tsweb-0.1.1: An API binding Web.Spock to Database.Beam

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A generic authentication hook for TsWeb routing. The goal here is to be able to specify authentication requirements in a view's type, so that the routing statically guarantees that a view can only be entered when session preconditions are met. A full example of this is under the Example module of this source tree, but a synopsis follows. Given a session/user definition like so:

  data UserT f = User
    { _userId :: C f Int
    , _userLogin :: C f Text
    } deriving (Generic)
  data SessionDataT f = SessionData
    { _sdUser :: PrimaryKey UserT (Nullable f)
    , _sdRemember :: C f Bool
    } deriving (Generic)

  userP :: Proxy User
  userP = Proxy

then we can define a logged-in Authorize check as

instance Authorize SessionData User where
  checkAuth _ =
    _sdUser <$> readSession >>= case
      UserId Nothing -> pure Nothing
      UserId (Just uid) ->
        queryMaybe (select $ q uid) >>= case
          QSimply (Just user) -> pure $ Just user
          _ -> pure Nothing
      q uid = do
        u <- all_ $ _dbUser db
        guard_ $ _userId u ==. val_ uid
        pure u

A view requiring an authenticated user would have a signature like

  authd :: ListContains n User xs => TsActionCtxT lts xs SessionData a
  authd = do
    user :: User <- getExtra

Finally, the route for only allowing logged-in users would look like

  runroute ro rw $ path #authd "authd" $ get $ auth userP authd

That view is statically defined to only be accessible to logged-in users; any anonymous session will either go to an alternate (non-auth) view, or get a 404.



class Authorize sess perm where Source #

A class for session data that needs to be statically verified against routes. This could be checks for optional session info, or to validate the value of that session information.


checkAuth :: ListContains n ReadOnlyPool xs => Proxy perm -> TsActionCtxT lts xs sess (Maybe perm) Source #

Load a value out of the session or return Nothing. Used in the context of auth, the wrapped view will only be called when this returns Just; a Nothing value will cause the wrapped view to be skipped.

auth :: (Authorize sess perm, ListContains n ReadOnlyPool xs, Authorize sess perm) => Proxy perm -> TsActionCtxT lts (perm ': xs) sess () -> TsActionCtxT lts xs sess () Source #

Guarantee that the Spock session hold some verified piece of data. If the requisite data can be loaded, then the view is called with the data in its ctxExtras; otherwise jumpNext is called and the view is skipped.