OpenGL- A binding for the OpenGL graphics system

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Shader related

transformFeedbackBufferMode :: Program -> GettableStateVar TransformFeedbackBufferModeSource

Get the currently used transformFeedbackBufferMode

getTransformFeedbackVaryings :: Program -> GettableStateVar GLuintSource

The number of varyings that are currently recorded when in transform feedback mode

setTransformFeedbackVaryings :: Program -> [String] -> TransformFeedbackBufferMode -> IO ()Source

Set all the transform feedbacks varyings for this program it overwrites any previous call to this function



:: Program 
-> VaryingIndex

the index in a previous array of names of setTransformFeedbackVaryings

-> MaxLength

the maximum length of the returned string

-> IO (String, DataType, GLsizei)

The name of the varying, it's type and size

Get the name, datatype and size of a single transform feedback varying.

getTransformFeedbackVaryingMaxLength :: Program -> GettableStateVar GLuintSource

The maximum length of a varying's name for transform feedback mode


maxTransformFeedbackSeparateAttribs :: GettableStateVar GLintSource

Max number of seprate atributes or varyings than can be captured in transformfeedback, initial value 4

maxTransformFeedbackInterleavedComponents :: GettableStateVar GLintSource

Max number of components to write to a single buffer in interleaved mod, initial value 64

maxTransformFeedbackSeparateComponents :: GettableStateVar GLintSource

Max number of components per attribute or varying in seperate mode initial value 4