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A (hopefully) growing collection of themes for decorated layouts.
listOfThemes :: [ThemeInfo]
ppThemeInfo :: ThemeInfo -> String
xmonadTheme :: ThemeInfo
smallClean :: ThemeInfo
robertTheme :: ThemeInfo
deiflTheme :: ThemeInfo
oxymor00nTheme :: ThemeInfo
donaldTheme :: ThemeInfo
wfarrTheme :: ThemeInfo
data ThemeInfo = TI {
themeName :: String
themeAuthor :: String
themeDescription :: String
theme :: Theme

This module stores some user contributed themes which can be used with decorated layouts (such as Tabbed). (Note that these themes only apply to decorated layouts, such as those found in XMonad.Layout.Tabbed and XMonad.Layout.DecorationMadness; they do not apply to xmonad as a whole.)

If you want to use one of them with one of your decorated layouts, you need to substitute defaultTheme with, for instance, (theme smallClean).

Here is an example:

 import XMonad
 import XMonad.Util.Themes
 import XMonad.Layout.Tabbed

 myLayout = tabbed shrinkText (theme smallClean)

 main = xmonad defaultConfig {layoutHook = myLayout}

If you have a theme you would like to share, adding it to this module is very easy.

You can use xmonadTheme or smallClean as a template.

At the present time only the themeName field is used. But please provide all the other information, which will be used at a later time.

Please, remember to add your theme to the list of exported functions, and to the listOfThemes.

Thanks for your contribution!

listOfThemes :: [ThemeInfo]Source
ppThemeInfo :: ThemeInfo -> StringSource
xmonadTheme :: ThemeInfoSource
The default xmonad theme, by David Roundy.
smallClean :: ThemeInfoSource
Small decorations with a Ion3 remembrance, by Andrea Rossato.
robertTheme :: ThemeInfoSource
Ffrom Robert Manea's prompt theme.
deiflTheme :: ThemeInfoSource
deifl's Theme, by deifl.
oxymor00nTheme :: ThemeInfoSource
oxymor00n's theme, by Tom Rauchenwald.
donaldTheme :: ThemeInfoSource
Don's prefered colors - from DynamicLog...;)
wfarrTheme :: ThemeInfoSource
data ThemeInfo Source
themeName :: String
themeAuthor :: String
themeDescription :: String
theme :: Theme
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