fedora-repoquery: Fedora repoquery tool

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CLI tool for querying the location and version of Fedora packages

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Versions 0.1.0, 0.2, 0.2, 0.3, 0.3.1, 0.3.2, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7
Change log ChangeLog.md
Dependencies base (<5), bodhi, bytestring, cached-json-file, directory, extra, filepath, http-client, http-directory (>=0.1.4 && <0.1.6 || >=0.1.8), optparse-applicative, regex-compat, simple-cmd, simple-cmd-args, text, time [details]
License GPL-3.0-only
Copyright 2021-2023 Jens Petersen <juhpetersen@gmail.com>
Author Jens Petersen <juhpetersen@gmail.com>
Maintainer Jens Petersen <juhpetersen@gmail.com>
Category Utility
Home page https://github.com/juhp/fedora-repoquery
Bug tracker https://github.com/juhp/fedora-repoquery/issues
Source repo head: git clone https://github.com/juhp/fedora-repoquery.git
Uploaded by JensPetersen at 2023-05-12T08:48:37Z


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A work-in-progress wrapper for dnf repoquery, which caches repodata separately per release.


Usage examples:

fdrq rawhide firefox

fdrq 38 --requires podman

fdrq epel9 ghc

fdrq c9 bash

fdrq eln kernel


$ fdrq --version
$ fdrq --help
fedora-repoquery tool for querying Fedora repos for packages.

Usage: fdrq [--version] [(-q|--quiet) | (-v|--verbose)] [-K|--koji]
            [--devel-channel | --test-channel] [(-m|--mirror URL) | (-D|--dl)]
            [(-s|--source) | (-a|--arch ARCH)] [-t|--testing] [-d|--debug]
            ((-z|--cache-size) | (-e|--cache-clean-empty) | (-l|--list) |
              RELEASE [[REPOQUERY_OPTS] [PACKAGE]...])
  where RELEASE is {fN or N (fedora), 'rawhide', epelN, epelN-next, cN (centos
  stream), 'eln'}, with N the release version number.

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --version                Show version
  -q,--quiet               Avoid output to stderr
  -v,--verbose             Show stderr from dnf repoquery
  -K,--koji                Use Koji buildroot
  --devel-channel          Use eln development compose
  --test-channel           Use eln test compose [default: production]
  -m,--mirror URL          Fedora mirror [default:
  -D,--dl                  Use dl.fp.o
  -s,--source              Query source repos
  -a,--arch ARCH           Specify arch [default: x86_64]
  -t,--testing             Fedora updates-testing
  -d,--debug               Show some debug output
  -z,--cache-size          Show total dnf repo metadata cache disksize
  -e,--cache-clean-empty   Remove empty dnf caches
  -l,--list                List Fedora versions


fedora-repoquery can be installed from copr

Building from source

Use stack install fedora-repoquery or cabal install fedora-repoquery to build the latest release.

To build from git: stack install or cabal install.


fedora-repoquery is distributed under the GPL license version 3 or later.