mit)2012-01-030.1.1DavidLazar
from-env120.00Provides a generic way to construct values from environment variables. (configuration, library, mit)2023-08-
fromhtml50.00Simple adapter for transformation of HTML to other formats (library, mit, program, text)2020-01-141.0.4MarekSuchanek
frontmatter300.04Parses frontmatter as used in Jekyll markdown files. (data, library, mit)2015-12-
fsh-csv30.01csv parser for fsh (distribution, library, mit)2017-04-
fsnotify-conduit50.01Get filesystem notifications as a stream of events (conduit, data, library, mit)2018-06-
fsutils20.01File system utilities for Haskell that are missing from built in libraries. (library, mit, system)2012-11-060.1.2AnthonyGrimes
funcons-intgen10.00Generate Funcons interpreters from CBS description files (compilers, mit, program)2018-11-
funcons-simple00.01A modular interpreter for executing SIMPLE funcons (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2018-12-
funcons-tools82.00A modular interpreter for executing funcons (compilers-interpreters, library, mit, program)2023-04-
funcons-values40.01Library providing values and operations on values in a fixed universe. (compilers-interpreters, library, mit)2021-06-
functor-infix32.05Infix operators for mapping over compositions of functors. Lots of them. (data, library, mit)2017-04-230.0.5vi
funflow82.02Workflows with arrows (control, library, mit, program)2020-03-091.6.0nclarke
funnyprint20.01funnyPrint function to colorize GHCi output. (library, mit, text)2016-06-060.0.5netsu
futures30.01Simple and fast implementation of Future (concurrency, futures, library, mit)2018-08-140.1NikitaVolkov
fuzzy1070.05Filters a list based on a fuzzy string search. (library, mit, text)2021-09-
fuzzy-parse10.00Tools for processing unstructured text data (library, mit, parsing, text)2020-07-
fuzzy-time170.03 (library, mit, time)2022-09-
fuzzy-time-gen10.01 (library, mit, time)2022-09-
fuzzy-timings10.01Translates high-level definitions of "fuzzily" scheduled objects (e.g. play this commercial 10 times per hour between 9:00-13:00) to a list of accurately scheduled objects using glpk-hs. (library, mit, scheduling)2014-04-010.0.1TeroLaitinen
fuzzyfind80.00Fuzzy text matching (library, mit, program, text)2023-05-203.0.1runar
fx00.01Horizontally composable effects (library, mit, unclassified)2018-01-280.10.1NikitaVolkov
g-npm10.01Generate Gentoo ebuilds from NodeJS/npm packages. (mit, program, tools)2013-08-010.1.0JesusRivero
g4ip00.01A theorem prover for propositional logic that uses G4ip (library, logic, mit)2017-03-
g4ip-prover00.01Theorem prover for intuitionistic propositional logic using G4ip (library, logic, mit, program)2018-12-
galois-fft10.01FFTs over finite fields (cryptography, library, mit)2019-11-270.1.0sdiehl
galois-field80.07Galois field library (cryptography, library, mit)2020-04-131.0.2sdiehl
game-of-life10.01Conway's Game of Life (mit, program, unclassified)2016-10-
gdax30.00API Wrapping for Coinbase's GDAX exchange. (library, mit, program, web)2017-10-
gelatin20.04A graphics description language. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-11-
gelatin-gl00.02OpenGL rendering routines for the gelatin-picture graphics EDSL. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-10-
gelatin-sdl200.00An SDL2 backend for the gelatin renderer. (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-10-300.1.1.0SchellScivally
genders10.01Bindings to libgenders. (database, library, mit)2015-07-
general-games90.01Library supporting simulation of a number of games (game, library, mit, poker)2018-02-111.1.1cgorski
generic-arbitrary1312.06Generic implementation for QuickCheck's Arbitrary (generic, library, mit)2022-08-241.0.1AlekseyUymanov, mniip, typeable, iko
generic-church02.01Automatically convert Generic instances to and from church representations (generics, library, mit)2014-09-
generic-data2242.014Deriving instances with GHC.Generics and related utilities (generics, library, mit)2023-03-
generic-data-functions80.00Familiar functions lifted to generic data types (data, library, mit, serialization)2023-08-040.2.0raehik
generic-data-surgery110.01Surgery for generic data types (library, mit, other)2020-06-
generic-enum10.01An Enum class that fixes some deficiences with Prelude's Enum (library, mit, unclassified)2017-03-
generic-enumeration52.00Generically derived enumerations. (library, mit, unclassified)2021-07-
generic-env30.00Generic Environment Generator (development, library, mit)2019-04-300.1.1.0yigitozkavci
generic-functor100.00Deriving generalized functors with GHC.Generics (generics, library, mit)2022-10-
generic-lucid-scaffold (deprecated in favor of webpage)20.01General-purpose web page scaffold for Lucid. (deprecated, library, mit, unclassified)2014-12-090.0.1athanclark
generic-match00.00First class pattern matching (data, library, mit)2021-08-
generic-pretty10.01Pretty printing for Generic value (library, mit, text)2015-04-050.1.0HideyukiTanaka
generic-random1902.258Generic random generators for QuickCheck (generics, library, mit, testing)2021-11-
generics-mrsop32.03Generic Programming with Mutually Recursive Sums of Products. (generics, library, mit)2019-10-142.3.0vcmiraldo
genvalidity1190.041Testing utilities for the validity library (library, mit, testing)2022-08-301.1.0.0Norfair
genvalidity-aeson130.01GenValidity support for aeson (library, mit, testing)2022-04-
genvalidity-appendful70.00 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-11-
genvalidity-bytestring170.02GenValidity support for ByteString (library, mit, testing)2022-08-301.0.0.1Norfair
genvalidity-case-insensitive90.00GenValidity support for case-insensitive (library, mit, testing)2022-08-300.0.0.1Norfair
genvalidity-containers200.07GenValidity support for containers (library, mit, testing)2022-08-301.0.0.1Norfair
genvalidity-criterion120.00Criterion benchmarks for generators (library, mit, validity)2022-08-301.1.0.0Norfair
genvalidity-dirforest00.00Generators for typed directory forests (library, mit, unclassified)2023-02-
genvalidity-hspec290.08Standard spec's for GenValidity instances (library, mit, testing)2022-09-
genvalidity-hspec-aeson120.02Standard spec's for aeson-related instances (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-hspec-binary100.01Standard spec's for binary-related Instances (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-hspec-cereal80.01Standard spec's for cereal-related instances (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-hspec-hashable90.01Standard spec's for Hashable instances (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-hspec-optics80.01Standard spec's for lens (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-hspec-persistent60.00Standard spec's for persistent-related instances (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-mergeful90.00 (library, mit, unclassified)2021-11-
genvalidity-mergeless100.01 (library, mit, unclassified)2021-11-
genvalidity-network-uri10.00GenValidity support for URI (library, mit, testing)2022-07-
genvalidity-path140.02GenValidity support for Path (library, mit, testing)2022-08-301.0.0.1Norfair
genvalidity-persistent90.00GenValidity support for Persistent (library, mit, testing)2022-08-301.0.0.1Norfair
genvalidity-property240.03Standard properties for functions on `Validity` types (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-scientific210.01GenValidity support for Scientific (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-sydtest80.04Standard properties for functions on `Validity` types for the sydtest framework (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-sydtest-aeson70.00Standard spec's for aeson-related instances in sydtest (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-sydtest-hashable70.00Standard spec's for Hashable instances for sydtest (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-sydtest-lens60.00Standard spec's for lens for sydtest (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-sydtest-persistent40.00Standard spec's for persistent-related instances for sydtest (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-text190.04GenValidity support for Text (library, mit, testing)2022-03-
genvalidity-time180.06GenValidity support for time (library, mit, testing)2022-08-301.0.0.1Norfair
genvalidity-typed-uuid190.00Generators for Phantom-Typed version of UUID (data, library, mit)2021-11-
genvalidity-unordered-containers130.01GenValidity support for unordered-containers (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
genvalidity-uuid180.02GenValidity support for UUID (library, mit, testing)2022-08-301.0.0.1Norfair
genvalidity-vector120.01GenValidity support for vector (library, mit, testing)2021-11-
geo-resolver10.01Performs geo location lookups and parses the results (library, mit, web)2015-10-
geos70.01Bindings for GEOS. (geometry, library, mit)2021-09-050.5.0petefrance
getflag00.01Command-line parser. (library, mit, parsing)2010-05-221.0TroelsHenriksen
ghc-core-smallstep20.01A small-step semantics for Core (language, library, mit)2018-04-
ghc-justdoit00.01A magic typeclass that just does it (language, library, mit)2022-08-
ghc-options00.01Utilities for extracting GHC options needed to compile a given Haskell target. (language, library, mit, program)2015-12-
ghc-parser340.02Haskell source parser from GHC. (language, library, mit)2023-07-, VaibhavSagar
ghc-prof-flamegraph230.01Generates flamegraphs from GHC .prof files. (mit, program, testing)2021-08-
ghc-proofs10.01GHC plugin to prove program equations by simplification (compiler-plugin, formal-methods, library, mit)2017-09-050.1.1JoachimBreitner
ghc-session30.00Simplified GHC API (language, library, mit, program)2016-02-, PiotrMlodawski, iamrecursion
ghc-simple30.01Simplified interface to the GHC API. (development, library, mit)2016-06-300.4AntonEkblad
ghci-lib00.02A library for interactively evaluating Haskell code. (language, library, mit)2014-02-
ghci-pretty10.02colored pretty-printing within ghci (development, library, mit)2014-11-130.0.2larsk, kindaro
ghcjs-ajax10.01Crossbrowser AJAX Bindings for GHCJS (library, mit, web)2016-07-
ghcjs-base72.047base library for GHCJS (mit, web)2022-04-, LuiteStegeman
ghcjs-codemirror100.02Installs CodeMirror JavaScript files (library, mit, web)2018-07-
ghcjs-dom232.2523DOM library that supports both GHCJS and GHC (library, mit, web)2021-12-
ghcjs-dom-hello180.01GHCJS DOM Hello World, an example package (library, mit, program, web)2017-06-
ghcjs-dom-jsaddle170.01DOM library that supports both GHCJS and GHC using jsaddle (library, mit, web)2021-12-
ghcjs-dom-jsffi60.02DOM library using JSFFI and GHCJS (mit, web)2021-12-
ghcjs-dom-webkit10.02DOM library that supports both GHCJS and WebKitGTK (library, mit, web)2016-06-
ghcjs-hplay30.01Client-side web EDSL for transient nodes running in the web browser (library, mit, web)2017-03-050.4.2AlbertoCorona, geraldus
ghcjs-perch102.02GHCJS version of Perch library. (library, mit, web)2018-12-
ghcjs-vdom10.01Virtual-dom bindings for GHCJS (library, mit, web)2017-01-
ghcjs-websockets (deprecated)20.01Deprecated: use ghcjs-base's native websockets (deprecated, library, mit, web)2015-08-
giak00.01Fuzzy finder for cabal executables (development, mit, program)2016-07-
gimlh20.02Haskell parser for GIML (language, library, mit)2015-04-
ginger490.02An implementation of the Jinja2 template language in Haskell (library, mit, text)2023-08-
ginsu (deprecated)20.01Ginsu Gale Client (console, deprecated, mit, network, program)2016-08-
gipeda60.01Git Performance Dashboard (development, mit, program)2017-04-
gitdo00.01Create Github issues out of TODO comments in code (mit, program, unclassified)2015-02-
github-release250.00Upload files to GitHub releases. (library, mit, program, utility)2023-06-302.0.0.8fozworth
github-webhook-handler40.01GitHub WebHook Handler (github, library, mit)2016-05-250.0.8wereHamster
github-webhook-handler-snap20.01GitHub WebHook Handler implementation for Snap (github, library, mit)2016-10-290.0.7wereHamster
github-webhooks172.251Aeson instances for GitHub Webhook payloads. (github, library, mit)2022-12-130.17.0KyleVanBerendonck, onrock_eng, cuedo_com_au
gitlib192.08API library for working with Git repositories (ffi, library, mit)2021-03-213.1.3JohnWiegley
gitlib-cmdline30.01Gitlib repository backend that uses the git command-line tool. (git, library, mit)2015-05-
gitlib-cross (deprecated)20.01Run tests between repositories (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2014-06-193.1.0JohnWiegley
gitlib-libgit260.03Libgit2 backend for gitlib (ffi, library, mit)2019-01-313.1.2.1JohnWiegley
gitlib-s320.01Gitlib repository backend for storing Git objects in Amazon S3 (git, library, mit)2015-01-
gitlib-sample (deprecated)30.01Sample backend for gitlib showing the basic structure for any backend. (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2014-06-193.1.0JohnWiegley
gitlib-test40.01Test library for confirming gitlib backend compliance (ffi, library, mit)2019-05-013.1.2JohnWiegley
gitlib-utils (deprecated in favor of gitlib)30.04Generic utility functions for working with Git repositories (deprecated, ffi, library, mit)2013-07-041.2.0JohnWiegley
gjk22.01Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) collision detection algorithm (graphics, library, mit)2020-03-
gl3w00.00Haskell bindings for the gl3w library. (graphics, library, mit)2021-04-100.1.0sighingnow
gloss1552.7535Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations. (graphics, library, mit)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-algorithms180.01Data structures and algorithms for working with 2D graphics. (graphics, library, mit)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-examples210.01Examples using the gloss library (graphics, mit, program)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-export00.00Export Gloss pictures to png, bmp, tga, tiff, gif and juicy-pixels-image (graphics, library, mit, program)2021-07-
gloss-raster200.01Parallel rendering of raster images. (graphics, library, mit)2020-07-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gloss-rendering1022.06Gloss picture data types and rendering functions. (graphics, library, mit)2022-03-, ScottWalck, TrevorMcDonell, danielkroeni
gltf-loader10.00High level GlTF loader (graphics, library, mit, program)2022-11-
gochan20.00Go-style channels (concurrency, library, mit, program)2017-03-210.0.2cstrahan
gooey10.01Graphical user interfaces that are renderable, change over time and eventually produce a value. (control, library, mit)2015-10-
google-cloud20.01Client for the Google Cloud APIs (google, library, mit)2016-05-280.0.4wereHamster
google-drive20.01Google Drive API access (library, mit, unclassified)2015-08-120.4.1PatrickBrisbin
google-oauth280.01Google OAuth2 token negotiation (library, mit, unclassified)2018-04-
google-server-api320.02Google APIs for server to server applications (library, mit, web)2023-09-
googlepolyline22.01Google Polyline Encoder/Decoder (data, library, mit, text)2016-04-
grab42.01Applicative non-linear consumption (control, library, mit)2022-06-, Monoid_Mary
grab-form12.00Applicative parsers for form parameter lists (library, mit, text)2022-06-, Monoid_Mary
graph-core160.03Fast, memory efficient and persistent graph implementation (data, library, mit)2016-02-, DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
graph-trace20.00Trace the call graph of a program (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-dot40.00Converts a graph-trace log into a DOT file for use with Graphviz (debug, development, graph, library, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
graph-trace-viz30.00Converts a graph-trace log into an HTML document (debug, development, graph, mit, plugin, program, tooling)2023-03-
graphbuilder20.01A declarative, monadic graph construction language for small graphs (data, library, mit)2012-10-
graphene40.01A minimal Graph Theory library. (data, library, mit)2014-05-
graphula280.00A simple interface for generating persistent data and linking its dependencies (library, mit, network)2022-10-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
graphula-core (deprecated in favor of graphula)10.00A declarative library for describing dependencies between data (deprecated, library, mit, network)2020-11-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, cdparks, cbeav, halogenandtoast
gravatar140.07Generate Gravatar image URLs (library, mit, unclassified)2022-03-310.8.1DonaldStewart, PatrickBrisbin
gridbounds12.01Collision detection for GridBox (graphics, library, mit)2017-02-
gridbox22.01A grid box model (graphics, library, mit)2017-02-
gridland20.01Grid-based multimedia engine (game, library, mit)2015-08-
gridtables2000.01Parser for reStructuredText-style grid tables. (library, mit, text)2022-09-300.1.0.0JohnMacFarlane, tarleb
gross00.00A spoof on gloss for terminal animation (graphics, library, mit, program)2017-01-
groupBy20.01Replacement definition of Data.List.GroupBy (data, library, mit)2018-01-300.1.0.0oisdk
grow-vector10.00Mutable vector with efficient appends (data, library, mit)2022-05-
growable-vector70.00A contiguous growable array type. (data, library, mit)2023-08-150.1chessai
growler70.02A revised version of the scotty library that attempts to be simpler and more performant. (library, mit, web)2015-02-210.6.0IanDuncan
gtk2hs-hello10.01Gtk2Hs Hello World, an example package (graphics, mit, program)2014-09-
guid31.251A simple wrapper around uuid (base, library, mit)2016-04-100.1.0tippenein
gvti60.00GraphViz Tabular Interface (graphics, library, mit, program)2023-05-
gyah-bin00.01A binary version of GiveYouAHead (giveyouahead, mit, program)2015-06-
gym-http-api51.50REST client to the gym-http-api project (learning-environments, library, mit, program, web)2018-06-
h-gpgme20.02High Level Binding for GnuPG Made Easy (gpgme) (cryptography, library, mit)2022-09-, daveparrish
h-reversi10.01Reversi game in haskell/blank-canvas (game, library, mit, program)2016-12-
h204820.01An Implementation of Game 2048 (game, library, mit, program)2019-10-300.4.0.0javran
h2c50.01Bindings to Linux I2C with support for repeated-start transactions. (library, mit, system)2017-07-081.0.0eamsden
hCM20.00Conceptual modelling support for Haskell (data-structures, development, library, mit, model, program)2017-05-
hOpenPGP460.01native Haskell implementation of OpenPGP (RFC4880) (codec, data, library, mit)2022-06-132.9.8ClintAdams
hablog30.00A blog system (library, mit, program, web)2021-01-270.8.0gilmi
hackage-diff22.01Compare the public API of different versions of a Hackage library (distribution, mit, program)2016-01-
hackage-mirror32.01Simple mirroring utility for Hackage (distribution, library, mit, program)2015-11-, dysinger
hackage-proxy (deprecated)20.01Provide a proxy for Hackage which modifies responses in some way. (deprecated) (deprecated, development, mit, program)2014-03-
hackernews120.01API for Hacker News (library, mit, program, web)2017-12-
hackertyper12.01"Hack" like a programmer in movies and games! (game, mit, program)2014-10-
hactor20.01Lightweight Erlang-style actors for Haskell. (concurrency, library, mit)2014-09-
hactors20.01Practical actors for Haskell. (concurrency, library, mit)2012-01-
haddock-cheatsheet30.00A documentation-only package exemplifying haddock markup features (documentation, library, mit)2019-05-
haggis10.01A static site generator with blogging/comments support (library, mit, program, web)2015-12-
hailgun90.02Mailgun REST api interface for Haskell. (library, mit, network)2020-02-270.5.1RobertMassaioli, codedmart, k_bx, MaxGabriel, cdepillabout, parsonsmatt
hailgun-send00.01A program to send emails throught the Mailgun api. (mit, network, program)2014-11-
hails30.01Multi-app web platform framework (library, mit, program, web)2015-04-, DavidMazieres, DeianStefan
hairy (deprecated)40.01A JSON REST API (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2014-10-160.1.3taylorfausak, fozworth
hakismet10.01Akismet spam protection library (library, mit, web)2010-10-050.1NilsSchweinsberg
hakka10.00Minimal akka-inspired actor library (concurrency, library, mit, program)2017-06-130.2.0martinrign
hakyll-alectryon20.00Hakyll extension for rendering Coq code using Alectryon (library, mit, text, web)2022-09-
hakyll-contrib-hyphenation10.01automatic hyphenation for Hakyll (library, mit, web)2014-12-
hakyll-ogmarkup (deprecated)10.01Integrate ogmarkup document with Hakyll (deprecated, library, mit, web)2017-12-254.0lethom
hakyll-sass110.01Hakyll SASS compiler over hsass (library, mit, web)2018-12-130.2.4meoblast001
hakyll-series10.01Adds series functionality to hakyll (library, mit, web)2016-11-
hakyll-shakespeare10.01Hakyll Hamlet compiler (library, mit, web)2016-09-
halfsplit70.02A library to provide special kind of two-column terminal output for Phladiprelio. (PhLADiPreLiO, data, language, library, mit)2023-08-
halma00.01Library implementing Halma rules (game, library, mit)2021-05-
halma-gui00.01GTK application for playing Halma (game, mit, program)2019-01-
