buffer-builder: Library for efficiently building up buffers, one piece at a time

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Data.BufferBuilder is an efficient library for incrementally building up ByteStrings, one chunk at a time. Early benchmarks show it is over twice as fast as ByteString Builder, primarily because BufferBuilder is built upon an ST-style restricted monad and mutable state instead of ByteString Builder's monoidal AST.

Internally, BufferBuilder is backed by a few C functions. Examination of GHC's output shows nearly optimal code generation with no intermediate thunks -- and thus, continuation passing and its associated indirect jumps and stack traffic only occur when BufferBuilder is asked to append a non-strict ByteString.

I benchmarked four approaches with a URL encoding benchmark:

Using BufferBuilder is very simple:

import qualified Data.BufferBuilder as BB

let byteString = BB.runBufferBuilder $ do
      BB.appendBS "http"
      BB.appendChar8 '/'
      BB.appendBS "//"

This package also provides Data.BufferBuilder.Utf8 for generating UTF-8 buffers and Data.BufferBuilder.Json for encoding data structures into JSON.


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Dependenciesbase (==4.*), bytestring, mtl, text, unordered-containers, vector [details]
CopyrightIMVU Inc., Chad Austin, Andy Friesen
AuthorChad Austin, Andy Friesen
Home pagehttps://github.com/chadaustin/buffer-builder
UploadedSun Feb 22 19:41:05 UTC 2015 by chadaustin




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