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aeson-optics610.04Law-abiding optics for aeson (data, json, library, mit, optics)2023-06-271.2.1phadej
generic-optics-lite100.00Monomorphic field opics like with generic-lens (bsd3, generics, lens, library, optics)2020-01-140.1phadej
hedgehog-optics170.00Hedgehog properties for optics laws (library, mit, optics, testing)2023-06-, Monoid_Mary
indexed-profunctors2260.04Utilities for indexed profunctors (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics, profunctors)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
nat-optics200.00Refinement types for natural numbers with an optics interface (library, mit, numeric, optics)2022-08-, Monoid_Mary
optics962.511Optics as an abstract interface (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-core2122.552Optics as an abstract interface: core definitions (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-06-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-extra1702.08Extra utilities and instances for optics-core (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2022-05-, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-operators150.00A tiny package containing operators missing from the official package. (data, lenses, library, mit, optics)2023-06-
optics-th1370.010Optics construction using TemplateHaskell (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2022-03-220.4.1AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
optics-vl290.01Utilities for compatibility with van Laarhoven optics (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2020-04-150.2.1AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
polysemy-optics120.00Optics for Polysemy. (bsd2, lenses, library, optics)2022-07-
prolens112.00Profunctor-based lightweight implementation of optics (data, lenses, library, mpl, optics)2021-03-
ral-optics130.00Length-indexed random access lists: optics utilities. (data, dependent-types, gpl, library, optics, singletons)2021-02-280.2phadej
refractor90.00See README for more info (library, mpl, optics)2020-02-
strict-optics170.00Optics for types in strict package (bsd3, data, library, optics)2020-10-
template-haskell-optics190.00Optics for template-haskell types (bsd3, data, lenses, library, optics)2023-11-160.3AdamGundry, AndresLoeh, phadej, arybczak
these-optics270.00Optics for These (bsd3, data, library, optics, these)2021-02-
vec-optics150.00Vec: length-indexed (sized) list: optics support (bsd3, data, dependent-types, library, optics)2021-02-280.4phadej