hbf: An optimizing Brainfuck compiler and evaluator

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hbf is a compiler and executor of Brainfuck programs. It provides two executables: hbfc the Brainfuck compiler, and hbf the virtual machine that executes compiled Brainfuck programs.

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CopyrightSebastian Galkin, 2018
AuthorSebastian Galkin
Home pagehttps://gitlab.com/paraseba/hbf
Bug trackerhttps://gitlab.com/paraseba/hbf/issues
Source repositoryhead: git clone git@gitlab.com:paraseba/hbf.git
Executableshbfc, hbf
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HBF Build Status

An unoptimized Brainfuck optimizing compiler and evaluator.

HBF can compile standard Brainfuck code into an optimized Intermediate Representation (IR). This IR can later be executed for faster Brainfuck program evaluation.

Getting Started


Use your preferred method for installing HBF from Hackage. If you prefer to build from source you can use cabal.


Let's say you have a Brainfuck program in the file mandelbrot.bf, for example, you can get one here

You can compile the program to the Intermediate Representation using the hbfc executable provided by this project:

hbfc mandelbrot.bf

That will create a file mandelbrot.bfc in the same directory. If you want the output in a different path you cane use --output option to hbfc

Now, you can run the compiled program:

hbf mandelbrot.bfc

and get something like:


There are several options to both the compiler and the evaluator, to modify levels of optimization, output and others. Try --help to learn more.


HBF has heavily documented code. Take a look at the documentation on Hackage.

Running the tests

cabal test

Test coverage report for the last build can be found here.

Running the benchmarks

cabal bench

Benchmark report for the last build can be found here.


This project is licensed under the GPL-3 License - see the LICENSE file for details

Copyright 2018 Sebastian Galkin.


This work is based on the excellent project bfoptimization by matslina: