hsdev- Haskell development library and tool with support of autocompletion, symbol info, go to declaration, find references etc.

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infoSourceDirsDef :: Simple Lens Info [FilePath] Source

infoSourceDirs lens with default

readProject :: FilePath -> ExceptT String IO Project Source

Read project info from .cabal

loadProject :: Project -> ExceptT String IO Project Source

Load project description

project :: FilePath -> Project Source

Make project by .cabal file

withExtensions :: a -> Info -> Extensions a Source

Extensions for target

infos :: ProjectDescription -> [Info] Source

Returns build targets infos

inTarget :: FilePath -> Info -> Bool Source

Check if source related to target, source must be relative to project directory

fileTargets :: Project -> FilePath -> [Info] Source

Get possible targets for source file There can be many candidates in case of module related to several executables or tests

findSourceDir :: Project -> FilePath -> Maybe (Extensions FilePath) Source

Finds source dir file belongs to

sourceDirs :: ProjectDescription -> [Extensions FilePath] Source

Returns source dirs for library, executables and tests

entity :: forall a a. Lens (Extensions a) (Extensions a) a a Source

targetOpts :: Info -> [String] Source

Get options for specific target


showExtension :: Extension -> String Source

Extension as flag name

flagExtension :: String -> Maybe String Source

Convert -Xext to ext

extensionFlag :: String -> String Source

Convert ext to -Xext

extensionsOpts :: Extensions a -> [String] Source

Extensions as opts to GHC