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fay-hsx00.01Clientside HTML generation for fay. (bsd3, happstack, library)2013-07-270.2.0JeremyShaw
happstack-clientsession00.01client-side session data (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2021-04-097.3.3JeremyShaw
happstack-fay00.01Support for using Fay with Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library)2013-03-050.2.0JeremyShaw
happstack-fay-ajax00.02Support for using Fay with Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library)2013-03-050.2.0JeremyShaw
happstack-foundation00.01Glue code for using Happstack with acid-state, web-routes, reform, and HSP (bsd3, happstack, library)2022-04-
happstack-hamlet00.01Support for Hamlet HTML templates in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2014-04-017.0.4JeremyShaw
happstack-heist00.01Support for using Heist templates in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2014-10-147.2.4JeremyShaw
happstack-hsp00.011Support for using HSP templates in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2023-01-
happstack-hstringtemplate00.01Support for using HStringTemplate in Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2014-06-267.0.4JeremyShaw
happstack-jmacro02.04Support for using JMacro with Happstack (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2023-01-
happstack-lite00.01Happstack minus the useless stuff (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2022-04-227.3.8JeremyShaw
happstack-monad-peel00.01monad-peel instances for Happstack types (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2013-02-220.1NilsSchweinsberg
happstack-plugins00.01The haskell application server stack + reload (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2012-11-297.0.2JeremyShaw
happstack-server02.2554Web related tools and services. (bsd3, happstack, web)2023-01-, MatthewElder
happstack-server-tls00.03extend happstack-server with https:// support (TLS/SSL) (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2022-07-
happstack-server-tls-cryptonite00.01Extend happstack-server with native HTTPS support (TLS/SSL) (bsd3, happstack, library, web)2015-08-070.1.1blaze
happstack-yui (deprecated)00.01Utilities for using YUI3 with Happstack. (bsd3, deprecated, happstack, library, web)2012-10-207373.5.3DagOdenhall