amazonka-iam-1.1.0: Amazon Identity and Access Management SDK.

Copyright(c) 2013-2015 Brendan Hay
LicenseMozilla Public License, v. 2.0.
MaintainerBrendan Hay <>
Portabilitynon-portable (GHC extensions)
Safe HaskellNone




Retrieves a credential report for the AWS account. For more information about the credential report, see Getting Credential Reports in the Using IAM guide.

See: AWS API Reference for GetCredentialReport.


Creating a Request

getCredentialReport :: GetCredentialReport Source

Creates a value of GetCredentialReport with the minimum fields required to make a request.

Destructuring the Response

getCredentialReportResponse Source

Creates a value of GetCredentialReportResponse with the minimum fields required to make a request.

Use one of the following lenses to modify other fields as desired:

Response Lenses

grsContent :: Lens' GetCredentialReportResponse (Maybe ByteString) Source

Contains the credential report. The report is Base64-encoded.

Note: This Lens automatically encodes and decodes Base64 data, despite what the AWS documentation might say. The underlying isomorphism will encode to Base64 representation during serialisation, and decode from Base64 representation during deserialisation. This Lens accepts and returns only raw unencoded data.

grsGeneratedTime :: Lens' GetCredentialReportResponse (Maybe UTCTime) Source

The date and time when the credential report was created, in ISO 8601 date-time format.

grsReportFormat :: Lens' GetCredentialReportResponse (Maybe ReportFormatType) Source

The format (MIME type) of the credential report.