cake3: Third cake the Makefile EDSL

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Cake3 is a EDSL for building Makefiles, written in Haskell. With cake3, developer can write their build logic in Haskell, obtain clean and safe Makefile and distribute it among the non-Haskell-aware users. Currenly, GNU Make is the only backend supported.

Example program

module Cakefile where

import Development.Cake3
import Cakefile_P

cs = map file ["main.c", "second.c"]

main = writeMake (file "Makefile") $ do
  d <- rule $ do
    shell [cmd|gcc -M $cs -MF @(file "")|]
  os <- forM cs $ \c -> do
    rule $ do
      shell [cmd| gcc -c $(extvar "CFLAGS") -o @(c.="o") $c |]
  elf <- rule $ do
    shell [cmd| gcc -o @(file "main.elf") $os |]
  rule $ do
    phony "clean"
    unsafeShell [cmd|rm $elf $os $d|]
  rule $ do
    phony "all"
    depend elf
  includeMakefile d

Basic workflow

See the README on the GitHub for more information.



Versions,,,,,,,,, 0.6.0, 0.6.4, 0.6.5
Change log None available
Dependencies attoparsec, base (>=4.6 && <4.7), bytestring, containers, deepseq, directory, filepath, haskell-src-meta, language-javascript (>=0.5 && <0.6), mime-types, monadloc, mtl, optparse-applicative, process, syb, system-filepath, template-haskell, text, text-format [details]
License BSD-3-Clause
Author Sergey Mironov
Category Development
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Uploaded by SergeyMironov at 2013-12-04T09:51:50Z



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