enum-utf8: An experimental Utf8 parsing toolkit for enumerated types

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An experimental Utf8 rendering and parsing toolkit for enumerated types based on enum-text and render-utf8. Please see the README on GitHub at https://github.com/cdornan/enum-text#readme

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Dependenciesarray, base (>=4.8.2 && <10), bytestring, hashable, possibly, render-utf8, unordered-containers [details]
Copyright2019 Chris Dornan
AuthorChris Dornan
Home pagehttps://github.com/cdornan/enum-text#readme
Bug trackerhttps://github.com/cdornan/enum-text/issues
Source repositoryhead: git clone https://github.com/cdornan/enum-text
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An experimental toolkit for rendering enumerated types into Utf8 from the render-utf8 package) and parsing them back again with the provided Utf8Parsable type class. It is based on the render-utf8 and enum-text packages.

To get the Buildable and TextParsable instances for an enumerated data type use the following pattern:

import Text.Enum.Utf8
import Text.Utf8

data Foo = FOO_bar | FOO_bar_baz
  deriving (Bounded,Enum,Eq,Ord,Show)

instance EnumUtf8     Foo
instance Renderable   Foo where render    = renderEnumUtf8
instance Utf8Parsable Foo where parseUtf8 = parseEnumUtf8

main :: IO ()
main = mapM_ (cvtLn . render) [minBound..maxBound::Foo]

This will use the default configuration for generating the text of each enumeration from the derived show text, namely:

See the Haddocks for details on how to override this default configuration for any given enumeration type.

Functions for generating and parsing UTF-8 encoded ByteStrings (suitable for cassava), as are Hashable functions.