hsdev- Haskell development library and tool with support of autocompletion, symbol info, go to declaration, find references etc.

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regionStr :: Region -> String -> String Source

Get string at region

sourceModuleRoot :: Text -> FilePath -> FilePath Source

Get source module root directory, i.e. for "...srcFooBar.hs" with module Bar will return "...src"

importedModulePath :: Text -> FilePath -> Text -> FilePath Source

Get path of imported module >importedModulePath Foo.Bar "...srcFooBar.hs" Quux.Blah = "...srcQuuxBlah.hs"

class RecalcTabs a where Source

Recalc positions to interpret '\t' as one symbol instead of N


recalcTabs :: String -> Int -> a -> a Source

Interpret '\t' as one symbol instead of N

calcTabs :: String -> Int -> a -> a Source

Inverse of recalcTabs: interpret '\t' as N symbols instead of 1