plugins- Dynamic linking for Haskell and C objects




hWrite :: Handle -> String -> IO ()Source


writeFile for Handles

mkUnique :: IO FilePathSource

Get a new temp file, unique from those in /tmp, and from those modules already loaded. Very nice for merge/eval uses.

Will run for a long time if we can't create a temp file, luckily mkstemps gives us a pretty big search space

mkTemp :: IO (String, Handle)Source

create a new temp file, returning name and handle. bit like the mktemp shell utility

replaceSuffix :: FilePath -> String -> FilePathSource

return the object file, given the .conf file i.e. homedonsfoo.rc -> homedonsfoo.o

we depend on the suffix we are given having a lead .

mkModid :: String -> StringSource

work out the mod name from a filepath



:: FilePath

The path information to modify.

-> String

The new extension (without a leading period). Specify an empty string to remove an existing extension from path.

-> FilePath

A string containing the modified path information.

Changes the extension of a file path.

joinFileExt :: String -> String -> FilePathSource

The joinFileExt function is the opposite of splitFileExt. It joins a file name and an extension to form a complete file path.

The general rule is:

 filename `joinFileExt` ext == path
     (filename,ext) = splitFileExt path

splitFileExt :: FilePath -> (String, String)Source

Split the path into file name and extension. If the file doesn't have extension, the function will return empty string. The extension doesn't include a leading period.


 splitFileExt "foo.ext" == ("foo", "ext")
 splitFileExt "foo"     == ("foo", "")
 splitFileExt "."       == (".",   "")
 splitFileExt ".."      == ("..",  "")
 splitFileExt ""== ("", "")

isSublistOf :: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> BoolSource

dirname :: FilePath -> FilePathSource

dirname : return the directory portion of a file path if null, return .

basename :: FilePath -> FilePathSource

basename : return the filename portion of a path

(<.>) :: FilePath -> FilePath -> FilePathSource

/, . : join two path components

newer :: FilePath -> FilePath -> IO BoolSource

is file1 newer than file2?

needs some fixing to work with 6.0.x series. (is this true?)

fileExist still seems to throw exceptions on some platforms: ia64 in particular.

invarient : we already assume the first file, a, exists

type EncodedString = StringSource

return the Z-Encoding of the string.

Stolen from GHC. Use -package ghc as soon as possible