hasparql-client-0.1: This package enables to write SPARQL queries to remote endpoints.



This module provides functions to access remote endpoints. runSelectQuery and runAskQuery may not work if you try to override the output format. See also about HGET and HPOST.



runQuery :: Service -> Method -> IO (Either String String)Source

Execute a service. On success returns a string created from the service. By default, the string is a representation in XML, other formats such as Turtle and N3 could be returned by adding the output format from the list of optional parameters. Returns an error message on failure. SPARUL and SPARQL can be performed.

runSelectQuery :: Service -> Method -> IO (Either String [[BindingValue]])Source

Find all possible values for a query of type SELECT and may return several lists of BindingValue. URI, Literal and Blank Nodes are now types in Haskell. If it fails returns an error message.

runAskQuery :: Service -> Method -> IO (Either String Bool)Source

Return Right True or Right False for a query of type ASK. If it fails returns an error message.