argon2: Memory-hard password hash and proof-of-work function

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Argon2 is the key derivation function (KDF) selected as the winner of the Password Hashing Competition. The API exposed by this bindings provide access to the 3 specified variants

and allows to control various parameters (time cost, memory cost, parallelism) of the Argon2 function. Moreover, it is also supported to generate and verify the deprecated version 1.0 hashes, as well as the current version 1.3 hashes.

The Haskell API supports both raw binary hashes as well as the ASCII-based PHC string format.

This version provides bindings to the "20171227" release of the Argon2 reference implementation (libargon2) of the Argon2 password-hashing function.

Please refer to the Argon2 specification for more information.


Versions1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.2.0,,,
Dependenciesbase (>=4.8 && <4.12), bytestring (==0.10.*), deepseq (==1.4.*), text-short (>=0.1.2 && <0.2) [details]
LicenseBSD-3-Clause[multiple license files]
AuthorOllie Charles, Herbert Valerio Riedel
MaintainerHerbert Valerio Riedel <>
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Source repositoryhead: git clone
UploadedSun Mar 25 10:43:22 UTC 2018 by HerbertValerioRiedel





Link against system libargon2 library (discovery via pkg-config(1)) rather than using embedded copy of libargon2


Force use of non-optimised C routines on x86_64. Ineffective when use-system-library flag is active.


Use -f <flag> to enable a flag, or -f -<flag> to disable that flag. More info


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