halma-telegram-bot00.01Telegram bot for playing Halma (game, mit, program)2017-04-
hamlet (deprecated in favor of shakespeare)290.037Haml-like template files that are compile-time checked (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, web, yesod)2014-03-301.2.0FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
handa-data30.01This package is deprecated. It formerly contained Haskell utilities for data structures and data manipulation. (data, library, mit)2016-08-
handa-gdata60.04Library and command-line utility for accessing Google services and APIs. (library, mit, network, program)2015-04-, RyanNewton
handa-geodata10.01Geographic and Geometric Data (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, program)2014-04-
handa-opengl10.01Utility functions for OpenGL and GLUT (graphics, library, mit)2016-04-
hangman10.01Hangman implementation in Haskell written in two hours. (game, mit, program)2013-04-281.0.3HokShunPoon
hanspell12.00Korean spell checker (korean, language, library, mit, program, spellchecker)2021-09-
haphviz50.01Graphviz code generation with Haskell (library, mit, text)2016-12-
hapistrano692.251A deployment library for Haskell applications (library, mit, program, system)2023-02-, stackbuilders, sestrella, camm
happy-hour20.00Generate simple okay-looking bar plots without much effort (graphics, library, mit)2022-12-, Monoid_Mary
happybara20.02Acceptance test framework for web applications (development, library, mit)2014-04-140.0.1cstrahan
happybara-webkit10.01WebKit Happybara driver (development, library, mit)2014-04-140.0.1cstrahan
happybara-webkit-server10.01WebKit Server binary for Happybara (taken from capybara-webkit) (development, library, mit)2014-04-140.0.1cstrahan
haquil20.01A Haskell implementation of the Quil instruction set for quantum computing. (language, library, mit)2018-03-
harfbuzz-pure40.02Pure-functional Harfbuzz language bindings (library, mit, program, text)2023-03-311.0.3.2alcinnz
harvest-api (deprecated)30.01Bindings for Harvest API (deprecated, library, mit, web)2016-05-200.1.0jsl, stackbuilders, mrkkrp
has-transformers110.00This library 'Has' transformers (effect, library, mit)2022-01-
hashes120.01Hash functions (data, library, mit)2022-11-220.2.3larsk
hashids270.01Hashids generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers. (library, mit, web)2023-07-
hashing240.01A pure haskell library implements several hash algorithms. (cryptography, library, mit, program)2022-12-
hashmap-throw20.00Throw behaviour for hashmap lookup. (data-structures, library, mit)2020-08-
hashtables-plus (deprecated)20.01Extensions for a "hashtables" library (data, data-structures, deprecated, library, mit)2014-04-290.2.0NikitaVolkov
haskakafka50.01Kafka bindings for Haskell (library, mit, network, program)2016-12-041.2.0tdimson
haskbot-core00.01Easily-extensible chatbot for Slack messaging service (library, mit, network)2014-08-040.1jonplussed
haskell-admin00.00Remote Management Platform for Haskell Applications (library, mit, remote-management)2022-06-
haskell-admin-core10.03Core Modules of Haskell Admin (library, mit, remote-management, web)2022-06-
haskell-admin-health30.01Application Health Component for Haskell Admin (haskell-admin, library, mit, remote-management)2022-06-
haskell-admin-managed-functions10.01Managed Functions integration for Haskell Admin (haskell-admin, library, managed-functions, mit, remote-management)2022-06-
haskell-bcrypt10.01A bcrypt implementation for haskell (library, mit, system)2016-02-050.3.2BrettCarter
haskell-brainfuck20.01BrainFuck interpreter (language, library, mit, program)2014-08-
haskell-conll20.01Core Types for NLP (library, mit, text)2019-07-, sigrlami
haskell-course-preludes20.01Small modules for a Haskell course in which Haskell is taught by implementing Prelude functionality. (library, mit, unclassified)2014-07-
haskell-formatter (deprecated in favor of hindent)60.01Haskell source code formatter (deprecated, development, library, mit, program)2020-11-072.0.3evolutics
haskell-go-checkers12.01Go and Checkers game in Haskell (game, mit, program)2017-05-
haskell-holes-th32.01Infer haskell code by given type. (language, library, mit)2019-08-
haskell-igraph40.01Bindings to the igraph C library (v0.8.0). (library, math, mit)2020-02-210.8.0kaizhang
haskell-import-graph60.00create haskell import graph for graphviz (development, library, mit, program)2018-04-281.0.4ncaq
haskell-kubernetes20.01Haskell bindings to the Kubernetes API (via swagger-codegen) (library, mit, web)2016-12-110.5.0aaronlevin
haskell-lexer2630.08A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer (language, library, mit)2022-12-271.1.1IavorDiatchki
haskell-lsp (deprecated in favor of lsp)432.2513Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol (deprecated, development, library, mit)2021-01-, lorenzo, wz1000, luke_
haskell-lsp-types (deprecated in favor of lsp-types)482.08Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol, data types (deprecated, development, library, mit)2021-01-, lorenzo, wz1000, luke_
haskell-neo4j-client70.01A Haskell neo4j client (database, library, mit)2016-09-
haskell-packages90.04Haskell suite library for package management and integration with Cabal (distribution, library, mit)2018-05-020.6.2AdamBergmark, DavidHimmelstrup, RomanCheplyaka, PhilippSchuster, niteria
haskell-postal00.01Haskell binding for the libpostal library (library, mit, natural-language-processing)2018-08-
haskell-postgis20.00A haskell library for PostGIS geometry types. (database, library, mit)2020-06-260.2.0petefrance
haskell-read-editor (deprecated in favor of read-editor)30.01Opens a temporary file on the system's EDITOR and returns the resulting edits (deprecated, library, mit, system)2015-10-
haskell-reflect00.01Reflect Haskell types. (haskell, library, mit)2013-06-170.9JulianFleischer
haskell-spacegoo10.01Client API for Rocket Scissor Spacegoo (game, library, mit)2015-04-
haskell-src-exts-simple260.04A simplified view on the haskell-src-exts AST (development, library, mit)2020-03-
haskell-stack-trace-plugin60.00haskell-stack-trace-plugin (compiler-plugin, debug, development, library, mit, program)2021-05-
haskheap00.01Haskell bindings to refheap. (library, mit, network)2012-12-050.1.2AnthonyGrimes
haskmon10.01A haskell wrapper for ( (game, library, mit, web)2016-03-
haskoin-core310.014Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash library for Haskell (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network, public-domain)2023-08-041.0.2PhilippeLaprade, wraithm, runeks, jprupp
haskoin-node200.02P2P library for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network, public-domain)2023-08-031.0.1PhilippeLaprade, runeks, jprupp
haskoin-store240.00Storage and index for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network, program)2023-09-151.1.0jprupp
haskoin-store-data1860.01Data for Haskoin Store (bitcoin, finance, library, mit, network)2023-09-151.1.0jprupp
haskyapi (deprecated)50.00HTTP server (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2018-02-
haspara50.00A library providing definitions to work with monetary values. (finance, library, mit)2022-11-
haspell20.01Haskell bindings to aspell (language, library, mit)2013-08-261.1.0JoelTaylor
hasql1362.542An efficient PostgreSQL driver with a flexible mapping API (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2023-07-311.6.3.2NikitaVolkov
hasql-backend (deprecated in favor of hasql)50.05API for backends of "hasql" (database, deprecated, library, mit)2016-10-190.4.3NikitaVolkov
hasql-cursor-query40.01A declarative abstraction over PostgreSQL Cursor (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2019-05-
hasql-cursor-transaction40.01An abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2019-05-280.6.4NikitaVolkov
hasql-dynamic-statements470.01Toolkit for constructing Hasql statements dynamically (library, mit, unclassified)2022-07-
hasql-implicits470.01Implicit definitions for Hasql, such as default codecs for standard types (library, mit, unclassified)2023-02-270.1.1NikitaVolkov
hasql-optparse-applicative160.01"optparse-applicative" parsers for "hasql" (database, hasql, library, mit, options, postgresql)2023-05-
hasql-pool830.09Pool of connections for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2023-05-130.10NikitaVolkov
hasql-postgres (deprecated in favor of hasql)100.04A "PostgreSQL" backend for the "hasql" library (database, deprecated, library, mit)2015-09-210.10.6NikitaVolkov
hasql-postgres-options (deprecated in favor of hasql-optparse-applicative)60.01An "optparse-applicative" parser for "hasql-postgres" (database, deprecated, library, mit, options)2016-10-190.1.6NikitaVolkov
hasql-resource-pool100.00A pool of connections for Hasql based on resource-pool. (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2023-03-
hasql-streams-conduit10.00Stream Hasql queries with Conduit (conduit, database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-core10.04Stream Hasql queries (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-example10.00An example program that shows how to use Hasql streams with Rel8 (database, hasql, mit, postgresql, program, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-pipes10.00Stream Hasql queries with Pipes (database, hasql, library, mit, pipes, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-streaming10.00Stream Hasql queries with Streaming (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2022-02-
hasql-streams-streamly32.00Stream Hasql queries with Streamly (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming, streamly)2022-02-
hasql-th470.01Template Haskell utilities for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, template-haskell)2022-12-
hasql-transaction640.07Composable abstraction over retryable transactions for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2022-07-
hasql-transaction-io30.05Perform IO actions during transactions for Hasql (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql)2023-05-
hasql-url10.00Parse PostgreSQL connection URI into Hasql.Connection Settings (library, mit, utility)2022-04-
haste-app20.01Framework for type-safe, distributed web applications. (library, mit, web)2017-09-
haste-gapi32.01Google API bindings for the Haste compiler (library, mit, web)2016-04-
haste-markup10.01A port of blaze-markup and blaze-html to Haste (library, mit, web)2014-06-
hasty-hamiltonian250.01Speedy traversal through parameter space. (library, mit, numeric)2021-02-211.3.4JaredTobin
hats00.00Haskell client for the NATS messaging system (library, mit, network, program)2016-10-
hax30.01Haskell cash-flow and tax simulation (finance, library, mit, program)2017-01-250.0.2johannesgerer
haxparse10.01Readable HaxBall replays (data, library, mit, program)2013-09-
hayland (deprecated)20.01Haskell bindings for the C Wayland library. (deprecated, graphics, library, mit, program)2014-09-
hayoo-cli10.01Hayoo CLI (development, mit, program)2014-08-
hbcd30.01Packed binary-coded decimal (BCD) serialization (data, library, mit)2012-06-201.0AndrewKay
hdbc-aeson10.01Deserialize from HDBC rows to FromJSON instances (database, library, mit)2015-03-
hdbc-postgresql-hstore (deprecated in favor of HDBC-postgresql-hstore, postgresql-simple)30.01Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns. (database, deprecated, library, mit)2012-07-
hdevtools142.51Persistent GHC powered background server for FAST haskell development tools (development, mit, program)2019-03-, SchellScivally, ranjitjhala, ch1bo
hdiff22.00Pattern-Expression-based differencing of arbitrary types. (library, mit, other, program)2019-09-270.0.1vcmiraldo
hdo11.750A Digital Ocean client in Haskell (cloud, library, mit, program)2017-05-130.5abailly
headed-megaparsec530.02More informative parser (library, megaparsec, mit, parsers, parsing)2023-03-
headergen10.01Creates a header for a haskell source file. (development, mit, program)2015-07-300.2.0.0bash0r
heavy-log-shortcuts (deprecated in favor of monad-logger)30.00Simle api for heavy logger (deprecated, library, mit, system)2019-04-111.0.1
hebrew-time100.01Hebrew dates and prayer times. (data, library, mit)2019-02-170.1.2MichaelSnoyman
heckin10.00Oh heck, it's a heckin' case conversion library. (data, library, mit, text)2019-11-
heckle160.00Jekyll in Haskell (feat. LaTeX) (library, mit, program, web)2017-03-
hedgehog-gen-json40.01JSON generators for Hedgehog (library, mit, test)2018-05-090.5.1amrhassan
hedgehog-lens10.00Hedgehog properties for lens laws. (lens, library, mit, testing)2022-04-
hedgehog-optics30.00Hedgehog properties for optics laws (library, mit, optics, testing)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
hedis-simple10.01A simplified API for hedis (database, library, mit)2013-11-
hedra10.00A small library and executable for generating dice rolls. (game, library, mit, program)2019-01-020.1vtan
heidi22.00Tidy data in Haskell (data-mining, data-science, generics, library, mit, program)2021-06-170.3.0ocramz
heist-extra50.01Extra heist functionality (library, mit, web)2023-08-
helf10.01Typechecking terms of the Edinburgh Logical Framework (LF). (dependent-types, mit, program)2022-05-300.2022.5.30AndreasAbel
helics10.03New Relic® agent SDK wrapper for Haskell. (library, mit, network)2015-03-240.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki
helics-wai20.02New Relic® agent SDK wrapper for wai. (library, mit, network)2015-03-240.5.1HirotomoMoriwaki
helix10.01Web development micro framework for haskell with typesafe URLs (library, mit, network)2016-01-120.9.5AnupamJain
helm102.51A functionally reactive game engine. (frp, game-engine, library, mit, program)2016-10-031.0.0ZackCorr, kasbah
help-esb20.01A Haskell client for the team's ESB. (development, library, mit)2014-11-130.1.6suitupalex
hemokit110.01Haskell port of the Emokit EEG project (bioinformatics, library, mit, program)2015-08-190.6.6NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
hen50.01Haskell bindings to Xen hypervisor interface (library, mit, system)2014-03-130.1.3FedorGogolev
henet20.01Bindings and high level interface for to ENet v1.3.9 (ffi, library, mit, network)2013-09-
hepevt20.01HEPEVT parser (library, mit, physics)2012-02-060.5ScottLawrence
herbalizer40.01HAML to ERB translator (mit, program, utility)2013-04-180.4.9DanielChoi
hermes-json762.00Fast JSON decoding via simdjson C++ bindings (ffi, json, library, mit, text, web)2023-08-
heroku-persistent10.01Parse DATABASE_URL into configuration types for Persistent (library, mit, unclassified)2016-03-180.2.0PatrickBrisbin, jferris
herringbone30.03A library for compiling and serving static web assets. (library, mit, web)2014-07-270.1.1hdgarrood
herringbone-embed00.01Embed preprocessed web assets in your executable with Template Haskell. (library, mit, web)2014-07-270.1.1hdgarrood
herringbone-wai20.01Wai adapter for the Herringbone web asset preprocessor. (library, mit, web)2014-07-270.1.1hdgarrood
hesh20.00the Haskell Extensible Shell: Haskell for Bash-style scripts (development, library, mit, program)2017-03-071.11.0ChrisForno
hetero-dict10.02Fast heterogeneous data structures (data, library, mit)2016-06-
heterocephalus290.03A type-safe template engine for working with front end development tools (library, mit, web)2022-07-
heterolist10.01A heterogeneous list type (data, library, mit)2017-03-
hetzner440.00Hetzner Cloud and DNS library. (cloud, library, mit, program)2023-09-
hex-text602.09ByteString-Text hexidecimal conversions (library, mit, text)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
hexchat10.01Haskell scripting interface for HexChat (library, mit, system)2017-12-
hexpat-lens30.01Lenses for Hexpat. (library, mit, xml)2020-06-170.1.9JosephAbrahamson, OliverCharles
hexpress10.01An express-like http framework (library, mit, network)2017-09-
hexstring120.010Fast and safe representation of a hex string (data, library, mit)2015-04-210.11.1solatis
hfmt42.250Haskell source code formatter (language, library, mit, program)2021-09-
hgearman00.01A Gearman client for Haskell. (library, mit, network)2015-08-
hgeometric10.01A geometric library with bindings to GPC. (library, math, mit)2009-06-, GwernBranwen, MarcoSilva
hgeos30.01Simple Haskell bindings to GEOS C API (data, geography, geometry, library, mit, text)2016-08-
hhwloc00.00Bindings to (foreign, library, mit, system)2020-01-270.2.1dtaskoff
hi3status10.00Status line for i3bar. (library, mit, program, system)2015-12-
hidapi190.05Haskell bindings to HIDAPI (hardware, library, mit)2022-05-050.1.8NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
hidden-char42.01Provides cross-platform getHiddenChar function (command-line-tool, library, mit)2017-12-
higgledy182.01Partial types as a type constructor. (data, library, mit)2023-03-, i_am_tom
highjson20.02Spec based JSON parsing/serialisation (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-
highjson-swagger30.01Derive swagger instances from highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-
highjson-th30.01Template Haskell helpers for highjson specs (json, library, mit, text, web)2021-05-
himpy10.01multithreaded snmp poller for riemann (mit, program, system)2014-02-100.5.0pyr
hindley-milner00.01Template for Hindley-Milner based languages (language, library, mit)2016-04-
hindley-milner-type-check10.00Type inference for Hindley-Milner based languages (language, library, mit)2021-06-
hinduce-associations-apriori10.02Apriori algorithm for association rule mining (data-mining, library, mit)2012-02-
hinquire00.01Generate armet style query strings. (library, mit, network)2014-03-260.1.1joneshf
hjcase (deprecated)20.01Jcase library for Haskell (data, deprecated, library, mit)2015-05-
hjsonpointer (deprecated)81.752JSON Pointer library (data, deprecated, library, mit)2018-09-301.5.0seagreen
hjsonschema (deprecated)260.06JSON Schema library (data, deprecated, library, mit)2020-05-011.10.0seagreen
hleap20.01Web Socket interface to Leap Motion controller (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-02-
hlex31.50Simple Lexer Creation (lexer, library, mit)2023-07-081.0.0SebTee
hlibcpuid100.00Bindings to (foreign, library, mit, program, system)2020-01-210.2.0dtaskoff
hlibgit2180.04Low-level bindings to libgit2 (ffi, library, mit)2017-02-, SakariJokinen
hlibsass370.03Low-level bindings to Libsass (foreign, library, mit)2020-06-
hlivy22.00Client library for the Apache Livy REST API (distributed-computing, library, mit)2019-02-081.0.1ddonohue
hlrdb90.00High-level Redis Database (database, library, mit)2022-07-
hlrdb-core40.01High-level Redis Database Core API (database, library, mit)2022-07-
hls-cabal-plugin1060.01Cabal integration plugin with Haskell Language Server (development, library, mit)2023-08-
hnock20.00A Nock interpreter. (language, library, mit, program)2019-10-010.4.0JaredTobin
hoauth2782.017Haskell OAuth2 authentication client (library, mit, network, oauth2)2023-06-172.8.1HaishengWu
hoauth2-demo00.00hoauth2 demo application (mit, network, program)2022-11-181.6.0HaishengWu
hoauth2-providers20.01OAuth2 Identity Providers (library, mit, network)2022-11-180.2HaishengWu
hoauth2-providers-tutorial10.00tutorial for hoauth2-providers module (library, mit, network, program)2022-11-180.2HaishengWu
hoauth2-tutorial70.00Tutorial for using hoauth2 (library, mit, network, oauth2, program, tutorial)2022-11-180.2HaishengWu
hogre30.03Haskell binding to a subset of OGRE (graphics, library, mit)2012-06-160.1.5AnttiSalonen
hogre-examples00.01Examples for using Hogre. (graphics, mit, program)2012-04-050.1.4AnttiSalonen
hoist-error40.03Some convenience facilities for hoisting errors into a monad (control, library, mit)2018-06-, schalmers, qfpl
hol20.01Higher order logic (library, logic, mit, program)2022-08-081.4JoeHurd
holmes62.00Tools and combinators for solving constraint problems. (data, library, mit)2021-01-
holy-project52.01Start your Haskell project with cabal, git and tests. (development, library, mit, program)2015-08-
homura-stopwatch00.00 (library, mit, program, unclassified)2020-09-300.2.0ncaq
honi00.01OpenNI 2 binding (graphics, library, mit)2014-02-, PatrickChilton
hoobuddy10.01Simple tool for fetching and merging hoogle data (development, mit, program)2015-01-
hoop10.00Object-Oriented Programming in Haskell (language, library, mit)2020-07-
hopfield20.01Hopfield Networks, Boltzmann Machines and Clusters (ai, library, machine-learning, mit, program)2014-04-
hopfield-networks02.01Hopfield Networks for unsupervised learning in Haskell (library, math, mit, program)2013-11-
horizon-gen-nix50.00Generate nix expressions from horizon-spec definitions (library, mit, nix, package-management, program)2023-02-040.6locallycompact
horizon-spec30.03Horizon Stable Package Set Type Definitions (library, mit, package-management)2023-03-050.9.0locallycompact, milloni
horizon-spec-lens10.00Horizon Stable Package Set Lenses (library, mit, package-management)2023-02-230.1locallycompact
horizon-spec-pretty50.00Horizon Stable Package Set Pretty Printer (library, mit, package-management)2023-02-240.0.1locallycompact
horizontal-rule130.00horizontal rule for the terminal (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
