json-autotype: Automatic type declaration for JSON input data

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Generates datatype declarations with Aeson's FromJSON instances from a set of example ".json" files.

To get started you need to install the package, and run "json-autotype" binary on an input ".json" file. That will generate a new Aeson-based JSON parser.

"$ json-autotype input.json -o JSONTypes.hs"

Feel free to tweak the by changing types of the fields - any field type that is instance of FromJSON should work.

You may immediately test the parser by calling it as a script:

"$ runghc JSONTypes.hs input.json"

See introduction on https://github.com/mgajda/json-autotype for details.

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Takes a JSON format input, and generates automatic Haskell type declarations. Goal is to also generate parser, and pretty-printer instances.

It uses union type unification. Types inferred may be automatically trimmed and unified using attribute set matching.

I should probably write a short paper to explain the methodology.

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After installing with cabal install json-autotype, you might generate stub code for the parser:

json-autotype input.json -o MyFormat.hs

Then you might test the parser by running it on an input file:

runghc MyFormat.hs input.json

If everything is correct, then feel free to inspect the data structure generated automatically for you! The goal of this program is to make it easy for users of big JSON APIs to generate entries from example data.