hgal- library for computation automorphism group and canonical labelling of a graph

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This modules manages permutations between nodes of a graph. Permutations are represented as arrays.



type Permutation = Array Vertex VertexSource

A permutations maps a range of Vertices to itself.

fixed :: Permutation -> [Vertex]Source

Fixed vertices of a given permutation

permBetween :: Bounds -> [Vertex] -> [Vertex] -> PermutationSource

Builds the permutation taking l1 on l2.

applyPerm :: Permutation -> Graph -> GraphSource

Relabel a graph using a permutation

orbitsFromPerm :: Permutation -> PartitionSource

Returns the orbits of a permutation, as a partition

mergePerms :: Permutation -> Permutation -> PermutationSource

Merge the orbits of two permutations