hostaddress20.00Network Host Addresses (library, mit, network)2021-10-
houseman20.00A Haskell implementation of Foreman (development, library, mit, program)2016-05-060.1.0DaisukeFujimura
hpack2012.010A modern format for Haskell packages (development, library, mit, program)2023-09-210.36.0SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, mpilgrem
hpack-convert92.01Convert Cabal manifests into hpack's package.yamls (development, library, mit, program)2017-06-221.0.1yamadapc
hpdft370.01A tool for looking through PDF file using Haskell (library, mit, pdf, program)2023-08-
hpygments40.02Highlight source code using Pygments (library, mit, text)2016-01-070.2.0DavidLazar, yamadapc
hpyrg10.01pyrg utility done right (mit, program, text)2012-10-
hquery30.02A query language for transforming HTML5 (library, mit, web)2014-06-
hreader-lens50.01Optics for hreader package (data, library, mit)2017-05-310.1.3.0dredozubov
hreq-client20.01A Type dependent Highlevel HTTP client library. (library, mit, network, program, web)2019-11-
hreq-conduit20.00Conduit streaming support for Hreq. (conduit, library, mit, network, web)2019-11-
hreq-core10.02Core functionality for Hreq Http client library (library, mit, network, web)2019-11-
hriemann50.00A Riemann Client for Haskell (library, mit, monitoring, program)2020-12-
hs-carbon20.01A Haskell framework for parallel monte carlo simulations (library, mit, simulation)2015-07-
hs-carbon-examples10.01Example Monte Carlo simulations implemented with Carbon (mit, program, simulation)2014-06-
hs-duktape20.01Haskell bindings for a very compact embedded ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine. (library, mit, web)2019-02-281.0.0valpackett
hs-gen-iface (deprecated)10.01Utility to generate haskell-names interface files (deprecated, language, mit, program)2014-11-260.5.0AdamBergmark, RomanCheplyaka, PhilippSchuster
hs-inspector10.01Haskell source code analyzer (language, library, mit)2015-05-
hs-mesos20.01 (library, mit, program, system)2015-06-
hs-nombre-generator10.01Name generator. (mit, program, web)2014-06-
hs-opentelemetry-awsxray10.00[synopsis] (library, mit, utils)2023-03-
hs-re00.01Easy to use Regex (library, mit, unclassified)2015-02-260.1.0SKAhack
hs-scrape20.01Simple and easy web scraping and automation in Haskell. (library, mit, web)2014-12-
hs-sdl-term-emulator40.00Terminal Emulator written in Haskell, SDL2 Backend (library, mit, program, terminal)2021-07-300.1.0.4BitConnor
hs-snowtify00.01snowtify send your result of `stack build` (`stack test`) to notify-daemon :dog2: (mit, program, simple)2017-07-
hs-tags40.00Create tag files (ctags and etags) for Haskell code. (development, mit, program)2022-01-, AndresSicardRamirez, NilsAndersDanielsson, UlfNorell
hs-term-emulator20.01Terminal Emulator written in 100% Haskell (library, mit, terminal)2021-07-300.1.0.4BitConnor
hs-watchman40.01Client library for Facebook's Watchman tool (library, mit, system)2021-03-
hs2048 (deprecated)30.01A 2048 clone in Haskell. (deprecated, game, library, mit, program)2014-04-020.1.0taylorfausak, fozworth
hs2ps10.00Translate Haskell types to PureScript (library, mit, purescript)2020-02-
hsass170.05Integrating Sass into Haskell applications. (library, mit, text)2018-11-250.8.0jakubfijalkowski
hsbc10.01A command line calculator (mit, program, utilities)2017-01-
hscaffold20.00Very simple file/directory structure scaffolding writer monad EDSL (development, library, mit, program)2016-11-
hse-cpp192.04Preprocess+parse haskell code (language, library, mit)2016-10-060.2AdamBergmark, DavidHimmelstrup, RomanCheplyaka, PhilippSchuster
hserv20.01Simple http server in haskell. (mit, network, program)2014-04-
hsfilt20.01Z-decoder. (development, mit, program)2014-11-
hsilop00.01RPN calculator (math, mit, program)2015-09-
hslua2582.517Bindings to Lua, an embeddable scripting language (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-132.3.0GracjanPolak, OmerAgacan, tarleb
hslua-aeson2230.04Allow aeson data types to be used with Lua. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-
hslua-classes2070.01Type classes for HsLua (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-132.3.0tarleb
hslua-cli1910.00Command-line interface for Lua (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-181.4.1tarleb
hslua-core2082.018Bindings to Lua, an embeddable scripting language (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-172.3.1tarleb
hslua-examples20.00Examples of how to combine Haskell and Lua. (foreign, mit, program)2023-03-132.0.2tarleb
hslua-list1380.02Opinionated, but extensible Lua list type. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-171.1.1tarleb
hslua-marshalling2150.016Marshalling of values between Haskell and Lua. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-132.3.0tarleb
hslua-module-doclayout2000.02Lua module wrapping Text.DocLayout. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-131.1.0JohnMacFarlane, tarleb
hslua-module-path2220.02Lua module to work with file paths. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-131.1.0tarleb
hslua-module-system2680.02Lua module wrapper around Haskell's System module. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-
hslua-module-text2730.02Lua module for text (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-
hslua-module-version2340.02Lua module to work with version specifiers. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-131.1.0tarleb
hslua-module-zip1780.01Lua module to work with file zips. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-131.1.0tarleb
hslua-objectorientation2170.02Object orientation tools for HsLua (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-132.3.0tarleb
hslua-packaging2230.06Utilities to build Lua modules. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-132.3.0tarleb
hslua-repl1310.02Isocline-based Lua REPL (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-170.1.1tarleb
hslua-typing1230.04Type specifiers for Lua. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-130.1.0tarleb
hspec9292.75159A Testing Framework for Haskell (library, mit, testing)2023-09-202.11.5SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, parsonsmatt
hspec-api690.01A Testing Framework for Haskell (library, mit, testing)2023-09-202.11.5SimonHengel
hspec-contrib820.02Contributed functionality for Hspec (library, mit, testing)2023-01-300.5.2SimonHengel
hspec-core7600.033A Testing Framework for Haskell (library, mit, testing)2023-09-202.11.5SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, parsonsmatt
hspec-discover7532.256Automatically discover and run Hspec tests (library, mit, program, testing)2023-09-202.11.5SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, parsonsmatt
hspec-expectations3480.031Catchy combinators for HUnit (library, mit, testing)2023-07-190.8.4SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, parsonsmatt
hspec-expectations-json240.00Hspec expectations for JSON Values (library, mit, test)2023-08-, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
hspec-expectations-lifted410.02A version of hspec-expectations generalized to MonadIO (library, mit, testing)2017-03-310.10.0SimonHengel
hspec-expectations-pretty (deprecated in favor of hspec-expectations-pretty-diff)21.251hspec-expectations with pretty printing on failure (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2013-09-020.1GregWeber
hspec-expectations-pretty-diff240.01Catchy combinators for HUnit (library, mit, testing)2022-01-
hspec-experimental30.01An experimental DSL for testing on top of Hspec (library, mit, testing)2012-11-110.1.0SimonHengel
hspec-golden770.00Golden tests for hspec (library, mit, program, testing)2023-05-, camm
hspec-jenkins20.01Jenkins-friendly XML formatter for Hspec (library, mit, testing)2013-05-060.1.1KoheiSuzuki
hspec-junit-formatter330.01A JUnit XML runner/formatter for hspec (library, mit, testing)2022-03-301.1.0.2PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
hspec-laws20.01Document and test laws for standard type classes (library, mit, testing)2014-08-210.0.0SimonHengel
hspec-meta680.01A version of Hspec which is used to test Hspec itself (library, mit, program, testing)2023-09-202.11.5SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn, parsonsmatt
hspec-setup50.00Add an hspec test-suite in one command (development, library, mit, program)2016-08-
hspec-shouldbe (deprecated in favor of hspec)20.01Convenience wrapper and utilities for hspec (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2015-04-040.0.1
hspec-smallcheck710.04SmallCheck support for the Hspec testing framework (library, mit, testing)2022-05-120.5.3SimonHengel, parsonsmatt
hspec-structured-formatter00.01 (library, mit, test)2016-01-
hspec-tables10.00Table-driven (by-example) HSpec tests (library, mit, testing)2020-04-270.0.1rzeznik
hspec-test-framework40.02Run test-framework tests with Hspec (library, mit, testing)2014-11-190.1.0SimonHengel
hspec-test-framework-th00.01Run test-framework tests with Hspec (library, mit, testing)2014-11-190.1.0SimonHengel
hspec-wai842.04Experimental Hspec support for testing WAI applications (library, mit, testing)2020-12-160.11.1DaisukeFujimura, SimonHengel
hspec-wai-json400.01Testing JSON APIs with hspec-wai (library, mit, testing)2020-09-260.11.0SimonHengel
hspec-webdriver172.01Write end2end web application tests using webdriver and hspec (library, mit, web)2023-06-151.2.2JohnLenz, dfordivam
hspec2 (deprecated in favor of hspec)30.05Alpha version of Hspec 2.0 (deprecated, library, mit, testing)2014-11-120.6.1
hspkcs1120.01Wrapper for PKCS #11 interface (cryptography, hsm, library, mit, pkcs11, smartcard, token)2018-03-010.7denisenkom
hsreadability20.01Access to the Readability API. (library, mit, network-apis, web)2015-04-
hssh10.01SSH protocol implementation (library, mit, network)2018-10-310.1.0.0LarsPetersen
hsudoku22.00Sudoku game with a GTK3 interface (game, library, mit, program)2017-05-
htestu30.01A library for testing correctness of pseudo random number generators in Haskell. (library, mit, program, system)2016-08-
html-conduit780.018Parse HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes. (conduit, library, mit, text, web)2021-08-, MichaelSnoyman
html-entities890.013A codec library for HTML-escaped text and HTML-entities (codecs, html, library, mit, parsing)2022-05-
html-presentation-text00.00Simple tool to create html presentation for text. (mit, program, web)2022-01-
html-tokenizer50.01An "attoparsec"-based HTML tokenizer (html, library, mit, parsing, xml)2018-02-050.6.4NikitaVolkov
http-client8972.25550An HTTP client engine (library, mit, network)2023-08-210.7.14MichaelSnoyman, janus
http-client-brread-timeout160.02Http client with time-limited brRead (library, mit, network)2022-06-
http-client-conduit (deprecated in favor of http-conduit)40.06Frontend support for using http-client with conduit (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, network)2014-04-020.3.0MichaelSnoyman, janus
http-client-multipart (deprecated in favor of http-client)20.04Generate multipart uploads for http-client. (deprecated) (deprecated, library, mit, network)2014-04-
http-client-openssl382.014http-client backend using the OpenSSL library. (library, mit, network)2020-11-170.3.3MichaelSnoyman, alexbiehl, janus
http-client-restricted770.01restricting the servers that http-client will use (library, mit, network)2023-08-010.1.0JoeyHess
http-client-session40.01A simple abstraction over the "http-client" connection manager (library, mit, network)2016-07-070.1.2NikitaVolkov
http-client-tls4770.0296http-client backend using the connection package and tls library (library, mit, network)2023-08-, janus
http-directory180.00http directory listing library (library, mit, network)2022-06-110.1.10JensPetersen
http-kit00.01A low-level HTTP library (library, mit, network)2014-07-020.5.1SimonHengel
http-media3360.0145Processing HTTP Content-Type and Accept headers (library, mit, web)2023-09-
http-response-decoder10.01Declarative DSL for parsing an HTTP response (library, mit, unclassified)2016-10-280.2.3NikitaVolkov
http-trace12.00Tracking http redirects (library, mit, program, web)2016-06-
https-everywhere-rules30.01High-level access to HTTPS Everywhere rulesets. (data, library, mit)2014-08-240.1.0vi
hunch10.01CSS-like syntax for file system manipulation. (console, mit, program)2015-09-030.2.0loganbraga
hunit-dejafu230.01Deja Fu support for the HUnit test framework. (library, mit, testing)2022-08-302.0.0.6barrucadu
hunit-rematch00.01HUnit support for rematch (library, mit, testing)2013-05-
hunt-searchengine10.01A search and indexing engine. (data, library, mit, text)2015-03-
hunt-server20.01A search and indexing engine server. (data, mit, program, text)2015-03-
hunt-server-cli30.01A Command line Interface for the Hunt server. (console, mit, program)2015-02-
husk-scheme132.03R5RS Scheme interpreter, compiler, and library. (compilers-interpreters, language, library, mit, program)2021-02-043.20JustinEthier
husk-scheme-libs10.01Extra libraries for the husk Scheme platform. (compilers-interpreters, language, library, mit)2012-06-130.0.1JustinEthier
hutton (deprecated)20.01A program for the button on Reddit. (deprecated, mit, program, utility)2015-04-191.0.0fozworth
huzzy10.01Fuzzy logic library with support for T1, IT2, GT2. (library, mit, unclassified)2014-08-
hvect430.012Simple strict heterogeneous lists (data, library, mit)2022-02-, BrandonSimmons
hw-conduit170.06Conduits for tokenizing streams. (conduit, data, library, mit)2022-03-, haskellworks, GeorgeWilson
hw-kafka-client802.257Kafka bindings for Haskell (database, library, mit)2023-08-055.3.0newhoggy, alexeyraga
hw-kafka-conduit22.02Conduit bindings for hw-kafka-client (database, library, mit)2020-04-142.7.0alexeyraga
hw-succinct100.02Succint datastructures (conduit, data, library, mit)2016-10-, haskellworks
hwk90.00Commandline text processing with Haskell functions (development, mit, program)2021-06-140.6JensPetersen
hwsl220.03Hashing with SL2 (data, library, mit)2017-11-
hwsl2-bytevector20.01A hashed byte-vector based on algebraic hashes and finger trees (data, library, mit)2015-07-
hwsl2-reducers10.01Semigroup and Reducer instances for Data.Hash.SL2 (data, library, mit)2015-07-
hx20.03Haskell extras (missing utility functions). (library, mit, utilities)2013-06-240.4JulianFleischer
hxt1600.099A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell. (library, mit, xml)2021-03-, UweSchmidt
hxt-charproperties640.010Character properties and classes for XML and Unicode (library, mit, text)2021-02-
hxt-http170.02Interface to native Haskell HTTP package HTTP (library, mit, xml)2015-02-
hxt-regex-xmlschema570.08A regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions (library, mit, text)2021-02-
hxt-relaxng40.02The HXT RelaxNG validator (library, mit, xml)2015-02-
hxt-unicode450.08Unicode en-/decoding functions for utf8, iso-latin-* and other encodings (library, mit, text)2015-02-
hyakko10.01Literate-style Documentation Generator (documentation, mit, program)2015-06-030.6.7JeremyHull
hydrogen-cli10.01Hydrogen Data (language, mit, program)2015-01-080.14JulianFleischer
hydrogen-cli-args30.01Hydrogen Command Line Arguments Parser (language, library, mit)2015-03-220.17JulianFleischer
hydrogen-multimap00.03Hydrogen Multimap (language, library, mit)2015-03-260.3JulianFleischer
hydrogen-parsing20.03Hydrogen Parsing Utilities (language, library, mit)2015-03-220.17JulianFleischer
hydrogen-prelude50.07Hydrogen Prelude (language, library, mit)2015-03-260.20JulianFleischer
hydrogen-prelude-parsec60.01Hydrogen Prelude /w Parsec (language, library, mit)2015-03-220.17JulianFleischer
hydrogen-version10.02Hydrogen Version Type (language, library, mit)2015-03-261.4JulianFleischer
hylide10.00WebGL live-coding environment for writing shaders with Hylogen (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-10-
hylogen22.251GLSL embedded in Haskell (graphics, library, mit)2016-10-
hypher20.01A Haskell neo4j client (database, library, mit)2015-02-150.1.5jetaggart
i3blocks-hs-contrib62.00Base i3blocks written in haskell (distribution, library, mit, program)2020-04-252.1.0panavtec
iap-verifier20.01A simple wrapper of In-App-Purchase receipt validate APIs. (library, mit, network)2015-05-
icfpc2020-galaxy10.00A strange message received at the Pegovka observatory (acme, library, mit)2020-08-
ide-backend60.02An IDE backend library (development, library, mit, program)2016-01-, MichaelSnoyman
ide-backend-common60.02Shared library used be ide-backend and ide-backend-server (development, library, mit)2016-01-, MichaelSnoyman
ide-backend-rts (deprecated in favor of ide-backend-server)30.01RTS for the IDE backend (deprecated, development, library, mit)2015-03-300.1.3.1MichaelSloan, MichaelSnoyman
ide-backend-server40.01An IDE backend server (development, mit, program)2016-01-, MichaelSnoyman
idempotent20.01Idempotent monoids (data, library, mit)2014-08-180.1.2alynn
ihaskell532.2518A Haskell backend kernel for the Jupyter project. (development, library, mit, program)2023-07-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-aeson20.01IHaskell display instances for Aeson (development, library, mit)2017-12-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-basic30.01IHaskell display instances for basic types (development, library, mit)2015-06-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-blaze70.03IHaskell display instances for blaze-html types (development, library, mit)2017-12-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-charts30.01IHaskell display instances for charts types (development, library, mit)2017-12-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-diagrams30.01IHaskell display instances for diagram types (development, library, mit)2018-03-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-display (deprecated in favor of ihaskell)20.01IHaskell display instances for basic types (deprecated, development, library, mit)2014-01-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-gnuplot10.01IHaskell display instance for Gnuplot (from gnuplot package) (development, library, mit)2017-12-
ihaskell-graphviz70.00IHaskell display instance for GraphViz (external binary) (development, library, mit)2019-04-
ihaskell-hatex20.01IHaskell display instances for hatex (development, library, mit)2017-12-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-juicypixels70.01IHaskell - IHaskellDisplay instances of the image types of the JuicyPixels package. (development, library, mit)2017-12-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-magic30.01IHaskell display instances for bytestrings (development, library, mit)2017-12-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-parsec10.01IHaskell display instances for Parsec (development, library, mit)2015-06-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-plot10.01IHaskell display instance for Plot (from plot package) (development, library, mit)2017-12-, VaibhavSagar
ihaskell-widgets20.01IPython standard widgets for IHaskell. (library, mit, unclassified)2019-04-, VaibhavSagar
ihp-hsx40.00JSX-like but for Haskell (html, library, mit)2023-02-061.0.0MarcScholten
immortal490.06Spawn threads that never die (unless told to do so) (concurrency, library, mit)2018-04-160.3RomanCheplyaka
immortal-worker20.00Create worker threads that logs exceptions and restarts. (concurrency, library, mit)2020-10-
impl10.00Framework for defaulting superclasses (development, library, mit, template-haskell)2018-11-
importify60.00Tool for haskell imports refactoring (development, library, mit, program, refactoring)2017-12-231.0.1serokell
imports32.01Generate code for importing directories automatically (development, library, mit)2016-01-
inchworm40.01Simple parser combinators for lexical analysis. (library, mit, parsing)2019-01-
indexation70.01Tools for entity indexation (data, library, mit)2018-10-080.8NikitaVolkov, IrinaArtemeva, OShev
indices10.01Multi-dimensional statically bounded indices. (data, library, mit)2014-12-301.7.1MikeLedger
indigo60.00Convenient imperative eDSL over Lorentz. (language, library, mit, program)2023-03-310.6.0gromak, pasqu4le, serokell, rinn7e
infer-license640.01Infer software license from a given license file (development, library, mit)2018-07-150.2.0SimonHengel
infer-upstream10.01Find the repository from where a given repo was forked (development, mit, program)2014-08-
inferno-core20.01A statically-typed functional scripting language (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-
inferno-lsp20.00LSP for Inferno (dsl, ide, library, mit, program, scripting)2022-11-290.1.0sidk
inferno-types20.03Core types for Inferno (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-
inferno-vc20.01Version control server for Inferno (dsl, library, mit, scripting)2022-11-290.1.0sidk
inflections352.07Inflections library for Haskell (library, mit, text)2023-08-, stackbuilders, sestrella, camm, elcuy, DiegoCenteno
inject30.01A minimalistic template engine (library, mit, program, text)2013-06-090.1.0SimonHengel
inline-c532.543Write Haskell source files including C code inline. No FFI required. (ffi, library, mit)2023-09-, RobertHensing
inline-c-cpp420.010Lets you embed C++ code into Haskell. (ffi, library, mit)2023-07-, RobertHensing
inline-c-objc50.00Lets you embed Objective-C code into Haskell. (ffi, library, mit)2023-05-
inline-c-win3220.01Win32 API Context for the inline-c library (ffi, library, mit)2015-06-100.1anton_dessiatov
inliterate32.02Interactive literate programming (library, mit, program, statistics)2017-06-060.1.0glutamate, ocramz
inserts10.01Stupid simple bytestring templates. (library, mit, text)2015-01-130.1.2JosephAbrahamson
inspection-testing1292.53GHC plugin to do inspection testing (compiler-plugin, library, mit, testing)2023-07-
instana-haskell-trace-sdk142.00SDK for adding custom Instana tracing support to Haskell applications. (library, mit, monitoring, program)2023-05-
int-interval-map30.01Interval map (data, library, mit)2022-06-
int-multimap20.01A data structure that associates each Int key with a set of values (containers, library, mit)2018-05-210.3.1NikitaVolkov, effectfully, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, izubkov, OShev
integer-logarithms2310.023Integer logarithms. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2020-11-
integer-roots710.05Integer roots and perfect powers (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2021-11-
interact32.00instantly create REPL from any function (library, mit, repl, system)2020-06-
interchangeable (deprecated)30.01A type class for interchangeable data. (control, deprecated, library, mit)2015-01-
interlude-l00.02Prelude replacement based on protolude (library, mit, prelude)2018-12-
interpolate552.018String interpolation done right (data, library, mit, text)2020-06-050.2.1SimonHengel
interpolator60.00Runtime interpolation of environment variables in records using profunctors (data, library, mit)2020-07-, dfithian, MossPrescott
interspersed30.01An abstraction over interspersing monadic actions (control, library, mit)2016-06-020.1.2NikitaVolkov
interval-tree-clock22.00Interval Tree Clocks (data, data-structures, distributed-computing, library, mit)2022-07-
intrinsic-superclasses12.01A quasiquoter for better instance deriving and default methods (language, library, mit)2018-07-
intro90.02Safe and minimal prelude (library, mit, prelude)2020-08-
intro-prelude10.01Intro reexported as Prelude (library, mit, prelude)2016-12-300.1.0.0minad
introduction20.01A prelude for safe new projects (library, mit, prelude)2016-09-300.0.1.0Norfair
introduction-test10.01A prelude for the tests of safe new projects (library, mit, testing)2016-09-300.0.1.0Norfair
io-throttle20.01Limit number of IO actions started per second (concurrency, library, mit)2014-09-060.1.0rodrigosetti
ioctl70.08Type-safe I/O control package (data, library, mit, system)2010-02-200.0.1MaciejPiechotka
ioref-stable50.01iorefs with a unique stable index (library, mit, unknown)2016-05-
iostring00.02A class of strings that can be involved in IO. (cssyd, library, mit)2017-02-
iothread10.01run IOs in a single thread (concurrency, library, mit)2015-01-
iotransaction20.01Supports the automatic undoing of IO operations when an exception is thrown. (control, library, mit)2013-05-040.1DylanShearer
ip-quoter00.01Quasiquoter for IP addresses (library, mit, network)2015-06-
ip2location50.01IP2Location Haskell package for IP geolocation. (development, library, mit)2023-04-118.5.0ip2location
ip2proxy40.00IP2Proxy Haskell package for proxy detection. (development, library, mit)2021-10-073.2.0ip2location
ipcvar30.01Simple inter-process communication through IPCVars. (library, mit, system)2018-05-180.1.1JohnWiegley
ipython-kernel330.04A library for creating kernels for IPython frontends (development, library, mit)2022-09-, VaibhavSagar
irc-client160.01An IRC client library. (library, mit, network)2022-12-311.1.2.3barrucadu
irc-conduit150.03Streaming IRC message library using conduits. (library, mit, network)2022-12-310.3.0.6barrucadu
irc-ctcp100.04A CTCP encoding and decoding library for IRC clients. (library, mit, network)2021-08-
irc-dcc30.00A DCC message parsing and helper library for IRC clients (library, mit, network)2017-03-192.0.1JanGerlinger
iri20.01RFC-based resource identifier library (iri, library, mit, network, uri, url)2019-01-310.4NikitaVolkov
isevaluated110.02Check whether a value has been evaluated (data, ghc, library, mit)2012-07-, SveinOveAas
iso-deriving30.00Deriving via arbitrary isomorphisms. (generics, library, mit)2020-04-240.0.8HansHoglund
iso8601-time780.028Convert to/from the ISO 8601 time format (library, mit, time)2018-06-110.1.5AndrasSlemmer, NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
isocline1300.01A portable alternative to GNU Readline (console, library, mit, program)2022-01-161.0.9daan
isomorphism-class1030.02Isomorphism typeclass solving the conversion problem (library, mit, unclassified)2023-02-
iteratee-parsec10.01Package allowing parsec parser initeratee (data, library, mit, parsing)2010-11-280.0.6MaciejPiechotka
iterative-forward-search10.00An IFS constraint solver (constraints, library, mit)2021-07-, OscarH
ivar-simple20.01Write once concurrency primitives. (concurrency, library, mit)2020-10-050.3.3BertramFelgenhauer
ixset-typed-binary-instance70.01Binary instance for ixset-typed. (data-structures, library, mit)2020-08-
ixset-typed-cassava50.00cassava encoding and decoding via ixset-typed (csv, data, library, mit)2021-08-
ixset-typed-conversions20.01Conversions from ixset-typed to other containers. (data-structures, library, mit)2020-09-
ixset-typed-hashable-instance70.01Hashable instance for ixset-typed. (data-structures, library, mit)2020-08-
j2hs10.01j2hs (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit, program)2013-06-240.99.1JulianFleischer
jack-bindings (deprecated)20.01DEPRECATED Bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit (deprecated, library, mit, sound)2012-10-070.1.1PhilippBalzarek
jalaali70.01Jalaali calendar systems (library, mit, time)2020-11-
jaskell530.00Stack-based concatenative language embedded in Haskell (language, library, mit)2023-06-
java-bridge22.03Bindings to the JNI and a high level interface generator. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, mit)2013-06-080.20130606.3JulianFleischer
java-bridge-extras10.01Utilities for working with the java-bridge package. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)2013-06-240.99JulianFleischer
java-poker10.00The etude of the Haskell programming (game, library, mit, program)2016-01-
java-reflect10.01Tools for reflecting on Java classes. (ffi-tools, foreign, java, jvm, library, mit)2013-06-240.99JulianFleischer
jbi10.00Just Build It - a "do what I mean" abstraction for Haskell build tools (development, library, mit, program)2018-02-
jcdecaux-vls10.01JCDecaux self-service bicycles API client (library, mit, web)2014-04-290.1.0Herzult
jira-wiki-markup2340.01Handle Jira wiki markup (library, mit, program, text)2023-03-131.5.1tarleb
jmonkey10.01Jmonkey is very restricted but handy EDSL for JavaScript. (library, mit, web)2018-10-
jobqueue30.01A job queue library (client, library, mit, network)2015-09-090.1.6ikehara, junjihashimoto, yjkmy
jordan40.05JSON with Structure (codec, library, mit)2022-07-
jordan-openapi00.01OpenAPI Definitions for Jordan, Automatically (library, mit, network)2022-07-
jordan-servant00.03Servant Combinators for Jordan (library, mit, web)2022-07-
jordan-servant-client10.00Servant Client Instances for Jordan Servant Types (library, mit, web)2022-07-
jordan-servant-openapi10.00OpenAPI schemas for Jordan-Powered Servant APIs (library, mit, web)2022-07-
jordan-servant-server10.00Servers for Jordan-Based Servant Combinators (library, mit, web)2022-07-
journalctl-stream230.00Stream logs using journalctl. (library, mit, system)2023-06-
js-chart1220.01Obtain minified chart.js code (javascript, library, mit)2020-11-
js-dgtable1360.03Obtain minified jquery.dgtable code (javascript, library, mit)2019-03-150.5.2NeilMitchell
js-flot1700.06Obtain minified flot code (javascript, library, mit)2014-11-100.8.3NeilMitchell
js-jquery1600.08Obtain minified jQuery code (javascript, library, mit)2018-01-213.3.1NeilMitchell
jsaddle550.035Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2023-09-
jsaddle-clib100.01Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2023-09-
jsaddle-dom220.05DOM library that uses jsaddle to support both GHCJS and GHC (library, mit, web)2021-12-
jsaddle-hello40.01JSaddle Hello World, an example package (library, mit, program, web)2021-06-
jsaddle-warp320.06Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2023-09-
jsaddle-webkit2gtk440.01Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2023-09-
jsaddle-webkitgtk10.01Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, library, mit, web)2017-06-
jsaddle-wkwebview530.02Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC (javascript, mit, web)2023-09-
jsc (deprecated in favor of jsaddle)10.01High level interface for webkit-javascriptcore (deprecated, javascript, library, mit, web)2014-03-
json-api20.01Utilities for generating JSON-API payloads (library, mit, network)2019-07-310.1.4.0toddmohney
json-api-lib10.00Utilities for generating JSON-API payloads (library, mit, network)2020-06-, shirren
json-ast90.03Universal JSON AST datastructure (library, mit, unclassified)2022-10-110.3.2NikitaVolkov
json-ast-json-encoder20.01Encoders of JSON AST (library, mit, unclassified)2017-04-070.1.1NikitaVolkov
json-ast-quickcheck10.01Compatibility layer for "json-ast" and "QuickCheck" (library, mit, unclassified)2016-02-040.2NikitaVolkov
json-bytes-builder (deprecated in favor of jsonifier)40.02Direct-to-bytes JSON Builder (codecs, deprecated, json, library, mit)2020-09-
json-encoder (deprecated in favor of json-bytes-builder)30.02A direct-to-bytes single-pass JSON encoder with a declarative DSL (codec, deprecated, json, library, mit)2016-06-020.1.8NikitaVolkov
json-feed280.02JSON Feed (library, mit, web)2023-06-302.0.0.9fozworth
json-fu20.01Generic JSON serialization / deserialization (json, library, mit)2014-03-270.1.1SimonHengel
json-incremental-decoder30.01Incremental JSON parser with early termination and a declarative DSL (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2017-04-070.1.2NikitaVolkov
json-pointer20.03JSON Pointer parsing and interpretation utilities (data, json, library, mit, parsing)2019-01-
json-pointer-aeson00.01Integration layer for "json-pointer" and "aeson" (library, mit, unclassified)2017-04-060.1.2NikitaVolkov
json-pointer-hasql30.01JSON Pointer extensions for Hasql (hasql, json, library, mit)2016-04-040.1.1NikitaVolkov
json-python20.01Call python inline from haskell (language, library, mit)2014-11-
json-rpc142.05Fully-featured JSON-RPC 2.0 library (library, mit, network, program, public-domain)2022-05-151.0.4jprupp
json-rpc-client32.01JSON-RPC 2.0 on the client side. (json, library, mit, network)2017-01-
json-rpc-server22.02JSON-RPC 2.0 on the server side. (json, library, mit, network)2017-01-
json-spec430.02Type-level JSON specification (json, library, mit)2023-09-
json-spec-elm630.01Elm code generate for `json-spec`. (elm, json, library, mit)2023-09-
json-spec-elm-servant550.00Generated elm code for servant APIs. (elm, json, library, mit, servant, web)2023-09-
json-spec-openapi20.00json-spec-openapi (json, library, mit, openapi)2023-09-
json-togo20.01Effectful parsing of JSON documents (data, library, mit)2015-06-
json-types10.06Basic types for representing JSON (json, library, mit, text)2010-12-230.1JohnMillikin
jsonextfilter00.01Filter select values in JSON objects to unix programs (mit, program, web)2017-03-
jsonifier160.01Fast and simple JSON encoding toolkit (json, library, mit)2022-11-
jsonlogic10.01JsonLogic Evaluation (json, library, mit)2022-04-
jsonlogic-aeson00.00JsonLogic Aeson Support (json, library, mit)2022-04-
jsons-to-schema10.00JSON to JSON Schema (data, json, library, mit, program, web)2017-07-300.1.0.0garetht
jsonsql30.01Interpolate JSON object values into SQL strings (mit, program, text)2015-08-
jsontsv10.01JSON to TSV transformer (mit, program, text)2016-05-
jsonxlsx10.01json to xlsx converter (mit, program, text)2017-03-
juandelacosa00.01Manage users in MariaDB >= 10.1.1 (databases, mit, program, web)2021-03-170.1.2ip1981
juicy-draw00.00Draw and fill lines, rectangles and polygons (graphics, library, mit, program)2018-12-
jump10.01Nothing to see here, move along (data, library, mit)2016-03-
jupyter10.00A library for creating and using Jupyter kernels. (development, library, mit, program)2016-08-140.9.0gibiansky
jvm-binary270.01A library for reading Java class-files (java, jvm, language, library, mit)2021-05-120.10.0kalhauge
jwt691.7519JSON Web Token (JWT) decoding and encoding (library, mit, web)2021-12-100.11.0puffnfresh
kafka-client (deprecated)20.01Low-level Haskell client library for Apache Kafka 0.7. (deprecated, library, mit, network)2015-06-
kafka-device90.05UI device events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-glut40.01GLUT events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-joystick00.01Linux joystick events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-leap110.01Leap Motion events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-spacenav10.01Linux SpaceNavigator events via a Kafka message broker (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-03-
kafka-device-vrpn20.01VRPN events via a Kafka message broker (library, mit, network, program)2019-03-
kaleidoscope20.01Haskell Kaleidoscope tutorial (compilers, library, mit, program)2016-08-
kalman62.01Kalman and particle filters and smoothers (library, math, mit)2016-12-
katip-logstash150.00Logstash backend for katip. (library, logging, mit)2021-11- library (api, library, mit)2017-04-220.3.0aaron
kcd40.01Kayak .kcd parsing library. (library, mit, text)2017-01-
kdt140.01Fast and flexible k-d trees for various types of point queries. (data, library, mit)2022-07-180.2.5giogadi
keccak130.00cryptographic functions based on the sponge construction (crypto, library, mit, program)2018-07-200.2.0aupiff
kesha10.00Haskell implementation of nix-hash (library, mit, system)2020-11-300.1.0.1jmackie
keter482.251Web application deployment manager, focusing on Haskell web frameworks (library, mit, program, web, yesod)2023-08-022.1.2MichaelSnoyman, ChristopherReichert, Jappie, jgt
kewar32.00CLI and library to generate QR codes. (data, library, mit, program, qr)2022-02-
keylayouts20.00Tools for macOS .keylayout files (configuration, library, mit, xml)2020-12-
keyring20.01Keyring access (library, mit, system)2017-02-
keyword-args10.01Extract data from a keyword-args config file format (data, library, mit, program)2015-04-, stackbuilders, sestrella
ki-effectful20.00Adaptation of the ki library for the effectful ecosystem. (concurrency, library, mit)2023-01-
kicad-data42.01Parser and writer for KiCad files. (data, library, mit)2021-10-290.5.1kasbah
kickass-torrents-dump-parser20.01Parses torrent dumps (library, mit, text)2013-01-160.0.1MichaelXavier
kmeans-par20.01Sequential and parallel implementations of Lloyd's algorithm. (algorithm, library, mit)2014-06-021.5.1vi, SimonAlling
kmonad110.00Advanced keyboard remapping utility (application, library, mit, program)2020-09-120.4.1david_janssen, TonyZorman
knob280.03Memory-backed handles (library, mit, system)2023-02-100.2.2ncfavier
knots00.01Khovanov homology computations (library, math, mit, program)2015-04-
koofr-client20.01Client to Koofr API (library, mit, network)2015-03-
korea-holidays02.00Korea Holidays (library, mit, time)2019-07-
kparams20.00Extracts values from /proc/cmdline. (library, mit, program, text)2021-09- API client (library, mit, network)2017-09-210.1.0wereHamster
ksystools20.01System management tooling. (library, mit, system)2017-03-
ktx10.01A binding for libktx from Khronos (graphics, library, mit)2015-05-310.2Corngood
kubernetes-webhook-haskell30.00Create Kubernetes Admission Webhooks in Haskell (library, mit, web)2020-08-
labsat30.00LabSat TCP Interface Wrapper (library, mit, program, unclassified)2018-03-090.0.5bb
labyrinth30.01A complicated turn-based game (game, library, mit)2013-11-
labyrinth-server00.01A complicated turn-based game - Web server (game, mit, program)2013-11-
lackey250.01Generate Ruby clients from Servant APIs. (library, mit, web)2023-04-
lacroix12.01fizzy n dizzy (acme, library, mit)2021-11-
laika10.01Minimalistic type-checked compile-time template engine (library, mit, unclassified)2015-06-
lambda30.00Interpreters for lambda calculus, calculus of constructions, and more (compilers-interpreters, mit, program)2022-07-
lambda-calculator30.00A lambda calculus interpreter (lambdacalculus, language, library, mit, program, teaching)2023-03-
lambda-canvas40.01Educational drawing canvas for FP explorers. (education, graphics, library, mit)2012-08-290.1DimitrySolovyov
lambda-cube22.00Haskell implementation of (some of) lambda cube calculi (library, mit, utilities)2021-08-
lambdaBase20.01 (language, library, mit)2015-05-
lambdaLit10.01... (language, mit, program)2014-12-
lambdabot-zulip10.00Lambdabot for Zulip Chat (library, mit, program, web)2018-11-200.1.0NiklasHambuechen
lambdacms-core20.02LambdaCms 'core' subsite for Yesod apps (library, mit, web)2015-07-, matsrietdijk
lambdacms-media10.01LambdaCms "media" extension (library, mit, web)2015-07-, matsrietdijk
lambdasound300.00A libary for generating low-level sounds with high-level combinators (library, mit, program, sound)2023-09-181.1voyager
lambdatwit20.01Lambdabot running as a twitter bot. Similar to the @fsibot f# bot. (mit, program, web)2014-10-
language-c99360.04An implementation of the C99 AST that strictly follows the standard. (language, library, mit)2022-05-210.2.0frankdedden
language-c99-simple560.02C-like AST to simplify writing C99 programs. (language, library, mit)2023-08-300.2.3frankdedden
language-c99-util480.02Utilities for language-c99. (language, library, mit)2022-05-210.2.0frankdedden
language-conf10.00Conf parsers and pretty-printers for the Haskell programming language. (data, library, mit)2016-08-
language-gcl22.01Something similar to Dijkstra's guarded command language (language, library, mit)2014-06-150.2StijnVanDrongelen
language-hcl10.01HCL parsers and pretty-printers for the Haskell programming language. (data, library, mit)2016-08-
language-js00.01javascript parser for es6 and es7. (language, library, mit)2021-03-270.3.0diasbruno
language-ocaml10.01Language tools for manipulating OCaml programs in Haskell (language, library, mit, ocaml)2018-12-120.2.0Ptival
language-pig120.01Pig parser in haskell. (language, library, mit)2013-12-
language-toolkit10.00A set of tools for analyzing languages via logic and automata (formal-languages, library, mit, program)2023-06-
language-typescript00.02A library for working with TypeScript Definition files (language, library, mit)2014-02-020.0.4PhilFreeman
language-webidl20.01Parser and Pretty Printer for WebIDL (language, library, mit)2017-10-
laop40.00Matrix programming library (data, library, mit)2020-06-
latest-npm-version30.01Find the latest version of a package on npm (library, mit, network, program)2014-05-190.3.1passy
layout-bootstrap (deprecated)20.01Template and widgets for Bootstrap2 to use with Text.Blaze.Html5 (deprecated, library, mit, text)2012-03-070.2.2AlexanderBondarenko
lazy20.01Explicit laziness for Haskell (control, library, mit)2018-04-280.1NikitaVolkov
lazy-async30.00Asynchronous actions that don't start right away (concurrency, library, mit)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
lazyset20.01Set and Map from lazy/infinite lists. (data, library, mit)2016-12-
ldapply20.01LDIF idempotent apply tool (mit, network, program, text)2017-01-120.2.0ip1981
lean-peano00.00A maximally lazy, simple implementation of the Peano numbers with minimal dependencies. (library, mit, numeric)2020-05-
leankit-api10.01LeanKit API (api, library, mit)2014-01-040.4dtorok
leanpub-concepts22.01Types for the Leanpub API (library, mit, web)2022-03-, Monoid_Mary
leanpub-wreq42.00Use the Leanpub API via Wreq (library, mit, web)2022-03-, Monoid_Mary
learning-hmm30.01Yet another library for hidden Markov models (algorithms, library, machine-learning, mit, statistics)2015-04-
leb128-cereal240.02LEB128 and SLEB128 encoding (codec, library, mit)2020-11-201.2JoachimBreitner
lens-aeson3312.75117Law-abiding lenses for aeson (data, json, lenses, library, mit)2023-06-271.2.3EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
lens-text-encoding20.01Isomorphisms and prisms for text <=> bytestring conversions (library, mit, text)2014-10-
lens-time10.01lens for Data.Time (data, library, mit)2013-08-
lens-witherable30.00lens-compatible tools for working with witherable (data, library, mit)2022-11-
lexer-applicative212.02Simple lexer based on applicative regular expressions (language, library, mit)2018-06-
lha20.03Data structures for the Les Houches Accord (library, mit, physics)2012-02-060.1.2ScottLawrence
lhe50.01Parser and writer for Les-Houches event files (data, library, mit, physics)2012-02-130.5ScottLawrence
