ats-pkg: A build tool for ATS

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A collection of scripts to simplify building ATS projects.

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Copyright Copyright: (c) 2018-2019 Vanessa McHale
Author Vanessa McHale
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This is a build system for ATS written in Haskell and configured with Dhall. It is not fully working, but the configuration format is now stable.

atspkg works quite well as a build system, and acceptably well as a package manager.

Features & Non-Features

Things that atspkg will do for you:

Things that atspkg will not do for you:


As an example, the following will install polyglot:

atspkg remote

As you can see, this greatly simplifies distribution and testing of programs written in ATS.



The easiest way to install is via a script, viz.

curl -sSl | sh -s

Thereafter, you can run

atspkg upgrade

to upgrade to the latest release.


If that doesn't work, you can download Cabal and GHC and install with

cabal update
cabal new-install ats-pkg --symlink-bindir ~/.local/bin --happy-options='-gcsa' --alex-options='-g'

Note that $HOME/.local/bin will need to be on your PATH.

Quick Start

Install pi with

curl -LSfs | sh -s -- --git vmchale/project-init

Initialize an ATS project with

pi new ats project

Then build & run it:

cd project
atspkg run


You can find several examples with explanation here.

Global Configuration

atspkg is configured via a file in $HOME/.config/atspkg/config.dhall. You can set a custom package set as follows:

let version = "master"

let cfg =
  { defaultPkgs = "${version}/ats-pkg/pkgs/pkg-set.dhall"
  , path = ([] : Optional Text)
  , githubUsername = "vmchale"
  , filterErrors = False
in cfg

I recommend setting version to whichever branch your version of atspkg was built from.