HaXml: Utilities for manipulating XML documents

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Haskell utilities for parsing, filtering, transforming and generating XML documents.

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Versions 1.13.2, 1.13.3, 1.19, 1.19.1, 1.19.2, 1.19.3, 1.19.4, 1.19.5, 1.19.6, 1.19.7, 1.20, 1.20.1, 1.20.2, 1.22, 1.22.1, 1.22.2, 1.22.3, 1.22.4, 1.22.5, 1.23, 1.23.1, 1.23.2, 1.23.3, 1.24, 1.24.1, 1.25, 1.25.1, 1.25.2, 1.25.3, 1.25.4, 1.25.5, 1.25.6, 1.25.7, 1.25.8, 1.25.9, 1.25.10, 1.25.11, 1.25.12, 1.25.13, 1.25.13
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Dependencies base (>= && <4.19), bytestring (>= && <0.13), containers (>= && <0.7), directory, filepath (>= && <1.5), HaXml, polyparse (>=1.12.1 && <1.14), pretty (>= && <1.2), random (>=1.0 && <1.3), semigroups (>=0.18.5 && <0.19) [details]
License LGPL-2.1-only[multiple license files]
Author Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace@me.com>
Maintainer Jens Petersen <juhpetersen@gmail.com>
Category Text, XML
Home page https://github.com/HaXml/HaXml
Bug tracker https://github.com/HaXml/HaXml/issues
Source repo head: git clone https://github.com/HaXml/HaXml.git
Uploaded by JensPetersen at 2023-07-13T10:29:01Z


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Readme for HaXml-1.25.13

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        HaXml - Haskell utilities for processing XML

Installation instructions:
We currently support nhc98, ghc, and Hugs.  The automatic configuration
detects which compilers/interpreters you have, and prepares a build
tree for each.  Installation requires write-permission on the system
directories of the compiler/interpreter - the libraries and interfaces
can then be used as "-package HaXml" (for ghc/nhc98 - no extra options
required for Hugs).  The standalone tools are installed to a directory of
your choice.

For newer compilers, use Cabal to build and install:

    cabal install


    runhaskell Setup.hs configure
    runhaskell Setup.hs build
    runhaskell Setup.hs install

For older compilers, use the traditional sequence:

    make install

Options to configure are:
    --buildwith=...  e.g. ghc-6.2,        to build for a specific compiler
    --prefix=...     e.g. /usr/local/bin, installation location for HaXml tools

Complaints to:  :-)

    For those building on Windows /without/ Cygwin, you can avoid the need
    for configure/make steps by simply running the minimal build script in
    You will need to edit it for the location of your compiler etc.

What this package contains:

  docs/			Some rudimentary HTML documentation about the libraries.
  docs/HaXml/		Haddock-generated API documentation.
  examples/		Some small examples of how the libraries/tools are used.

  src/Text/XML/HaXml/	Numerous support modules for processing XML.
			(The main APIs are as follows:)
	Types.hs	Defines a (generic) representation for any XML document.
	Parse.hs	Parses an XML document into the generic representation.
	ParseLazy.hs	A more space-efficient parser.
	Pretty.hs	Pretty-prints an XML document.
	Validate.hs	Validates an XML document against a DTD.
	Combinators.hs	Provides the combinators described in the ICFP'99 paper
			together with some other useful functions.
	SAX.hs		A simple SAX-like stream-event-parser.
	Wrappers.hs	Simple top-level wrappers for processing a single
			document using the combinators.
	XmlContent.hs	A replacement class for Show/Read, to translate Haskell
			values to/from XML documents.  Can be derived by DrIFT
			and/or DtdToHaskell.
	TypeMapping.hs	Defines an explicit representation for Haskell types,
			allowing generation of a DTD from a Haskell value.
	OneOfN.hs	Some support types (OneOf2 - OneOf20) for code
			generated by tools/DtdToHaskell.

  src/Text/XML/HaXml/Html	Extra support modules for processing HTML.
	Parse.hs	An error-correcting HTML parser, produces the generic
			XML representation.
	Pretty.hs	An HTML-specific pretty-printer.
	Generate.hs	Some useful combinators for generating HTML content.

  src/Text/XML/HaXml/Schema	Extra support modules for processing Schema.
	XSDTypeModel.hs		A representation of the datatype model of
				Xml Schema in terms of XSD concepts.
	HaskellTypeModel.hs	A representation of the datatype model of
				Xml Schema in terms of Haskell datatypes.
	Parse.hs		Parser from an XSD document to the XSD
				type model above.
	TypeConversion.hs	Translate from the XSD model to the Haskell
	PrettyHaskell.hs	Generate Haskell sourcecode from the Haskell
				type model.

  src/tools/		Standalone tools based on the library above.
	DtdToHaskell	Translates an XML doc containing a DTD into a Haskell
			module containing data/newtype definitions.
	Xtract		A structured 'grep' for XML docs, loosely based on
			the XPath and XQL query languages.
	Validate	A simple validation tool for XML docs.  Give it a DTD
			file and an XML file, and it reports all validation
			errors it can find.
	Canonicalise	A 'cat' filter for XML docs, shows our "standard"
			parsing and pretty-printing behaviour.
	MkOneOf		Generates a OneOfN type, given an N, together with
			its required instance of XmlContent.  Sometimes types
			larger than OneOf20 are required in code generated by
	XsdToHaskell	Translates an XSD schema into a Haskell module.
	FpMLToHaskell	Translates the set of XSD schemas defining the FpML
			language into a set of Haskell modules.

  src/Text/XML/HaXml/Xtract	Internal APIs of the Xtract tool.
	Parse.hs	Parse an XPath query to produce a filter.
	Combinators.hs	Modified version of the standard combinators.

  src/Text/XML/HaXml/DtdToHaskell	Internal APIs of the DtdToHaskell tool.
	TypeDef.hs	A representation of the Haskell types corresponding
			to an XML DTD, and a pretty printer for them.
	Convert.hs	Convert the standard DTD representation to the
			Haskell-like TypeDef representation.
	Instance.hs	Generate appropriate XmlContent class instances for
			the TypeDefs.