lhs2TeX-hl10.01Literate highlighter preprocessor for lhs2tex (development, language, mit, program)2011-10-
libBF800.04A binding to the libBF library. (data, library, mit, program)2023-07-170.6.6IavorDiatchki, RobertDockins, ryanglscott, galoisinc
libfuse331.750A Haskell binding for libfuse-3.x (library, mit, system)2023-03-
libinfluxdb50.01libinfluxdb (database, library, mit)2016-05-250.0.4wereHamster
liblastfm30.01Lastfm API interface (library, mit, network-apis)2018-08-070.7.0DmitryMalikov, MatveyAksenov
libmpd840.06An MPD client library. (library, mit, network, sound)2021-01-, JoachimFasting, SimonHengel, psibi
libnotify50.03Bindings to libnotify library (desktop, library, mit, system)2018-07-160.2.1MatveyAksenov
libnvvm00.01FFI binding to libNVVM, a compiler SDK component from NVIDIA (foreign, library, mit)2014-04-031.0.0seanprime7
libphonenumber100.00Parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers (data, library, mit)2023-04-, typeable, iko
librandomorg10.01Wrapper to API (library, mit, network-apis)2012-06-
librato10.01Bindings to the Librato API (library, mit, network)2014-07-
libsecp256k150.00Bindings for secp256k1 (crypto, library, mit)2022-07-110.1.0ProofOfKeags
libstackexchange20.01StackExchange API interface (library, mit, networkapis)2018-06-140.3.1MatveyAksenov
libxls20.01Bindings to libxls (ffi, library, mit)2016-02-250.2uuhan
libxml-enumerator (deprecated)20.01Enumerator-based API for libXML's SAX interface (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2011-04-060.5JohnMillikin
libxml-sax100.05Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface (foreign, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2014-02-150.7.5StephenWeber
libzfs00.01Bindings to libzfs, for dealing with the Z File System and Zpools. (library, mit, program, system)2017-03-
licensor80.00A license compatibility helper (distribution, library, mit, program)2021-05-300.5.0jpvillaisaza
lifted-protolude10.01A sensible set of defaults for writing lifted custom Preludes. (library, mit, prelude)2016-07-130.1.6parsonsmatt
ligature10.01Expand ligatures in unicode text (library, mit, text)2013-08-
lima60.00Convert between Haskell, Markdown, Literate Haskell, TeX (library, mit, productivity, program)2023-07-
limp22.03representation of Integer Linear Programs (library, mit, numeric)2018-11-
limp-cbc20.02bindings for integer linear programming solver Coin/CBC (library, mit, numeric)2018-11-
lindenmayer20.01L-systems in Haskell (formal-languages, library, mit)2015-06-
line-indexed-cursor50.00Line-indexed file reader. (data, development, library, mit)2023-07-
linear-base830.04Standard library for linear types. (library, mit, prelude)2023-03-170.3.1utdemir, dotwani, aspiwack, tbagrel1
lines-of-action10.01Lines of Action, 2-player strategy board game (game, library, mit)2018-06-160.0.1jxv
linkcheck00.00Check for broken links in CI (library, mit, program, unclassified)2022-05-
linux-cgroup20.01Very basic interface to the Linux CGroup Virtual Filesystem (library, mit, system)2014-02-
linux-ptrace20.01Wrapping of Linux' ptrace(2). (library, mit, system)2010-10-310.1.2RichardSmith, kriztw
linx-gateway10.01Implementation of the Enea LINX gateway protocol. (library, mit, network, program)2014-08-
lio162.04Labeled IO Information Flow Control Library (library, mit, security)2020-09-, DavidMazieres, DeianStefan
list-singleton82.00Easily and clearly create lists with only one element in them. (data, library, mit)2022-08-
list-t2902.040ListT done right (control, data-structures, library, mit, streaming)2023-01-
list-t-attoparsec10.01An "attoparsec" adapter for "list-t" (library, mit, parsing, streaming)2016-10-190.4.1NikitaVolkov
list-t-html-parser00.01Streaming HTML parser (html, library, mit, parser, streaming)2016-10-190.4.2NikitaVolkov
list-t-http-client00.01A streaming HTTP client (http, library, mit, streaming)2015-04-
list-t-libcurl20.01A "libcurl"-based streaming HTTP client (http, library, mit, streaming)2018-02-120.3.3NikitaVolkov
list-t-text10.01A streaming text codec (codec, library, mit, streaming)2016-10-190.2.1NikitaVolkov
lists-flines30.07Additional data and structures to some 'String'-related lists. (data, library, mit)2023-01-
literals10.01Non-overloaded functions for concrete literals. (data, library, mit)2013-03-301.0JulianFleischer
literatex200.00transform literate source code to Markdown (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
little-earley30.00Simple implementation of Earley parsing (library, mit, parsing)2021-05-
ll-picosat00.01 (library, mit, unclassified)2015-01-
llsd10.01An implementation of the LLSD data system (library, mit, networking, program)2010-08-300.2.0.0BryanOSullivan
llvm-hs-pretty112.01A pretty printer for LLVM IR. (compilers, library, mit)2020-01-, andrew_wja
lmonad30.01LMonad is an Information Flow Control (IFC) framework for Haskell applications. (library, mit, security)2016-01-
lmonad-yesod20.01LMonad for Yesod integrates LMonad's IFC with Yesod web applications. (library, mit, security, web, yesod)2016-04-
locators80.05Human exchangable identifiers and locators (library, mit, other)2020-07-
log-effect20.02An extensible log effect using extensible-effects (control, effect, library, logging, mit, program)2019-03-021.2.0ibotty, sickmind
log-warper70.04Flexible, configurable, monadic and pretty logging (library, logging, mit, program)2020-03-041.9.0gromak, volhovm, serokell
logging202.07Simplified logging in IO for application writers. (library, mit, system)2018-01-293.0.5JohnWiegley, aupiff
logging-effect-extra60.00Supplemental packages for `logging-effect`. (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-052.0.0jship
logging-effect-extra-file10.01TH splices to augment log messages with file info (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-062.0.1jship
logging-effect-extra-handler20.01Handy logging handler combinators (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-062.0.1jship
logging-facade670.06Simple logging abstraction that allows multiple back-ends (library, mit, system)2021-11-170.3.1SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn
logging-facade-journald10.01Journald back-end for logging-facade (library, mit, system)2014-11-240.0.0SoenkeHahn
logical-constraints10.02Simple logical constraints 'syntax-sugar' writing library. (data, library, mit)2023-01-
logict-sequence22.00A backtracking logic-programming monad with asymptotic improvements to msplit (control, library, mit)2022-12-, dfeuer
loglevel90.01Log Level Datatype (library, mit, system)2018-08-300.1.0.0larsk
logplex-parse20.01Parse Heroku application/logplex documents (library, mit, text)2015-12-
logsink20.01A logging framework for Haskell (library, mit, system)2017-05-300.2.0SimonHengel, jkarni
logstash100.02Logstash client library for Haskell (library, mit, network)2023-06-
longboi30.01Dependently-typed linked list implementation (data, library, mit)2018-01-161.0.0chessai
longshot21.50Fast Brute-force search using parallelism (algorithm, cryptography, library, mit, parallelism, program, search)2021-12-
loop820.04Fast loops (for when GHC can't optimize forM_) (control, library, mit)2015-09-030.3.0NiklasHambuechen
loop-dsl21.50monadic loop dsl. (control, library, mit)2021-11-
looper10.00 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-05-
lorentz150.04EDSL for the Michelson Language (language, library, mit)2023-07-310.16.0gromak, pasqu4le, serokell
loshadka10.01Minecraft 1.7 server proxy that answers to queries when the server is offline (mit, network, program)2014-04-250.2LnYnp6WCYyKG3yhdLDztVRuQjTFKEy
louis00.00Turning images into text using Braille font (graphics, library, mit)2019-09-
loup40.00Amazon Simple Workflow Service Wrapper for Work Pools. (aws, cloud, distributed-computing, library, mit, network, program)2017-11-040.0.16markfine
lpeg1640.02LPeg – Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-131.0.4tarleb
lsp3180.036Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol (development, library, mit)2023-08-, PepeIborra, wz1000, luke_, jneira, michaelpj
lsp-types3940.023Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol, data types (development, library, mit, program)2023-08-, PepeIborra, wz1000, luke_, jneira, michaelpj
ltiv1p100.01Partial implementation of a service provider for LTI 1.1. (library, mit, network, web)2016-08-
lua2192.06Lua, an embeddable scripting language (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-172.3.1tarleb
lua-arbitrary620.01Arbitrary instances for Lua types. (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-
lua-bc00.01Lua bytecode parser (language, library, mit)2016-12-070.1.1EricMertens, galoisinc
luautils20.02Helpers for Haskell integration with Lua (library, mit, scripting)2015-06-250.1.4AnupamJain
lucid-cdn90.01Curated list of CDN imports for lucid. (library, mit, web)2020-10-
lucid-extras102.01Generate more HTML with Lucid - Bootstrap, Rdash, Vega-Lite, Leaflet JS, Email. (graphics, library, mit, web)2019-02-190.2.2glutamate, ocramz
lushtags10.01Create ctags compatible tags files for Haskell programs (development, mit, program)2011-09-200.0.1BitConnor
lye10.01A Lilypond-compiling music box (mit, program, sound)2013-01-
lz4-frame-conduit50.00Conduit implementing the official LZ4 frame streaming format (library, mit, program, web)2020-09-
mackerel-client20.01An API client library for Mackerel (library, mit, web)2020-07-180.3.0itchyny
maclight30.01Control screen and keyboard backlights on MACs under Linux (apple, library, mit, program)2014-06-
mail-pool70.00Preconfigured email connection pool on top of smtp. (email, library, mit, program)2020-12-032.2.3Jappie
mailchimp80.01Bindings for the MailChimp API (library, mit, web)2017-06-070.3.0jpvillaisaza
mailchimp-subscribe00.01MailChimp subscription request handler (mail, mit, program)2014-12-021.0mietek
make-monofoldable-foldable10.01Make a MonoFoldable type into an ordinary Foldable type. (data, library, mit)2017-03-
makefile80.01Simple Makefile parser and generator (library, mit, parsing)2017-10-
mallard20.00Database migration and testing as a library. (database, library, mit, program)2017-09-
mameya10.00Static Website Generator in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-09-160.2.1bururabit
managed-functions20.03Remote Management Framework (library, mit, remote-management)2022-06-
managed-functions-http-connector00.01Simple HTTP-Based Connector for Managed Functions (http, library, mit, remote-management)2022-06-061.0.0martinbednar
managed-functions-json10.01JSON Support for the Managed Functions Framework (json, library, mit, remote-management)2022-06-061.0.0martinbednar
mandrill220.02Library for interfacing with the Mandrill JSON API (library, mit, network)2023-05-, OliverCharles
maquinitas-tidal200.00library for MIDI control of hardware (library, mit, sound)2022-11-230.2.17montoyamoraga
marihana20.00Minimal tool to make your blog in Haskell (library, mit, program, web)2018-04-
markdown-unlit860.04Literate Haskell support for Markdown (development, library, mit, program)2023-07-100.6.0SimonHengel
markov-processes10.01Hidden Markov processes. (ai, library, mit)2014-05-160.0.2vi
marmalade-upload30.01Upload packages to Marmalade (development, library, mit, program)2014-10-260.10lunaryorn
master-plan20.00The project management tool for hackers (library, mit, program, tools)2017-08-180.3.1rodrigosetti
matcher00.04A composable abstraction for checking or converting a context value (library, mit, unclassified)2016-04-
maude10.01An interface to the Maude rewriting system. (language, library, mit)2012-07-090.6.1DavidLazar
mcmaster-gloss-examples10.01 (graphics, mit, program)2014-04-072013yuriyt
mcmc-types101.755Common types for sampling. (library, math, mit, numeric)2016-12-041.0.3JaredTobin
mdcat60.01Markdown viewer in your terminal (library, mit, program, text)2015-03-
mdp20.00Tools for solving Markov Decision Processes. (algorithms, library, math, mit, program)2016-11-
mealstrom52.01Manipulate FSMs and store them in PostgreSQL. (control, database, library, mit)2021-01-
means30.01calculate varieties of mean/average using semigroup. (data, library, mit)2016-06-
medea50.00A schema language for JSON. (data, library, mit)2020-08-051.2.0koz_ross
mega-sdist170.01Handles uploading to Hackage from mega repos (distribution, mit, program)2022-10-
melody10.01A functional scripting language (language, library, mit, program)2014-01-100.2jozefg
memcache-conduit00.01Conduit library for memcache procotol (library, mit, network)2015-04-270.0.3junjihashimoto
memcache-haskell00.02Memcache procotol library (library, mit, network)2015-04-, junjihashimoto, yjkmy
memcached-binary30.03memcached client using binary protocol. (database, library, mit)2014-09-110.2.0HirotomoMoriwaki
memdb50.00Efficient in memory indexed database (database, library, mit)2019-07-
memis10.01Memis Efficient Manual Image Sorting (data, mit, program)2017-02-010.1.1johannesgerer
memo-ptr10.01Pointer equality memoization (control, library, mit)2015-05-310.1.0.0edofic
memoization-utils20.01Utilities for memoizing functions (control, library, mit)2015-11-
menoh10.00Haskell binding for Menoh DNN inference library (deep-learning, library, machine-learning, mit)2018-11-080.3.0MasahiroSakai
mercury-api30.00Haskell binding to Mercury API for ThingMagic RFID readers (hardware, library, mit, program)2019-01-
merge30.01A functor for consistent merging of information (data, library, mit)2021-09-
mergeful100.02 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-06-
mergeful-persistent30.00Support for using mergeful from persistent-based databases (library, mit, unclassified)2021-11-
mergeless90.02 (library, mit, unclassified)2022-06-
mergeless-persistent30.00Support for using mergeless from persistent-based databases (library, mit, unclassified)2021-11-
message-db-temp10.00Temporary message-db for integration testing (database, eventsourcing, eventstore, library, mit, testing)2022-07-
messagepack210.013Serialize instance for Message Pack Object (data, library, mit)2022-03-200.5.5rodrigosetti, saep
messagepack-rpc40.01Message Pack RPC over TCP (library, mit, network)2015-11-040.5.1rodrigosetti
messente20.01Messente SMS Gateway (api, library, mit)2015-04-
metric10.02Metric spaces. (data, library, mit)2014-05-300.2.0vi, SimonAlling
metrics160.01High-performance application metric tracking (data, library, mit)2017-08-
mezzo12.01Typesafe music composition (library, mit, music)2017-10-
mgeneric20.01Generics with multiple parameters (data, library, mit)2015-03-
mi10.01Multiple Instance for Haskell (language, library, mit)2014-02-280.0.1matt
microbase10.01A minimal base to work around GHC bugs. (library, mit, prelude)2021-01-
microgroove20.01Array-backed extensible records (library, mit, records)2018-02-
microlens-aeson1120.06Law-abiding lenses for Aeson, using microlens (library, mit, numeric)2023-08-162.5.1fosskers
microsoft-translator20.01Bindings to the Microsoft Translator API (library, mit, natural-language)2018-12-290.1.2Cliff_Harvey
mighty-metropolis120.01The Metropolis algorithm. (library, mit, numeric)2020-05-212.0.0JaredTobin
mime-mail1082.029Compose MIME email messages. (email, library, mit)2021-02-230.5.1DanielChoi, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, MarekSuchanek
mime-mail-ses280.01Send mime-mail messages via Amazon SES (library, mit, program, web)2020-09-040.4.3MichaelSnoyman, psibi, kindaro
mime-types2990.057Basic mime-type handling types and functions (library, mit, web)2022-09-
mini-egison40.01Template Haskell Implementation of Egison Pattern Matching (data, library, mit, pattern, program)2020-03-041.0.0SatoshiEgi, momohatt
miniforth20.01Miniature FORTH-like interpreter (language, library, mit, program)2015-03-
minilight20.01A SDL2-based graphics library, batteries-included. (graphics, library, mit, program)2020-05-050.5.0myuon
minilight-lua20.00A binding library of minilight for Lua langauge. (graphics, library, mit, program)2020-05-
minisat-solver110.02High-level Haskell bindings for the MiniSat SAT solver. (library, logic, mit)2016-10-240.1PeterSelinger
miniterion120.00Simple and lightweight benchmark utilities (benchmarking, library, mit)2023-09-
minlen10.01Express the minimum length of a container in its type (data, library, mit)2016-07-
misfortune260.03fortune-mod clone (console, game, library, mit, program, public-domain)2022-08-, ncfavier
mit-3qvpPyAi6mH20.00A git wrapper with a streamlined UX (cli, library, mit, program)2022-10-2611mitchellwrosen
miv20.00Vim plugin manager written in Haskell (compiler, mit, program)2021-01-170.4.8itchyny
mixed-strategies00.01Find optimal mixed strategies for two-player games (library, math, mit, program)2012-12-
mm2 (deprecated in favor of mmsyn2)10.00The library that can be used for optimization of multiple (Ord a) => a -> b transformations (binary-search, deprecated, development, library, mit)2019-09-
mmsyn230.016The library that can be used for multiple (Ord a) => a -> b transformations (binary-search, development, library, mit)2021-03-
mmsyn2-array30.021A library that can be used for multiple Ord a => a -> b transformations. (binary-search, data, development, language, library, mit)2023-01-
mmsyn2-array-ukrainian-data20.01Data that is taken from the ukrainian-phonetics-basic-array for optimization. (data, language, library, math, mit)2023-01-310.2.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
mmsyn2-hashable20.00A library that can be used for multiple Hashable a => a -> b transformations. (data, development, language, library, mit)2021-10-310.1.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
mmsyn311.2522A small library to deal with executable endings (library, mit, system)2023-02-
mmsyn4 (deprecated in favor of gvti)51.250The "glue" between electronic tables and GraphViz (GraphViz, deprecated, graphics, library, mit, program)2022-08-
mmsyn540.011Various additional operations on lists (some with intermediate Monads) (data, library, lists, mit)2023-02-
mmsyn6ukr590.010A musical instrument synthesizer or a tool for Ukrainian language listening (Ukrainian, language, library, mit, program, speech-approximation)2020-11-
mmsyn6ukr-array00.00A musical instrument synthesizer or a tool for Ukrainian language listening (Ukrainian, language, library, mit, program, tts)2022-08-
mmsyn7h20.00Produces a sound recording specified by the Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, language, library, mit, program, sound, sox, speech-approximation, speech-transformation, voice)2020-12-
mmsyn7l30.07Modifies the amplitudes of the sounds representations created by mmsyn7ukr-array and mmsyn7ukr packages. (Ukrainian, library, mit, program, sound, sox, speech-approximation, speech-transformation, voice)2022-08-
mmsyn7s30.06Shows a sorted list of the Ukrainian sounds representations that can be used by mmsyn7 series of programs (Ukrainian, language, library, mit, program, speech-approximation, speech-transformation, syllable-segmentation)2020-10-
mmsyn7ukr50.04A simple basic interface to some SoX functionality or to produce a voice that can be used by mmsyn7h (Ukrainian, language, library, mit, program, sound, sox, speech-approximation, speech-transformation, voice)2020-08-
mmsyn7ukr-array10.00A simple reduced basic interface to some SoX functionality or to produce a voice that can be used by mmsyn7h-array, dobutokO2-array and other similar packages (language, library, mit, sound)2022-08-
mmsyn7ukr-common20.05Some common for mmsyn7ukr and mmsyn7ukr-array functionality using SoX. (Ukrainian, language, library, mit, sound, sox)2022-08-
mmzk-typeid291.50A TypeID implementation for Haskell (data, library, mit, typeid, uuid)2023-09-
mockazo30.00Mock records of functions easily (library, mit, testing)2019-07-020.1.1NickSeagull
mockery610.01Support functions for automated testing (library, mit, testing)2017-06-130.3.5SimonHengel, SoenkeHahn
mod1852.06Fast type-safe modular arithmetic (library, math, mit, number-theory)2023-02-
modular-prelude (deprecated)10.02A new Prelude featuring first class modules (control, deprecated, library, mit)2012-08-
modular-prelude-classy (deprecated)20.01Reifying ClassyPrelude a la ModularPrelude (control, deprecated, library, mit)2012-08-
mole20.01A glorified string replacement tool (mit, program, system)2020-05-020.0.7wereHamster
monad-bayes290.01A library for probabilistic programming. (library, mit, program, statistics)2023-07-131.1.1DominicSteinitz, turion
monad-classes (deprecated)32.07more flexible mtl (control, deprecated, library, mit)2018-05-
monad-gen80.04A simple monad for generating fresh integers (library, mit, utility)2014-12-
monad-levels30.01Specific levels of monad transformers (control, library, mit)2015-02-
monad-log20.01A simple and fast logging monad (development, library, mit)2016-04-
monad-logger3240.0221A class of monads which can log messages. (library, mit, system)2023-06-050.3.40MichaelSnoyman
monad-logger-aeson292.01JSON logging using monad-logger interface (library, mit, program, system)2023-07-
monad-logger-json70.01JSON-friendly Logging APIs (library, logging, mit)2015-03-310.1.0.0MichaelSnoyman, dysinger
