Shpadoinkle-html: A typed, template generated Html DSL, and helpers.

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Shpadoinkle Html is a typed template-generated Html DSL building on types provided by Shpadoinkle Core. This exports a large namespace of terms covering most of the Html specifications. Some Elm-API-style helpers are present, but as outlaw type classes.

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Dependencies base (>=4.12.0 && <4.16), bytestring, compactable, containers (>=0.6.0 && <0.7), ghcjs-base, ghcjs-dom, jsaddle (>=0.9.7 && <0.20), regex-pcre, Shpadoinkle (>=0.1 && <0.2), stm (>=2.5.0 && <2.6), template-haskell (>=2.14.0 && <2.17), text (>=1.2.3 && <1.3), time, transformers, unliftio [details]
License BSD-3-Clause
Author Isaac Shapira
Category Web
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Shpadoinkle Html

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This module provides named functions for generating Html, and other browser utilities.

For example, instead of writing:

view = h "div" [ ("class", PText "foo") ]
  [ h "span" [] [ text "hi there" ] ]

You can write:

view = div "foo" [ span_ [ "hi there" ] ]

which is a bit nicer, and eleminates the risk of typeos in tag names. It also provies some nice IsString instances for ergonomics.


This module provides pattern synonyms for common key codes. For example:

div [ onKeyup $ \case
    Enter -> fireLazors
    UpArrow -> jump
    DownArrow -> crouch
    LeftArrow -> move -1
    RightArrow -> move 1

which is a bit nicer, and harder to get wrong than using magic int's to identify keys.

Browser utilities

We provide high-level APIs to lower-level browser APIs. Including:

I know it's just one right now. But this is the place to contribute more. Such as: