darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system




selectChanges :: forall p. Patchy p => WhichChanges -> FL p -> PatchSelection pSource

Select patches from a FL.

data WhichChanges Source

When asking about patches, we either ask about them in oldest-first or newest first (with respect to the current ordering of the repository), and we either want an initial segment or a final segment of the poset of patches.

First: ask for an initial segment, first patches first (default for all pull-like commands)

FirstReversed: ask for an initial segment, last patches first (used to ask about dependencies in record, and for pull-like commands with the --reverse flag).

LastReversed: ask for a final segment, last patches first. (default for unpull-like commands, except for selecting *primitive* patches in rollback)

Last: ask for a final segment, first patches first. (used for selecting primitive patches in rollback, and for unpull-like commands with the --reverse flag

viewChanges :: Patchy p => [DarcsFlag] -> [Sealed2 p] -> IO ()Source

The equivalent of selectChanges for the darcs changes command

withSelectedPatchFromRepo :: forall p. RepoPatch p => String -> Repository p -> [DarcsFlag] -> ((FL (PatchInfoAnd p) :> PatchInfoAnd p) -> IO ()) -> IO ()Source

The function for selecting a patch to amend record. Read at your own risks.



:: RepoPatch p 
=> [DarcsFlag]

Command-line options. Only SkipConflicts is significant; filtering will happen iff it is present

-> RL (PatchInfoAnd p)

Recorded patches from repository, starting from same context as the patches to filter

-> Repository p

Repository itself, used for grabbing unrecorded changes

-> FL (PatchInfoAnd p)

Patches to filter

-> IO (Bool, Sealed (FL (PatchInfoAnd p)))

(True iff any patches were removed, possibly filtered patches)

Optionally remove any patches (+dependencies) from a sequence that conflict with the recorded or unrecorded changes in a repo

runSelection :: Patchy p => PatchSelection p -> PatchSelectionContext p -> IO (FL p :> FL p)Source

runs a PatchSelection action in the given PatchSelectionContext.

selectionContextPrim :: String -> [DarcsFlag] -> Maybe (Splitter Prim) -> [FilePath] -> PatchSelectionContext PrimSource

A PatchSelectionContext for selecting Prim patches.

selectionContext :: RepoPatch p => String -> [DarcsFlag] -> Maybe (Splitter (PatchInfoAnd p)) -> [FilePath] -> PatchSelectionContext (PatchInfoAnd p)Source

A PatchSelectionContext for selecting full patches (PatchInfoAnd patches)