monad-logger-logstash100.00Logstash backend for monad-logger. (library, mit, system)2021-11-
monad-logger-syslog70.01syslog output for monad-logger (library, logging, mit)2019-11-, MichaelSnoyman, dysinger, iamemhn
monad-markov10.01Markov process monad (control, library, mit)2018-06-
monad-metrics102.03A convenient wrapper around EKG metrics (library, mit, web)2020-12-
monad-open10.01Open recursion for when you need it (control, library, mit)2015-03-
monad-parallel-progressbar50.01Parallel execution of monadic computations with a progress bar (control, library, mit, monads, system, user-interfaces)2015-04-
monad-recorder10.01Record and replay the results of monadic actions (general, library, mit)2018-03-180.1.1harendra
monad-schedule220.00A new, simple, composable concurrency abstraction. (concurrency, library, mit)2023-07-
monad-time-effectful180.00Adaptation of the monad-time library for the effectful ecosystem. (control, library, mit)2023-06-
monad-timing20.01Monad transformer for recording timing events (control, library, mit)2016-06-
monad-tree00.00Tree data structure for nondeterministic computations. (control, library, mit)2021-11-
monad-unify20.02Generic first-order unification (library, mit, unification)2014-04-150.2.2PhilFreeman
monad-unlift (deprecated in favor of unliftio-core, unliftio, rio)60.06Typeclasses for representing monad transformer unlifting (control, deprecated, library, mit)2016-05-030.2.0MichaelSnoyman
monad-unlift-ref52.01Typeclasses for representing monad transformer unlifting (control, library, mit)2017-11-210.2.1MichaelSnoyman
monadic-bang60.00GHC plugin to desugar ! into do-notation (development, library, mit)2023-07-
monadlog20.01A simple and fast logging monad (development, library, mit)2017-11-
mondo (deprecated in favor of monzo)30.01Haskell bindings for the Mondo API (deprecated, library, mit, web)2016-04-
money20.01Money (finance, library, mit)2016-11-230.1.0jpvillaisaza
mongodb-queue40.01message queue using MongoDB (database, library, mit)2014-01-
mongrel2-handler10.01Mongrel2 Handler Library (library, mit, web)2011-08-060.3.2BardurArantsson
monitor20.01Do things when files change. (mit, program, system)2013-07-100.1.1MartinStensgard
mono-traversable2772.087Type classes for mapping, folding, and traversing monomorphic containers (data, library, mit)2021-09-, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman
mono-traversable-instances530.02Extra typeclass instances for mono-traversable (data, library, mit)2020-07-
mono-traversable-wrapper40.01Wrapper providing Foldable instance for MonoFoldables. (data, library, mit)2017-02-
monoid-absorbing10.01A library for (left, right) zero monoids and backtracking with cut (algebra, library, mit)2015-10-
monoidal-functors142.00Monoidal Functors Library (categories, control, library, mit, program)2023-08-
monomer-flatpak-example700.00Monomer Flatpak Example Application. (flatpak, gui, mit, program)2023-09-
monomer-hagrid332.00A datagrid widget for the Monomer library. (gui, library, mit)2023-09-
monus-weighted-search12.00Efficient search weighted by an ordered monoid with monus. (data-structures, library, mit)2021-08-
monzo20.01Haskell bindings for the Monzo API (library, mit, web)2016-08-
more-containers110.01A few more collections (data-structures, library, mit)2021-04-
morley230.05Developer tools for the Michelson Language (language, library, mit, program)2023-07-311.20.0gromak, pasqu4le, serokell
morley-client70.02Client to interact with the Tezos blockchain (blockchain, library, mit, program)2023-07-310.4.0pasqu4le, serokell
morley-prelude132.06A custom prelude used in Morley (library, mit, prelude)2023-07-310.6.0gromak, pasqu4le, serokell
morley-upgradeable10.00Upgradeability infrastructure based on Morley. (language, library, mit, program)2021-04-020.3pasqu4le, serokell
morpheus-graphql492.50Morpheus GraphQL (graphql, library, mit, web)2023-04-270.27.3nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-app410.03Morpheus GraphQL App (graphql, library, mit, web)2023-04-270.27.3nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-client362.250Morpheus GraphQL Client (client, graphql, library, mit, web)2023-04-270.27.3nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-core462.07Morpheus GraphQL Core (graphql, library, mit, web)2023-04-270.27.3nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-server300.02Morpheus GraphQL (graphql, library, mit, web)2023-04-270.27.3nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-subscriptions310.01Morpheus GraphQL Subscriptions (graphql, library, mit, subscriptions, web)2023-04-270.27.3nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-tests310.00Morpheus GraphQL Test (graphql, library, mit, test, web)2023-04-270.27.3nalchevanidze
morphisms10.03It's all about functions (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-040.1.1iokasimovmt
morphisms-functors10.01Functors, theirs compositions and transformations (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-150.1.7iokasimovmt
morphisms-functors-inventory10.00Inventory is state and store (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-120.1.0iokasimovmt
morphisms-objects10.00Algebraic structures (control, data, library, mit)2019-01-080.1.3iokasimovmt
moss110.00Haskell client for Moss (library, mit, web)2022-05-
moving-averages00.01This is a library for calculating moving averages on lists of numbers. (library, mathematics, mit)2017-05-
mpeff10.00Efficient effect handlers based on evidence-passing semantics (control, effect, library, mit)2021-08-
mqtt00.01An MQTT protocol implementation. (iot, library, mit, network)2017-03-
mr-env72.00A simple way to read environment variables in Haskell (library, mit, system)2022-11-
msh (deprecated in favor of hoop)20.01Object-Oriented Programming in Haskell (deprecated, language, library, mit)2015-10-
msu10.01Monitor Setup Utility (library, mit, program, unclassified)2021-10-
mtl-prelude160.011Reexports of most definitions from "mtl" and "transformers" (library, mit, prelude)2023-03-
mtl-uplift30.00Lift substacks of monad transformer stacks (control, library, mit)2022-01-
mtsl10.00Reified monad transformer stacks (control, library, mit)2020-09-
muesli50.01A simple document-oriented database (database, library, mit)2015-05-
multi-cabal10.00A tool supporting multi cabal project builds. (development, library, mit, program)2015-08-
multi-except10.00Multiple Exceptions (exceptions, library, mit)2021-06-
multi-trie10.01Trie of sets, as a model for compound names having multiple values (data, library, mit)2016-11-070.1vadimvinnik
multimap390.013A multimap. (data-structures, library, mit)2013-06-011.2.1JulianFleischer
multipath40.01Parser and builder for unix-path-like objects. (codec, library, mit)2016-11-
multiplate180.03Lightweight generic library for mutually recursive data types. (generics, lenses, library, mit)2015-09-270.0.3RussellOConnor
multiplate-simplified10.02Shorter, more generic functions for Multiplate. (generics, library, mit)2012-04-
murmur3240.03Pure Haskell implementation of the MurmurHash3 x86 algorithm (data, hash, library, mit, murmur, public-domain)2021-09-281.0.5PhilippeLaprade, jprupp
mustache-haskell00.01Straight implementation of mustache templates (library, mit, program, text)2014-12-
mutable-containers1080.06Abstactions and concrete implementations of mutable containers (data, library, mit)2022-09-
mwc-probability240.014Sampling function-based probability distributions. (library, math, mit)2020-07-312.3.1JaredTobin, ocramz
mxnet20.02MXNet interface in Haskell. (library, machine-learning, mit)2017-10-
mxnet-examples10.01Examples for MXNet in Haskell. (machine-learning, mit, program)2017-10-
mxnet-nnvm (deprecated in favor of mxnet)10.01NNVM interface in Haskell. (deprecated, library, machine-learning, mit)2017-02-
myo10.00Haskell binding to the Myo armband (library, mit, program, system)2015-09-
mysql-effect20.01An extensible mysql effect using extensible-effects and mysql-simple (database, effect, library, mit)2014-06-
mystem00.00Bindings for Mystem morphological analyzer executabe (library, mit, natural-language-processing, program)2016-08-
mywatch20.01Web application to view and kill MySQL queries (databases, mit, program, web)2017-05-200.3.0ip1981
myxine-client10.00A Haskell client for the Myxine GUI server (gui, library, mit)2020-08-
nagios-check80.02Package for writing monitoring plugins (library, metrics, mit, monitoring, system)2015-09-010.3.2fractalcat
nagios-plugin-ekg20.00Monitor ekg metrics via Nagios (library, mit, program, system)2015-06-
named-binary-tag10.00NBT (named binary tag) serialization and deserialization. (data, library, mit)2022-10-
named-records40.01Flexible records with named fields. (data, library, mit, records)2013-05-260.5JulianFleischer
named-sop70.00Dependently-typed sums and products, tagged by field name (data, library, mit)2020-02-
namelist20.01fortran90 namelist parser/pretty printer (library, mit, text)2015-06-120.1.0HirotomoMoriwaki
names20.02Type level names. (data, library, mit, type-system)2013-04-020.3.1JulianFleischer
nano-erl92.01Small library for Erlang-style actor semantics (concurrency, library, mit)2016-01-
nanomsg-haskell10.03Bindings to the nanomsg library (library, mit, network)2019-01-160.2.4BenGamari, IvarNymoen
nanospec410.01A lightweight implementation of a subset of Hspec's API (library, mit, testing)2018-01-110.2.2SimonHengel
nat-optics00.00Refinement types for natural numbers with an optics interface (library, mit, numeric, optics)2022-08-, Monoid_Mary
nat-sized-numbers00.01Variable-sized numbers from type-level nats. (library, mit, numeric)2017-05-
ndjson-conduit110.01Conduit-based parsing and serialization for newline delimited JSON. (data, library, mit)2016-09-
neat30.01A Fast Retargetable Template Engine (library, mit, program, text)2014-02-080.1.0ajg
neat-interpolation1222.535A quasiquoter for neat and simple multiline text interpolation (library, mit, quasiqoutes, quasiquotes, string)2022-01-
needle30.01ASCII-fied arrow notation (control, library, mit)2014-09-
neither-data20.00The Neither datatype (data, library, mit)2022-03-
nekos-best32.00Unofficial API wrapper (catgirls, library, mit)2023-07-
netpbm260.03Loading PBM, PGM, PPM image files (codec, graphics, library, mit)2021-02-281.0.4NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
netrium20.00Contract normaliser and simulator (finance, library, mit, program)2018-02-010.6.0abrar
nettle260.02safe nettle binding (cryptography, library, mit)2018-06-160.3.0stbuehler
netwire-input80.03Input handling abstractions for netwire (game, library, mit)2018-03-090.0.7Mokosha
netwire-input-glfw120.01GLFW instance of netwire-input (game, library, mit)2020-03-140.0.11Mokosha
netwire-vinylglfw-examples20.01Netwire/GLFW/VinylGL input handling demo (game, mit, program)2016-10-221.0.0RandKleisli
network-address30.01IP data structures and textual representation (data, library, mit, network)2011-09-070.2.0SebastianNowicki
network-anonymous-i2p30.01Haskell API for I2P anonymous networking (library, mit, network)2015-03-260.10.0solatis
network-anonymous-tor100.00Haskell API for Tor anonymous networking (library, mit, network, program)2015-10-230.11.0solatis
network-arbitrary62.01Arbitrary Instances for Network Types (library, mit, testing)2020-12-
network-attoparsec40.03Utility functions for running a parser against a socket (library, mit, network, parsing)2015-03-150.12.2solatis
network-conduit-tls390.07Create TLS-aware network code with conduits (library, mit, network)2023-06-081.4.0MichaelSnoyman
network-enumerator (deprecated)40.06Enumerators for network sockets (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)2012-11-250.1.5JohnMillikin
network-service00.01Provide a service at the data type level. (library, mit, network)2014-12-
network-transport-amqp20.01AMQP-based transport layer for distributed-process (aka Cloud Haskell) (library, mit, network)2015-04-
network-uri-json90.02FromJSON and ToJSON Instances for Network.URI (library, mit, network)2020-08-
network-uri-static10.01A small utility to declare type-safe static URIs (library, mit, network)2020-05-
network-voicetext10.01VoiceText Web API wrapper (library, mit, network)2017-12-
network-wai-router40.01A routing library for wai (library, mit, web)2014-08-
network-wait320.00Lightweight library for waiting on networked services to become available. (library, mit, network)2022-05-
neural32.00Neural Networks in native Haskell (library, machine-learning, mit, program)2017-07-
newtype-deriving10.01Instance derivers for newtype wrappers (control, library, mit, template-haskell)2016-05-020.1.4NikitaVolkov
ngrams-loader20.01Ngrams loader based on format (data, library, mit, program)2014-03-
niagra22.01High performance CSS EDSL (data, library, mit)2017-04-120.2.5natesymer
nice-html20.01A fast and nice HTML templating library with distinct compilation/rendering phases. (library, mit, web)2018-01-150.4.1MikeLedger
nicify20.04Pretty print the standard output of default `Show` instances. (mit, program, text, tools, utilities)2015-03-221.2.1JulianFleischer
nicify-lib240.03Pretty print the standard output of default `Show` instances. (library, mit, text, tools, utilities)2015-03-221.0.1JulianFleischer
niv80.00Easy dependency management for Nix projects (development, library, mit, program)2023-03-120.2.22nmattia
nixfromnpm30.01Generate nix expressions from npm packages. (mit, nix, program, tools)2016-07-140.10.1thinkpad20
nn10.01A tiny neural network (ai, library, mit)2018-04-060.2.0deepinside
noether10.00Math in Haskell. (library, math, mit, program)2017-06-250.0.1mrkgnao
noise30.01A friendly language for graphic design (library, mit, program, text)2013-05-210.0.1TomBrow
noli30.00A static site generator (library, mit, web)2020-07-
non-empty-text50.01Non empty Data.Text type (data, library, mit, nonempty, text)2022-03-160.2.0TrevisElser, onslaughtq, flipstone, qxjit
nonempty-zipper100.01A non-empty comonadic list zipper (data, data-structures, library, mit)2022-03-311.0.0.4PatrickBrisbin, dukerutledge, mjgpy3, FreckleEngineering
nonfree100.01Free structures sans laws (debug, library, mit)2018-07-
not-prelude20.00An opinionated Prelude replacement library (library, mit, prelude)2021-08-
now-haskell20.00Zeit Now haskell-side integration and introspection tools. (library, mit, program, web)2019-08-
nqe110.02Concurrency library in the style of Erlang/OTP (control, library, mit, public-domain)2022-05-200.6.4jprupp
nth-prime00.01Computing the nth prime (mit, number-theory, program)2015-05-131.2JoeHurd
number00.01A library for real numbers (library, math, mit)2015-09-
number-wall10.00Create number walls and save them as images (algorithms, graphics, image, library, math, mit)2022-09-
numeric-qq00.02Quasi-quoters for numbers of different bases (library, mit, numeric, quasiquotes)2015-12-190.1.3NikitaVolkov
numeric-ranges00.01A framework for numeric ranges. (library, mit, numeric)2016-01-
nvfetcher160.00Generate nix sources expr for the latest version of packages (library, mit, nix, program)2023-08-
oauthenticated90.01Simple OAuth for http-client (library, mit, network, web)2022-03-300.3.0.0JosephAbrahamson, ibotty, dfithian
ochintin-daicho70.01A module to manage payroll books for Japanese companies. (business, library, mit)2018-09-
octane (deprecated in favor of rattletrap)90.00Parse Rocket League replays. (deprecated, game, library, mit, program)2017-10-240.20.3fozworth
octohat10.02A tested, minimal wrapper around GitHub's API. (library, mit, network, program)2015-08-, stackbuilders, sestrella
oden-go-packages20.01Provides Go package metadata. (language-tools, library, mit)2016-02-
odpic-raw70.01Oracle Database Bindings (database, ffi, library, mit, odpi-c, oracle, raw)2019-04-240.5.0leptonyu
ogmarkup (deprecated)11.52A lightweight markup language for story writers (deprecated, library, mit, web)2018-02-285.0lethom
oidc-client250.05OpenID Connect 1.0 library for RP (library, mit, web)2022-11-
om-actor (deprecated in favor of om-fork)20.00Actor pattern utilities. (concurrency, deprecated, library, mit)2020-03-
om-doh00.00om-doh (library, mit, unclassified)2021-04-
om-elm12.01Haskell utilities for building embedded Elm programs. (library, mit, web)2022-07-
om-fail10.00Monad transformer providing MonadFail. (library, mit, unclassified)2020-03-
om-fork50.01Concurrency utilities. (library, mit, unclassified)2023-07-
om-http120.01Http utilities. (library, mit, web)2023-09-
om-http-logging (deprecated in favor of om-http)30.00om-http-logging (deprecated, library, mit, web)2020-08-
om-kubernetes (deprecated in favor of kubernetes-client, haskell-kubernetes)20.00om-kubernetes (deprecated, library, mit, unclassified)2022-10-
om-legion20.00Legion Framework. (library, mit, network, program)2022-10-
om-logging00.01Opinionated logging utilities. (library, logging, mit)2022-10-
om-plugin-imports40.00Plugin-based import warnings (compiler-plugin, library, mit, program)2023-05-
om-show40.06Utilities for showing string-like things. (library, mit, text)2023-07-
om-socket00.01Socket utilities. (library, mit, network)2022-10-
om-time20.01Misc. time utilites (library, mit, unclassified)2023-06-
on-demand-ssh-tunnel10.01Program that sends traffic through SSH tunnels on-demand (library, mit, network, program)2015-02-
one-time-password130.02HMAC-Based and Time-Based One-Time Passwords (cryptography, library, mit)2016-06-112.0.0AlekseyUymanov
oneormore40.01A never-empty list type. (data, library, mit)2014-08-
onu-course10.01Code for the Haskell course taught at the Odessa National University in 2012 (education, library, mit)2012-09-201RomanCheplyaka
oops100.02Combinators for handling errors of many types in a composable way (datacontrol, library, mit)2023-04-
oops-examples10.00Oops examples (datacontrol, library, mit)2023-04-
opaleye-classy20.01Opaleye wrapped up in classy MTL attire. (database, library, mit)2015-08-300.3.1.1BenKolera
opc-xml-da-client02.00OPC XML-DA Client (library, mit, network)2022-02-090.1.2NikitaVolkov, olf, yan_shkurinsky
open-signals10.01A mechanism similar to checked exceptions that integrates with MTL and transformer stacks (control, library, mit)2016-04-
open-union60.04Extensible, type-safe unions. (data, library, mit, program)2018-04-
openapi-petstore30.00Auto-generated openapi-petstore API Client (library, mit, web)2019-03-
openapi3-code-generator40.00OpenAPI3 Haskell Client Code Generator (code-generator, library, mit, program)2021-12-, joel_fisch
opencc20.00OpenCC bindings (library, mit, text)2022-02-
opengl-dlp-stereo30.01Library and example for using DLP stereo in OpenGL (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-04-
opengl-spacenavigator10.01Library and example for using a SpaceNavigator-compatible 3-D mouse with OpenGL (graphics, library, mit, program)2016-04-
openpgp-asciiarmor220.03OpenPGP (RFC4880) ASCII Armor codec (codec, data, library, mit)2019-06-300.1.2ClintAdams
opensource100.01Haskell API Wrapper for the Open Source License API (library, mit, network)2018-10-
openssh-github-keys (deprecated)40.01Fetch OpenSSH keys from a GitHub team (deprecated, library, mit, program, system)2015-04-, stackbuilders, sestrella
opentheory140.012The standard theory library (formal-methods, library, mit)2015-07-241.200JoeHurd
opentheory-bits30.03Natural number to bit-list conversions (formal-methods, library, mit)2015-10-191.69JoeHurd
opentheory-byte10.01Bytes (formal-methods, library, mit)2015-10-191.128JoeHurd
opentheory-char (deprecated in favor of opentheory-unicode)20.01Unicode characters (deprecated, library, mit, program, text)2012-11-101.41JoeHurd
opentheory-divides10.02The divides relation on natural numbers (library, mit, number-theory)2015-10-191.66JoeHurd
opentheory-fibonacci00.01Fibonacci numbers (library, mit, number-theory)2015-10-191.72JoeHurd
opentheory-parser30.03Stream parsers (library, mit, parsing)2015-10-191.160JoeHurd
opentheory-prime10.02Prime natural numbers (library, mit, number-theory)2015-10-191.85JoeHurd
opentheory-primitive20.013Haskell primitives used by OpenTheory packages (formal-methods, library, mit)2015-10-191.8JoeHurd
opentheory-probability30.03Probability (formal-methods, library, mit)2015-10-191.52JoeHurd
opentheory-stream00.02Infinite stream types (library, list, mit)2015-10-191.49JoeHurd
opentheory-unicode60.02Unicode characters (library, mit, text)2015-10-191.142JoeHurd
opentok30.01An OpenTok SDK for Haskell (library, mit, web, webrtc)2018-09-070.0.5adrice727
operate-do20.01Simple project template from stack (library, meta, mit)2016-11-090.1.0mizunashi_mana
operational-class110.01MonadProgram typeclass for the operational package (control, library, mit)2015-07-
optics-operators120.00A tiny package containing operators missing from the official package. (data, lenses, library, mit, optics)2023-06-
optima130.02Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2023-05-
optima-for-hasql30.00Command-line arguments parsing for Hasql (command-line, hasql, library, mit, options)2022-09-010.2NikitaVolkov
option20.01A strict version of Maybe (data, library, mit)2016-01-
