keystore: Managing stores of secret things

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Writing deployment scripts is a critical yet error-prone activity which we would rather do in Haskell. One of the most difficult aspect of deployment scripts is the management of credentials: they cannot be stored in the VCS like almost everything else, but need to be organised and accessed while under lock and key. This is the problem that keystore is trying to solve: flexible, secure and well-typed deployment scripts.

All Haskell

This package is written purely in Hakell and all of the cryptographic packages it relies upon are written in Haskell.

JSON Format

It stores everything in a JSON format that has proven to be stable. We can can use migrations in future should the store need to be reorganized.

Simple and Flexible Underlying Model

The Onion

Perhaps apropriately, the keystore package has several layers. Most users will probably need only the top "batteries-included" layer:

Launch Instructions

See the bottom README on GitHub home page for launch instructions for the deploy example.


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Dependenciesaeson (>=0.6.2), aeson-pretty (>=0.7), api-tools (>=0.4), asn1-encoding (>=0.8.0), asn1-types (>=0.2.0), base (>4 && <5), base64-bytestring (>=1.0), byteable (>=0.1), bytestring (>=0.9), cipher-aes (>=0.2.6), containers (>=0.4), crypto-pubkey (>=0.2.1), crypto-random (>=0.0.7), directory (>=1.2), filepath (>=1.3), keystore, lens (>=3.9.2), mtl (>=2), old-locale (>=, optparse-applicative (>=0.9.0), pbkdf (>=, raw-strings-qq (>=1.0.2), regex-compat-tdfa (>=0.95.1), safe (>=0.3.3), text (>=0.11.3), time (>=1.4), unordered-containers (>=, vector (>= [details]
CopyrightChris Dornan
AuthorChris Dornan
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