options350.010Powerful and easy command-line option parser (console, library, mit)2023-07-
options-time10.01Command-line option types for dates and times. (console, library, mit)2014-12-151.0.1JohnMillikin
optparse-applicative-simple00.01Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2019-07-
optparse-declarative62.250Declarative command line option parser (library, mit, system)2021-06-240.4.2HideyukiTanaka, kakkun61
ordering-util10.00Utilities for Orderings (data, library, mit)2022-07-
ory-hydra-client80.00Auto-generated ory-hydra API Client (library, mit, network, oauth, web)2023-06-
oset20.00An insertion-order-preserving set (command-line, library, mit, program)2019-02-
ot20.01Real-time collaborative editing with Operational Transformation (library, mit, text)2015-10-
outsort10.00External sorting package based on Conduit (algorithms, mit, program)2019-07-110.1.0luispedro
overhang92.251Hang loose with your lambdas! (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2018-02-021.0.0jship
overload20.01Finite overloading (control, library, mit)2018-03-
overture (deprecated in favor of flow)50.01An alternative to some of the Prelude. (deprecated, library, mit, prelude)2015-03-310.0.5fozworth
owoify-hs10.00Turn any English text into nonsensical babyspeaks. (library, mit, text)2021-10-
package-description-remote100.01Fetches a 'GenericPackageDescription' from Hackage (library, mit, web)2015-11-
paddle30.00API to the Paddle payment processor (library, mit, web)2020-12-
padic10.00Fast, type-safe p-adic arithmetic (library, math, mit, number-theory)2022-02-
pads-haskell00.01PADS data description language for Haskell. (language, library, mit)2019-06-
pagarme (deprecated)20.01Pagarme API wrapper (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-03-
pairing62.02Bilinear pairings (cryptography, library, mit)2020-04-281.1.0sdiehl
pandoc-csv2table80.00Convert CSV to Pandoc Table Markdown (library, mit, program, text)2021-03-141.0.9baig, vmandela
pandoc-highlighting-extensions (deprecated)30.00Syntax highlighting customization for Pandoc (deprecated, library, mit, text)2019-02-, Monoid_Mary
pandoc-include50.01Include other Markdown files (library, mit, program, text)2015-12-080.0.1steindani
pandoc-lua-marshal1880.02Use pandoc types in Lua (foreign, library, mit)2023-03-150.2.2JohnMacFarlane, tarleb
pandoc-markdown-ghci-filter20.00Pandoc-filter to evaluate `code` section in markdown and auto-embed output. (documentation, filter, library, mit, program, text)2019-07-
pandoc-plantuml-diagrams90.00Render and insert PlantUML diagrams with Pandoc (library, mit, program, text)2021-02-
pandoc-sidenote150.01Convert Pandoc Markdown-style footnotes into sidenotes (commandline, library, mit, program)2023-05-
pandoc-throw100.02MonadThrow behaviour for Pandoc. (library, mit, text)2020-09-
pandoc-unlit (deprecated in favor of markdown-unlit)20.01Literate Haskell support for GitHub's Markdown flavor (deprecated, development, mit, program)2012-07-150.1.0SimonHengel
pandoc-utils20.00Utility functions to work with Pandoc in Haskell applications. (library, mit, text)2020-05-250.7.1Krasjet
pandora260.01A box of patterns and paradigms (control, data, library, mit)2022-05-290.5.6iokasimovmt
pandora-io100.00... (control, data, library, mit)2022-04-160.5.4iokasimovmt
pansite30.00Pansite: a simple web site management tool (library, mit, program, web)2018-04-
paranoia10.00http proxy server (library, mit, program, web)2016-05-
paripari40.00Parser combinators with fast-path and slower fallback for error reporting (library, mit, program, text)2020-06-
parsec-class160.02Class of types that can be constructed from their text representation (library, mit, text)2018-07-
parsec-free50.01Parsec API encoded as a deeply-embedded DSL, for debugging and analysis (library, mit, text)2023-03-
parsec-pratt20.00Pratt Parser combinator for Parsec (library, mit, program, text)2016-08-020.1.1jh3141
parsec-trace20.01Add a hierarchical trace to Parsec parsers. (library, mit, parsing)2015-11-
parseerror-eq30.01Adds and Eq instance for Parsec's ParseError if needed (library, mit, text)2015-04-, sestrella
partial10.01A nullary type class for partial functions (control, library, mit)2017-11-
partial-handler130.02A composable exception handler (error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, mit)2018-02-121.0.3NikitaVolkov
partial-lens (deprecated in favor of data-lens)20.01Haskell 98 Partial Lenses (comonads, control, deprecated, library, mit)2011-12-210.0.1RussellOConnor
passwords20.01Password generation/validation library (cryptography, library, mit)2015-04-
pasta-curves22.00Provides the Pasta curves: Pallas, Vesta and their field elements Fp and Fq. (cryptography, elliptic-curves, library, mit, program)2022-08-310.0.1.0eschorn
path-binary-instance90.01Binary instance for Path. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-08-
path-dhall-instance80.04ToDhall and FromDhall instances for Path. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-10-
path-extensions90.01Enumeration of common filetype extensions for use with the path library. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-07-
path-formatting10.01Formatting for path (library, media, mit)2021-07-
path-like100.02PathLike, FileLike and DirLike type classes for the Path library. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-08-
path-tree20.01`Data.Tree` for file paths (data-structures, library, mit)2022-04-
path-utils80.03Handful of simple utility functions for the path library. (filesystem, library, mit)2020-09-
pathfinding60.01pathfinding in grid and graphs (algorithm, library, mit)2015-04-
pathwalk150.04Path walking utilities for Haskell programs (library, mit, system)2015-10-, Xena
patrol200.00Sentry SDK (exceptions, library, mit)2023-06-301.0.0.5fozworth
patronscraper20.01A webpage scraper for Patreon which dumps a list of patrons to a text file. (mit, program, web)2015-02-
pattern-arrows302.02Arrows for Pretty Printing (combinators, library, mit, pretty-printer, text)2014-03-290.0.2PhilFreeman
paypal-adaptive-hoops (deprecated)20.01Client for a limited part of PayPal's Adaptive Payments API (deprecated, library, mit, program, web)2015-12-
paypal-rest-client00.01A client to connect to PayPal's REST API (v1) (library, mit, network)2016-12-300.1.0meoblast001
pcf60.01A one file compiler for PCF (compiler, library, mit)2015-04-
pdc90.01Fedora Product Definition Center service (library, mit, network)2021-12-270.1.1JensPetersen
pdfname40.01Name a PDF file using information from the pdfinfo command (mit, pdf, program)2017-07-300.3AndresSicardRamirez
pedersen-commitment (deprecated in favor of elliptic-curve)110.01An implementation of Pedersen commitment schemes (cryptography, deprecated, library, mit)2018-04-240.2.0sdiehl
pell20.01Package to solve the Generalized Pell Equation. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)2019-11-
penrose30.01Create beautiful diagrams just by typing mathematical notation in plain text. (library, mit, program, unclassified)2019-07-
peregrin230.01Database migration support for use in other libraries. (database, library, mit)2023-08-070.4.2BardurArantsson
periodic-polynomials20.00A library for working with periodic polynomials (very basic functionality) (library, math, mit)2020-06-
persistent5542.5147Type-safe, multi-backend data serialization. (database, library, mit, yesod)2023-09-, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, paulrouse, MaxGabriel, parsonsmatt
persistent-database-url32.01Parse DATABASE_URL into configuration types for Persistent (database, library, mit)2016-04-221.1.0jferris, jsteiner
persistent-event-source (deprecated in favor of persistent-eventsource)70.00Persistent based event sourcing. (database, deprecated, library, mit)2023-01-180.1.0Jappie
persistent-eventsource70.00Persistent based event sourcing. (database, library, mit)2023-01-200.2.0Jappie
persistent-lens70.00lens helpers for persistent. (database, library, mit)2022-01-261.0.0Jappie
persistent-mongoDB220.04Backend for the persistent library using mongoDB. (database, library, mit)2022-03-, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, paulrouse, MaxGabriel, parsonsmatt, aschmois
persistent-mysql650.04Backend for the persistent library using MySQL database server. (database, library, mit, yesod)2023-01-, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, paulrouse, MaxGabriel, parsonsmatt
persistent-mysql-haskell70.00A pure haskell backend for the persistent library using MySQL database server. (database, library, mit, program, yesod)2019-12-280.6.0naushadh
persistent-mysql-pure180.00A pure haskell backend for the persistent library using MySQL database server. (database, library, mit, program, yesod)2023-08-301.0.2Jappie
persistent-odbc40.02Backend for the persistent library using ODBC (database, library, mit, yesod)2021-01-
persistent-postgresql1262.029Backend for the persistent library using postgresql. (database, library, mit, yesod)2023-09-, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, paulrouse, MaxGabriel, parsonsmatt
persistent-qq530.01Provides a quasi-quoter for raw SQL for persistent (database, library, mit, yesod)2022-10-, parsonsmatt
persistent-ratelimit30.01A library for rate limiting activities with a persistent backend. (database, library, mit)2017-05-
persistent-spatial20.00Database agnostic, spatially indexed type for geographic points. (database, geography, library, mit)2019-01-
persistent-sqlite2490.028Backend for the persistent library using sqlite3. (database, library, mit, yesod)2023-01-, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, paulrouse, MaxGabriel, parsonsmatt
persistent-template1310.048Type-safe, non-relational, multi-backend persistence. (database, library, mit, yesod)2021-03-302.12.0.0FelipeLessa, GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, psibi, paulrouse, MaxGabriel, parsonsmatt
persistent-test430.01Tests for Persistent (database, library, mit, yesod)2022-04-, MaxGabriel, parsonsmatt
pg-entity200.00A pleasant PostgreSQL layer (database, library, mit)2023-06-
pg-extras12.00PostgreSQL database performance insights. (database, library, mit)2020-11-290.0.1pawurb
pgvector30.00pgvector support for Haskell (database, library, mit)2023-04-120.1.0ankane
phatsort110.00FAT filesystem sort utility (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
phladiprelio-general-datatype00.00Extended functionality of PhLADiPreLiO (language, library, math, mit, sound)2023-09-
phladiprelio-general-shared30.01A shared by different general implementations of the PhLADiPreLiO functionality. (data, language, library, math, mit)2023-09-
phladiprelio-general-simple50.00A generalized functionality of PhLADiPreLiO for different languages that uses hash algorithms. (language, library, math, mit, music)2023-09-
phladiprelio-rhythmicity-shared20.03Allows to estimate some kind of the rhythmicity properties for the text (language, library, math, mit, music)2023-03-
phladiprelio-tests60.00Common for Ukrainian and general data for test mode. (language, library, mit)2023-08-
phladiprelio-ukrainian-shared40.01A shared by different Ukrainian implementations of the PhLADiPreLiO functionality. (data, language, library, math, mit)2023-03-
phladiprelio-ukrainian-simple120.00A PhLADiPreLiO implementation for Ukrainian that uses hashes and asynchronous concurrency. (language, library, math, mit, music, program)2023-08-
phonetic-languages-basis10.09A basics of the phonetic-languages (PhLADiPreLiO-related) functionality. (game, language, library, math, mit)2023-01-300.3.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-common20.03A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-common package. (language, library, mit)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-constaints (deprecated in favor of phonetic-languages-constraints)10.00Constraints to filter the needed permutations (deprecated, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-constraints40.02Constraints to filter the needed permutations (language, library, math, mit)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-constraints-array200.05Constraints to filter the needed permutations (language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2023-06-
phonetic-languages-examples10.00A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-examples functionality. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2021-02-
phonetic-languages-filters-array70.02Allows to change the structure of the function output. (RealFrac, data, filters, library, mit)2023-01-310.6.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-general00.00A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-general functionality. (language, library, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-permutations10.01Commonly used versions of the phonetic-languages-common package (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-permutations-array40.06Permutations and universal set related functions for the phonetic-languages series (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2023-01-300.4.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-phonetics-basics260.05A library for working with generalized phonetic languages usage. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, phonetics, program, writing-systems)2023-09-
phonetic-languages-plus50.03Some common shared between different packages functions. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2023-02-
phonetic-languages-properties10.01A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-properties package. (Ukrainian, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages)2021-02-
phonetic-languages-rhythmicity20.09Allows to estimate the rhythmicity properties for the text (coherency, data, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, polyrhythmicity, rap)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-base70.010A basics of the phonetic-languages functionality that can be groupped. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2023-06-
phonetic-languages-simplified-common60.04A simplified version of the phonetic-languages-functionality (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-12-
phonetic-languages-simplified-examples-array410.00Helps to create Ukrainian texts with the given phonetic properties. (PhLADiPreLiO, Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phladiprelio, phonetic-languages, program, prosodic-languages, prosody, rumba, syllables)2022-09-
phonetic-languages-simplified-examples-common190.01Some commonly used by phonetic-languages-simplified* series functions. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-examples-array420.00Helps to create texts with the given phonetic properties (e. g. poetic). (PhLADiPreLiO, espeak, game, ipa, language, library, math, mit, phladiprelio, phonetic-languages, phonetics, prosodic-languages, prosody, writing-systems)2022-09-
phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-examples-common120.01Some common code for phonetic languages generalized functionality. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, phonetics, writing-systems)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-properties-array260.02Some 'properties' of the phonetic languages approach text. (game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, phonetics, writing-systems)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-lists-examples60.00Simplified and somewhat optimized version of the phonetic-languages-examples. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2021-02-
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array140.02Some properties of the data related to rhythmicity. (Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array-common50.03Common functionality for 'with-tuples' and old version of properties. (game, language, library, math, mit)2023-03-
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-array-old10.00Some properties of the data related to rhythmicity. (game, language, library, math, mit)2022-05-310.1.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-lists (deprecated in favor of phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-lists-double)30.01A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-properties package. (Ukrainian, deprecated, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages)2021-02-
phonetic-languages-simplified-properties-lists-double10.02A generalization of the uniqueness-periods-vector-properties package. (language, library, math, mit)2021-02-
phonetic-languages-ukrainian20.01Prepares Ukrainian text to be used as a phonetic language text (Ukrainian, game, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-11-
phonetic-languages-ukrainian-array50.03Prepares Ukrainian text to be used as a phonetic language text (Ukrainian, game, language, library, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2023-02-
phonetic-languages-vector00.02A generalization of the functionality of the uniqueness-periods-vector package. (language, library, mit, phonetic-languages)2020-10-300.1.0.0OleksandrZhabenko
pianola (deprecated)10.01Remotely controlling Java Swing applications (deprecated, gui, jvm, library, mit)2013-09-160.1.1DanielDiazCarrete
pickle02.00Instant StatsD in Haskell (library, mit, unclassified)2020-08-
picologic30.01Utilities for symbolic predicate logic expressions (library, logic, mit)2017-01-040.3.0sdiehl
picosat82.03Bindings to the PicoSAT solver (library, logic, mit)2019-12-300.1.6sdiehl
pid1310.01Do signal handling and orphan reaping for Unix PID1 init processes (library, mit, program, system)2022-11-, psibi
pinboard810.02Access to the Pinboard API (library, mit, network-apis)2022-05-
pipes-cereal-plus (deprecated)40.02A streaming serialization library on top of "pipes" and "cereal-plus" (deprecated, library, mit, pipes, serialization)2014-10-190.4.0NikitaVolkov
pipes-csv160.02Fast, streaming csv parser (csv, library, mit, pipes)2015-11-261.4.3GabrielGonzalez, WilliamCasarin
pipes-kafka10.01Kafka in the Pipes ecosystem (library, mit, network)2017-09-
pipes-mongodb100.01Stream results from MongoDB (database, library, mit)2015-06-
pipes-postgresql-simple (deprecated in favor of streaming-postgresql-simple, streaming-utils)40.01Convert various postgresql-simple calls to work with pipes (database, deprecated, library, mit, pipes)2017-02-
pipes-wai120.03A port of wai-conduit for the pipes ecosystem (library, mit, pipes, web)2016-01-083.2.0IanDuncan
pit00.01Account management tool. (library, mit, program, tools)2014-09-270.3.1chiro
pitchtrack10.01Pitch tracking library (library, mit, sound)2015-10-
pixelated-avatar-generator10.00A library and application for generating pixelated avatars. (graphics, image, library, mit, program)2016-08-130.1.3ExcaliburZero
piyo20.00Haskell game engine like fantasy console. (game, library, mit, program)2018-08-
pkcs710.01PKCS #7 padding in Haskell (crypto, library, mit)2015-08-
plex10.01run a subprocess, combining stdout and stderr (library, mit, system)2018-04-
plocketed00.01plot data from stdin through socketed (mit, program, web)2017-04-
plotlyhs100.01Haskell bindings to Plotly.js (charts, graphics, library, mit)2022-11-230.2.3glutamate, JonathanReeve
plotserver-api10.01Plotserver API (api, library, mit)2014-01-040.22dtorok
plow-log30.03Contravariant logging library (library, logging, mit)2022-11-, sidk
plow-log-async10.01Async IO tracer for plow-log (library, logging, mit)2022-11-
pocket20.01Bindings for the Pocket API (library, mit, web)2020-05-300.3.0jpvillaisaza
poker12.00Texas holdem hand evaluation and simulation. (game, library, mit, poker, program, simulation)2021-08-
pokitdok (deprecated)40.01PokitDok Platform API Client for Haskell (api, deprecated, library, mit)2015-03-
polydata50.01Wrap together data and it's constraints. (data, library, mit)2017-10-
polysemy-extra180.05Extra Input and Output functions for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-09-
polysemy-fskvstore30.01Run a KVStore as a filesystem in polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-12-
polysemy-kvstore20.04KVStore effect for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-08-
polysemy-kvstore-jsonfile10.00Run a KVStore as a single json file in polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-methodology150.05Domain modelling algebra for polysemy (library, mit, polysemy)2022-09-
polysemy-methodology-co-log10.00Logging functions for polysemy-methodology. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-methodology-composite50.02Functions for using polysemy-methodology with composite. (composite, library, mit, modelling, polysemy, polysemy-vinyl-composite, vinyl)2020-11-
polysemy-path30.01Polysemy versions of Path functions. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-several20.02Run several effects at once, taken from the polysemy-zoo. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-09-
polysemy-socket20.00Socket effect for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2021-07-300.0.2.0locallycompact
polysemy-uncontrolled40.00Uncontrolled toy effect for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy)2022-10-
polysemy-video20.01Experimental video processing DSL for polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy, video, video-polysemy)2021-07-
polysemy-vinyl30.03Functions for mapping vinyl records in polysemy. (library, mit, polysemy-vinyl)2021-07-
pomaps20.01Maps and sets of partial orders (data-structures, library, mit)2021-02-
ponder20.01PEG parser combinator (library, mit, parsing)2014-03-060.0.1matt
pool-conduit (deprecated in favor of resource-pool)40.018Resource pool allocations via ResourceT. (deprecated) (conduit, database, deprecated, library, mit, yesod)2014-04-
popkey50.00Static key-value storage backed by poppy (data, library, mit)2022-05-
populate-setup-exe-cache20.01Empty Cabal package (distribution, library, mit)2014-11-271.0mietek
porcupine-core12.02Express portable, composable and reusable data tasks and pipelines (arrows, combinators, control, data, json, library, mit, numerical, pipes, program, streaming)2019-10-
porcupine-http10.00A location accessor for porcupine to connect to HTTP sources/sinks (arrows, combinators, control, data, library, mit, program, web)2019-10-
porcupine-s320.00A location accessor for porcupine to connect to AWS S3 sources/sinks (arrows, aws, cloud, combinators, control, data, library, mit, program)2019-10-
porpoise10.00A minimalist HTTP server framework written on top of wai (control, library, mit, program)2020-10-
portable-template-haskell-lens00.02Lenses for the AST of Template Haskell 2.11 and Template Haskell < 2.11 (language, library, mit)2016-10-, bandali
posix-waitpid20.02Low-level wrapping of POSIX waitpid(2). (library, mit, system)2010-10-260.1RichardSmith, kriztw
posplyu50.00Sleep tracker for X11, using XScreenSaver extension and manual input. (mit, program, tools)2023-08-
postgres-embedded00.01Library for easily running embedded PostgreSQL server for tests. (lib, library, mit)2018-02-180.2.0ilya_murzinov
postgresql-binary1030.011Encoders and decoders for the PostgreSQL's binary format (codecs, database, library, mit, parsing, postgresql)2022-09-250.13.1NikitaVolkov
postgresql-cube10.01Cube support for postgresql-simple (database, library, mit)2015-07-
postgresql-error-codes240.02PostgreSQL error codes (database, error-handling, library, mit, postgresql)2017-01-181.0.1NikitaVolkov
postgresql-simple-sop60.02Generic functions for postgresql-simple (library, mit, unclassified)2015-10-270.2glutamate
postgresql-simple-url150.01Parse postgres:// url into ConnectInfo (database, library, mit)2018-03-
postgresql-syntax800.02PostgreSQL AST parsing and rendering (database, library, mit, parsing, postgresql)2022-04-250.4.1NikitaVolkov
postgresql-transactional72.251a transactional monad on top of postgresql-simple (database, library, mit)2016-05-091.1.1patrick_thomson
postgrest302.52REST API for any Postgres database (executable, library, mit, network-apis, postgresql, program)2022-07-129.0.1begriffs, steve_chavez
potoki110.07Simple streaming in IO (library, mit, streaming)2019-01-, effectfully, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-cereal20.03Streaming serialization (library, mit, potoki, streaming)2018-09-250.3.2NikitaVolkov, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-conduit10.00Integration of "potoki" and "conduit" (conduit, library, mit, potoki, streaming)2019-01-160.1NikitaVolkov
potoki-core80.07Low-level components of "potoki" (library, mit, streaming)2019-01-, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-hasql10.01Integration of "potoki" and "hasql". (database, library, mit, streaming)2018-06-191.6NikitaVolkov, effectfully, IrinaArtemeva, vlastachu, OShev
potoki-zlib10.01Streaming ZLib decompression (compression, library, mit, potoki, streaming, zlib)2018-06-210.3IrinaArtemeva
powermate00.01bindings for Griffin PowerMate USB (hardware, library, mit, program, system)2017-01-101.0EvanMartin, GwernBranwen, ppelleti
pprecord10.00A library for pretty printing Records (library, mit, text)2020-01-
pptable132.02Pretty Print containers in a tabular format (library, mit, text)2018-03-
preamble40.05Yet another prelude. (library, mit, prelude)2018-10-110.0.65markfine
precursor20.01Prelude replacement (library, mit, prelude)2016-10-
predicate-class10.04Helper class for passing context along a predicate value (data, library, mit)2018-03-
prefork10.01A library for building a prefork-style server quickly (library, mit, system)2014-10-080.0.9ikehara, junjihashimoto
pregame20.02Prelude for applications (library, mit, prelude)2016-12-
prelude-prime (deprecated)20.01A slightly better (but conservative) Prelude (deprecated, library, mit, prelude)2013-05-230.1RomanCheplyaka
preprocessor20.01Remove cpp annotations to get the source ready for static analysis. (cpp, library, mit, source-code-analysis)2016-09-
pretty-html00.00Produce nice human-readable HTML (html, library, mit)2023-01-, Monoid_Mary
pretty-relative-time110.02Pretty relative time (library, mit, time)2021-11-
pretty-show2012.591Tools for working with derived `Show` instances and generic inspection of values. (library, mit, program, text)2020-01-301.10IavorDiatchki
pretty-show-ansi-wl10.00Like pretty-show, but only for ansi-wl-pprint (library, mit, text)2018-11-301.9.2.1LiamOConnorDavis
prim30.00An ergonomic but conservative interface to ghc-prim (library, mit, prelude)2020-04-
primesieve10.00FFI bindings for the primesieve library. (algorithms, foreign, library, math, mit, number-theory, program)2017-09-
primitive-extras2490.03Extras for the "primitive" library (library, mit, primitive)2023-06-
print-info10.02Can be used to coordinate the printing output. (data, library, mit)2020-09-
private-hackage-uploader22.00Upload a package to the public or private hackage, building its docs (library, mit, system)2017-10-
proc-net20.01Parse /proc/net/{tcp,tcp6,udp,udp6} (library, mit, network)2016-08-
process-extras1460.025Process extras (library, mit, system)2018-02-030.7.4DavidFox, DavidLazar
process-listlike (deprecated in favor of process-extras)40.05Process extras (deprecated, library, mit, system)2014-12-041.0DavidFox
process-sequential20.01A test suite for the complex multi files multi level processment. (library, mit, system, testing)2022-08-
procex10.00Ergonomic process launching with extreme flexibility and speed (library, mit, shell, system)2022-08-290.3.3las
proctest110.01An IO library for testing interactive command line programs (library, mit, program, testing)2012-08-
producer30.01Simple streaming datatype (education, library, mit)2017-10-
prof-flamegraph10.00Generate flamegraphs from ghc RTS .prof files (mit, program, testing)2018-11-191.0.0fommil
profunctor-monad20.00Monadic bidirectional programming (control, library, mit)2022-05-, SamFrohlich
project-m3692.00Relational Algebra Engine (library, mit, program, public-domain, relational-algebra)2023-07-190.9.7agentm
projectile20.01Go to (library, mit, todo)2017-08-
projectroot100.01Bindings to the projectroot C logic (library, mit, system)2015-12-
prolude (deprecated)422.00ACI Learning's custom prelude (deprecated, library, mit, prelude)2023-01-, saramuse
prompt50.01Monad (and transformer) for deferred-effect pure prompt-response queries (control, library, mit)2016-05-
proof-assistant-bot50.00Telegram bot for proof assistants (dependent-types, library, mit, program)2023-02-070.2.1swamp_agr
proof-combinators10.01Proof Combinators used in Liquid Haskell for Theorem Proving (library, mit, theorem-proving)2018-03-, nikivazou
protobuf-simple170.01Simple Protocol Buffers library (proto2) (data, library, mit, program)2021-07-
protolude1632.5115A small prelude. (library, mit, prelude)2023-02-160.3.3sdiehl, adamwespiser
proxy20.01proxy helpers (data, library, mit)2018-05-
prune-juice30.00Prune unused Haskell dependencies (development, library, mit, program)2021-11-120.7dfithian
psc-ide (deprecated in favor of purescript)22.00Language support for the PureScript programming language (deprecated, development, library, mit, program, purescript)2016-02-020.6.1kritzcreek
psi10.01Yet another custom Prelude. (library, mit, prelude)2016-10-
psql-helpers70.01A small collection of helper functions to generate postgresql queries (library, mit, web)2016-03-
ptr460.07Experimental abstractions for operations on pointers (data, library, mit, ptr)2022-10-
ptr-poker290.01Pointer poking action construction and composition toolkit (library, mit, unclassified)2023-03-
publicsuffix320.01The publicsuffix list exposed as proper Haskell types (data, library, mit)2020-05-260.20200526wereHamster
publish60.00Publishing tools for papers, books, and presentations (mit, program, text)2023-02-132.5.3AndrewCowie
pubnub30.01PubNub Haskell SDK (api, cloud, library, mit, program)2014-05-051.1.1tsloughter
pugixml30.01pugixml binding. (library, mit, text, xml)2016-11-050.3.3NeilMitchell, HirotomoMoriwaki
pulse10.01Synchronize actions to a time pulse (concurrency, library, mit)2016-06-
punkt30.01Multilingual unsupervised sentence tokenization with Punkt. (library, mit, natural-language-processing, text)2014-10-170.1.1bryant
purescript-bundle-fast20.01A fast alternative to Purescript's `psc-bundle` to be used during development (development, mit, program)2015-07-310.1.0.1BitConnor
push-notify30.03A server-side library for sending push notifications. (cloud, library, mit, mobile, network)2014-03-
push-notify-ccs20.02A server-side library for sending/receiving push notifications through CCS (Google Cloud Messaging). (cloud, library, mit, mobile, network)2014-03-
push-notify-general30.01A general library for sending/receiving push notif. through dif. services. (cloud, library, mit, mobile, network)2014-03-
pushbullet-types30.01Datatypes used by the Pushbullet APIs (library, mit, web)2018-03-
pusher-haskell20.01A client written in Haskell (library, mit, web)2015-07-
pusher-http-haskell502.01Haskell client library for the Pusher Channels HTTP API (library, mit, network)2023-08-
pusher-ws40.01Implementation of the Pusher WebSocket protocol (library, mit, network)2017-11-
puzzle-draw30.01Creating graphics for pencil puzzles. (graphics, library, mit, program)2018-07-
puzzle-draw-cmdline (deprecated in favor of puzzle-draw)30.01Creating graphics for pencil puzzles, command line tools. (deprecated, graphics, mit, program)2014-04-
pvss20.00Public Verifiable Secret Sharing (crypto, mit, program)2017-08-010.2.0VincentHanquez
pyffi00.01Call python inline from haskell (language, library, mit)2014-11-
pyfi10.01Call python inline from haskell (language, library, mit)2014-11-
qhs10.00Command line tool qhs, SQL queries on CSV and TSV files. (console, mit, program)2020-10-030.3.3itchyny
qq-literals70.01Compile-time checked literal values via QuasiQuoters. (library, mit, unclassified)2021-09-
qrcode-core310.03QR code library in pure Haskell (codec, library, mit)2023-04-300.9.8alexkazik
qrcode-juicypixels240.02Converts a qrcode-core image to JuicyPixels (graphics, library, mit)2023-04-230.8.5alexkazik
quadratic-irrational120.01An implementation of quadratic irrationals (algorithms, data, library, math, mit)2020-04-150.1.1ion, Bodigrim
quantizer20.00Library to provide the behaviour similar to quantum states superposition. (library, math, mit)2023-04-
quantum-random40.00Retrieve, store and manage real quantum random data. (library, mit, program, scientific)2017-01-140.6.4Cliff_Harvey
queryparser20.04Analysis and parsing library for SQL queries. (database, library, mit)2018-03-
queryparser-demo10.01Demo package containing queryparser examples (database, library, mit)2018-03-
queryparser-hive10.01Parsing for Hive SQL queries (database, library, mit)2018-03-
queryparser-presto10.01Parsing for Presto SQL queries (database, library, mit)2018-03-
queryparser-vertica30.01Parsing for Vertica SQL queries (database, library, mit)2018-03-
questioner40.01A package for prompting values from the command-line. (library, mit, system)2014-12-
queue-sheet10.00queue sheet utility (library, mit, program, utils)2022-03-
quick-schema20.01Slimmed down json schema language and validator (data, json, library, mit)2015-11-
quickcheck-higherorder100.02QuickCheck extension for higher-order properties (library, mit, testing)2022-02-
quickcheck-io1710.07Use HUnit assertions as QuickCheck properties (library, mit, testing)2017-06-160.2.0SimonHengel, parsonsmatt
quickcheck-rematch10.01QuickCheck support for rematch (library, mit, testing)2013-05-
quickcheck-report30.02Customizable reports for quickcheck properties (library, mit, testing)2016-10-, bandali
quickcheck-special162.01Edge cases and special values for QuickCheck Arbitrary instances (library, mit, testing)2017-11-
quickcheck-text290.03Alternative arbitrary instance for Text (library, mit, text)2016-09-
quickcheck-transformer210.00A GenT monad transformer for QuickCheck library. (library, mit, testing)2023-02-
quickcheck-webdriver10.01Utilities for using WebDriver with QuickCheck (library, mit, testing)2014-10-
quickjs-hs30.01Wrapper for the QuickJS Javascript Engine (javascript, library, mit)2021-01-
quickselect10.01 (library, mit, unclassified)2018-05-
quiver-binary20.01Binary serialisation support for Quivers (control, library, mit)2016-11-
quiver-groups20.01Group and chunk values within a Quiver (control, library, mit)2016-07-
quiver-instances10.01Extra instances for Quiver (control, library, mit)2016-11-
quiver-interleave10.01Interleave values from multiple Quivers (control, library, mit)2016-11-
quiver-sort10.01Sort the values in a quiver (control, library, mit)2016-11-
quokka20.00Test helpers which help generate data for projects that use postgresql. (database, library, mit, testing)2019-11-060.1.2shirren
r-glpk-phonetic-languages-ukrainian-durations20.00Can be used to calculate the durations of the approximations of the Ukrainian phonemes. (Ukrainian, glpk, language, library, math, mit, phonetic-languages, program)2023-02-
raft50.01Miscellaneous Haskell utilities for data structures and data manipulation. (data, library, mit)2019-08-
rail-compiler-editor20.01Compiler and editor for the esolang rail. (language, library, mit, program)2014-07-
rakuten40.01The Rakuten API in Haskell (library, mit, web)2018-08-
raml20.01RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) library for Haskell (library, mit, web)2015-06-050.1.0fnoble
rampart142.250Determine how intervals relate to each other. (library, math, mit)2023-04-
ramus80.01Elm signal system for Haskell (library, mit, other)2017-02-070.1.2NickSeagull
random-bytestring340.03Efficient generation of random bytestrings (library, mit, system)2021-02-150.1.4larsk
random-hypergeometric00.01Random variate generation from hypergeometric distributions (library, math, mit)2015-03-300.1.0.0srijs
random-names10.01Expose Random and Arbitrary instances (library, mit, simple)2018-03-
random-variates22.00"Uniform RNG => Non-Uniform RNGs" (library, mit, program, statistics)2016-05-
range170.02An efficient and versatile range library. (data, library, mit)2019-10-, srijs
range-set-list310.02Memory efficient sets with ranges of elements. (data, library, mit)2019-08-
rasa-ext-bufs30.03Rasa Ext for useful buffer utilities (extension, library, mit)2017-01-120.1.1ChrisPenner
rascal10.01A command-line client for Reddit (library, mit, program, web)2014-01-131.1.6soli
ratel1000.01Notify Honeybadger about exceptions. (exceptions, library, mit)2023-06-302.0.0.9fozworth
ratel-wai200.01Notify Honeybadger about exceptions via a WAI middleware. (exceptions, library, mit)2023-03-
rattletrap860.01Parse and generate Rocket League replays. (game, library, mit, program)2023-07-0112.1.1fozworth
raven-haskell220.04Haskell client for Sentry logging service. (library, logging, mit)2022-06-
raven-haskell-scotty50.01Sentry http interface for Scotty web server. (library, mit, web)2013-11-
raz00.01Random Access Zippers (algorithms, library, mit)2016-09-
rbst10.00Randomized Binary Search Trees (data-structures, library, mit)2020-05-
rdf162.01Representation and Incremental Processing of RDF Data (data, library, mit)2023-03-
rdioh20.01A Haskell wrapper for Rdio's API. (api, library, mit, network, program, web)2013-06-070.2.1AdityaBhargava
re2110.01Bindings to the re2 regular expression library (library, mit, regex)2018-12-080.3JohnMillikin, blaze
react-haskell10.01Haskell React bindings (library, mit, web)2015-07-312.0.1joelb
reactive-io (deprecated)30.01IO-oriented FRP library (control, deprecated, library, mit)2013-07-060.1RomanCheplyaka
read-ctags00.00 (library, mit, program, unclassified)2019-12-
read-editor92.01Opens a temporary file on the system's EDITOR and returns the resulting edits (library, mit, system)2016-01-
read-io10.01Read IO library (library, mit, system)2017-02-
readcsv40.01Lightweight CSV parser/emitter based on ReadP (library, mit, web)2017-03-140.1.1gtsteel
reader-soup10.03Vinyl-based reader-like monad composition (combinators, control, library, mit)2019-10-
readshp00.02Code for reading ESRI Shapefiles. (geometry, library, mit)2016-04-
reason-export00.01Generate Reason types from Haskell (library, mit, web)2019-06-
reasonable-lens11.252Lens implementation. It is more small but adequately. (control, library, mit)2015-04-
reasonable-operational10.02Just size Operational Monad implementation. (control, library, mit)2015-02-
rebase760.01A more progressive alternative to the "base" package (library, mit, unclassified)2023-03-131.20NikitaVolkov
rebindable30.01A library to facilitate rebinding of Haskell syntax (library, mit, syntax)2016-11-200.1.2sleexyz
record130.06Anonymous records (control, data-structures, library, mit, records)2016-10-240.4.2NikitaVolkov
record-aeson20.01Instances of "aeson" classes for the "record" types (data, json, library, mit, records)2015-11-060.1.1NikitaVolkov
record-preprocessor30.01Compiler preprocessor introducing a syntactic extension for anonymous records (compiler, library, mit, preprocessor, program, records)2016-10-
record-syntax60.00A library for parsing and processing the Haskell syntax sprinkled with anonymous records (library, mit, parser, preprocessor, records, syntax)2016-10-240.1.1NikitaVolkov
records-th10.01Template Haskell declarations for the records package (data, library, mit)2012-08-
redact120.00hide secret text on the terminal (library, mit, program, utils)2023-05-
redis102.02A driver for Redis key-value database (database, library, mit)2020-07-030.14.2AlexanderBogdanov, GaneshSittampalam
redis-hs40.01A simple Redis library for Haskell (database, library, mit)2010-12-180.1.2WillLangstroth
redis-job-queue10.01Simple priority job queue backed by Redis. (client, library, mit)2015-09-210.1.0TeroLaitinen
reedsolomon50.01Reed-Solomon Erasure Coding in Haskell (data, library, mit)2017-01-
refcount20.01Container with element counts (data, library, mit)2014-06-080.1.2BenFoppa
reference20.03A class for references in Haskell (control, data, library, mit)2010-09-060.1MaciejPiechotka
refh00.01A command-line tool for pasting to (mit, program, unclassified)2013-02-240.1.1AnthonyGrimes
refined722.2517Refinement types with static and runtime checking (data, library, mit)2023-04-050.8.1NikitaVolkov, chessai
refined-http-api-data10.00http-api-data instances for refined types (data, library, mit)2019-11-
refined-with (deprecated in favor of strongweak)30.01Refinement types with an "refinement applied" switch. (data, deprecated, library, mit)2022-04-230.3.0raehik
refined140.01Refinement types with static and runtime checking (+ Refined1) (data, library, mit)2023-05-100.9.0raehik
reflex-dom-fragment-shader-canvas10.00A reflex-dom widget to draw on a canvas with a fragment shader program (library, mit, program, web)2018-10-120.2JoachimBreitner
reflex-dom-retractable22.00Routing and retractable back button for reflex-dom (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2020-11-
reflex-external-ref10.02External reference with reactivity support (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2020-11-
reflex-localize10.01Localization library for reflex (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2021-04-
reflex-localize-dom20.00Helper widgets for reflex-localize (frp, gui, html, javascript, library, mit, reactive, reactivity, reflex, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2021-04-
reflex-monad-auth30.00Utilities to split reflex app to authorized and not authorized contexts (library, mit, web)2020-11-
reflex-sdl202.00SDL2 and reflex FRP (game, library, mit, program)2019-03-
refty20.01Formatted JSON generator for API server inspired by normalizr. (library, mit, web)2017-01-
regex-applicative1172.524Regex-based parsing with applicative interface (library, mit, text)2020-07-240.3.4RomanCheplyaka
regex-generator10.00Generate a random string from a PCRE (library, mit, text)2018-12-
registry520.06data structure for assembling components (control, library, mit)2022-12-
registry-aeson50.00Aeson encoders / decoders (data, library, mit)2022-11-
registry-hedgehog70.00utilities to work with Hedgehog generators and `registry` (control, library, mit)2022-11-
registry-hedgehog-aeson60.00Hedgehog generators for Aeson (library, mit, test)202